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    Guess that answers that question

    From HelenKay's blog:
    In the never-ending Aphrodisia v. Brava debate, the editors say: Aphrodisia is about sex and Brava is about romance. Hillary Sares (the main Aphrodisia editor) says the term “erotic romance” with the imprint is a misnomer. The books are not really romance and don’t have to be. Use of the title is for marketing - Kensington wants the books in the romance section and wants to reach romance readers. That’s it. And, the only limit on the sex is that it be legal.

    I have to say this annoys me greatly. Since when is misleading and lying ok marketing?

    What is next, erotic sex in inspirationals? hmmmm

    ::see that isn't as much fun without the lil pictures::

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    He Shoots, He Scores
    Or she....

    JMC has a question! Anyone have an answer? I thought it was a common slang but what do I know?


    Haven't read a one
    Rita Winners
    Best First Book
    Show Her The Money
    by Stephanie Feagan
    (0373513542) Silhouette Books (Bombshell) - Natashya Wilson, editor

    Best Contemporary Single Title
    Lakeside Cottage
    by Susan Wiggs
    (0778321908) MIRA Books - Margaret Marbury and Dianne Moggy, editors

    Best Inspirational Romance
    Heavens To Betsy
    by Beth Pattillo
    (1-4000-7044-9) WaterBrook Press - Dudley Delffs, editor

    Best Long Contemporary Romance
    Worth Every Risk
    by Dianna Love Snell
    (0-373-27426-2) Silhouette Books (Intimate Moments) - Allison Lyons, editor

    Best Long Historical Romance
    The Devil to Pay
    by Liz Carlyle
    (0743470044) Pocket Books - Lauren McKenna, editor

    Best Novella
    “The Naked Truth about Guys” in The Naked Truth
    by Alesia Holliday
    (0-425-206149) Berkley Books - Cindy Hwang, editor

    Best Paranormal Romance
    Gabriel's Ghost
    by Linnea Sinclair
    (0553587978) Bantam Books - Anne Groell, editor

    Best Regency Romance
    A Reputable Rake
    by Diane Gaston
    (0263843912) Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited - Linda Fildew, editor

    Best Romantic Suspense
    Survivor in Death
    by J.D. Robb
    (0-399-15208-3) Penguin Putnam - Leslie Gelbman, editor

    Best Short Contemporary Romance
    The Marriage Miracle
    by Liz Fielding
    (0263 842754) Harlequin Mills & Boon - Emma Dunford, editor

    Best Short Historical Romance
    The Texan's Reward
    by Jodi Thomas
    (0-425-20584-3) Berkley Books - Christine Zika, editor

    Novel with Strong Romantic Elements
    Lady Luck's Map of Vegas
    by Barbara Samuel
    (0-345-46912-7) Ballantine Books - Linda Morrow, editor

    Best Traditional Romance
    Princess of Convenience
    by Marion Lennox
    (0263848795) Harlequin Books - Sheila Hodgson, editor

    Well I do own The Devil to Pay, and recently reread The Devil You Know. Does that count?
    Don't forget it is a Week of Bad Boys, Good Spies, Unforgettable Lovers
    Don't forget about the hunt for free Alison Kent books.

    I think she draws the names on Aug 1st. So get to commenting if you haven't already!

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    ::cough, cough, cough::
    I so don't feel well and have now had this stupid cough for over two weeks. I am dying slowly... whine, bitch, moan, whine.

    Blogging National has some nifty posts from RWA as well as links to others updating, thanks for the link angiew.

    really I find it mostly eh but I am sure that is cuz I am not a writer, somewhat interesting

    Running with Quills has two fun posts quotes, quotes and more quotes I can't seem to link to this directly. I love this one:
    "“The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." Tom Clancy

    My most reread author has a post on rereading

    My hacking cough and I are going back to bed for a bit.
    Can we hope...
    Lisa shows you Gibson's "Wall Flower"

    but the last paragraph of her post is what really interested me...
    What you you think about alternative time periods for romance novels? Do you like the comfort and familiarity of the Regency and Victorian periods to the exclusion of all other settings? Can American be an appealing backdrop for a historical romance too? If you could read a romance set in any place or time, what would you would wish for?

    go forth and post...
    When was it ever all about smut and shirtless heroes...
    Can't judge romance novel by its steamy cover
    Audience expanding as genre is no longer all about smut, shirtless heroes"

    Are any authors blogging from RWA? Anything nifty happening? link me!


    A Week of Bad Boys, Good Spies, Unforgettable Lovers
    Screwing with Perfect, Her Wildest Dreams, Her Best Friend's Lover and Seducing Simon all have a theme in common... friends becoming lovers.

    This is one of my faves because, well, hmmmm....

    What is it about friends becoming lovers?
    click me...

    SCULLY: Well, it seems to me that the best relationships-- the ones that last-- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is... suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.

    Love that quote! And I agree. A true friendship is an amazing thing. The trust. The bond. The knowledge. The understanding. The caring.

    You have this person who is there for you, you can turn to and you can count on.

    If you add in attraction and great sex, isn't that the perfect relationship?

    MULDER: It should be right here. The entire tape is blank.
    SCULLY: You know, an electrical surge in the outlet the storm may have degaussed everything, erasing the entire tape. You still have nothing.
    MULDER: I may not have the X-Files, Scully, but I still have my work. And I've still got you. And I still have myself.

    With two characters who begin as friends, the reader generally doesn't have to worry about the whole, I hate you/lets have sex/I hate you scenario(s). I find the push pull grows old quickly.

    They already like each other. It is grand to read about two people who respect each other and want to see the other person happy.

    Mulder: "Scully, I was like you once. I didn't know who to trust. And I chose another path. Another life, another fate where I found my sister. The end of my world was unrecognisable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same. You were my friend and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart you were my constant; my touchstone."

    And friends KNOW each other, the good, the bad and the ugly, and it doesn't matter. There is a acceptance and trust a true friends brings to a relationship you don't get with two people who don't have a friendship foundation to build on. And it can make for some explosive sex.

    They already knows the real you, the dirty secrets you hide away from the rest of the world. The horrible things you have done. The wild, wicked and wonderful adventures you have taken, hell he/she might have done them with you.

    That level of openness is a pretty powerful thing. The whole 'getting to know you' bullshit is not needed. There is no phase where one person is at their best trying to wow the other person with who they are really aren't.

    HOLMAN: I've been envious of men like you my whole life. Based on your physical bearing, I'd assumed you were... More experienced. I mean... You spend every day with Agent Scully a beautiful, enchanting woman. And you two never, uh...? I... confess I find that shocking. I... I've seen how you two gaze at one another.
    MULDER: This is about you, Holman. I'm here to help you. I'm perfectly happy with my relationship with Agent Scully.
    HOLMAN: So according to your theory I walk in there, tell her I love her and the drought will end?
    MULDER: Just tell her how you feel. And Holman. I do not gaze at Scully.

    Then there is the risk factor and fear involved. Do you risk fucking up a grand friendship? Will sex bring you closer or tear you apart? What if the sex is bad? Can two people be perfect together in every way but the physical?

    What happens then? Can the friendship survive? Can sex ruin a great relationship? Is it worth the risk?

    oh sweet, sweet angst...

    MULDER: All right, fire away, Poorboy. Ooh! That's good. All right, what you may find is you concentrate on hitting that little ball... The rest of the world just fades away-- all your everyday, nagging concerns.
    The ticking of your biological clock.
    How you probably couldn't afford that nice, new suede coat on a G-Woman's salary.
    How you threw away a promising career in medicine... to hunt aliens with a crackpot, albeit brilliant, partner.
    Getting into the heart of a global conspiracy. Your obscenely overdue triple-X bill. Oh, I... I'm sorry, Scully. Those last two problems are mine, not yours.
    SCULLY: Shut up, Mulder. I'm playing baseball.

    Friendship merging into loves seems like the perfect idea. And it is believable two people with a history can find their way to happy ever after.

    And really isn't that what romance is all about? (hee sorry cece :) )

    SCULLY: Mulder, the case is over. There's no more evidence to be gathered. There's only my hope that you'll be able to see past this delusion.
    MULDER: You have to be willing to see.
    SCULLY: I wish it were that simple.
    MULDER: Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will. You're my one in… five billion.

    Do you enjoy a good friends to lovers tale? Do you hate it with a burning passion?

    What are your favorite books to fit the theme? Or if you are not a friends to lovers reader, what theme(s) do you enjoy?

    A book I currently have on the tbr pile seems to fit really well and after reading Julia Quinn's take on Friendship in Romance Novels, I think I will need to make time to read Minx soon.

    others I have read that come to mind I liked are:
    Fire and Rain by Elizabeth Lowell
    The Romantic by Madeline Hunter
    One Wish by Linda Lael Miller
    Standing in the Shadows by Shannon Mckenna
    Casey by Lori Foster
    As You Desire by Connie Brockway
    The Devil You Know by Liz Carlyle
    Too Much Temptation by Lori Foster
    more than half of Diana Palmer could fit here... Fit for a King, Lawless, Friends and Lovers...
    Sandra Brown has some
    Only Mine by Elizabeth Lowell
    The Last Man in Town by Susan Kay Law

    hmmm at least I think those fit, damn I will have to go check ;)
    so throw some more rec's at me...

    Anyone know the names of the episodes the quotes come from *g*

    MULDER: As difficult and as frustrating as it's been sometimes, your goddamned strict rationalism and science have saved me a thousand times over!

    You've kept me honest... you've made me a whole person. I owe you everything... Scully, and you owe me nothing.

    I don't know if I wanna do this alone... I don't even know if I can... and if I quit now, they win.

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    The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter - NOW with excerpt!
    Dangerous. Sensual. Handsome as sin. Meet Hayden Rothwell, the shamelessly erotic hero of The Rules of Seduction and author Madeline Hunter's most irresistible alpha male yet: a man of extraordinary passion and power, a man who can bring out the seductress in any woman.

    He enters her home without warning or invitation-a stranger of shadowy motives and commanding sensuality. Within hours, Alexia Welbourne is penniless, without any hope of marriage. Until Hayden Rothwell takes her to bed. When one impulsive act of passion forces Alexia to marry the very man who has ruined her, Hayden's seduction of Alexia is nearly complete. What Alexia doesn't know is that her irresistible new husband is driven by a secret purpose-and a debt of honor he will risk everything to repay. Alexia is the wild card. Reluctant to give up their nightly pleasures, Hayden must find a way to keep Alexia by his side...only to be utterly, thoroughly seduced by a woman who is now playing by her own rules.

    I squuee'ed I must admit. If for no other reason than I have been stalking sites looking for info on this book. Hey now it is on her site as well... excerpt is the same as what is in Lady of Sin.

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    Express Your Desires
    Interesting idea from Avon.

    Express Your Desires
    The partnership kicks off with the Avon FanLit "Express Your Desires" contest. This collaboration between Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, and FanLib marks the first ever online event inviting fans of romance fiction to work together on the creation of an original story. Catering to the 65 million romance readers in the United States, the Web site unites the passionate audience of romance readers and aspiring authors with bestselling Avon authors and their editors. Contest winners will see their work polished and published in a HarperCollins ebook, with one grand prize winner flown to New York City to present her own idea for a romance novel. Avon FanLit "Express Your Desires" is slated to launch August 23, 2006. Attendees to the Romance Writers of America Conference, July 26-29 in Atlanta, will get an overview of the event.

    At the start of the eight-week event, located at, romance fans will vote for a favorite story premise. Participants will then submit chapters based on a weekly storyline. The vast majority of participants will contribute by reading, discussing, reviewing and rating the fan-written submissions. In addition to reviews and ratings from peers, submissions will be judged by a panel of Avon authors, including Victoria Alexander, Eloisa James, Cathy Maxwell, Teresa Medeiros, and Julia Quinn. At the end of each week, the highest rated chapter will be added to the developing manuscript until the story is complete. In addition to the judges, other Avon authors will also be available throughout the course of the event to provide writing tips, comments on work, and blog entries. HarperCollins will partner with retailers and sponsors to co-market the events and contribute prizes that will be awarded along the way.

    Looks like the website is up.

    So what do you think? Interesting idea? A way for Avon to finally get some reader input? Something new for Kristie to snark on ;)?
    EBUZZ: Screwing with Perfect by Louisa Trent
    When PERFECT isn't really good enough.

    Kesley Richmond is stuck in an undergraduate time warp, stagnating in the same-old-same-old routine. On top of that, her total dedication to an emotionally draining career is leading to burnout. She needs more, something just for herself—like a personal life for instance. All her college friends have moved on, fallen in and out of love, married, divorced. Done something! Except her…

    And her complacent downstairs neighbor, Andrew Chandler.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it—that's Drew's philosophy. His college apartment suits him fine, and his sex life is one score after another. Though his consulting business keeps him traveling, he has Kesley, a girl in a million, to come back to. He doesn't know what's set Kes off, why she wants to shake things up, why she's on this kick about moving on, changing stuff that doesn't need changing. He wants her status quo to stay right where it belongs—one flight up from him. But to keep his sweetheart happy, he'll do anything, anything at all, even... SCREWING WITH PERFECT.

    Would you Like to Know More

    Genre: Erotic/Red Hot!/Contemporary
    Grade: B
    Sensuality: Burning
    Jane Meter: TRY

    This is a reissue of a book that was previously published by LSB. I don't think there have been changes but the one I have read was the LSB.

    The Good: It seems to be friends to lovers review week. So I guess I like that theme ;). There are many common elements in this book but they have enough of a twist that they are different. Kesley is a virgin and tired of it. So of course when she decides to date some guy, she met in the a very sad way, she wants to be rid of that silly virginity.

    Enter Drew, her BFF and a manwhore, who better to show her the ropes? Yes, all been done before. The thing is even though she loves him and he loves her neither really think this could be 'it' for them. She wants marriage and babies. He wants, well he wants his life just like it is right now - perfect. He loves his job, travels loads, fucks away from home (often) and has a great love in his friend where sex isn't involved to fuck it up. As sex does.... so once she says the S word, life goes completely out of wack for Drew.

    I love a rake who falls and falls hard. I love how when her set timeline is up, she goes on with her business as planned. And I love it is the man doing the chasing.

    The Bad: There is a lot here not to love as well. To be honest, I had the worst time trying to read, Courtesan. After reading the blurb for Screwing with Perfect (LOVE the title) and reminding myself I should never write an author off after one book, I read this. Louisa Trent does a lot of telling, right after showing

    And the inner dialogue grows old, as does the almost sex. I hate almost sex. You know when your two character get to a point and something unexpected happens and poof, they almost had sex. This is ok once (sometimes), twice it gets annoying, and by the third time you throw the book. But whenever the author annoyed too much, she would do something to pull me back in.

    There are some funky breaks in the story from chapter to chapter. Things would end and then where you would expect them to pick up, they didn't. So we miss out on some great reactions and get 'told' about things I could have just read about.

    My biggest issue though is the time frame. 10 years... just seems like an awful lot of wasted time.

    The Verdict: I think it comes down to I really loved the characters. Drew and Kesley are people I enjoyed meeting and had a friendship I could believe that developed into a relationship I wanted to work.

    I would recommend the book just to read the scene when Drew returns home. Of course I could see many people hating it. But it amused the hell out of me.

    Next Captive

    The author can be found here and here. The book can be purchased here.

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    Party People!
    Don't forget, Lucy Monroe is having a par-ty

    pssttt.. prizes are involved

    Party people

    Yeah Tag Team music comin' straight atacha
    That's me DC the Brain Supreme
    And my man Steve Roll'n
    We're kicking the flow we're kickin'
    And it goes a little somethin' like this
    Tag Team back again check it top
    Wreck it - let's begin
    Party people let me hear some noise
    DC's in the house jump jump and rejoice
    There's a party over here
    a party over there
    Wave your hands in the air
    Shake the deriere
    These three words mean you're gettin' busy
    Whoomp there it is
    whoomp there it is

    Upside down and inside out
    I'm about to show all you folks
    What's it's all about
    Now it's time to get on the mic
    And make this party hype
    I'm talking it back to the old school
    'Cause I'm an old fool who's so cool
    If you want to get down
    I'm gonna show you the way whoomp there it is
    Let me hear you say
    whoomp there it is

    Whoomp chak a laka chack a laka chak a laka chak a
    Point blank gin and juice I drank
    Gettin' bent and bent and as I puff on a dankt
    Rock the mic
    oh I see rave skin
    Rip skit find a honeydip to dip it in
    Slam dunk it stick it flip it and ride
    That is double O D D Y oh my
    Ooh that it come on come on
    Whoomp there it is I'm done

    some say I'm crazy
    'Cause I'm pushin' up daises
    The underground sound that you have found
    Amazing outstanding demanding
    Commanding you people dancin'
    That's a breath taker
    I produce AKA the undertaker
    You want to come down to the underground
    Old school - here's a shovel can dig it fol
    Can you dig it
    we can dig it
    Can y'll dig it
    we can dig it

    Why double omp as I flow
    To the fly from the school of old
    Hardcore kick the folk lore wreck
    Three to the two and one mic-check
    Mad skill flow ill on the mesh of steel
    That's the grill of the microphone I just killed
    Party people it's your party Tag Team is through
    Whoomp there it is I thought you knew
    Whoomp there it is
    Yeha Tag Team comin' straight atcha
    That's me DC the brain supreme
    And my man Steve Roll'n
    Bring it back ya'll bring it back ya'll bring it back
    Here we go

    Whoomp there it is
    EBUZZ: Her Wildest Dreams By Shiloh Walker
    Timid and shy, in her wildest dreams, Allie never imagined Alex would look at her with anything more than friendship and maybe a little pity in his eyes.

    One horrible night Allie is attacked and Alex comes rushing to her rescue. He wonders if he is really needed when he finds a little hellcat fighting off her attacker. Much later that night, Alex holds that little hellcat in his arms.

    Months later, he runs into Allie again and he barely recognizes her. She's no longer the shy little wallflower she had once been.

    Problem is... she doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with him. Allie's about to find out that Alex is the only man guaranteed to make her wildest dreams come true.

    I have said it before, shiloh has hell of a lot of books. And the nifty thing is she writes a little of everything. hmmm well she needs to write some historicals...
    Would you Like to Know More

    Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: B
    Sensuality: Burning
    Jane Meter: 50/50

    The Good: I really enjoy Shiloh's contemporary voice. She can take some very common category like situations and sex them up, in a good way. And her characters have a very real feel to them. The reader enjoys the time spent getting to know them.

    When Allie decides to change her life and herself, she works at it. No really, she doesn't just take off her glasses and put on a red dress and two days later becomes HAWT.

    When she decides to change, she changes. Allie decides what she doesn't like about herself. Then amazingly enough she does something about it. Allie goes after what she wants to tries to create the happiness she knows she deserves. When Alex pulls his head out of his ass, he has to figure out how to lead, follow or get the fuck out of her way.

    The Bad: The brother is an asshole. I hate that crap when it is ok to do whatever, to whoever but HEY not my sister. Cuz she is pure and crap... that could just be me.

    The Verdict:Did I mention I like it when a rake falls hard?

    Again this is a friends to lovers story, done well, with great characters. If you have only tried Shiloh's paranormals or haven't tired her because you don't read paranormals, I highly suggest trying this one out or Her Best Friends Lover

    Next Hunting the Hunter

    You can find shiloh here and here. And you can buy the book here.

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    I confess
    9 out of 10 times I don't agree with Mrs. Giggles reviews. Oddly enough I can still disagree and find her amusing.

    Another blogger recently asked me a question that had me searching through some old articles and such in romanceland. I had forgotten how much I really loved giggles essays and romance posts.

    Thanks to karen for pointing the way to Authors, Bad Reviews, Mean Bloggers, Etc is her newest. Go read...
    Trailer for Jane
    See! Scandal in Springs trailer wasn't that bad.
    **if link doesn't work you can get to the trailer from Luanne Rice's site.

    Now you can complain about not feeling spring time fresh.
    RWA is Love
    That should so be a button. I think we covered everything now.

    Jill covered erotica being the evol. The Blaze chick (whose name I am too lazy to go look up) drew the readers are the evol. St. Giles has amazon is the evol. Karen had a big hand in the covers are the evol. Now Jan W. Butler has the gays are the evol.

    Did we miss anything? So is this day seven where we rest?


    You think someone is trying to tell me something?
    23rd July 2006 11:04:11 diana
    23rd July 2006 11:05:00 diana &btnG=Search
    23rd July 2006 11:05:19 diana &btnG=Search
    23rd July 2006 11:05:59 diana bitch &btnG=Search
    23rd July 2006 11:45:47

    Good thing I only asked about the book, hate to think what would happen if you didn't like the book.
    Hey look an author who likes...
    Her readers who knew those were still out there?

    kidding! I know there are at least five of them out there *g*. Who is Mardi Gras Publishing? Are they new?
    Crash, BOOM, bang
    Nothing like the sounds of brakes and crunch of metal at 3am. Followed closely by a huge flash of light as the transformer blew.

    Of course the lights went out. I felt bad for being so annoyed to have my computer shut down in the middle of reading and blogging. Since the amount of police, fire trucks, helicopter and other assorted cars didn't seem to point toward someone surviving the car accident.

    But I was still annoyed. Power came back on around 10am. Turns out the man, woman and child survived. It must have sounded much worse than it was but good god, he had to been driving really fast down a curvey street with a kid in the car. Scary stuff, I hate car accidents.
    Lauren, Megan and Anya's Ebuzz: Adrianna Dane's Eluria's Enforcer
    Adrianna Dane book information and blog

    Devon Andromeda, a Nanus-altered Argadian Enforcer of the First Level, is assigned the mission to hunt down and eliminate Eluria Zydon, a rebel leader, who also happens to be the daughter of an Elite Tribunal Commander. Enforcers are altered and trained as assassins who retain no memories, or humanoid emotions that would hamper their purpose. Aggression is the only emotion unblocked in an Enforcer; the Tribunal directs their existence.

    Eluria Zydon's life is filled with more than enough memories and emotions for both Devon and her. She lives with the guilt of past injustice and her life has been dedicated to finding the cure to set Devon and those like him free. It is a payment she prays will also free her soul once and for all from her tormenting past.

    Confrontation on the lifeless planet, Serdion, will change them both forever. An explosion delivers Devon into Eluria's hands. An experimental drug opens the floodgates to Devon's emotions...and his memory. The first emotion he faces, and must learn to control, is desire. Eluria has been trained as a Twilight Companion and has the knowledge to help him harness his passions. Will he accept her help? Or is his only intent to complete his mission—her termination?

    Ebuzz bought to you today by the letter M and the number 3.

    Lauren Dane, Megan Hart and Anya Bast aka Maverick Authors can be found causing trouble together OR on their own

    Scissors, Sparkles and Piston EBuzz

    ( Key: Lauren Dane=Scissors, Megan Hart=Sparkles, Anya Bast=Piston)

    Piston- I really love how Adrianna Dane created a unique world in her novel, Eluria's Enforcer, complete with its own laws, customs and religion. I loved it so much that I wanted more of it. I wish this book had been about twice as long and had really delved into this planet and its peoples.

    Scissors - I did really like the worldbuilding here. I love sci fi and futuristics and I don't see nearly enough of them in the romance world so I was thrilled to see that (the other) Dane had done it. I also felt like I wanted more. I looked her up though and she's got a second installment that comes after this one. I'd love to have seen her fleshed this out to at least twice the length it was! But she left me wanting more and that made me go to look and see if she had it, all very good signs.

    Sparkles: One of the great things about a good SF story is the world building and use of different languages, history and cultures. I found a lot to enjoy in Eluria's Enforcer. Adrianna Dane obviously put a lot of thought into her world, including religion, politics and society. I had a little problem with the vocabulary sometimes, keeping all the new words straight, but overall really liked what she did with the story and weaving background in without overloading it all at once. And alien sex! Woo! Let me say that reading alien sex is ALWAYS interesting, but the physical make up of Eluria and Devon surely did leave an impression on me. It was familiar and yet
    different enough to keep me reading.

    Piston - The story is set mostly in a cave and the plot focuses on the resumption of a former romance between Devon and Eluria. After reading Eluria's Enforcer, I feel confident that Ms. Dane is completely capable of writing a substantial science fiction plot and wish there had been more of that. However, as an author I know you can't please everyone, and every reader brings different expectations to a book.

    Scissors - I quite liked that she narrowed the focus to that cave. I thought it gave a depth and intensity to the storyline that it wouldn't have necessarily had if they'd been all over the place throughout, especially at this length.

    Sparkles: I both agree and disagree. I think narrowing it to the cave worked for this story, but I'd have loved to read more about what was going on in the rest of the world. Sequel? :)

    Piston - Perhaps this world will be more thoroughly explored in a sequel or two? I definitely scented a couple spin off characters in there. Perhaps Devon's brother Alekos and maybe even Kierra, Devon's sister. On a final note, the only quibble I had with the worldbuilding were the foreign words Dane uses for sexual organs and sexual slang. I find these distance the reader from the eroticism. So, in my opinion, the book could have been a little hotter.

    Scissors - this is the kind of thing that bugs me in all sci fi/fantasy books. I understand that it's a different world and they'd use different words and all, but at some points it got to be too much and I had to stop to look back or remember what it is she was referring to. A little of this convention goes a long way, IMO.

    Sparkles: I didn't mind the vocabulary referring to body parts. Those I kept straight. LOL! The ones I had problems with were the names of the rocks and minerals, and stuff in the cave though to be honest, had they been the "real" words I wouldn't have done any better keeping them straight.

    Piston - The writing was clear and the plot was well structured, I just wanted more of it. That said, I found this to be an engaging and enjoyable story and I'd definitely read any sequels that Dane releases.

    Scissors - While I wouldn't call Eluria's Enforcer an "erotic" romance, it was a very readable and enjoyable romance. I did like the chemistry between the H/H and I thought both were likeable and three dimensional characters. I truly enjoyed Eluria's Enforcer and I'll be checking out the sequel to continue on in this world Adrianna Dane had created.

    Sparkles: I liked the sex. It was well thought out and in keeping with the world. I must admit to a personal "squick" about all things anal, but hey, everyone's got their own thing. I thought how she created a new reproductive system was well thought out and worked in the story. As for it being erotic, I will say I found myself fascinated by the actual goings on more than turned on by them, but that's coming from a writer's viewpoint and not a reader's. I was saying things like "cool!" and "ooh, how neat!" I really liked the effort she put into the s/f aspect of the story. It left me satisfied on many levels. Great job!

    Thanks for the buzz guys! Always nice to hear of a new author to try. Eluria's Enforcer can be purchase here.

    And the fearsome threesome have a nice size back list, well if size matters I think Hart is the biggest. I highly recommend Playing the Game by Megan Hart, Triad by Lauren Dane and Winter Pleasures: The Training by Anya Bast.

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    wOoT!!!!! I don't care what 'yours truly' sez

    Jane fucking rocks.

    The smart quotes have left the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EBUZZ: Seducing Simon by Maya Banks
    One fateful night, Toni Langston seduces her best friend, the guy she’s been in love with forever. Two problems-he doesn'’t remember a thing that happened and now she's pregnant.

    Toni Langston has been in love with Simon, her best friend, for years. The night Simon breaks up with his long time girlfriend, he and Toni make love. Toni is devastated and humiliated when, in the heat of the moment, he calls her by his girlfriend'’s name. The next morning, Simon remembers nothing of the previous night and Toni is only too relieved not to remind him.

    Two months later, she discovers she'’s pregnant. She wants Simon to love her, apart from any obligation he might feel because of the baby. So she embarks on a quest to seduce her best friend, to make him see her as more than a little sister, to make him love her as much as she loves him. It works. Maybe too well. Now when things are perfect, she faces telling him of the secret she'’s kept.

    1st line: The living room erupted in cheers as the wide receiver ran into the end zone.

    I really, really, really think authors should save their money and stop making trailers.

    Would you Like to Know More

    Genre: Romance/Contemporary
    Grade: C+
    Sensuality: Warm
    Jane Meter: Skip

    The Good: I didn't plan to read this right away mainly because I had so many book in front of it on mount tbr. But I opened it for a peak and was sucked in. Seducing Simon is a fast, enjoyable read with my fave friends to lovers theme.

    The secret baby plot is no where near a new theme and I think is very catergory. Which may be why Seducing Simon has category vibe to it. The h/h are great and the secondary characters generally add to the story instead of weigh it down. I love how the guys interact with each other and Toni. They have a very believable friendship.

    The Bad: A big WTF moment for me is the way Toni spills her guts to 'the other guy'. He is a firefighter, working with her brother and roomates. So he seems like a really bad choice of people to open up too. And whole 'how to drive a man wild' coaching is silly. It all seemed so harlequin.

    The morning after, Simon so should have known he had a woman in his bed the night before. Drunk or not, the lack of condom and lack of clean up should have tipped the boy off. And for such good friends, there is a serious lack of communication. But hey if they were honest from the get go there would be no story.

    Things do get malodramtic. The 'other woman' had me rolling my eyes. And there are a few scenes at the end that would make Diana Palmer proud.

    The Verdict: The plot is tried and true, if not a touch over used but the characters make this a worth the read. And the over the top moments don't last long enough to kill the story. Of course I say that being a fan of Palmers *g*.

    At a time when NY publishers are gunning for the hotter the better, Samhain is doing a great job of delivering romance, not just erotic romance.

    Next Colters' Woman

    You can find Maya here and here. You can buy the book here

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    another contest coming soon...
    speaking of contests...

    Alison Kent has another nifty book give away about to start. You will need to tune in for more info.

    Le Sigh one thing I would love about having a wordpress blog is that nifty date set thing. Now when I do posts in advance I have to remember to change the date when I hit send. Which I almost always forget to do.

    Alison talks more about marketing. I think she has come up with some really great ways to market her books and it is nice to see others doing it as well.

    Emma Sinclair is trying her hand at it. HelenKay has been doing some great give aways. If you haven't been to her blog, go check out her promo questions.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of dear jane's idea.

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    So much for it having nothing to do with it being a 'bad' review
    blazegate becomes wolfgate

    LOL fi you can join keishon in the corner
    Retro Post - Sit... Stay... Roll Over... Play Dead
    Damn we are barely waiting six months to rehash things...Sit... Stay... Roll Over... Play Dead first posted on 1/6/06 and because there is never enough said about reviewing.

    You had to see this coming
    If you have visited Keishon aka avid reader's blog in, oh say the last few days, you may have heard of a lil book called:

    Wolf Tales

    and her love for the novel. /sarcasm

    Now we are:
    A: Talking of a book I haven't read
    B: Talking of an author I have never heard of nor read
    C: It is someone from Amazon that said the author requested the review removed
    D: It is possible the author never saw the review.

    But yikes, is it just me, or is it beyond tacky if an author askes to have a negative review removed from Amazon?

    Being something of a potty mouth, free thinker, to each their own type of person - Keishon's review doesn't read to me as offensive. I could see someone whining about the gross comment in this sentence:
    This story may not be my cuppa but it might be other reader's (gross).
    But hell I have read worse on amazon, is that because the author just didn't remove it? Or can anybody request to have a review removed? Even if I didn't know keishon, if I like the book, that gross comment isn't going to keep me from sleeping at nights. Of course knowing keishon, and the fact she is sending me the book, if I do end up liking it she will just tell me I am gross ;). So hey either way score...

    To me, amazon - which has been greatly getting on my nerve lately but that is a different post - reviews are public opinion and are not for the author to approve. And really I read some of the reviews just to get a handle on the book or to look for spoilers ;). In fact keishon's deep love for this book made me look at it twice and think about buying it.

    If the reviews are all happy happy, joy joy, I discount them out of hand. Fair? Prolly not. But for every book one person lovesese to death someone else hates - and isn't that ok? When I review a book, I am thinking about what "I" thought of the book. I will say if it is going to AAR I think about my language vs if it goes on my blog I can curse a bluestreak. But other than that... a review is about what the reader thinks not the author. I would hope the author loves the book!

    Or am I wrong? If I were to go to amazon and post a review on say.... Lover Eternal by JR Ward. (Which I could cuz I have read it. And a secret between you and me (and angiew) - it rocks, I would tell you more but nope) And after figuring out how to post a review on amazon all I say is JR Ward is a big fat ho don't buy this book.

    I could so see Ward sending an email to amazon telling them to get that off. That isn't reviewing the book but the author. (btw ward is as kewl as her books, which means she isn't a big fat ho. Well not that I know of at least ;) )

    But other than some type of attack on the author, or someone repeatedly posting a bad review from the same IP, is it ok to request to remove a review? As authors, if there are any of you guys out there, have you requested to have something removed? What made you do it? Did you think after the fact it was a good idea?

    As a reader, a bad review can and does often peak my interest in a book. Is that just me? Or course I am still hoping the author didn't ask to have it removed. Or maybe this is common practice and since I have never posted a review on Amazon I have never noticed it. Who knows... I have my own reviews to go finish.

    If I recall correctly, keishon's review was reposted, so hopefully after amazon looks into whatever complaint pulled fi's her review will reappear as well.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.


    It's a storybook ending, minus the deep-dicking.
    Conventional romance
    In a world of werewolf love and washboard abs, a hunt for the happy ending
    by James Carlson

    Oh my... uh he sounds like he had a fun time. Since I have never been to RT anyone want to weigh in on what it is really like? Or does this sound at all close to what it is really like?

    They couldn't find anyone else to cover this story? I mean geeze, I can see reacting oddly to some of this but is it just me or does this guy not seem to like women in general?

    Didn't mrs giggles or someone post about some past RT convention?

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    jumping off the bridge with the rest of blogdom
    I still have the last tag thing in draft unfinished... wonder how long this will take to put up... holly and cindys made me do it

    1) When did you first start blogging and why?
    hmmm well it all started with a flame war in phileland. It was taking place in the new 'in' place to be... live journal. I was given an invite to go rubber neck. I didn't know jack about lj and it pretty much sat there forever. Fast forward to the death of phile fandom (it is there but no where near the numbers it was).

    A fanfic author kept pushing me to read Shadowheart. I was on a huge historical fiction kick at the time. I finally gave in and the rest is history. I started talking about books, books and more books. To none romance people, who were very nice about it. But I wanted peeps to squee with...

    The few romance blogs I had read at the time were, well BLOGS as in blogger. So I got it into my head that I needed a blog!

    2) What don't you talk about?
    Anything I wouldn't want public or a google click away. I am pretty much an open book. Ask me anything and I will answer. A HUGE draw back in blogger vs live journal is you can't lock posts. But I would talk on and on about people from work and shit so it is prolly all good that I can't...

    And I am so far to the left I could tip over, where that can leak into things for the most part I don't talk much about all that here.

    3) Are you and your blogging persona the same person?
    hee, I should lie and say no. I am really this shy blushing violet.

    ::bats eyes::

    4) How do you use blogging to build friendships?
    I don't use it really. It just sort of happens. You visit blogs, start to know the blogger and find you care what happens to them. You may never meet but you *know* them.

    5. How would you describe your writing style?
    Style? How about a lack of ;). This is what happens after you spend too much time in fandom, chat and on the internet. Just a warning.

    tra la la
    Stop Smoking Crack the final frontier
    If you haven't read the review, how fucking big is your rock? I would STILL love to hear how that is a bash of the author, editor or publisher but since it isn't I don't see that happening any time soon. That is NOT a personal attack on the author. If anything it is a complement that she was able to get a publisher to publish what the reader found to be a shitty book.

    Since I don't believe in being coy unless a man and sex are involved I will spell out what I found.

    review for Finders Keepers reviewed by J. Wallace "Voracious Reader" (Tennessee)

    Captain Trilby Elliot has parked her rattletrap ship on an uninhabited planet to make repairs when an enemy 'Sko ship hurtles into the forest nearby. Istead of salvaging useful parts from the crash, she salvages a Z'fharian man, Rhis Vanur, who turns out to be both very useful and very inconvenient. Rhis is useful in that he can help her repair her ship. Rhis is inconvenient in that he insists she change her schedule to return him to his squadron a.s.a.p, which Trilby is not about to do, not when she has a badly needed commission waiting for her at Port Rumor. However, there's more to Rhis than Trilby knows, and between the two of them they manage to get involved in a huge political scandal involving Trilby's sleazy former boyfriend, the 'Sko, and Rhis's secret identity. And before everything blows up in their faces, they manage to get involved with each other, which complicates matters greatly.

    Trilby and Rhis are well-rounded characters of the type you don't consistently encounter in futuristic romances, or any romances, for that matter. They don't fall fully into romance stereotypes, being more reminiscent of inhabitants of the novels of Anne McCaffrey or Tanya Huff.

    More specifically, Trilby is tough, capable and independent and doesn't need Rhis any more than she needs another hole in her spaceship. This makes it all that much more convincing when she begins to fall in love with him, plus her character doesn't morph from Space to Space Bimbo once S-E-X enters the picture. Rhis isn't a foil for Trilby, as they are alike in many ways, which allows them to respect and understand one another. I have few complaints with Trilby and only a minor one with Rhis -- he's such a hard and rather cold man that I wasn't entirely convinced when he lost his head over Trilby.

    The plot is pure, rollicking space opera, with suspense, computer programming, backstabbing, space battles and galaxy-wide threats galore. The secondary characters are neither too few nor too many, and the author doesn't write any of them in such a way that you can tell she intends you to be intrigued and "demand" the next book. The worldbuilding is satisfactory, if focused on spaceships and technology instead of exotic climes and sexy alien men with psychic powers, but this novel is refreshingly stand-alone. Sometimes you just want to read a good space adventure instead of get trapped in a family saga.

    We don't get to know much about "the enemy," the 'Sko, but how much did you get to know the giant insects in the movie Starship Troopers? You didn't care about the bugs; you just wanted the good guys to shoot bug heads until green goo flew everywhere. Finders Keepers is that kind of good time, without the tragic loss of the most interesting female character prior to the end of the work. A recommended read.

    ETA: Has been re-released from Bantam Spectra -- track it down!

    review for Finders Keepers reviewed by Jody Wallace, Editor, SFROnline
    "Captain Trilby Elliot has parked her rattletrap ship on an uninhabited planet to make repairs when an enemy 'Sko ship hurtles in the forest nearby. But instead of salvaging useful parts from the crash, she salvages a Z'fharian man, Rhis Vanur, who turns out to be both very useful and very inconvenient in his own special way...

    Trilby and Rhis are well-rounded characters of the type you don't consistently encounter in futuristic romances, or any romances, for that matter. They do not fall fully into romance stereotypes, being more reminiscent of inhabitants of the novels of, say, Anne McCaffrey or Tanya Huff. They dwell neither in angst-land nor cutesy comedy land, and for me characters I can like and understand will make or break a novel.

    More specifically, Trilby is tough, capable and independent, which I just adore in a female protagonist, and doesn't need Rhis any more than she needs another hole in her spaceship. This makes it all that much more convincing when she begins to fall in love with him...

    The plot is pure, rollicking space opera, with suspense, computer programming, backstabbing, space battles and galaxy-wide threats galore... I recommend Finders Keepers... take it to bed with you and stay up late flipping pages."

    --Jody Wallace, Editor, SFROnline

    drum roll please...
    Ms. Wallace is active in RWA, serves as webmaster for her local RWA chapter as well as secretary, conducts training sessions for contest judges, and advises at Speculative Romance Online, which she edited for four years. In connection with the newsletter's annual Zircon contest, she captained a speculative romance anthology due out from Zumaya Publishing in 2006.

    What does that mean?

    A. Jody Wallace is J Wallace
    B. Someone who really hates Jody Wallace is fucking with her.
    C. Someone ripped a review off from a site thinking no one would ever know

    It wouldn't be the first time a review got posted at amazon by someone who didn't first write the review.

    The lesson to be learned here? If you are going to post on the internet make sure your ducks are in a row. Cuz this isn't vegas and nothing stays secret for long. If you have something to lose, watch your back or stay off the net.

    The review didn't BASH the author as a person. I have no idea where Jody's Wallace's name first came from. The fact that she doesn't list herself as an author or her website at amazon or her reviews on her website means that to me she wasn't shouting out they were one and the same. And the fact that people kept repeating it WITHOUT facts to back it up or the desire to care if they were even right is a scary fucking thing.

    I have nothing to hide. I have never in my 13 years on the internet posted under a sock or as anything other than redwyne/sybil. So I am not scared of being outted myself, I forget who came to the wonderful conclusion on Alison's blog. If I want to say a book/author/reader/person sucks I will do it as me or I won't do it.

    This shit happened in philedom... over fucking fanfic. One author pissed in someone's cheerios and they in turn ended up speaking to their boss. I remember wondering how anyone could be so fucking insane and petty.

    This is a review. THEY ARE WORDS. Sticks and stones lovey. Even if that review called an author a stupid cunt that would be no reason to hunt someone down, out an alias or screw with someone way of life. Being called names is something you should get the fuck over in grade school. Two wrongs do not make a right and don't bother with the crap that you were just trying to help a poor stupid newbie.

    Call it what you want, wrap it up in shiny happy colors, but this shit stinks. If you had a hand in the witch hunt you should be fucking ashamed of yourself. And if you posted an authors name with no care to if you had your facts straight, you should remember what they say about glass houses and be more careful.

    I don't want to know who deep throat was. Good god what a wonderful support group the romance writers association has to go into its convention with. You can give knives away with 'RWA 2006' on them as keepsakes.

    I am gonna go finish my book... stick a fork in me I am done.
    remember I am a reader of historicals and paranormals
    With recent interest in contemps....

    What is the big deal about Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund

    Is this just the work of marketing? Cuz reading the reviews, blurbs and such I don't get it. Not to say it isn't going to be a good book, I have no clue. Is this her first book? Why the hardcover? What am I missing? What makes her the next big thing and why the excitement?
    Jay reminded me about a good trailer the other day
    Not that she was trying to but when she posted about Geralyn Dawson's next book I remembered she had a movie trailer up for her current contest.

    Since I am not much on trailers or nailing down people to character I am not too interested in the contest itself. But I do think her use of the trailer is too cute and fun.

    I went to get a link but the second trailer is now up, and just as cute and fun. Go look and see if you want to vote for luke.
    You don't have to be an author
    To not enjoy Highland Fling. Who knew....

    Oddly enough I would prolly like it but fi not so much...
    kristie... d... have I got the job for you guys
    Online Marketing Manager

    no need to thank me, just remember me later cuz I need a new avon fairy since my last one isn't with the company any more

    sniff sniff poor sybil...
    So should I tell you what I just bought at Walgreens?

    I checked two stores... walmart (no go, but had about 20 of Jo Goodman's new book, which I thought came out at the END of August) and then stopped in Walgreens where I bought DiW.

    I couldn't tell you what they had other than I noticed Lady Rogue which looks to be a Aug release.
    happy hunting...

    OK, Deep Breath... someone tell me NOT to scan the book looking for a certain characters name and read those parts first. God what if this sucks... I might cry.

    Do we have a date yet for Cam's book?


    for as much time as I spend on the internet
    I don't get around much. I pretty much stick to books and more books with a touch of some phile stuff. So the whole YouTube thing is something I completely missed.

    until blogger brought it to me

    I should hate meljean since I woke up with the song All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us in my head.

    but I don't cuz she is just THAT kewl... and I had never heard of this until fi brought it up

    My rock is HUGE fi, huge... it would have to be for me to fit under it ;)


    Stop Smoking Crack Redux
    In Stop Smoking Crack anon said
    No there's nothing from Wallace on the Harlequin boards. That was a different scandal. This started from her RWA "friends".

    A little crossreferencing is a beautiful thang.

    Look at the list of members here.

    Then here.

    And finally here.

    Then look at the names of the commenters to labreque's blog.

    See a few names in common?

    For extra credit go to the authors web pages & look at their photos.

    I don't really know how all these tie together or why anon would tie them together unless she googled the commenters names. And I am too lazy to read the authors sites to piece together their common org's. So just going off the links given...

    Rhonda Nelson

    Julie Leto

    Kimberly Raye

    Alison Kent

    Jaci Burton

    Debra Webb

    Kristen Painter

    Evanne Lorraine

    Jenna Bayley
    ***if I recall correctly, this is the chick who pissed off the same crowd at eharl, maybe she has sucked it up since then and is now playing nice... maybe cuz she sold a book

    but since I recall her being told she would never eat lunch in this town again maybe it wasn't her, I really should go look

    must suck to be a wannabewriter and watching things you say with people for fear you could piss them off and they try to wreck your career

    MCRW Member
    Published Members:

    Nicole Byrd (Cheryl Zach and Michelle Place)
    Kendra Clark
    Robyn DeHart
    Anna DeStefano
    Haley Elizabeth Garwood
    Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor
    Janice Lynn
    Kate Lyon
    Beth Pattillo
    Ramona Richards
    Dianna Love Snell
    Annie Solomon
    Marie-Nicole Ryan (Mary Varble)
    Debra Webb*****ding ding ding have a winner!
    Jody Wallace w/a Ellie Marvel
    Phyllis Bourne Williams


    * Anna Adams
    * Bridget Anderson
    * Peggy Anderson
    * Leanne Banks
    * Beverly Barton
    * Stephanie Bond
    * Beverly Brandt (aka Jacey Ford)
    * Adrianne Byrd
    * Sandra Chastain
    * Lynn Collum
    * Jacquelyn Cook
    * Betty Cothran
    * Jan Dale
    * Jacquie D'Alessandro
    * Desiree Day
    * Anna DeStefano
    * Lyn Ellis (aka Virginia Ellis)
    * Wendy Etherington
    * Virginia Farmer
    * Jane Forgey (aka Beverly Rae)
    * Carla Fredd
    * Bonnie Gardner
    * Debby Giusti
    * Seressia Glass
    * Susan Goggins (aka Susan Hardy and Susan MacLand)
    * Dorie Graham
    * Jenni Grizzle (aka Jennifer St. Giles)
    * Carmen Green
    * Shannon Harper
    * Shirley Harrison
    * Karen Hawkins
    * Patti Callahan Henry
    * Rita Herron
    * Joan Hicks
    * Cynthia Homberger (aka Cindy Miles)
    * Linda Hughes
    * Nicole Jordan
    * Sherrilyn Kenyon (aka Kinley MacGregor)
    * Karen Kendall
    * Martha Kirkland
    * Nancy Knight
    * Jennifer LaBrecque****ding ding ding we have a winner
    * Amy Lanz (aka Amy Frazier)
    * Jackie Manning
    * Deborah Matthews
    * Janice Maynard
    * Carolyn McSparren
    * Tanya Michaels
    * Betsy Morgan
    * Celeste O. Norfleet
    * Mae Nunn
    * Elsa Nystrom
    * Carol Card Otten (aka C. J. Card and Tena Carlyle)
    * Jacqueline Pennington
    * Barbara Pierce
    * Berta Platas
    * Sari Robins
    * Sherry Schlereth (aka Sherry Taylor)
    * Gloria Dale Skinner
    * Haywood Smith
    * Jerry Lynn Smith
    * Dianna Love Snell
    * Donna Sterling
    * Lynda Stone
    * Pat Van Wie (aka Patricia Lewin)
    * Wendy Wax
    * Debra Webb****ding ding ding we have a winner
    * Ann Howard White
    * Karen White
    * Pat Worley

    southern magic

    Bonnie Gardner - Website
    Linda Howard
    Martha Krieger aka Allison Knight - Website
    Deborah Matthews - Website
    Kristen Robinette
    Sherry Sands
    Lyn Stone - Website
    Gayle Wilson - Website
    Kelley St. John - Website
    Sherrilyn Kenyon - Website
    Rhonda Nelson - Website***ding ding ding we have a winner
    Kate Lyons - Website
    Debra Webb - Website***ding ding ding we have a winner
    Lynn Collum - Website
    Carolynn Carey - Website
    Giselle Carmichael - Website
    Kathleen Long - Website
    Paula Graves - Website
    Jennifer Echols - Website

    Soooo that must mean...
    Sybil has too much time on her hands and really should go finish Bound before sasha goes after her with a big stick. Or maybe edit a review or five I have half done. Or something...

    Really I have no clue what it means, you could guess Webb is deepthroat, maybe do a google search or twenty. Honestly don't know if that is what anon meant or what axe she has to grind with these people.

    Me? I like Alison Kent's books and think she is a swell person. Leto's book Making Waves was grand, the story in the baseball book not so much but more on that later. One I agree with in theory the other I couldn't disagree with more but I would buy their books again in a second.

    I liked The Player and something I read by Webb but their comments need to be bleached from my head before I can read them again. Raye is one of those authors I have SHIT loads of books from but never read. I still read MJD but did think about making these 7 or so books leave the house for the ubs.

    Jaci is one of those people who I think butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Really, I want to like her books because she just seems so fucking nice. So her being a don't say anything if you don't have something nice to say person doesn't shock me.

    The rest I have already forgotten... there are some readers a few so so so fangirlie... a couple of writerwannabes who really should watch their mouths in the company they keep and there could be more authors but I am lazy and only did the ones I knew of or had nifty links I could click.

    So what have we learned today? Other than I can cut and paste like no ones business, really have to learn to use my time better and can click on a link with the best of them? Oh and anon has put a shitload of thought into this?

    nothing really... well other than I amuse easy but we knew that long ago... oh and I didn't bother with looking at the pictures cuz I was sure that was just added in the comments as a dig and really I could careless how authors look or don't look.
    from publishers lunch
    this made me giggle muchly...

    Unexpected Visions
    THE EXPECTED ONE is written as fiction, but author Kathleen McGowan "says it mirrors her own life," and she believes that she is a descendant of a marriage between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. And visions experienced by her character Maureen's "are 'verbatim' accounts of her own visions of Mary Magdalene," USA Today notes. McGowan adds: "Maureen is a fictional character, but there is a lot of me in Maureen. I know it will be hard for people to accept this, but it's true."
    USA Today
    stop smoking crack
    Or pass it around so I can see things too! Share people!


    sorry... anywho the great and powerful fi posted about this so I had to go read the shit. And I have to agree with fi, which is odd cuz I tend to agree with Alison Kent's posts.

    Oh Look Amazon... again
    The review is dumb. But it is an AMAZON review, which are more often than NOT dumb. So whatever.

    Does it trash a book, author or publisher? I don't see it.

    If an editor would take that as a dig or trash of said editor, I would say editor needs a thicker skin and new job. Maybe I am not reading enough into the review but I think the line in question is:
    "Some may rush out and buy it, and any author who can convince her publisher to run with this deserves the income."

    ok AND?

    Sounds more like an author getting her knickers in a twist over a writer (psuedowriterwannabe) doing a bad amazon review because I can't for the life of me figure out why it deserved attention. Uh so here is more attention...

    I do have to say I agree with alison in theory but this review doesn't trash any editor or publisher. And really the comments just make authors look silly, cliquish and petty.

    Could just be me...
    The Rogue's Bride by Leslie Lafoy
    The Rogue's Bride is the next book in Lafoy's new series, follows Her Scandalous Marriage Have I said how much I lurve purple covers?

    Tristan Townsend has come home to London to assume his duties as the Marquis of Lockwood after all the men in his family have died. Desperate to rid himself of the "Lockwood curse" and restore his family's honor, marriage is the furthest thing from Tristan's mind...until he lays eyes on an enchanting stranger and vows to make her his...

    Lady Simone Turnbridge-beautiful, bold, and with a scandalous past-is not eager to be some wealthy man's bride. Some men want her hand in marriage; others merely want her in their beds. She mocks them all with a twinkle in her eye, knowing not one of them can tame her...

    Tristan will do anything to have Simone in his bed and his ring on her finger. Simone, who has sworn to let no man control her, is held in thrall by her fascination with this forbidden Lockwood. But it's too late to walk away now-when the promise of passion is so wanton, wicked, and thoroughly wonderful....

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    The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter... now with Cover

    The Rules of Seduction by Madeline Hunter
    Nice cover, I think... still no blurb or info on author or publisher site. Out in Oct, I enjoyed the excerpt in the back of Lady of Sin.

    hmmm there was this quote on Tanzey Talk - April edition:
    Madeline Hunter is putting the finishing touches on her next novel, which is scheduled for publication November 2006. Titled RULES OF SEDUCTION, she'll be leaving the world of The Seducer series and introducing a new group of characters. Madeline says, "Developing a new world has been exciting and a little frightening, with discoveries on every page as I write. At the center of this new world is an aristocratic family of tremendous wealth and success and a gentry family that's barely surviving. The lives of these families are intertwined due to secrets, deceptions, friendships and honor."

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    I am wonderful... look it says so

    Who is your inner Shapeshifter?

    Werewolves of folklore differ greatly from modern renditions seen in movies and shows. People believed there were many ways to become werewolves, such as drinking rainwater collected in a wolf's pawprint, eating meat gnawed on by a wolf, or being born with a full set of teeth or covered in a caul. And unlike movie werewolves, werewolves of old were oftentimes harmless and highly honorable!As a werewolf, you are loyal, strong and honorable, and you will protect all you hold dear with your very life. Although you are not a violent individual at heart, you will fight for what you believe in. You are a good friend and truly are a wonderful person to be around.
    Take this quiz!

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    When do you get old enough that your mother can not guilt you into doing shit you don't want to do? just wondering...
    C2 does bad boys
    And all the bad boys are standin' in the shadows, and the good girls - Are home with broken hearts

    cause I'm fffffffffrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee fall'n

    Shes a good girl, loves her mam a
    Loves jesus and america too
    Shes a good girl, crazy bout elvis
    Loves horses and her boyfriend too

    Its a long day living in reseda
    Theres a freeway runnin through the yard
    And Im a bad boy cause I dont even miss her
    Im a bad boy for breakin her heart

    And Im free, free fallin
    Yeah Im free, free fallin

    All the vampires walkin through the valley
    Move west down ventura boulevard
    And all the bad boys are standing in the shadows
    A ll the good girls are home with broken hearts

    And Im free, free fallin
    Yeah Im free, free fallin
    Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im
    Free fallin, now Im free fallin, now im

    I wanna glide down over mulholland
    I wanna write her name in the sky
    Gonna free fall out into nothin
    Gonna leave this world for a while

    And Im free, free fallin
    Yeah Im free, free fallin

    oh sorry... blame fi
    Do Not Look Behind the Curtain...
    I have spent the weekend sick or at work... or both. I have a horrid cough poor poor sybil, whine whine whine. But under orders of The great and powerful fi I bring you songs.

    I don't have an IPOD (well I do currently... isn't mine and I have no idea what is on it or why the lil sis left it here) since I always do what fi says I put the cd player on random and here is the first few songs that played. Oh I have no idea if this you tube will work or not cuz I have never done it before.

    mike check....

    Maneater by Nelly Furtado
    Take it back, take it back...

    Verse 1-
    Everybody look at me, me
    I walk in the door you start screaming
    Come on everybody what chu here for?
    Move your body around like a nympho
    Everybody get your necks to crack around
    All you crazy people come on jump around
    I want to see you all on your knees, knees
    You either want to be with me, or be me!

    Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She's a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    make you fall real hard in love
    She's a Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She's a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    Wish you never ever met her at all!

    Verse 2-
    And when she walks she walks with passion
    when she talks, she talks like she can handle it
    when she asks for something boy she means it
    even if you never ever seen it
    everybody get your necks to crack around
    all you crazy people come on jump around
    you doing anything to keep her by your side
    because, she said she love you, love you long time!

    Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She's a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    make you fall real hard in love
    She's a Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She's a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    Wish you never ever met her at all!


    Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She's a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    make you fall real hard in love
    She's a Maneater, make you work hard
    Make you spend hard
    Make you want all, of her love
    She's a maneater
    make you buy cars
    make you cut cards
    Wish you never ever met her at all!

    Never ever met her at all!
    you wish you never ever met her at all!
    you wish you never ever met her at all!
    you wish you never ever met her at all!
    you wish you never ever met her at all!

    Now That It's Over by Everclear
    Yeah right!

    One, two, three, four

    Break down, shake for me
    Nothing ever is the way you want it to be
    Nothing even tastes right now that it's over

    Break down, shake for me
    Don't write words unless you want me to read them
    Nothing really matters now that it's over

    Maybe we can be friends
    Now that we're older
    We can have fun like we did in the early days
    Now that it's over

    Yeah right!

    Break down, shake for me
    Nothing ever seems the way it ought to be
    Nothing ever seems right now that it's over

    Yeah, now maybe we can be friends
    Maybe we can be closer
    We can have fun like we did in the old days
    Now that it's over

    Oh yeah...

    My bad dreams just don't seem the same
    Baby without you
    I wish you were willing to accept the blame
    Yeah, for everything you do

    My nightmares just don't scare me now
    Baby without you, yeah yeah
    I wish that I could find the words to tell
    In the best way possible, you and your friends to go to hell

    Yeah right!

    Whoa, breakup time is never easy to do
    Nothing ever ends the way you want it to
    Nothing seems to make sense now that it's over

    Yeah, now maybe we can be friends
    Yeah, now that you're leaving
    You can be nice to me
    Maybe I'm dreaming
    I am a lot better now than just okay
    Maybe I am just wakin' up in my own way
    Now that it's over
    Now that it's over

    My bad dreams just don't seem the same
    Baby without you
    I wish you were willing to accept the blame
    Yeah, for all the shitty things you do

    Nightmares just don't scare me now
    Baby without you
    I wish that I could find the words to tell
    You to politely go fuck yourself
    Yeah, now that it's over...

    "Congratulations. A fetishist and an obsessive. You'll be very happy together.

    I Need to Know by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Well the talk on the street
    Says you might go solo
    A good friend of mine saw you leavin by the back door

    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)
    If you think youre gonna leave
    Then you better say so
    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)
    Because I dont know how long
    I can hold on
    And if your makin me wait
    If youre leadin me on
    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)

    Who woulda thought
    That youd fall for his line
    All of a sudden its
    Me on the outside

    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)
    If you think youre gonna leave
    Then you better say so
    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)
    Because I dont know how long
    I can hold on
    And if your makin me wait
    If youre leadin me on
    I ne ed to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)

    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)
    If you think youre gonna leave
    Then you better say so
    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know( I need to know)
    Because I dont know how long
    I can hold on
    And if your makin me wait
    If youre leadin me on
    I need to know(I need to know)
    I need to know(I need to know)

    Angry Johnny by Poe
    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell
    I wanna kill you, I wanna blow you...away

    I can do it you gently
    I can do it with an animal's grace
    I can do it with precision
    I can do it with gormet taste

    But either way
    Either (way), either way
    I wanna kill you
    I wanna blow you...

    I can do it to your mind
    I can do it to your face
    I can do it with integrity
    I can do it with disgrace


    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell
    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell

    I can do it in a church
    I can do it any time or place
    I can do it like an angel
    To quiet down your rage


    I can do it in the water
    I can do on dry land
    I can do it with instruments
    I can do it with my own bare hands

    But either way
    Either way, you know where it stands
    I wanna kill you
    I wanna blow you...

    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell
    Johnny, oh my Johnny

    Where did your pleasure go
    When the pain came through you
    Where did your happiness go
    This force is running you around now
    Getting you down now
    Where is your pleasure now Johnny
    Where has your pleasure gone now

    Johnny, Angry Johnny

    Better Version of Me by FIONA Apple
    The nickel dropped
    When I was on
    My way beyond
    The Rubicon
    What did I do

    And the games that I can handle
    None are ones worth the candle
    What should I do

    I'm a frightened, fickle person
    Fighting, cryin', kickin', cursin'
    What can I do

    Oooh, after all the folderol,
    And hauling over coals stops
    What will I do

    Can't take a good day without a bad one
    Don't feel just to smile until I've had one
    Where did I learn

    I make a fuss about a little thing
    The rhyme is losing to the riddling
    Where's the turn

    I don't want a home, I'd ruin that
    Home is where my habits have a habitat
    Why give it a turn

    Oh, after all the folderol
    And hauling over coals stops
    What did I learn

    I am likely to miss the main event
    If I stop to cry and complain again
    So I will keep a deliberate pace
    Let the damned breeze dry my face

    Ooooh mister wait until you see
    What I'm gonna be

    I've got a plan, a demand and it just began
    And if you're right, you'll agree

    Here's coming a better version of me
    Here it comes a better version of me
    Here it comes a better version of me

    This cd was leaked to the internet before it came out and this vid (put together by a fan) might be off that and not the released track..

    Limp just cuz I like it and it was next to cd player (When the Pawn... Fiona Apple cd)

    Sorry by Madonna
    Je suis desole
    Lo siento
    Ik ben droevig
    Sono spiacente

    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before

    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say you're sorry
    I've heard it all before
    And I can take care of myself
    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say 'forgive me'
    I've heard it all before
    And I can't take it anymore

    You're not half the man you think you are
    Save your words because you've gone too far
    I've listened to your lies and all your stories (Listen to your stories)
    You're not half the man you'd like to be

    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say you're sorry
    I've heard it all before
    And I can take care of myself
    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say 'forgive me'
    I've seen it all before
    And I can't take it anymore

    Don't explain yourself cause talk is cheap
    There's more important things than hearing you speak
    Mistake me cause I made it so convenient
    Don't explain yourself, you'll never see

    Forgive me...

    (Sorry, sorry, sorry)
    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before

    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say you're sorry
    I've heard it all before
    And I can take care of myself
    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say 'forgive me'
    I've seen it all before
    And I can't take it anymore

    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say you're sorry
    (Don't explain yourself cause talk is cheap)
    I've heard it all before, And I can take care of myself
    (There's more important things than hearing you speak)
    I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know
    Please don't say 'forgive me'

    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before
    I've heard it all before

    Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado (Loose and now we are repeating cds...)

    N: Do I turn you off?
    N: Didn't think so

    How you doin' young lady
    That feelin' that you givin' really drivin' me crazy
    You don't haveta play about the joke
    I was at a loss of words first time that we spoke

    N:If you looking for a girl that'll treat you right
    If you lookin' for her in the day time with the light

    You might be the type if I play my cards right
    I'll find out by the end of the night

    N: You expect me to just let you hit it
    But will you still respect me if you get it

    All I can do is try, gimme one chance
    What's the problem I don't see no ring on your hand

    I be the first to admit it, I'm curious about you, you seem so innocent

    N: You wanna get in my world, get lost in it
    Boy I'm tired of running, lets walk for a minute

    Promiscuous girl
    Wherever you are
    I'm all alone
    And it's you that I want

    N: Promiscuous boy
    You already know
    That I'm all yours
    What you waiting for?

    Promiscuous girl
    You're teasing me
    You know what I want
    And I got what you need

    N: Promiscuous boy
    Let's get to the point
    Cause we're on a roll
    Are you ready?

    N: Roses are red
    Some diamonds are blue
    Chivalry is dead
    But you're still kinda cute

    Hey! I can't keep my mind off you
    Where you at, do you mind if I come through

    N: I'm out of this world come with me to my planet
    Get you on my level do you think that you can handle it?

    They call me Thomas
    last name Crown
    Recognize game
    I'm a lay mine's down

    N: I'm a big girl I can handle myself
    But if I get lonely I'm a need your help
    Pay attention to me I don't talk for my health

    I want you on my team
    N: So does everybody else.

    Baby we can keep it on the low
    Let your guard down ain't nobody gotta know
    If you with it girl I know a place we can go

    N: What kind of girl do you take me for?


    Promiscuous girl
    Wherever you are
    I'm all alone
    And it's you that I want

    N: Promiscuous boy
    You already know
    That I'm all yours
    What you waiting for?

    Promiscuous girl
    You're teasing me
    You know what I want
    And I got what you need

    N: Promiscuous boy
    Let's get to the point
    Cause we're on a roll
    Are you ready?

    Don't be mad, don't get mean
    N: Don't get mad, don't be mean

    Hey! Don't be mad, don't get mean
    N: Don't get mad, don't be mean

    Wait! I don't mean no harm
    I can see you with my t-shirt on

    I can see you with nothing on
    feeling on me before you bring that on

    Bring that on
    N: You know what I mean

    Girl, I'm a freak you shouldn't say those things

    I'm only trying to get inside your brain
    To see if you can work me the way you say

    It's okay, it's alright
    I got something that you gon' like

    Hey is that the truth or are you talking trash
    Is your game M.V.P. like Steve Nash

    Promiscuous Girl
    Wherever you are
    I’m all alone
    And its you that I want

    N: Promiscuous Boy
    I'm calling your name
    But you're driving me crazy
    The way you're making me wait

    Promiscuous Girl
    You're teasing me
    You know what I want
    And I got what you need

    N: Promiscuous Boy
    We're one in the same
    So we don't gotta play games no more

    And that is all she wrote...