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    A Season to be Sinful and general fangirl sqqqqeeee'ing
    Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtainbook...

    I always try to find a picture (person or 'object' for each guest author) I so should have known I wouldn't be able to find one of Jo Goodman. She is a mystery to my google hunting self.

    Try it... go google... I will wait here
    ::back:: ok

    What did you find? No really, if you find anything nifty share cuz I had a hard time. And trust me over the last few years I have hunted for stuff on Jo Goodman's upcoming books and backlist. So I am going with this photo for Jo Goodman's posts until she tells me not to, gives me another or I decide I like the duck better. I am easy like that.

    Tell you a Tale... sort of
    So one day after rereading A Season to be Sinful and running out of people to gush about it to (since I had over gushed at this point) I noticed an email addy on Jo Goodman's site. ::this is where we all feel really badly for Jo Goodman and JR Ward is going poor poor jo::

    I thought I could email her and it would be fun! I think I sqqquuueee'ed. Then I noticed she had updated the Tidbits on her site for A Season to be Sinful. So I went to check my review to see if I had said anything that would have pissed her off *eg* better to go in prepare I think.

    So I typed up what I am sure was a completely inane, rambling, likely swear filled (one day I shall have to tell you the JR Ward story that still makes me giggle) gushing email and hit send. In fact the email was titled:
    A Season to be Sinful and general fangirl sqqqqeeee'ing

    oddly enough Jo answered ;)

    Yes, it is a good thing there are under five authors I have randomly emailed glowing, gushing fangirl emails to. But you get the picture.

    ssssssssssssooooooooooo what happens next you ask...

    She answered! And somewhere along the way she might have even understood what I was saying. Maybe, if you have been the receiver of sybilish emails you understand. And prolly feel a lil sad for Jo Goodman right now ;).

    I had a point here. Oh yes... My Name is Sybil and I am a Jo Goodman Fangirl. You have been warned.

    Oddly enough I did just finish the first Goodman book I have read I didn't really like (more on that later), so I sort of suck in my fangirling. But everyone should all ready know that.

    On with the show...........

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