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    Dodd does guys too
    Ok this sort of goes along with Fosters blog but I admit I am linking cuz the pictures made me giggle.

    It's a guy thing

    I could swear I have seen this before but I can't member where... I want to say Virgin did something like this to their airplane. I will have to google later.
    Lori does Alphas

    What About those Alpha Guys

    Lori Foster does write some great men and I have really enjoyed her last two Bad Boy stories. And even though I didn't care much for Jude's Law, I am looking forward to Murphy cuz I am odd like that...

    go forth and read the blog (this means you tara) and tell me what you think ;)
    The Southern Devil by Diane Whiteside

    I want! I know you shouldn't judge a book by the cover but I do so love this one. she really has gotten lucky in the cover dept with her devil books...

    I should take out The River Devil and finally read it.
    You know what pisses me off the most about LKH
    I want to like any book people get pissy about because there is too much sex. So the fact that LKH adds hawt sex and kills the fucking series so annoys me.

    le sigh... but if nothing else bam makes me giggle

    But people really you have already put her on top 25 preordered book list at amazon for her book coming out in DECEMBER! Have you no shame?
    More new to me books I will some day read

    And hopefully not have to move...
    A Counterfeit Betrothal by Mary Balogh

    Anyone read this? Yes I am such a bookwhore, I don't even read trad's and I buy Mary Balogh whenever I find them.

    What? It was 1.00! And I will read it some day ;)
    so does everyone get messages on their cell phone from book store employees
    Or is it just me *g*

    Finally I have a day off... and I am seriously thinking of turning off my ringer.

    There is a very real possibility I will be moving in Aug. Which would mean packing and moving around 1300 books. So really I would have no business buying any new hardcover books. I must be strong but sadly palmer is crying my name and ten to one after I read Tara's review for Cover of Night I will cave. I did have a used copy of The Wrong Hostage in my hand today. For 12 bucks it could have been mine. I was good.

    le sigh I really need a new job I hate not spending money... so I get to spend tomorrow sending resumes, finding out what my new lease is going to be ::cross fingers I don't have to pack::, getting my tags renewed for my car and calling around for rates on apartments in case I move.

    With luck I will find time to post some reviews as well. Where the hell did June go?

    Finished reading: The Kept Woman
    Reading: Hell on Wheels
    I was gonna sqqquueee
    About Elizabeth Lowell's new covers for her Only series and her medieval trilogy but I can't find pics on the net. So sad... I saw them at Walmart and they are grand.

    Speaking of wallyworld, A Woman Scorned is there now.

    I was looking for The Kept Woman but no go. bastards... so I shall have to make a trip to borders or wait until it falls for the sky into my lap.

    They did have The Wrong Hostage, Outsider and the new Linda Howard. All HARDCOVER, which I hate... you have no clue how hard it was walking out without them.

    Finished reading: Viva Las Bad Boys by HelenKay Dimon and The Player by Rhonda Nelson
    Reading: Hell on Wheels by Karen Kelley
    reason for ames, cindy and kristie to squueee
    Along with other Canadian peeps, hmmm I think ames is in Canada. anywho...

    lower book prices
    proof that a throw away line can completely stop a story
    If you are a victim of murder, aren't you dead?

    And if you are dead, you have no memories of dying, right? We aren't touching paranormal stuff. Just plain ol dead dead. Or if you saw a murder, would that count as being a victim of murder?

    just wondering...
    Too much of a good thing?
    Or not enough?

    I noticed Jane's comment about the RT awards and there being too many she lost interest. Honestly I though it was my short attention span at work and the fact that I was short on time but I found myself glancing over it as well.

    The list with the nominations is huge. I still couldn't say for sure what was there without having the list in front of me.

    Are there too many? They not only have a historical award but somewhere around 15 types of historical awards. There isn't a category award but many going as far as best 'first' to best 'namelinehere' award.

    Do awards mean less when the competition is narrowed down to a 'line'? Or is this just bringing home how unfair it is to judge a blaze against Debbie whatshername. Or is this just marketing at work and a magazine that needs author dollars looking to award more authors.

    Then again I have to say as a reader awards mean lil to nothing to me. They serve as one more list to use to find recs. But that means sells to some point, so maybe they do mean something? LOL or maybe I am just annoyed cuz Dark Lover was robbed, robbed I tell ya *g*!
    Dear Author Does Changeling Press
    post be here
    How do YOU know you are reading a good book?
    Nicole's RtB column is up. Tis a nifty reader question... go play ;)
    The Kept Woman by Susan Donovan
    I want, I want, I want!!!!!!

    Anyone read this yet?

    The Kept Woman by Susan Donovan sounds like too much good fun. And the title amuses me, don't ask.

    summary from her site:
    THE KEPT WOMAN. It's the story of Samantha Monroe, a hard-working Indianapolis hairstylist and single mother who enters into an agreement to help a playboy Congressional candidate redeem his reputation with voters. For a tidy sum, the wholesome "everywoman" agrees to pose as sexy Jack Tolliver's fiancee until the election. But things get complicated when very real sparks fly between Sam and Jack and their arrangement sparks interest from nosy reporters, blackmailing ex-husbands, kids with agendas, and an appalled society-maven mother (who happens to have the worst hairdo Sam has ever seen.) It's a bumpy ride with a destination no one could have predicted - except maybe veteran romance readers!

    Has it been done before? Sure prolly, but Susan Donovan has a great voice and a way with humor that works for me. And look... more legs on covers ;)
    And the winner is....
    RT Reviewers Choice

    so what do you guys think... good? bad? what blows?

    And must reads on the list?
    New books!

    Well new to me *g*

    Three I had already but out of 14 that rocks!

    The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe (read and loved)

    The Outcast by Rosalyn West (to be read)

    Awaken Me Darkly (had in trade so MM rocks and will be read faster)

    the rest in no order:
    All U Can Eat by Emma Holly

    Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow

    Touch of Evil by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

    Master of Wolves by Angela Knight (ssqqqeeeeeee)

    Hide in Plain Sight by Michele Albert (has me with the test page in the front... what the hell are those things called anyway? teasers?)

    Big Trouble by Marianna Jameson

    Touch the Dark by Karen Chance (odd you can't find much on her on the net, or is it odd I find that odd)

    Giants of the Frost by Kim Wilkins (not at all something I would have bought but looks nifty... I don't read much fantasy should be interesting.)

    The Husband Trap by Tracy Anne Warren (historical! new to me author)

    His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik (another I wouldn't have bought but looks good)

    Doppelganger by Marie Brennan

    YAY! now I just need more time to read and less to work...
    Is the Pirate Life for you?
    Cuz it is for suisan

    And yes The Pirate Lord really is a good book *g* and I don't say that because I am still on a reading high from Only A Duke Will Do.
    What cha reading?
    I just:

    Finished: Ask For It

    Started: Viva Las Bad Boys

    Gave up on: Dates From Hell (will try again... again.. later)

    So what are you reading?
    Would you buy this?
    The ever fab fi found a funny way to use her Thursday 13, which lead me to what I think may be the worst cover evah.

    I never gave changeling much thought because I thought the covers were suppose to be bad and over the top. So I took that as a reflection on the work, since I don't read much over the top funny I took them to be not for me.

    I have read a few by Angela Knight. Has anyone read anything by CP? Any recs? Any stay far far away warnings? I have picked up a few and will add them into the ebuzz laters.

    So could you over look the lil man here and read this in public? hmmm that is assuming it is in print... Could you over look this cover and buy the book? Or do you even look at E covers at all in making a buying choice?
    one day I will learn
    not to answer the phone...

    le sigh, off to work with me

    Ask for It is pretty good so far. About half way through it so more on that later, as well as a ebuzz or two from me and one or two from some authors.

    Apartment is clean and friend from mexico is off to Dallas so expect mucho blogging from me tonight. Yes I know you are excited *g*.

    **being a rebel and not even spell checking, le gasp!**
    wanna take bets on who it is and how long it takes for them to be 'outted'
    Or for them to out themselves if they get too much attention they can't own.

    hiding in the light, so to speak

    bbbbbbwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh, we are so gonna need more fucking popcorn...
    It so sucks when
    you return home to a note on the door that UPS came while you were gone and your nifty package is now being held hostage at the office

    woe is me
    What am I missing here?
    Because Britton also has a growing number of teenage readers, she makes sure her NASCAR books are PG-13. The off-the-track action, so to speak, happens behind closed doors.

    from this article on Pam Britton and NASCAR Harl

    So any author that starts to get teen readers should write toward them instead of the intended audience? Someone needs to call jackie collins cuz I was reading her around 13, so she is about 17 years late in cleaning up her act.
    looking for work?


    Assistant Production Editor
    I am the only one to never do debbie?
    wanna count how many ways you can make fun of an old pRon title
    jay's been blog hopping...
    go lookie
    Book Covers...
    Someone smarter than I am, can you answer this question for me

    Do Bookcovers and cover'art' fall under fair use as far as copyright goes? Or whatever the term is...

    I know there are some lawyer like people out there. I am not sure why I assumed this so I could just be pulling it out of my ass. I don't have time to search it right now but will later.

    I wondered because of this. I haven't read the whole post or the one that set the chick off, nor can I say I read the epublisher. But that is because the books I have bothered to look up were sounded stupid not because the owner sounds like a moron.

    Which I am not saying she is, well not until I have time to sit down and read the posts. Of course one would *think* my opinion (or karens) would mean shit in the grand scheme of things.

    But hey, it's my blog and I will say what I want. And if someone could answer the above for me I would love ya. Excuse me I am off to grab covers to snark the shit out of finish cleaning before I go to work and my mom gets here.
    speaking of contests...
    Get Wild about Westerns!

    while you are there, check out the blog
    What's on Your Shelf? **contest coming soon**
    Do you have your LibraryThing going on yet?

    They have free accounts and you can add up to 200 books. If you don't have one set up yet, do! You never know when it will come in handy *g*. And it is fun.

    Yes more info coming soon...
    Retro Post: Review!Whore
    This was first posted July 12, 2005, as the review topic never goes away or gets old (sorry bev) what is old is new again.

    I am very pro review. Yes, I am sure that is shocking to you all. But a review doesn't make or break if I buy a book. I might buy a badly reviewed book, if the subject interests me or something about it grabs my attention. I might buy a book that got a good review for the same reasons. Good or bad, I love to read reviews. Blog reviews, All About Romance, Mrs Giggles, The Romance Reader... wherever reviews are, I'm there.

    There are some people, like xina at the AAR board, if she says she likes something I am almost always sold. Because history has shown more often than not we like the same type of books. But really one person's thoughts very rarely make or break a book for me.

    For me when I think of reviews, I think of the old saying... as long as they spell the name right (ah something like that). To me it is just a way of getting a title out there, and if it comes with a summary of some sorts - score!

    The reason I like to post what I have bought is to - A. remind me later I have it, B. it might bring a book to someone's attention, C. it might push someone into reading a book or trying a new author they were thinking about getting, and D. I really like looking into other people's shopping carts so I think other people like it too.

    I blog about books for pretty much the same reasons as above. I don't think my opinion is the be all end all for anyone but me. But while chatting with a friend something came up that I honestly hadn't given any thought to and I figured I would ramble about it here and ask you guys what you think or do.

    If you win a book from an author, respond to an author offering books to reviewers or request a book from an author to read to review it - do you feel the need to give it a good review?

    Honestly it had never entered my mind. I say what I think, good bad or indifferent regardless of how the book landed in my happy lil hands. To me a book is a book and an author is a person selling a book. Is the book the author's baby, prolly. Do bad reviews hurt? I am sure in a way they can sting, but if you put something out for public view you are inviting opinion. And as with any child, you send it out into the world at some point and it has to survive on its own. Doesn't it? And if I don't like an author's books, that has no reflection on what I think of the author as a person.

    Some authors such as PBW, Katherine Sutcliffe, and Laurell K. Hamilton have expressed their displeasure at reviews and reviewers, which is a whatever. But authors who do send out books for reviews - how do they look at it? If they give a book away knowing the reader will blog about it or review it for a site, do they expect a good review because it was a free copy to the reader? Do authors look at books they give away in contests as a different animal than a book they give for a review?

    In this day and age of blogs, many readers are talking books and have blogs (and more should). So any book an author gives out has the potential to be 'reviewed'. Does that play into your thought process as an author at all?

    What about as a reviewer or a reader with a blog? Do you feel the need to give it a push because it was free? Do you feel the need for that push to only be a great glowing review?

    I think in terms of traffic, traffic, traffic... if a highly visited site (Mrs Giggles, Rosario's Reading Journal, All About Romance, McVane, Smart Bitches, crankyreader and so on and so forth ) mentions a book, no matter what they say about it or if they say anything about it, I see it as a commerical that will make some people go hmmmm. What is that about? And might lead to buyers and readers. Is that incorrect?

    Just wondering what others (reviewers, readers and authors, oh fine even the people who were googling for porn and ended up here can answer) honestly think...
    killing time the book way, sort of
    I was putting a bag together to go to my parents today (on the off chance I spend the night). I don't know about anyone else but being the odd chick I am, I can't go anywhere with one book.

    As I started to figure out what I needed (hee needed) to bring, it dawned on me that my books have grown wings and flown off the shelves *again*. So here is a time wasting, scary tour of books, books and more books...

    On the computer tower
    Morning Glory and Sweet Memories by LaVyrle Spencer (for review both read recently). The Endearment by LaVyrle Spencer

    In front of the window

    Open on computer

    On bed or in bag on bed

    On table (recent mail)

    On desk

    On top of bookshelf next to computer

    On dresser

    First stack in front of bookshelf
    Linda Howard: Dream Man, Heart of Fire (something facing the other way I am too lazy to get up and turn)

    Elizabeth Lowell: Too Hot to Handle, Outlaw, Fire and Rain, Sweet, Wild, Wild Wind, Dark Fire, Warrior, Love Song for a Raven, Chain Lightning, Autumn Lover and Winter Fire ::happy sigh::

    Catherine Coulter: Night Fire, Night Shadow, something turned the other way which I am guessing is Night ____ - tis a trilogy you know

    Second stack in front of bookshelf
    Sandra Brown: A Kiss Remembered, Words of Silk and Demon Rumm

    With This Ring by Carla Kelly

    Sex, Lies and Online Dating by Rachel Gibson

    Linda Lael Miller: Willow and My Darling Melissa

    Thea Devine: uh three books, older covers that would require moving to see one I think is Angel Eyes

    Next to purse
    Hell on Wheels by Karen Kelley, Show Me by Celia May Hart and Closer by Jo Leigh. There is also an ARC facing the wrong way, thin and blue I am guessing it is Southern Bad Boys cuz it should be around here somewhere.

    uh, more
    Sadly there is another stack against the other bookshelf but all I can make out is Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis and Outlaw Love (antho with Connie Brockway, Cait Logan and two others). There is about a stack of 20 books under it (I am guessing are all anthologies). On top of that book shelf would be harl books (what is in that bookshelf) 18 Desires, 8HH, 6SE, 1AR (finch), 3IM (templeton, cowan, schulze), 1T (monroe), 4blaze (kearney, sabrato, monroe, london), 1mira (crusie), 1bombshell (nicholson) and A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton

    And this isn't touching what is on my dinning room table or against the wall in the livingroom. le sigh, I should be ashamed and like put things up and shit... instead I need a good excuse to get out of going to my parents so I can stay home and read *g*.
    The internet is for....
    go forth and see this

    Nicole Austin's Ebuzz: Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna
    Annmarie McKenna has a blog here and it looks like she has three more stories coming out with Samhain.

    click me for summary
    Brianna Wyatt may be a victim of her father's machinations, but one look is all it takes for Cole Masters and Tyler Cannon to offer her their own style of menage a trois blackmail.

    Brianna Wyatt's father is blackmailing her into doing what he wants by threatening to send her brother to an institution. She would do anything to keep that from happening, including go along with his demented scheme of her getting pregnant by Cole Masters--a man who's been rumored to share a woman with his best friend, and who leaves Brianna's innocent senses in shambles.

    Cole is sure he's about to be blackmailed-why else would a man whore his daughter? But there's something about her that neither Cole nor his best friend, Tyler Cannon, can deny. They want her, and don't hesitate for a second on making their own offer. Her brother's protection for her body.

    When danger flirts with Brianna's life, there is nothing they won't do to keep her safe. Including listening to what their hearts are saying.

    Nicole Austin author of Spontaneous Combustion (in Dreams of the Oasis I) has her own take on two is better than one in Passionate Realities. I recall really liking it so I was an easy sell on Blackmailed.

    Nicole's Ebuzz
    Brianna Wyatt's own father has blackmailed her into producing an heir with welathy businessman Cole Masters in order to protect her brother. From the first moment they meet, Cole sees something different in Brianna. Together with best friend Tyler Cannon, he protects Brianna from the dangers surrounding her. The three share a scorching hot menage which is only supposed to last a week, but the men have no intention of giving her up, and will in fact face down anyone who tries to take her from them.

    I first picked up this book because of the stir it created among the readers in my Yahoo group. The story captivated me right away, drawing me into Brianna's world. When real life intruded, I was rather disgruntled at having to put it down. Still, I finished the book in one day as it kept me awake until the reaching the end sometime in the early morning.

    What a fabulous story! A heroine I could relate to, two very hunky, very alpha men, and some secondary characters that are a lot of fun. Oh, and did I mention its a totally scorching menage. One word...wowza! I'm trying to find the time to read it again. This is handsdown the best book I have read in quite some time, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in a hot read and compelling story.

    You can find the excerpt and buy the book here. Thanks for the buzz Nicole!
    EBUZZ: Five Alarm Neighbor by Anna Leigh Keaton
    Gracie Terrence has lived next door to firefighter Steve Sheldon for two years. She's lusted after his hot body since day one, but Steve is a taken man. Gracie is no home wrecker and keeps her fantasies locked safely behind closed doors. Besides, all she wants is one hot night with him.

    After getting dumped by his fiancee, Steve decides it's time to have a little fun with Gracie. She makes his blood heat.

    But when one night turns to two, and emotions complicate their simple affair, can they survive the inferno of their growing love?

    Would you Like to Know More

    Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: B-
    Sensuality: Burning
    Jane Meter: 50/50

    The Good: Duplex, firefighter, hot sweaty sex, what's not to like? Does that make me shallow? And Steve really does sound like a guy most of the time and the teacher isn't a square, shy, lil virgin who finds her sex drive by meeting said firefighter.

    The Bad: The opening scene, in the car, and what Gracie is remembering - fucking creeps me out. All I could think of was after that Steve so deserved to get his ass dumped. Although I kept reading so make of that what you will. But that was after a day or so and made me feel bad for a character I never even met.

    The Verdict: Gracie's response to Steve's I Love You is enough to make me read the author again.

    I am a odd duck like that *g*

    This is a novella and at $4.99 seem a little high priced. But that is jane's area not mine. No heavy lifting here but fun, did I mention the hot, sweaty, sex part? The conflict is one you can understand and I see as being a true to life issue with people in dangerous professions.

    Next: I don't have one or know of what is next but I will keep an eye out

    You can find the excerpt and the to link buy here
    EBUZZ: Snowbound by Susan Greene
    This sound good but the excerpt didn't do much for me, might be cuz I am just not a pet person...

    Jonah wanted nothing but quiet and solitude to work on his latest book. He certainly had no plans to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress. But when Katherine wrecks her car outside his cabin, he finds playing the knight-in-shining-armor may get him more than he bargained for.

    Katherine longs for a man who can set her blood on fire. She wonders if such a man exists... until she finds herself stranded in a remote cabin with the man of her romance-novel dreams.

    What happens when a steamy, no-strings affair becomes the love of your life?

    it's pimps up, you know it's hoez down
    Genre: Dark Fantasy

    I am not sure if this is suppose to make me giggle or not but it does...

    Dimitri, Russian pimp premiere and third prince of the Conglacio, has been watching a beautiful white blonde working girl in his territory from afar for a long time. He's set up a liaison with her, under false pretenses, to make her an offer she won't be able to resist.

    Will she bargain her soul for everything she's ever wanted or will she stay in the hell she's created for herself?

    What? I amuse easy... haven't read this but if you are interested you can find Bargain by Starlight here and come back and tell me if it is any good.

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    Keep it down playa. Pimps up, you know the rest. Check.

    Not sure what sucks more... smart quotes, the fact I cared enough to fix it or that I like this song
    Modern Xtra-Sensual
    Is it just me or does that sound like a condom? I don't get it, why keep the temptation line, change the name and not release it in the us? Sniff... I feel so unloved.

    Mills & Boon Modern Xtra-Sensual (Formerly Harlequin Temptation)
    When I said I wanted more historicals...
    this wasn't what I meant
    Forbidden Territory by Paula Graves is out now.

    Help me!" For Lily Browning, there was no escaping the visions that had haunted her all her life. And now a little girl's desperate cry for help had brought enigmatic, disturbingly masculine Lieutenant McBride to her door....

    McBride didn't have time for psychics. He had a kidnapper to catch. But the honey-haired woman with the golden eyes seemed to see things no one else could - including his own tragic secret. With a child's life at stake, he had to trust Lily...even as each step plunged them deeper into danger and into the uncharted territory of irresistible desire....

    This is her first book and is in the Harlequin Intrigue line. One of the many I haven't read yet. But looking I do own one. What, it is a start. Is this the line that is changing? I keep meaning to look at the different harl lines, I have a hard time keeping them straight.
    First chance...

    To win Viva Las Bad Boys

    HelenKay will be joining a few other Bad Boy authors here for Brava Bad Boy week. So if you don't win now, there will be other chances. And knowing HelenKay, she will have a few more chances on her blog.

    As I sit here looking at it, I really must encourage you to go forth and enter *g*.
    Lia's EBUZZ: Dreams of the Oasis I
    Dreams of the Oasis I

    with stories by

    Liddy Midnight, Allyson James, Paige Cuccaro, Nicole Austin, Myla Jackson and Jory Strong

    Call Me Barbarian By Liddy Midnight
    Princess Cedilla enjoys unprecedented privilege in a society where women are neither seen nor heard. Her life changes when twin barbarian gladiators enter the arena. One glance and Cedilla is irrevocably bound to these Southern warriors-and revealed as half-barbarian herself.

    Whether in the arena or the bedchamber, Asterix and Apostroph live for the moment-until they find their destined mate. When Cedilla is banished by the Emperor, they devote themselves to satisfying her wildest desires.

    But the Empire needs Cedilla, and the Empire is intolerant of barbarians...

    Dragonmagic By Allyson James
    It's hell to be a dragon enslaved. Arys, a powerful silver dragon in human form, is bound to a witch who uses his magic and his body to pleasure her in every way imaginable. When Arys spies Naida, a young woman just coming into her powers, watching Arys performing erotic acts with the witch, he knows that Naida is the key to his freedom.

    First he must convince Naida she's his true mate and that the power of their sexual play, and her love, will release him.

    Fallen For You By Paige Cuccaro
    For ten thousand years, Zade's warrior mentality kept him focused on the Watcher's mission-rid the world of the Oscurita fallen angels. And then the witch Isabel came under his care.

    The Oscurita will be coming to posses her or kill her, drawn by her burgeoning powers. Isabel is a temptation they can't ignore, but neither can Zade.

    If he succumbs to his feelings, Zade's frozen soul could destroy Isabel. If he resists, his unsatisfied need may cost him everything. To save all he holds dear, Zade must trust that Isabel was born for him, and he has fallen for her.

    Spontaneous Combustion By Nicole Austin
    Dr. Madailein Flannagan's carnal desires are blazing deep inside, and her best friend Jake Cruise is just the man to fan the flames. But the sexy, bad boy firefighter goes for equally bad girls, and Maddy's afraid she's just not his type. Although lately she has been fantasizing about Jake and a few of his friends...

    Jake thinks that Maddy is way out of his league, but he knows that she can't refuse a challenge. And he's come up with an irresistible dare guaranteed to send her body up in flames, gain her submission, and maybe even win her heart.

    The Ambassador's Widow By Myla Jackson
    Chameleon Agent Andre Batello is sent on assignment to "fill in" for an ambassador who died the night before a long-negotiated peace treaty is due to be signed. As part of a special team of individuals with the ability to assume another's identity based on a single strand of DNA, Andre's mission is to infiltrate the ambassador's life and sign that treaty. The one major glitch in his mission: he didn't plan on falling in love with the ambassador's widow.

    The Joining By Jory Strong
    On the water world of Qumaar, Siria Chaton is a prisoner of her talent. With her credits dwindling, she has few options and little hope for a future. Until Jett and Mozaiic du'Zehren enter her life.

    After five years of being a couple, Jett and Mozaiic have gained permission to add a third, a woman, to their joining. They can't believe their good fortune when the woman assigned to them is a water diviner. Now if only she'll accept them as lovers and come home with them to the forbidden desert planet of Adjara.

    Lia is a new ebook author! Her first book, Office Relations is now available from Cobblestone Press

    Lia's Ebuzz
    I enjoy reading the EC Cavemen installments, because they give me an opportunity to try a variety of authors. In this case, all six authors were new to me.

    Allyson James' "Dragonmagic" was my favorite of the six stories--I thought James did a wonderful job of world-building and romance. I like the way she transformed the traditional save the woman from the dragon tale into a unique maiden saves enslaved dragon story.

    I also enjoyed "The Ambassador's Widow" by Myla Jackson, a story about a man who must pretend to be an ambassador so he can ensure the success of certain negotiations. Watching Andre try to resist made me smile, although I wished the story had been a little bit longer.

    Three of the stories included a menage, and I admit I'm not the best reader for this kind of story. "Call Me Barbarian" by Liddy Midnight was the one I enjoyed most. Midnight creates an intriguing world, and I loved how the heroine ended up in a position of power at the end.

    I enjoyed the book overall and plan to check out other books by James and Jackson to see if they interest me.

    An excerpt can be found here, as well as check out the authors site for more info. You can buy the ebook here and here in print. Thanks for the Ebuzz Lia!

    And since we are all here... am I the only one that thinks he so looks like he is grabing his crotch on the cover?
    72 HOURS by Shannon Stacey

    sounds interesting... I seem to be looking at RS more and more lately.
    Only a Duke Will Do by Sabrina Jeffries
    Cover, summary and excerpt are now up at Sabrina Jeffries site. And the ARC is in my hot lil hands... sssqqquuueee!
    Review: The Man from Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller

    review here

    Do you have a favorite LLM novel? Do you prefer the old LLM to the new? Or new to old? Or are you sitting there going who?

    Borders/Walden books Letter from Linda Lael Miller
    and they keep going and going and going...
    So anyone heard that julia quinn has ebook "second" epilogues coming out?

    LOL like them or hate them... no matter if these things sell like hot cakes or not. This is hell of a lot of promo for On The Way to the Wedding. If nothing else the timing worked well.
    le sigh
    I know it isn't all about me, really I do. And there are people out there that want books I don't want. But le sigh... I really wish some authors would return to historical romance
    Like you didn't see this coming...
    following quinn or ways to make jane's blood pressure go up

    ::ducks and runs::
    Anne Bishop's dark fantasy novel set in the same world featured in the author's Black Jewels trilogy, to Anne Sowards at Ace, in a very nice deal ($50,000 - $99,000), by Jennifer Jackson at the Donald Maass Literary Agency (world English).

    found Karen Fox - Past Romance Deals
    Just in case you were worried the end was near
    There will be more cynster novels!
    NYT bestselling author Stephanie Laurens' two titles each in the Cynster Family and Bastion Club novels, to Lucia Macro at William Morrow, by Nancy Yost at Lowenstein-Yost (world).
    Now with excerpt: The Wrong Hostage by Elizabeth Lowell
    Excerpt posted...

    The Wrong Hostage sounds good... in fact this might just be the first RS of Elizabeth Lowell's I try. Maybe, it is hardback. Note to self, go fill out paperwork for new library card!

    Anyone else gonna read it?

    click click click for summary

    Orphaned at thirteen, Grace Silva clawed her way out of poverty and violence to become one of the most respected judges on the federal bench. Grace believes in the rule of law, lives it, breathes it. She has always been buttoned up and buttoned down.

    Except once.

    Joe Faroe has learned that laws are made by politicians and politicians are all too human. He believes in the innocents, the ones getting ground up by governments that are too polarized or too corrupt to protect their own citizens. He's been through the political meat grinder himself. It cost him his career, his freedom, and a woman who still haunts him. Since then, Faroe has worked outside the rules and politics of government. He is a kidnap specialist for St. Kilda Consulting, a Manhattan-based, global business that concentrates on the shadow world where governments can't go. He is good at his work, intelligent, confident, ruthless.

    Until a friend dies trying to kill him.

    Now Faroe is out of the business. Retired. He's through trying to save a world that doesn't want to be saved.

    Then Grace comes to him, past and present collide, and Faroe finds himself sucked back into the shadows, tracking a violent killer who holds the life of Grace's son in his bloody hands.

    On a completely different note, I can't find my Winter Fire post in draft! Damn it!
    Every day takes figurin' out all over again how to fuckin' live
    How wrong is it that HBO's site has *** in words in Deadwood recaps... btw, title is a quote from Deadwoods jane *one of the best lines of the ep I think*

    I have a wednesday deadline to get scores in for a contest, with one and a half books to read. But I am dropping in and trying to update. Have more ebuzz to put up, keep em comin'.

    You can see the ever wonderful jane has updated the blog again. Go team jane! Check it out if you have been having issues (uh with the blog, we can only expect jane to fix so much *g*). I see the Heartbreaker cover shows in IE now, so WoOT!

    Next up, what color (id number code would rock), do you think would go best with the new banner :).
    I think I need a fangirl button
    Oh! I have one *g*

    I need to sign up for wendy's club
    Lucy Monroe's Ebuzz: Saurellian Federation - Price of Pleasure By Joanna Wylde
    Joanna Wylde doesn't seem to have a website... anyone know of one?

    Book 1 in the Saurellian Federation series
    A slave desperate for freedom.

    A warlord incapable of love.

    Neither Seth nor Calla harbor false hope for their futures-until their worlds collide in war. Now the rules have changed and the stakes are higher than either could have imagined.

    Seth and Calla have one chance to change their destinies and the fates of their people hinge on their choices. Only when they risk everything to find each other will they truly know...

    The Price of Pleasure.

    Lucy Monroe, can be found blogging here and will be launching a new site for her upcoming paranormal series (go read about it on the blog.

    Lucy's EBuzz
    I love a really emotional read and JoAnna Wylde always delivers in spades.

    One of my favorite books by her is the first in her Saurellian Federation series, "The Price of Pleasure". It's a sensual story, but the emotional aspects are the strongest and come through in every scene.

    The hero is a slave and the heroine might as well be, living in mysogynestic culture that she does. Their relationship is tempestuous and ultimately freeing for both of them. I love this book.

    Thanks for the buzz Lucy! You can check out Lucy Monroe's books in 'e'format here.
    cover quotes gone wild
    I like Susan Sizemore but that quote makes me giggle. Alex Morgan also writes westerns under the name Pat Pritchard. I hope this doesn't mean the end of them :(.
    I am prolly the only one who cares...
    Diana Palmer's next book (hardcover) is Outsider and will be out in July.

    It is Cobly Lane's book. When was the last time she put out a new book not related to the Long Tall Texas gang somehow?

    Outsider summary
    Meet Colby Lane, the Long, Tall Texan Diana Palmer's fans have been clamoring for -- a man who is larger than life, and twice as exciting. The New York Times bestselling author delivers to readers a thrilling new story set against the rugged, ever-changing south Texas landscape.

    Former black ops CIA operative Colby Lane, now retired from his wild years as a mercenary, has found his new calling as assistant chief of security for the mammoth Ritter Oil Corporation. All he wants is a new start. What he discovers, though, is that the past is never far behind. Colby is soon enmeshed in plans to trap a notorious drug trafficker, and it seems that his ex-wife, Sarina Carrington -- whom he so cruelly left after one day of marriage -- may be more involved than she's letting on. Not only that, but Sarina has a six-year-old dark-eyed daughter whose father is mysteriously absent -- or is he?

    And Heartbreaker, her next Desire that comes out in Sept...

    HEARTBREAKER features a hard-hearted bachelor in Jacobsville, Texas, and the young woman who hopes to bring him to his knees-not to mention the altar. But it looks like a long fight, and not without venom on both sides.

    yes, yes feel free to begin making fun of me *g*
    Author Interview: Jennifer Apodaca

    Wendy has another author interview up: Jennifer Apodaca
    And the all lived happily ever after... right?

    A few words about women's erotica blog post by Angela Knight... scoll down and see Morgan Hawke's comments. Thoughts? Anyone?
    review format
    Just in case you missed it... you should be able to click on the book cover to get to either the authors site or a place to buy the book with more info (amazon, BAM, EC, Samhain, LSB, Cobblestone, so forth and so on)

    If the text is bold purple it is either a link to an outside website or link to click for more text.

    Like: Would you Like to Know More
    LOL has anyone figured out what movie that is from yet *g*. Yes I am a dork.

    I think I have decided on this format for blog reviews, or at least my ebuzz ones:

    Grade: A thru F with + and - at my whim
    Sensuality: Burning, Hot, Warm, Sweet, Subtle {pretty much explain themselves think AAR scale, or at least close}
    Jane Meter: as in jane of dear author: rating BUY NOW - SKIP - TRY - MISERY LOVES COMPANY - 50/50 {I think those sort of explain themselves}

    The Good: {what I liked - duh}

    The Bad: {what I didn't like - double duh}

    The Verdict: {if I would rec or not}

    Next {book I plan to read by author reviewed}

    Of course I could change my mind in an hour... For Ebuzz is the link to the site enough of would you like the word count (if there) and price? I am already there so it isn't a biggie to add. Yes I over think things why do you ask?
    EBUZZ: Office Relations by Lia Sebastian
    Lia Sebastian first Trysts debuts today from Cobblestone Press.

    One man. One Woman. Not your average day at the office...
    What does a man do when a work project puts him in a conference room with Sabrina Moore, the sexy woman of his dreams? If the man is Peter Merrill, he's got three choices: (1) Fantasize about her; (2) Notice how sweet she is; or (3) Find out what she's wearing under her suit jacket...

    Sabrina hasn't stopped thinking about Peter since they started working on the project together. When they realize their desire is mutual, suit jackets aren't the only thing to come off. But Sabrina's keeping a secret that may interfere with their relationship.

    She has had mucho good luck with her covers and even if I didn't know her, read her reviews and her blog I would have stopped to look in at this. So saying all that, yes boys and girls she is a friend.

    review... read at own risk

    Genre: Contemporary
    Grade: C-
    Sensuality: Hot
    Jane Meter: 50/50

    The Good:Office Relations is a Tryst which means it is pretty much a short story. Lia gives us two likeable characters in Sabrina and Peter. And she has some great dialogue, with some awesome one liners. Peter is a pretty believable guy without losing the romance feel.

    The main conflict does come from a misunderstanding but it is resolved pretty quickly by something shocking. Sabrina and Peter talk about it. Big points for that. And the sex is done well for a first time author.

    The Bad: You can tell this is Lia's first time out of the gate and I suspect some of the issues I had will be cleared up in her next story {which I have ... neener neener}. There is a lot of showing when telling would have been better and some points are repetitious, to where the forshadowing about hits you over the head. And the transition between scenes and pov switches could have been smoother. All things I would say are 'craft' related more than story.

    The Verdict If you are looking for a quick, sexy romp and don't mind the show vs tell thing, this is an enjoyable read. It isn't anything new but it is amusing. If the above would bother you, wait for Between Floors in July.

    Next Lia Sebastian read: Between Floors

    Congrats on your first story babe! I look forward to reading many more.
    The Raven Prince by Elzabeth Hoyt
    I seem to recall posting about this book but can't find it. Might be one of my many that never saw it to 'post'. The cover caught my eye and it is a new historical.

    Click on the cover to go to the author's site. Book will be out November 2006.

    There comes a time in a woman's life when she must do the unthinkable--and find employment.
    For the widowed Anna Wren, it is the bold step of taking employment as a female secretary for the Earl of Swartingham. Secretaries are always male--never female--and no one knows that better than Anna. But the real downfall of her career is the unfortunate realization that she is falling in love with Edward de Raaf--the earl. When she discovers that he is planning to visit a brothel in London to take care of his 'manly' desires, Anna sees red--and decides to take advantage of the opportunity to assuage her 'womanly' desires... with the earl as her unknowing lover.

    What cha think?
    Paranormal World Building Q & A at Romance Divas!
    I have to say I don't visit Romance Divas much because it is more writer and wanting to write focused than reader like but for those of you who are wanting to write or just like to lurk everywhere, check out Shawn's blog. Nice list of authors going on, even a few faves *g*.

    info at Shawn's blog
    Sweet Memories by LaVyrle Spencer
    LaVyrle Spencer is the Author of the Month on one of the yahoo groups I am on. I adore her books. I wanted to try, Sweet Memories, since CW posted about it a while back.


    Theresa Brubaker's overly endowed form causes her much heartache and pain. Men either grope or gawk at her but few care about her. Then her brother Jeff brings his friend, Brian Scanlon, home on holiday leave and for the first time in her life, Theresa tastes the pleasure of love. But her past experiences remain stumbling blocks to their relationship. Brian treads lightly until Theresa makes a major decision that alters and tests their love. A delicate love story told with extraordinary understanding and talent.

    nothing here yet...
    told you there wasn't anything here
    So just wendy and erika
    are reading them

    well and me... No wonder category sells are down! Come on people, play along *g*.
    Devon's EBuzz: Jamie's Cherub by Gail Faulkner
    Gail Faulkner's website and Jamie's Cherub's excerpt

    Jamie MacKelvin is Alpha Prime, king of the shape shifter wolves-and alone. Driven by duty, honor and the heritage of Alpha Primes, he's long since given up finding the one female who is his.

    Emma's dark history has given her a beautiful daughter and the horrifying discovery that humans are not alone on Earth. The last thing Emma needs is a complex anybody, much less a dominant Alpha King.

    Even if she wasn't his biological mate, he'd love her gentle heart, brave soul and intoxicatingly full figure. Claiming a reluctant mate is difficult-keeping her, the most dangerous thing they will ever do. Emma and her daughter are unwitting keys in an ancient battle for power. Ensuring their future will require a horrific price. Jamie is prepared to pay with anything except Emma.

    Her trust in him as Master is the one thing that can save her, and Jamie will stop at nothing to acquire it, even if the cost is losing her ability to love him. Grimly he clings to the belief that mate bond is the last wildcard even the fates can't control.

    Devon can be found at her blog, Is that a stake in your pocket?

    Devon's Ebuzz
    I really enjoyed Gail Faulkner's first book for EC, Full Ride, which I found to be a romantic and sexy (and very explicit BDSM) read.

    I read her follow-up publications, and found them to be increasingly disappointing, culminating in this mess. Sorry, there's no other way to describe it. Jamie MacKelvin, werewolf Alpha, meets Emma at the wedding of her werewolf daughter to one of his pack members. Within seconds, he's recognized her to be his one and only mate.

    Of course.

    But Emma's uncomfortable with werewolves, because she was raped by one (hence the daughter). And her rapist was Jamie's brother.

    Of course.

    Well, within two hours, she's not only sexing it up with Jamie, but also planning a double wedding with said daughter. And a couple of hours after that, Jamie's now crazed brother shoots her up with werewolf/vampire genes, or something.

    Emma's hair turns white and she's rabid, and she's got mad powers, and the only way to control her and save her is to dominate her. Like in that BDSM way. In a moving truck, driven by his buddy. Or something. I think she's part snake too. There was everything but the kitchen sink in this one. I don't think that Faulkner's a bad writer, but avoid this absurd mess.

    You can buy this here and find her other titles (along with Full Ride) here. Thanks Devon!
    Julia Quinn... yes again *g*
    You may recall, a post or four about Julia Quinn's new 2 epilogues. Well they are out and at Fictionwise. And there is a 100% rebate on The Viscount Who Loved Me: The Epilogue II. So hey if cost was the only thing keeping you from trying them, you might wanna go check it out.

    Then come back and let me know what you think *g*.

    ETA reviews:
    Dear Author
    Lucy Monroe's Ebuzz: Shadow of the Dragon - Dragon's Rise By Tielle St Clare
    Lucy Monroe, one of the nicest people you can chat with and author of And Able (follows Ready and Willing) and His Royal Love-Child was delighted to share with us a few of her favorite ebooks.

    First rec up is from author Tielle St. Claire (who doesn't seem to have a website).

    Dragon's Rise is book 3 in the Shadow of the Dragon series.

    click me for summary
    As a child, Prince Bren of Xicanth saw the devastation created when a dragon is rejected by its mate... and vowed he would never unleash that kind of horror and suffering on a woman. The promise is simple to maintain until Tynan, the dragon who shares his existence, chooses a mate and demands to claim her as only a dragon can.

    Bren's own needs make it almost impossible to deny his dragon the taste of her flesh that the beast so desires.

    But even as Bren unwillingly succumbs to the lure of the dragon's mate, he realizes something isn't right. A dragon can have only one mate... yet Tynan has claimed two... no, three different women.

    Lucy's Ebuzz

    Tielle St. Claire is one of my favorite authors. Her stories always transport me to a different world. I first discovered her in an anthology, but have since read most of her eBooks. My favorite so far is "Dragon's Rise", the third in her dragon series.

    I love the way she couples two people who do not feel like they fit the world, pits them against each other in a situation that should mean lifetime enmity and manages to pull an incredible romance from it instead. Very, very cool. Like almost all my favorite books, it's also highly sensual.

    Thanks Lucy. This is a new to me author to add to the list. You can find an excerpt here and can buy the book here.
    Demon Angel by Meljean Brooks
    Demon Angel is the next book in the world meljean created in Hot Spell.

    Sounds great! With all the paranormals out there (with more to come it seems) it is nice to see something different than just vamps and weres.

    Demon Angel will hit stores in January 2007.

    For two thousand years, Lilith wrought vengeance upon the evil and the damned, gathering souls for her father's armies Below and proving her fealty to her Underworld liege. Bound by a bargain with the devil and forbidden to feel pleasure, she draws upon her dark powers and serpentine grace to lead men into temptation. That is, until she faces her greatest temptation—Heaven's own Sir Hugh Castleford...

    Once a knight and now a Guardian, Hugh spent centuries battling demons - and the cursed, blood-drinking nosferatu. His purpose has always been to thwart the demon Lilith, even as he battles his treacherous hunger for her. But when a deadly alliance unleashes a threat to both humans and Guardians in modern-day San Francisco, angel and demon must fight together against unholy evil - —and against a desire that has been too long denied...

    Excerpt bes here
    begging a favor or two
    If you have had trouble viewing my blog in IE (or anywhere really) can you take a look testblog

    It is the testblog that the ever wonderful, talented, smart (yes color me her fangirl) jane has been working on. Let me know if it works or doesn't and what does or doesn't look funky. And do you like the banner? I can't make up my mind if the 'wanted poster' colors work or if I should go with the purple one (which is on the pic blog) or kill the banner idea and start over. LOL that would be beg cw for another *g*
    Lover Awakened by J R Ward *September 2006*
    is the Lover Awakened
    Zsadist: the most lethal of the brothers. A former blood slave who was mercilessly tortured during the first hundred years of his life, Z is the one who has fallen farthest from grace. But he is utterly worthy of redemption.
    This post is moved from March when JR Ward joined us for Lover Eternal's debut. She will be back for Lover Awakened in Sept.

    But to answer the most recent question... looks like the next excerpt will be from Butch's book [listen to cindys sqqquuee]. Don't expect any more Z ones, at least that is what a lil birdie told me.

    J. R. Ward recently received the cover and wanted to share.
    click if you want to see not only the cover but also a summary
    This will be ICE BLUE when finished. Or at least that is the plan as of now.

    In the shadows of the night in Caldwell, New York, there's a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers. And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other-six vampire warriors, defenders of their race. Of these, Zsadist is the most terrifying member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

    A former blood slave, the vampire Zsadist still bears the scars from a past filled with suffering and humiliation. Renowned for his unquenchable fury and sinister deeds, he is a savage feared by humans and vampires alike. Anger is his only companion, and terror is his only passion-until he rescues a beautiful aristocrat from the evil Lessening Society.

    Bella is instantly entranced by the seething power Zsadist possesses. But even as their desire for one another begins to overtake them both, Zsadist's thirst for vengeance against Bella's tormentors drives him to the brink of madness. Now, Bella must help her lover overcome the wounds of his tortured past, and find a future with her....
    (c) Copyright J.R. Ward 2005-2006

    Jorrie's Ebuzz: The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed
    Shelby Reed is an author you will see rec'ed again and again when people ask for good ebooks. And The Fifth Favor is a fave.

    Summary bes here
    Imagine a world where a woman's every pleasure, every wish and wildest fantasy is granted by the man of her dreams. Such is Avalon, an elite, private club in Washington, D.C., that caters solely to female desires. There, magazine reporter Billie Cort meets Adrian, the club's most infamous companion, with the intent to interview him for an article on high-dollar male escorts. Billie can't foresee, however, how quickly Adrian will strip her defenses and expose her true desires... and in the process, fulfill his own yearning for love.

    Our Guest buzzer, Jorrie can be found on her blog and is about to join the 'e'author world with her Samhain novel, Haven.

    Jorrie's Buzz
    I really wrestled with this book. Why? It's well-written, the characterization ranges from solid to riveting, but the premise was a bit of a hard sell for me. (The premise is also, perhaps not coincidentally, one that fascinates me.) Also, I actively disliked a couple of plot developments-but I don't want to spoil the book and, to give Reed credit, she handles them well.

    So, Adrian is a high-priced male escort. Not in any way a fake prostitute. He's twenty-eight, beautiful, and makes very good money at his job. We become acquainted with him gradually which works well because he's tortured and complicated.

    Billie is a reporter. She doesn't seem particularly well-suited to her job, or to interviewing Adrian, but she does both. They are attracted to each other and thus their relationship begins.

    Reed builds that relationship slowly but surely. Her pacing is excellent; the book barely falters. (Okay, you can tell I'm not a hardcore erotic romance reader when at one point, after Reed has totally captivated me with the story, I think, oh no, not a sex scene _now_! But I am a repressed fuddy-duddy-oops wrong post.)

    Anyway, there _is_ a fair amount of sex but I certainly can't level the charge of plotless series of sex scenes. This is an intense, dark, emotional read that got right under my skin. Storytelling is at its core.

    I found the heroine a weak link. I couldn't quite see why Adrian liked her—apart from the fact that she was there, which admittedly counts for something, but not enough. Reed's portrayal of Adrian is strong and fascinating and carries the book. I have to admit I'm on the fence in believing the HEA. But I know Adrian is in a better
    place and that makes me happy.

    Highly recommended. I will be reading more Shelby Reed. I love to react this strongly to a book.

    Thanks for the buzz, Jorrie! The Fifth Favor's excerpt can be found here and you can buy it here. Enjoy!
    Review: Wed Under Western Skies
    Wed Under Western Skies is a May Harlequin Historical with three stories by three of my favorite HH authors!

    review is up


    Abandoned by Carolyn Davidson, who needs to update her website is about:
    The sole survivor of a wagon train raid, Elizabeth Travis has been left with amnesia. Cameron Montgomery comes to her rescue and takes special care of her. But how can she desire him while she is a woman with no past?
    I really enjoyed her last novel Redemption, as well as Bachelor Tax and A Marriage by Chance. I have been working on getting her complete backlist and only have a couple left to go. I think so far the only one I didn't like was Oklahoma Sweetheart.

    Almost A Bride by Cheryl St. John (also need a website update but has a blog with new info) already has a review up. It is the only one the site reviews. I am hoping that is because St. John sent a file or something and not because the others sucked. It does look to be a site that posts only positive reviews. Not sure... But it says we will be seeing characters from two of my fave Cheryl St. John books, Luke and Annie from Sweet Annie and Noah and Kate His Secondhand Wife! The summary is:
    The only unmarried woman in town, Charmaine Renlow has been waiting years for her beau to propose, and she's had enough. Maybe it's time to move on to greener single father Jack Easton's homestead!
    Lets sqqqqquuuueee (again) Sweet Annie and His Secondhand Wife! Although Wendy did like Prairie Wife better *g*... hmmm I think, maybe I have that backward? Anyway read both! She has an excerpt on her blog
    Cheryl St. John gives an interview on and talkes about her next book, which revisit's The Doctor's Wife - another fave!

    His Brother's Bride is by Jenna Kernan, an author I have talked about before because I so adored Turner's Woman. The summary is:
    Only a desperate woman would marry a man she'd never met, even if it was her dying husband's last request. But with a young daughter to protect, Clara Justice is desperate, so she accepts the proposal from Nate, the black sheep of the family....
    There is an excerpt up at her site. And you can get bookmarks! What? I amuse easy, leave me alone. Makes note... I was very disappointed in The Trapper, a book I plan to read again. Hmmm maybe while waiting for fund's to buy new books ;). I am not sure if it was a bad book, or just didn't live up to my love for Turner's Woman. I have her whole backlist, easy to do when there are three books ;). Winter Woman is in the tbr pile (along with about 100 other HH, yes and I need more. Stop looking at me like that!)

    And I didn't even get into the Montana Mavericks series... le sigh... go forth and buy.