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    In the Wake of the Wind by Katherine Kingsley
    It was Amanda's review of this book made me want to read it.

    Yes I know Amanda's review wasn't that great but hey one person's wallbanger is another's keeper. The part that caught my eye was
    ... Aiden confesses all to an innocent maid in a wood the day before his marriage

    I was interested to see how the author tried to come back from that big of a screw up on the heros part. It is one thing to think your betrothed doesn't want you, it is another thing to have him tell you point blank. Even if he doesn't know he is telling 'you'.

    So you start the book with the bride all happy happy joy joy about the wedding and the groom facing death, to have the wedding happen, and completely turn that around. The thing I didn't understand was Aiden was happy with who his bride was and figured out pretty quickly she wasn't at all what he had been told. He knows he got the better end of the deal and feels for her but god damn if he is gonna fall in love with the chit.

    Marry her - sure
    be faithful to her - sure (as long as she is warming his bed)
    create a home with her - sure
    use her money to pay off his debt - sure

    but love? eh? What is this four letter word you speak of? God save me from the rake afraid of lurve. whatever...

    The other thing that completely rang false was when Aiden found out what Auntie and the Serafina's maid had been up to, to uh... get him up. I really would have expected more of a reaction from a man, any man, when he found out he was being drugged. Then again I would have expected him to throw out sister dear on her ear when he found out about her lies.

    So does the book have its faults, sure, but all in all I found it an enjoyable read and am looking forward to my next Kingsley. And of course after I finished this and started googling I remembered that meljean has great love for No Greater Love. So that has been added to the list, beta hero and all ;).
    Do we really have to go to work tomorrow?
    So not fair!

    Books I want to blog on:

    Against the Wall by Rhyannon Byrd
    Bite of Magick by Rhyannon Byrd
    Ordinary Charm by Anya Blast
    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather
    Jamie by Lori Foster
    One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley
    Texas Embrace by Rosanne Bittner (might wait until I finish the sequel)
    In the Wake of the Wind by Katherine Kingsley
    The Rogue by Celete Bradley

    And does anyone have any opinions on Geralyn Dawson?

    Oh since and I need them, new books:
    Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase (don't think it will be the first I read of hers but it was at the usb all nice and shiney so I took it home. I am so sure I have read LOS but I don't remember it at all)
    The Twilight Before Christmas - Christine Feehan
    The Pirate and the Puritan - Cheryl Howe (loved loved loved her After the Ashes, have been looking for this forever)
    Lilies on the Lake - Katherine Kingsley (not what I wanted but hey it was there)
    Deceive Me Not - Eve Byron (I ssssssssqqqeeeeeeee'ed)
    The Deed - Lynsay Sands
    Into His Arm's - Paula Reed (someone bloged about this the other day, I really should write where I get rec's from so I don't have to hunt them down after I read them)
    Fire Hawk - Justine Dare (kristiej made me do it, even if she doesn't know it)
    Aspen Gold Contest
    So my four books came for me to read. They were sent sometime last week but I just got them cuz I never remember to check my mail.

    Four books - score (I need to see about judging more stuff, I love free books)
    Four authors I have never read before - score
    Three books that are apart of a series - that sort of sucks

    So I am guessing I need to read these as if they stand alone. Which I am not sure how that will work but hey I will try anything once. I am not sure if I am allowed to blog about the titles or not. I will ask the coordinator.

    Anyway - if you signed up, go forth and check your mail ;).
    Men of August - long ass post
    Men of August by Lora Leigh or how to hit at least one hot button for every reader in four books.

    These are the first books by Lora Leigh I have read and do intend to read more. But these books still leave me with a huh, what? sort of feeling.

    If threesomes, anal sex, child abuse, sex toys, group sex in a family way, incest, guardian turn lover, or voyeurism squicks you beyond your comfort zone, these would not be the books for you.

    Otherwise I am not sure. You might want to give em a try or not. I can't say I would rec'ed them across board but I can see how some people would enjoy them. Or like to pick them to death. And I can see how some people would go eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww and hit the delete button as fast as they can. I can honestly say I was really annoyed with how the books ended because I thought Heather's Gift was the last in the series but I was much happier with the ending in August Heat

    K so if you want to know nothing else about these books leave now.


    you gone yet?

    Still here?

    We start with Marly's Choice and this is the only blurb I am putting up. The link will lead you to the others if you are interested:
    Marly's love for Cade has spanned her teenage years, and survived strong and intact into womanhood. Her fantasies and daydreams have sustained her, but she's no longer content with merely imagining the touch of his hands, the taste of his kiss. It's time to seduce the tough, sexy cowboy.
    She's heard the rumors for years, the tales of his sexual preferences. She's prepared herself to accept his desires. Prepared her body for his touch. But she wasn't prepared for the choice to come...
    Cade's dark desires, his sexual excesses are based in the past. In a time when pain, shame, and blood stains his very soul. He carries a secret shared only with his brothers. A secret that has scarred the bond, the ability to be a brother or to accept the love of the men he was raised with. He knows the only way to prove his loyalty, his love for those brothers and Marly will be the key.
    She has a choice. She can surrender to Cade's needs, his soul deep desires, or she can walk away. A choice only Marly can make. A choice that will change her life forever.

    So the gist of it is... you love one brother you love em all. And in a hmmm do I want three sexy men at my beck in call to fuck me sort of way that could be nifty. But the three men in question are brothers and they 'love' the woman. Oh and while the sexing up is happening there is a stalker mad man/woman on the loose trying to kill them all... que my evil laugh.

    See I have no problems with threesome or even foursomes but it takes a whole hell of a lot to make me believe in love, happiness and happy ever after. To say a person is your heart, your love, the other part of you and then say and by the way, I want to share you, makes me go what the fuck. A drunken night out of fun is a whole other story, but I digress.

    I like how Lora Leigh uses the 'wives' to voice just about everything that is going though the readers’ minds. Marly's, Sarah, and Heather honestly try to understand the why of it and if they can learn to deal. The really shitty thing is Marly, the first heroine and wife of the oldest brother, is the last one to get the full story on why the boys feel they need to do this. I also like that the bros - Cade, Sam and Brock know they are a lil twisted and question if they should or even have the right to do this to the women they love. A one-night stand is one thing, your soul mate is another.

    They never really answer it. It just is. But I liked that it is brought up and the situation isn't presented in a ‘this normal kind of way’.

    And honestly, I think I could have went with it as a reader a little easier if the author had just gone with a more, we do this cause we can or because we want to. The factors that get set in place, the we do this because we have to, because it is the only way we can connect as brother after what the warped bastard of a father allowed to happen to us, didn't really work for me. And as sad and probably fucked up as it sounds (yes you are saying sybil you think you are just now hitting fucked up) is I might have been able to buy into it more if the summer of sin had happened when they were children.

    I mean 18 (sam and brock are twins) and 20 (cade) just seemed too old for the plot. NOT that I am saying give me a 14 year old brother being forced to fuck his 12 year old brother story. But does 18 and 20 count as child abuse? Or was the author trying to get across the degradation, loss of control and rape caused the switch to flip? But if that is so, then what? Are you taking women you love, respect and cherish and doing to them what was done to you - does that make you feel better? And how does that make you feel love for your brother? Why the hell aren't these guys in therapy!

    I mean I wanted to buy into it. I did. And as much as I have thought about these books has to mean there was something there. That or I am just one sick fuck, which could be true as well.

    I didn't understand where in Marly's Choice Cade made the decision to try to Marly into the happy foursome. And the book was pretty choppy. One min you have Cade telling the bros - hands off, she is mine, I won't lose her and this will send her screaming from the room. Next you know he is telling her to take off her clothes for Sam. I didn't get where her choice came into play. Then again Marly was just as fucked up as the brothers. To be throwing yourself at a man one min and then saying oh wait stop, ok now, hold on, go, wait! I was really waiting for her to start playing red light green light.

    And it is stated Cade hadn't been laid in over a year, so the brothers went without this 'need' for that long and then suddenly 'needed’ to do it like bunnies. Really you needed to bring in Sarah and Heather or Marly wouldn't have been able to walk.

    Each time, each man says if the woman can't accept it, they would try and deal. But they never ever do! When the women resist, they just push them into it. Which I honestly think was the shitty part of the deal.

    Oh that and the entire time, well over three books, there is someone trying. to. kill. them. I mean if they had kept their cocks in their pants they might have figured the whole thing out in the first book.

    But anyway, I could go on another fifty pages with things that pissed me off or things that I liked or things that made me go wtf but if nothing else - it wasn't your typical romance novel.
    Devil Takes a Bride by Gaelen Foley
    Devil Takes a Bride

    In the quiet English countryside, far from the intrigues of London, Lizzie Carlisle slowly mends her broken heart, devoting herself to her new position as lady’s companion to the Dowager Viscountess Strathmore— until her peaceful life is turned upside down by a visit from “Devil” Strathmore, the old woman’s untamed nephew—a dangerously handsome man whose wicked reputation hides a tortured soul.

    Devlin Kimball, Lord Strathmore, has spent years adventuring on the high seas, struggling to make his peace with the tragedy that claimed the lives of his family. But now he has uncovered the dark truth behind the so-called accident and swears retribution. He has no intention of taking a bride—until his eccentric aunt’s will forces he and Lizzie together, and Devlin finds his path to vengeance blocked by the stubborn but oh-so-tempting Miss Carlisle. Her passionate nature rivals his own. But disillusioned once by love, Lizzie will accept nothing less than his true devotion. . . .

    I ended up rereading this book when I started Foley's new book One Night of Sin (more on that book later). I enjoyed it as much the second, or maybe third time as I did the first. This was the first book I read by this author and it was a book I picked up and put down about 6 or so different times before I figured it really wanted to come home with me.

    Devlin Kimball is tricked into coming home to visit his aunt, in a rather mean way by her 'lady's companion' Lizzie Carlisle. If you had, unlike me, read the series in order you would have known going in why Lizzie was licking her wounds in the country. But I didn't have any problems follow the story and learned along with Dev why Lizzie was hurting.

    Dowager Viscountess Strathmore trick is a well-used theme I have seen in many a romance novel but the ol ‘they have to get married because of the will’, works in an off the wall way.

    There are two side plots going on beside the romance of dev and lizzie. Devlin trying to make peace with his parents’ death and find out why they died. It involves the Horse and Chariot Club, which I *think* was real and should really read up on to see if that is so as often as it makes an appearance in romance novels. And you have the wrap up to Lizzie and Alex's relationship (hero in One Night of Sin).

    Some of the prose is purple, some of the antics are over the top and your bad guys are evol wick men, not to mention this is one of those series books that some of you guys hate. But I love it.

    I adore how Lizzie tries so hard to make it on her own and picks herself back up when something fucks up and tries something different. Although I might have screamed if the word bluestocking was used one more time. I love the dressing down she gives Alec and Dev after they cause her to lose her job.
    Don't you see, Alec? Don't you understand anything? I am so sick and tired of being a poor relation - of having to rely on the charity of my friends for my food and shelter! That's why I took this job, why I work so hard. You two don't know what it's like. You, Devlin, with your estate you never even visit and your fine town house - and you, Alec, with your tres fashionable rooms at the Albany and your innumerable family homes. All I ever wanted in life was a home and a place of my own, but I'm never going to have it. I'm, always going to be Lizzie the friend, Lizzie the glorified servant, Lizzie the caretaker. Well, I have news for you, boys," she wrenched out in sarcasm. "Sometimes I wouldn't mind someone taking care of me for a change!"

    LOVE that! It is so true and something you want to scream at many a romance hero. The whole idea that a 'gentleman' is called a gentleman because he didn't have to work is laughable. Rat bastards. Dev and Lizzle are perfect for each other. They fill a space that completes the other person, I love the time they get to spend together in Bath. Honest. They had each other at hello ;).

    The ending is a lil much. At that point dev should have been thinking a lil more about lizzie than the killing the baddies. But hey he didn't want lizzie! And you prolly know who Sorscha is why before 'the big surprise'. Again, didn't care. I just happy sighed, closed the book and put it back on the shelf.
    Who knew....
    My ubs had books that I had heard of and had thought of getting in a eh maybe kind of way. BUT I resisted. I walked out without:

    The Runaway Heiress Brenda Hiatt - get an eh feeling
    That's Amore Anthology Contemp - never read the people in it
    The Chase Cheryl Sawyer - never read her
    Close to You Christina Dodd Contemp - 2nd one sucked but I am drawn to the red cover
    When Dashing Met Danger Shana Galen - I have four debut avon authors tbr
    Wait Until Midnight Amanda Quick - never read her
    Seeing Red Jill Shalvis - read the first one have the second tbr
    The Prince Next Door Sue Civil-Brown - no idea why I even knew of this one
    Jigsaw Kathleen Nance - someone blogged on this
    Wicked Nights Nina Bangs - it got such a bad review I was tempted
    Lips That Touch Mine Wendy Lindstrom - on hold though...
    The Dangerous Protector Janet Chapman - keep picking this up and putting it down
    The Paid Companion Amanda Quick - wanted this when it was in hardback
    Till Next We Meet Karen Ranney - it was brand new and pretty

    We won't even get into the FIVE books they have that I bought new that are sitting tbr.

    I left them in the store to find homes with others. Too bad nicole is on vacation and can't be here to be proud of me and shit. In all honesty if I didn't have so many new books I just bought that I want to read this weekend I would have been tempted.

    I think I like buying books almost as much as reading them...
    Gena Showalter
    Anyone have any rec's? What type of books does she write? Is she any good? I saw a few of her books listed on Beverly's site and am interested.

    oh and I updated my want list with a few I had forgotten to write in my notebook but the wonderful beverly had up.
    I want I want I want
    erika did a list of upcoming books she wants and I stole it and fixed it to be books I want ;)

    * read reviews first
    ** need more info
    *** will buy used

    What is the difference between * and ** you say? Well a * I want a review first but a ** means I have no clue what the book is about, either the title or author caught my eye. So I might start to lust after a ** book without a review.

    Yes I put too much thought into this, why do you ask?

    (turns out books I thought were july are late june)
    * Redemption - Linda Broaday
    Haunted - Kely Armstrong
    ** Beyond the Pale - Savannah Rusee 6/7
    * The Lady Lies - Samantha Saxon 6/7/5
    The Wedding Night of an English Rogue - Jillian Hunter 6/28/5
    The Marriage Bed - Laura Lee Guhrke 6/28(might be used depends on reviews and such)
    *** Sins of Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon (unless I read at least ONE of these on my tbr, must be used)
    * A Perfect Hero - Samantha James 6/28
    * More Than a Scandal - Sari Robins 6/28


    * Lyon's Gate - Catherine Coulter
    Only for a Knight - Sue-Ellen Welfonder 7/1
    *** Undead and Unappreciated - MJD 7/5
    ** Passion - Lisa Valdez 7/5
    ** Seduction of Sara - Cynthia Clement 7/5
    Wicked Fantasy - Nicole Jordan - 7/26 (auto-buy)
    One Night with a Prince - Sabrina Jeffries 7/1(auto-buy)
    A Perfect Hero - Samantha James
    *** Before Sunrise - Diana Palmer
    * More Than a Scandal - Sari Robins 7/1


    Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare
    A Season to be Sinful - Jo Goodman 8/5 (auto-buy)
    Too Hot To Handle - Cheryl Holt (was an auto-buy but iffy after the last book)
    Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning (auto-buy even if she can't seem to update her damn website ever)
    A Fine Passion (Bastion Club)- Stephanie Laurens
    The River Devil - Diane Whiteside 8/5 (auto-buy) I want I want I want


    ** Kiss of Death - Josie Litton
    Kick Ass - MJD, Angela Knight, Jacey Ford (never heard of her), Maggie Shayne 9/6
    Really Unusual Bad Boys - MJD
    Mackenzie's Honor - Linda Howard (Mackenzie's Pleasure and A Game of Chance - reissue)
    Born to be B.A.D. - Sherrilyn Kenyon (after Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down I might not get this or wait for used)


    Surrender to a Wicked Spy - Celeste Bradley 10/4 (Royal Four)(auto-buy)
    One Little Sin - Liz Carlyle (auto-buy)
    Undead and Unreturnable - MJD (new depends on the Undead and Unappreciated)
    ** Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris
    Courting Midnight - Emma Holly (auto-buy)


    Games of Pleasure - Julia Ross
    Hot Spell - Emma Holly, Meljean Brock, Lora Leigh and Shiloh Walker 11/1
    The Royal Pain by MJD - 11/5
    * The Music of the Night - Lydia Joyce 11/1
    ** This Rake of Mine - Elizabeth Boyle


    The Lord Next Door - Gayle Callen (not sure about this one - post upcoming on her)
    Scandalous Miranda - Susan Sizemore
    Mercenaries - Angela Knight

    ***don't have dates****
    Duke of Scandal (working title) by Adele Ashworth
    Anyone have any comments on Redemption by Linda Broday. Or on Linda Broday books in general?

    I have never heard of her before and I had the book in my hand yesterday (along with Confessions Of A Lingerie Addict by Jennifer Ashley) but I didn't get it. I feel guilt because I think it is a western and I try and support romance westerns and buy them new. And I feel double the guilt since I haven't bought the HH for this month - they just seemed eh and I haven't read a rec for them to change my mind.

    So anyone.... anyone...
    Waldenbooks vs Walmart
    this time is it personal

    hee Why is it that Waldens says no we will not put out The Rogue by Celeste Bradley until 5/31 but Walmart has it out? I hope this is better than The Charmer, I just wasn't feeling the love for that book that I have for the other three liar books. But I did enjoy To Wed a Scandlous Spy, so good thoughts!


    Not that it matters since Walmart is cheaper and they also had One Night of Sin by Galen Foley (the author that will always make me think of beth while reading) and The Love Affair of an English Lord by Jillian Hunter.

    I had Confessions Of A Lingerie Addict by Jennifer Ashley in my hand but ouch. Someone needs to read this and tell me it gets better. Someone other than Harriet Klausner...

    so sssssssqqqqqqquuueeeeeeeee I have all three now!

    And Star Quaility on the way. Of course this does move Jamie down on the list to read for the weekend but I shall get to it as well. LONG WEEKEND!

    Oh I also picked up at the ubs:
    Her Heart's Desire by Rene J Garrod - maili rec'ed Her Heart's Embrace and well I am working my way toward finding it ;)
    Vanity by Jan Feather - need violet and that is that for the v's, no don't ask me how many I have read
    Wild Wind by Patricia Ryan - no clue why I bought this other than I had another title of hers on my list and had never heard of this one - go figure
    Stargazer by Colby Hodge - maili and kristiej jumped so I had to
    My Surrender by Connie Brockway - don't think I am gonna even like this but I have the other two with the second still tbr so I needed it.

    Anyway I think - THINK I am set for June. Well until the July books start popping up at walmart ;)

    I really wanted to talk about August Men since I finished the August Heat last night. I really need to finish Maili's email. And find some place for all these books. But I am gonna go read One Night of Sin.

    Joan Lowery Nixon
    Anyone have any comments on her? My lil sis (she is 11) said she was interested in reading more of her books. She just finished The Weekend was Murder.

    As I try and buy her books for everything (Christmas, birthdays and such) I have picked up A Deadly Game of Magic to go along with her graduation gift for tomorrow. Yes she is graduating to middle school ;).

    They are both marked YA on Amazon. I have never heard of her. So I figured I would ask you guys. She any good? Have any recs? Do you think she is too much for an 11 year-old?

    And no I didn't go into Waldenbooks looking for One Night of Sin. But I did looks while I was there ;).

    oh and while on the subject... anyone read Katie Maxwell's Got Fangs? Would this be ok for 11 and are there books that come before it?
    Beach Blanket Bad Boys
    Beach Blanket Bad Boys by Linda Lael Miller, Alison Kent, Lucy Monroe, Jill Shalvis, Susanna Carr, Morgan Leigh is 311 pages. Being a Brava book you need to add in the previews at the end, three books at about 20 pages.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am one of those people that hate to miss the previews at the movies so I like the way Brava teases you with their other books. The only time previews annoy the shit out of me is when they preview the book, in the book. How difficult is it to take out the preview or put in a different one? That screams of apathy to me. And with as much money as I spend on books, publishers showing me they don't care or are not paying attention, make me want to spend my money elsewhere.

    hmmm but I digress... I did have a point. Oh yes, so we are looking at about 290 pages for SIX authors. I really need to look at those types of things before buying anthologies.

    That being said the stories are pretty short, quick to read but fun for the most part.

    Batteries Not Required by Linda Lael Miller headlines the pack and I am not really sure why. I know she has written tons of books (4 in my tbr) but I would have thought Alison Kent or Jill Shalvis would lead. But again I digress.

    At 33 pages this is one of my faves of the group. In fact I would have loved it to be longer. Gayle's reason for leaving her small hometown, and bad boy Tristan, in the manner she did is really a lil thin. But Gayle and Tristan grab you from the start and make you go with the flow.

    Sara Smiles by Alison Kent (47pgs and five books tbr) is a story that could happen to any woman. And to me that is interesting. I love fantasy and can go for a ride on many different topics and plots but I also like it when you can almost touch a story. Sara's bad boy, Jax is a lil melodramatic due to the size of the story. You don't get a chance to flush him out as much as a longer novella would but you can still feel his pain and see where his angst comes from.

    Now both BNR and SS are the type of novella’s that starts with the h/h having a history and I have to confess I like that. It is easier to buy the falling in love and marriage and baby carriage in 24 hrs or so when there is a foundation to build on. But a good writer can sell me on love at first sight. Lucy Monroe tries a lil too hard in Seducing Tabby (44pg none in tbr). I am not sure what I didn't like about the story. I didn't hate it but it was very eh. Maybe the woe is me everyone loveses my sister and not me plot is just too cooked for me. Although I did love the spin she put on it with Tabby and Helen both loving and respecting each other and not fighting to get the hero. And the hero, Calder was just a little too perfect.

    Jill Shalvis is the first author in the bunch I have read. Captivated (53pgs and 3 books tbr) was the hottest of the stories in the bunch, sez I. And that was a little surprising. Not that I didn't expect Shalvis to create some steam but I expected all the stories to be spicier than they were. Not erotica, or woo hoo lets have a threeway with an alien sex but Brava! Sorry I am getting off track again.

    I didn't like Ella, she was TSTL and I sort of got the impression she was suppose to start out that way (forgive me jill if I am wrong). She grows up in this short tale and is much more likeable at the end and James (her soon to be ex) does some changing for the better as well. And hell to be able to have character growth and steamy ocean sex in 53 pages says something good. At least I think so.

    Sister Switch by Susanna Carr (46pgs no tbr) had me groaning at the summary and not in a good way. I am just not much for twin stories and for the old switcharoo. And honestly I almost just skipped this story completely but I had wanted to try Carr. I could have skipped it I think. And since this was just a 46pg story I do plan on reading her again. The whole plot of the story was just ick and I am not one of those 'omg marriage is holy and not to be screwed with' people. So for me to go ick and roll my eyes, that says something. I did like how Nick had her number from the get go and the nice tightly wrapped up HEA for everyone at the end. But still I rolled my eyes. Might just be me.

    Morgan Leigh is an author who has given me quite a few novellas's to like. hee given me, yes they were written just for me. I allowed the rest of the world to buy them cuz I am nice like that. Spencer For... Ever (46pgs no tbr) isn't her best but is still good. Arden is a woman who was a wuss in the past and now knows what she wants and is going to get it. She might make an ass of herself along the way but she is damn well going to try. I like that in a woman. And woo hoo once again some steam.

    Don't get me wrong they all get it on, hell in BNR they do it on a pool table, but I just expected more from bad boys. Someone get Shannon McKenna on the phone. To hell with bonding with her new baby we need smut.

    Sorry, fine, I have Out Of Control and Behind Closed Doors to read she can go bond. OH and I found Return to Me. I am rambling again. Sorry it is the drugs for my migraine. Oh who the hell am I trying to kid, I fucking ramble.

    This is the first Bad Boys book I have read cover to cover in one sitting. And if you were looking for a good book to kick back on the beach with or by the pool, I would say this is for you. Short, sweet and a lil smutty, you can't go wrong with that.

    ***(notes the number of pages I prolly very badly tried to calculate in my head and the number of books I have by the author to be read)
    Trade up for Grabs
    Do you have a trade size book you don't want? Wanna trade?

    I have Beach Blanket Bad Boys and am not keeping it. I will blog more on it later, it was a fun quick book but nothing I am gonna keep.

    The only trade size that is out that I want on my list is Star Quality or any EC author, I don't have too many of them in print.

    This will go off to the ubs on Friday if no one wants it. But I figured I would ask here first since it is new and I know you guys would give it a good home ;).

    You can post here or email me at redwyne at gmail dot com.
    I have a dream
    oh yes I do... and that is to find the time to blog about

    books I have read:
    Against the Wall by Rhyannon Byrd
    Bite of Magick by Rhyannon Byrd
    Ordinary Charm by Anya Blast
    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather
    August Men series
    Beach Blanket Bad Boys by lots of people
    Jamie by Lori Foster

    sybil answers your google searches part deux


    and I need to answer maili's email

    but for now I will pout that I have too much work to do and go do it
    "Oh My Gosh, How many books are you buying"
    add a wide eye eight year-old stare to that line and you have my library trip today with my bestest friend and her little girl...

    Good fun. And there were more books this time and a later start time so all in all it rocked.

    total = 40 books 10 bucks

    Wild Hawk - Justine Dare (rec'ed by Kristie J)
    Journey Home - Susan Kay Law (I have been having a bitch of a time finding her older books)
    Till Dawn Tames the Night - Meagan McKinney (maili rec'ed this and I haven't been able to find it)
    Texas Destiny and Texas Glory by Lorraine Heath (all I cound find was Texas Splendor)

    Those five books alone would have made the trip worth it, and the money but I was also able to get:
    The Lion's Lady - Julie Garwood
    Night Fire, Night Shadow and Night Storm - Catherine Coulter
    Morning Glory - LaVyrle Spencer (never read her, xina rec)
    The Eagle and the Dove, Valentine*, Venus*, Velvet - Jane Feather
    The Price of Innocence and In My Dreams - Susan Sizemore
    Daniel's Bride, High Country Bride, Lily and the Major*, Caroline and the Raider* - Linda Lael Miller
    My Lady's Pleasure - Julia Justiss**
    The Bride Fair*, The Bartered Bride and The Prisoner - Cheryl Reavis**
    Scandal's Reward - Jean R Ewing (I might have to do the may contest after all)
    The Wild One* - Danelle Harmon
    Simmer All Night - Geralyn Dawson
    Sioux Splendor - F. Rosanne Bittner
    Tame the Fury - Cait Logan
    Once Upon a Midnight Moon - Carol Finch
    Midnight in Ruby Bayou - Elizabeth Lowell (one day I will read her RS)
    The Engagement - Kate Bridges **
    The Norman's Bride - Terri Brisbin **
    The Law and Miss Hardisson and WildWood - Lynna Banning **
    Wyoming Wildcat - Elizabeth Lane **
    The Marshal and Mrs O'Malley and Prairie Bride - Julianne Maclean

    The * are dupes that I bought, two because they were better copies than the ones I had and the others by accident. The ** are Harlequin Historical.

    All in all it was a pretty good deal. And I will go again in a few weeks, after I find room for some of these books. sheeze. Now I need to get dressed again and go to my mothers. Completely bites since I was home for the night and about to sit down with a book, or five.
    Library Sale Casualties
    I started to post the books I brought home today and noticed that there were a few from my last library sale that I never blogged about...

    so without further ado (these have all been traded back to the ubs):
    Killer Curves by Roxanne St. Claire
    This was my first book by this author and maybe I am just not that into NASCAR but I didn't really care much for the book. I found myself skipping large parts of the book. The start of the book finds the daughter walking in on the dad screwing his assistant. And I can see how that can upset a person, but she isn't 16. Celeste is suppose to be an adult and acts somewhat childish about the whole thing. But you can't really expect anything different from a woman who gets engaged because the guy asked her in front of her parents and she didn't' want to disappoint her daddy.

    In fact that might be why I disliked the book so much, the start of the novel was just stupid. Add in a secret daddy plot, kidney thing, psycho NASCAR groupie and a mother that thought her husband did her a favor by holding her 4 year-old daughter over a cliff to keep her from jumping and you have a book I think was a waste of paper.

    Sweet Texas Kiss by Rebecca Sinclair
    Dallas, does what any tomboy does when her daddy orders her to marry, she asks her ranch foreman to teach her to be a lady. ::blink:: Nick is a hottie and has a rep with the women so I am thinking she just thought if any man knew what made a man pick up a chick it was Nick. But I am not sure if that is the right way to go about finding a hubby. But hey in 1994 romanceland it is. The book is light fluff and was a fast cute read. Nothing to strain your brain on, although people that hate romances that happen between people where with man knew the woman as a child will not like this book.

    The Calhouns two books Suzanna & Megan and Catherine, Amanda & Lilah by Nora Roberts - started both but couldn't get into them. Since so many people said not to start with these they went bye bye. I really don't think I am gonna be one to like mz roberts voice but I shall try again some day.

    Against the Rules by Linda Howard
    I liked this book. And after reading the back I am surprised. I didn't think I was going to care for it much. It wasn't something I kept but it was enjoyable. Again you have a hero that knew the heroine when she was a child. He is the ranch foreman her father took in under his wing and pretty much saved his life. When the daddy dies and the ranch is left to Cathryn Ashe, Rule Jackson stays on. In his oh so alpha way he runs the roost.

    After a sweaty, taking virginity afternoon, cathryn freaks and runs off to school. I think Rule is pretty much in limbo waiting for her to grow up. Of course while cathryn is away at school rule is rude enough to be fucking other women but hey cathryn gets married, so you can't blame the guy.

    Damn looking at the prices online for this book, I should have kept it.

    Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses by Jill Gregory
    skim skim skim skim
    didn't like it, maybe it was my mood but it just didn't grab my attention

    Almost Like Being in Love by Christina Dodd
    I haven't read the first one of the series or that third and don't see that changing in the near future. I still plan on trying her historicals but don't see picking up another one of her contemporaries.

    The plot was silly, the chick stupid and the guy was suppose to be a really smart undercover Special Forces agent - I didn't buy it.
    From CW:

    The mountain of books I own number: cw made me feel good about this... I range somewhere between 700 - 800, I think

    Last bought: bbbbwwwahhhhhhhhh last books

    Last books read (yay, I get to split categories!):
    -Last reread: Hawke, Morgan - Fortune's Star (ebook)

    -Last read: A Date With the Other Side by Erin McCarthy

    -Last ebook read: Rhyannon Byrd - Magick Men

    Five books that mean a lot, that I can recall: (this is such a pain in the ass question for me)

    Shadowheart, Laura Kinsale
    The first real romance novel I picked up to read. I fell in love with the book and the genre

    Flowers in the Attic, V.C Andrews
    The first 'novel' I read that opened my eyes to the fact that there is more to read than the babysitters club and judy blume

    The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory
    First novel that opened my eyes to history and the fact that I really did love it and want to know more about it. It kicked off a craving for history that I still have and made me pick up my first nonfiction book to read in I don't know how long.

    A Drink Before the War, Denis Lehane
    completely silly reason, but it was rec'ed by an old fandom friend during the hiatus of season five... when everyone was waiting for the movie to come out and full of positive energy. It reminds me of a good time in xfiles fandom.

    Only His, Elizabeth Lowell
    I have always lived in Texas and have always had a dislike for all things western. In fact tonight when an old friend was over we were talking about my books and she asked if she could borrow one. I pointed to the different shelves and said what they had in them, when I pointed to one full of western romances she just about died that I owned westerns. It is funny. But I owe that all to this book. I completely fell in lust with cowboys, the old west and was even moved to watch Deadwood due to Elizabeth Lowell's only series.

    ok that is five, probably not at all what the person who came up with this meant but whatever.... I tried ;)

    Tag five: (man, who HASN'T been tagged? If you have been, scream and I'll tag someone else.)

    The days take
    geeze wasn't someone suppose to be watching me or something? next thing you know, I am gonna have to be responsible for my own actions...

    But hey I could drink my money away or have a shoe habit or whatever

    hi my name is sybil and I am a bookaholic

    Men of August - Marly's Choice By Lora Leigh
    Thanks nicole! I really need to set up a trade list or something.

    Southern Comfort by Karen Kelley
    I have never heard of this book or this author. Anyone have an opinion?

    Widow's Little Secret by Judith Stacy
    I am a Harlequin Historical whore, what can I say.

    Letters From a Stranger, Forever and a Day and Unspoken Vows by CONNIE RINEHOLD
    Kristie J made me do it. Well she rec'ed Letters and I am easy.

    Jamie by Lori Foster.
    This is the end of the Visitation series. I really didn't think I would like this and had Just Say No to Joe forever before I read it. For whatever reason it completely caught my interest. Lori Foster is a hit or miss author for me. I hope this ends the series well.

    Beach Blanket Bad Boys by Linda Lael Miller, Alison Kent, Lucy Monroe, Jill Shalvis, Susanna Carr, Morgan Leigh
    note to self: order trade size books from amazon or bamm. I just paid 15.00 bucks for this. The line up of authors is great so I am hoping it was worth it and it is the second of the bad boy books I have bought new. So all in all it is worth the price. But the next one, will be purchased online.

    Bad in Boots - Colt's Choice by Patrice Michelle
    I love a good western, make it a hot western and I am in heaven. I have only read one story by Patrice Michelle Hearts Are Wild with Cheyenne McCray , Patrice Michelle , Nelissa Donovan and I enjoyed her story. This is the second in the Bad in Boots series and in sybilfashion I don't have the first one yet. oops I do have Dragon's Heart, A Taste for Passion (vamps) and A Taste for Revenge (vamps) to read. She does say there will be more BiB books coming as well as the vamps.

    Beauty Like the Night by Liz Carlyle
    New to me author, I am really enjoying her backlist.

    Marry the Man Today by Linda Needham
    I am not really sure why the hell I bought this. I have only read two books by Needham and didn't like either. I am trying to cut back on my 'spy' books. And she is a dreaded avon author (looks at kristiej). I didn't even know about this book and honestly, ::hangs head:: the cover caught my eye. It is purple with a carriage and really pretty font. I picked it up and was in a rush (got there 20 mins before they closed). I am going to look up what I can on the book and I MIGHT go back and exchange it tomorrow for something else. Ten to one I throw it in the tbr pile and use it for that avon post I am going to someday do.

    Hero, Come Back by Stephanie Laurens, Christina Dodd, Elizabeth Boyle - talked a lil about this one earlier

    Master of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp - talked a lil about this one earlier

    hee and the library sale is tomorrow at 11 ;) Then I think I am set for the week. The thing that really sucks ass, is I am going into work in the morning. le sigh I would have had more time tonight to read the shit load of books I have but real life got in the way.
    Throwing the baby out with the bathwater
    Sooooooooo The Rogue and One Night of Sin are both available at BAMM. Waldenbooks said they will put out One Night of Sin when they get it in. They just put out Jamie.

    So if I go into Waldenbook I will have no choice but to buy four books. What? How can I have the will power to walk in there buy ONE book while they have a buy 4 get one free. And this does mean they will have Master of Pleasure, since I just bought it and it could have been one of my 4.

    I haven't done the math, is it cheaper to buy 4 and get one free at walden's or cheaper to pay for all five at Wal-Mart prices.

    Do I chance ordering them, The Rogue, Jamie ONoS from BAMM, then knowing I could get my hot lil hands on them sooner? Cuz if it works like it should, I would think I would have The Rogue and ONoS faster by ordering them and Jamie can wait and would save me from myself and a walden's trip.

    I guess worse case, I end up with two copies and I am sure I could find a good home for the other.

    oh you know I still have a 10 cert to use at amazon as well... Good thing I got paid yesterday. Or I could be good and just go home and read the books I have.
    And it goes a lil something like this
    Well for those 10 or so people that keep hitting my blog looking for Master of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp, it is out at walmart.

    hee and yes I bought it. I almost made it to Saturday. I picked up Hero, Come Back with stories by Stephanie Laurens, Christina Dodd and Elizabeth Boyle. I was sort of iffy on it but in Return of the Warrior there is a mail in coupon for two dollars off (as there was in Lady in Red for Return of the Warrior) this sort of marketing so works on me. So they are mine all mine.

    I hope MoP is good, I like the idea of the hero being the one sent off to be a sex slave instead of the chicka.

    There is a library sale tomorrow! yyyyaaayyyyyyyyyyy and they are nice enough to start it at 11, so I think I shall go.
    Forgive Me
    For I have sinned... I bought a book.

    BUT I really don't think it counts because it wasn't for me. *I* already have a copy of said book and purchased it because it was brand new tradesize at a usb and I knew of a good home for it.

    See that doesn't count, right?

    Anyone have any comments on Katherine Kingsley? The book that I am thinking of looking for is In The Wake of The Wind. I have never heard of the author.
    2 questions
    Is there a way to track the comments you leave in other blogs. Like a setting or something in your profile?

    Is there a way to expand how many subjects/posts display in the list in your sidebar? Or would I need to completely change my template?

    anyone... anyone...
    Day Three
    I haven't purchased any books in three days. I haven't been in a book store in four days. I am waiting for the shakes to start.

    I went to the post office today for lunch, so that kept me from going. Of course I didn't know that Waldenbooks has their buy 4 get the 5th free thing going on. I called they said it would stop on the 31st. So I SHOULD go on the 31st and get One Night of Sin and The Rogue.

    I shouldn't go this week since I have a goal. Nope I shouldn't. And I have books to read. Many many many books to read. I shall be strong, oh yes I shall.


    Oh and note to whoever is googling 'sybil sex' let me know if you come up with anything interesting. Next time put danning in there as well and you should come up with something.

    And if my blog is any indication (which I am sure it isn't), lots of people are interested in reading Master of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp. The review at RT was eh but I will prolly still read it.
    Weekends should be longer
    I ended up spending most of Saturday with my lil sister. So that seriously cut into the reading I planned to do but hey she is 11 and I can't say no to her.

    I did read:
    A Date with the Other Side
    Against the Wall by Rhyannon Byrd
    Bite of Magick by Rhyannon Byrd
    Ordinary Charm by Anya Blast
    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather

    I shall post more about them tonight but I liked them all - some more (date and wall) than others (valentine).

    And I have decided I need to read Marley's Choice by Lora Leigh since it squicked out tara marie so much she wanted to rant. I am odd, if something really offends someone I find myself curious.
    I am so not well
    My new goal for the week is to not buy any books starting Sunday.

    Honest. I mean hell I have spent $60 in two days. I just added 22 books to the tbr pile last weekend (hmmm well I think I cut it cuz I traded in 15 books Wednesday but they weren't all from the library sale).

    I have no clue how many books I own that I have yet to read. It is some where between 200 and 300.

    I am running out of space! And I am scared to buy a bookshelf cuz then I will have space that will need to be filled.

    See... I am so not well. So no new books for at least a week! I shall try and last until The Rogue by Celeste Bradley and One Night of Sin by Galen Foley come out at the end of the month. But really if I can go the week I will be proud. And on that note.

    New books!
    If You Dare by Kresley Cole

    A Date with the Other Side by Erin McCarthy
    I wasn't sure about this one but I read the first few pages and it looks great. She is an author who uses humor well. And since I just got Houston, We Have a Problem used as well as picking up another used today, it was time I bought one of her books new.

    Murder in the Hamptons by Amy Garvey (helenkay and wendy's rec)
    I didn't even go into borders wanting it but the bastards had a buy 2 get 1 free and all the marketsize except the one I went to get, I had already bought! Mucho annoying when Master of the Night by Angela Knight, Lord of Sin by Madeline Hunter, Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister, and Talk of the Ton are sitting tbr.

    I adored it after the first two pages. So damn it I bought two new trade size books. This is why I don't go into borders....

    Before my trip to borders, to run in and get one book If You Dare, I stopped in Half Price Books. They of course didn't have what I wanted but did have
    Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy
    Bad Boys Next Exit and Bad Boys on Board
    I wasn't sure if I was going to buy these or not since they are in trade size and 5.98. I was thinking about waiting until the mass markets come out this summer. BUT I am an odd duck and it will annoy me to have some in trade and some in mass. And since I currently have 7 or so and plan on getting Beach Blanket Bad Boys and Bad Boys Ahoy in trade size I got these. I am so not rebuying all of them, no I will not do it. Someone remind me I said that if I start to crack. I really do dislike trade size.

    Yes, says she who just brought home five new ones. After buying two yesterday. Hell where am I going to put these? I think I will be on a Brava/binge this weekend because I am so going to read The Bane Affair by Alison Kent and am off now to read A Date with the Other Side hmmm or Murder in the Hamptons right now.
    Just what I needed!
    New Books!

    Lady Allerton's Wager and The Notorious Marriage by Nicola Cornick (never read her)
    Fairy Tale and The Husband Hunt by Jillian Hunter
    The Defiant One by Danelle Harmon (need The Beloved One and I have all four)
    Jed and Cash by Linda Devlin (rock creek six series, still need Sullivan)
    Outlaw Hearts by Rosanna Bittner (kristij rec)
    The Love of a Stranger by Anna Jeffrey (have all three now, not sure why I wanted them haven't read her yet)
    Night Fire and Wild Dawn by Cait Logan (older westerns never read her)
    Cheyenne Moon by Carol Finch
    Temptation's Wild Embrace by Rene J. Garrod (author mentioned on maili's blog, don't think this was the book though)
    Mail-Order Outlaw by Millie Criswell (someone was talking about this author, can't remember why, what book or who it was - go me and my memory!)
    Out of Control by Shannon McKenna
    Coltrain's Proposal by Diana Palmer (Keishon rec)
    Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice by Kimberly Raye (still haven't read her but have the 2nd book in the series so what the hell)
    Houston We Have a Problem by Erin McCarthy
    Abbie's Outlaw by Victoria Bylin
    Abbie's Outlaw is a Harlequin Historical and apart of a series, MEN AND ANGELS, and WEST OF HEAVEN are the first two.

    This is the first I have read. Reverend John Leaf (this is as close to inspirational reading as I get) is a reformed bad boy. He was a gun-slinger, virginity taking, teen murdering, bank robber, excon who found God while in jail.

    Abigail Windsor has contacted him asking for help. It has been 15 years since he has seen Abbie and when she gets there he learns that even though he took her virginity he left her something behind.

    secret baby plot! sort of cuz the baby is already 15 and looking for her daddy

    Abbie's life has been shit. Married to an abusive husband that her father pretty much bought for her so she would have a 'father' for her baby. Widowed now, she just wants to have a quiet life and raise her children. She doesn't want to get remarried and after her marriage, the idea of intimacy with any man turns her stomach.

    Both characters are scarred, physically and emotionally. Bylin shows how they heal through each other. Throw in a father daughter reunion, a 'marriage of convenience', a bratty son, and a friend named Silas and you have a good read.
    A Woman's Heart by Rosalyn West
    A Woman's Heart by Rosalyn West

    nothing says romance like gang rape

    Really that isn't fair because there is a lot more to the book than the rape(s) but that is what comes to mind when I think of this book now.

    Eliza Parrish earned her hea. After her daddy dies, her fiance's father, Justin Montgomery, (father's partner) and now controls Eliza's life and boy does he fuck with her. Instead of becoming the wife of William Montgomery she becomes their bond servant. And that is early in the book and about where Mz West starts to lose me and I become all about the skim.

    Her life sucks. Jean-Luc Gautier aka pirate Coeur Noir takes over their ship and steals Philomena Montgomery away. Sweetness and light that Philomena is, she throws Eliza to the sharks and tells her to say she is Philomena.

    slave to rich snotty used to be daddy partners family.... slave to hunky sweaty pirate who makes your loins melt...

    you do the math

    Luc thinks he is ransoming Philomena and while he is doing that he falls in love. She waits way way too long to tell him she isn't really Philomena.

    If the book gets thrown at you, skim it. It is well done in parts and sucks ass in others. I wouldn't go tracking it down.
    Return of the Warrior by Kinley MacGregor
    I enjoyed Return of the Warrior much more than I was expecting to. In fact I think I bought the first book of the series A Dark Champion at the end of a glom of kinley/kenyon and didn't read it. Which yay I have it so new book!

    And honestly I don't read romance for the history. If it is a time period I know a lot about things might jump out at me but I read to be amused.

    Just to let kristiej know up front, this is an avon book, a series book and there is a group of men with nicknames Brotherhood of the Sword. So that prolly counts you out ;).

    Really it is a great book! And it is a good medieval! When was the last time you read a new medieval! Ok I will stop with the exclamations.

    Queen Adara of Taagaria married Christian of Acre as a child and has built up this fantasy around her husband and the life she will have with him when he returns to her. The problem is he hasn't returned. His 'uncle' wants to declare him dead and for her to marry his son. Adara wants none of that.

    So she does what any good Queen would do, she goes to collect her wayward hubby and drag his happy ass home. I love how she goes about this. I love the challenges they come across and how they face them. I even like the 'friends' they come across and you know what, I would like to read some of their novels.

    I enjoyed watching them get to know each other, even the painful part of growing up and understanding your dreams might not be what you get but that doesn't mean what you get is bad.

    And the first time they have sex, neither one of them enjoys it. Honest. That made me laugh because I can't think of the last time I saw that in a romance novel. But the second time... hawt. In fact the whole book is pretty steamy.

    I highly recommend this. After I finish A Dark Champion I just might drag out those darkhunter novels I keep buying and not reading.
    The Duchess's Next Husband by Terri Brisbin
    The Duchess's Next Husband by Terri Brisbin

    Adrian, Duke of Windmere, has the perfect life of a Duke. A wife to show off, a mistress to screw, money, the right clubs and he knows his duty and does it.

    Until he overhears his doctors leaving after his appointment. Adrian discovers he has won't see the year out and from that point on starts to put his life in order to prepare for his death.

    The book opens with a sex scene. Oddly enough it is the h/h having sex, they have been married for seven years and have a weekly appointment to screw on Thursdays. It is really an icky scene and reminds me of The Other Boleyn Girl where King Henry is praying while fucking his wife, finishes up and goes and makes love to his mistress. We don't get the mistress scene here but it still just makes me so sad.

    Just imagine living that way...

    He gets rid of the mistress early in the book, at first due to not having time to deal with her and later due to loving his wife. And it is nice to see a 'mistress' character that isn't a bitch, after the hero for herself or trying to make the wife miserable.

    They have been married seven years when the book opens. I really have such a hard time with that. Miranda really was living a shell of a life for seven years. And it was nice to see her grow some balls and learn to stand up for herself. I did have issue with the last scene she had with the mother-in-law. By that point she should have known better but hey you got to move the plot along.

    I had great issue with the bitch of a mother-in-law. I can't see how anyone could ever let one woman control their life so much. But understanding Miranda's belief that she didn't deserve to be duchess and having 'lucked' into it, you can see her struggling and needing guidance.

    Did I mention the 7 years that happened before the book started? Such a waste of time...

    It was sweet watching them rediscover their relationship and fall in love. It was harder to understand that they did have a connection when they first got married, even though he was marrying her for her money. But soon after they were married, his brother died and he became the duke. Soooooooooooo, I guess that meant they had to quit talking. They both became so focused on 'duty' but neither really knew what they meant since neither of them thought they were going to be duke or duchess.

    Miranda is too easy on the man who had been screwing a mistress for 7 years. But hey it is a short book. The scene where she brings it up knowing about the mistress is priceless.

    As Adrian is working really hard to knock up his wife, if he dies without an heir she gets nothing, he is looking for - The Duchess's Next Husband. No matter what he wants Miranda to be ok and have a future, even if that future is without him.

    The book could have been very melodramatic but really it isn't. Brisbin has a different way of looking at the same old cliches. The Duchess's Next Husband is fast, funny and really a story of love and emotional growth. What more can you ask for in a romance novel?
    The Seduction of an English Scoundrel by Jillan Hunter
    The Seduction of an English Scoundrel by Jillan Hunter
    I liked it. I generally avoid 'humor' type stories but went into this one expecting a light amusing read. And that is what I got.

    I thought how she got out of the marriage was clever, if a lil over the top. But if you are a stickler for historical rules you will probably not like this, they get away with a few things that generally would have ended them up in a 'marriage of convenience'. At least I think so. The secondary romance didn't bother me either. Yes she was the governess but he was a big boy all grown up when they got involved.

    Cheryl Sneed of AAR has a great review if you want to be more spoiled.

    I will be reading the next in the series, The Love Affair of an English Lord
    weird ass google search
    and my answers for you

    "nora roberts blog"
    not sure but I don't think she has one but her website is here

    "ok to have mistress?"
    ask your wife

    "my name is buck, and i am here t"
    it is a quote from the movie Kill Bill vol 1

    "view on sex with daughter good or bad"
    very very very bad

    "master of pleasure jessica trapp"
    not out until june

    "How to get your wife to agree to fuck your friends"
    hmmmm have really cute friends? again I say ask your wife...

    "buying house with pool good or bad"
    I would go with good

    "screwing her"
    I fail to see the question you were trying to find the answer too. If you were looking for pictures boy were you sad when you clicked on the link here.

    stay tuned for more sybil answers all... of course the amount of time that people get here from googling 'sybil' scares me. I just keep telling myself they are really interested in the movie.
    OMG you haven't read....
    Since I shocked Angie with the fact that I have never read Nora Roberts I thought about who else I hear talked about all the time that I have never evah read. So at the risk of shocking angie again....

    The List - which I am sure isn't complete and is in no order:
    Janet Dailey
    Kathleen Woodiwiss
    Rosemary Rogers
    LaVyrle Spencer
    Diana Gabaldon
    Barbara Cartland
    Georgette Heyer
    Judith McNaught
    Loretta Chase
    Iris Johansen
    Mary Jo Putney
    Christine Feehan (five of the vamps, a stand alone and wild rain in my tbr)
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    Amanda Quick
    Karen Robards
    Nora Roberts
    JD Robb
    Jo Beverley
    Linda Lael Miller (Emily and the Outlaw and the other 2 in the series in my tbr)
    Susan Carroll
    Julia Quinn

    From what I have read on Nicole's blog and the smart bitches I am not alone.

    Shocking that I have read so much romance in the last two years and still have so many I haven't read.
    Virgin no more
    Yes it is true, I went to my first library book sale today. I didn't even know that they did these things. Way cool, reminded me of the book sales we used to have in school.

    for $3 bucks I bought:
    The Only One by Christine Feehan, Susan Grant and Susan Squires
    The Deception, The Courtship, Mad Jack and Midnight Start by Catherine Coulter
    Gather the Star by Kimberly Cates (never read her - she any good?)
    My Favorite Bride and Almost Like Being in Love by Christina Dodd (never read her - don't' think I am keeping ALBiL)
    Swept Away by Marsha Canham (goof, I already have this so ubs it goes)
    Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses by Jill Gregory (never read her)
    Against the Rules, Almost Forever and Cry No More by Linda Howard
    A Brighter Dawn by Stobie Piel (never read her and never heard of her)
    The Calhouns two books Suzanna & Megan and Catherine, Amanda & Lilah by Nora Roberts (never read her)
    Death is Forever by Elizabeth Lowell (never read her RS but I do have The Diamond Tiger which I haven't read either so I figured for 50 cents I should pick it up)
    Nobody's Darling by Teresa Medeiros (I haven't been really impressed by her books but I am a sucker for a western)
    A Stranger's Desire by Kimberly Raye (never read her but I have two of hers on my tbr)
    Sweet Texas Kiss by Rebecca Sinclair (never read her and I needed 2 more to hit 20 books)
    Killer Curves by Roxanne St. Claire (never read her but the review at AAR made it seem worth the look see)
    Underneath It All by Nancy Warren

    3 bucks! I was quite amused with myself. Of course I am still coughing up a lung and had company I left at my apt watching a movie while I ran down the street to look. Yes bad host, but in my defense he was hung over and not moving for the couch and I had already taken my other friend home. I offered to take him with me. So I am not that that bad of a host. well maybe... whatever, it isn't my fault they drank four bottles of wine between them. I did try and help with my glass and a half. But really wine, cough meds and antibiotics don't mix.

    I am going to return to the couch and try and figure out what I am going to frantically get my mother for mommy's day tomorrow and read a book.
    It is so not fair that I have a sinus infection. I was just sick with the flu TWO weeks ago. I think I need a frequent flyer card for my dr.

    I am back at work but coughing up a lung now. I must go get my cough meds.

    I need to finish my review for Lady in Red (noticed it there is no THE, oops) for Smart Bitches.

    I have finished: Return the Warrior by Kinley MacGregor, The Duchess's Next Husband by Terri Brisbin, Abbie's Outlaw by Victoria Bylin, A Woman's Heart by Rosalyn West, The Seduction of an English Scoundrel by Jillian Hunter and Almost a Bride by Jane Feather. I would like to post about them at some point.

    Need to figure out how to join maili's cult.

    I so want one of those nifty ebook reader things laurie bought.

    I want to read about people's fun at the rt thingie. Have people started to blog yet?

    But for now I need to go try and catch up on the work I missed while dying on my couch for the past two days.