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    Who will be the first to succumb?
    In Regency England, a desperate lady is Falling for Anthony when a childhood friend comes back from the dead to protect her brother from an unnatural evil.
    I have to say I am very over paranormals. Really... if you have a paranormal coming out, for me at least, it better be something amazing, new and somehow different from the same ol same ol.

    I was able to read Demon Angel last saturday and I was honestly blown away. It isn't at all a perfect book but for the first full length novel from a new author it gets close. And Meljean takes the paranormal genre and makes it her own. I haven't been this excited about a series since I read JR Ward's Dark Lover.

    Sadly it doesn't come out until JANUARY 2007.

    So I am not going to say anymore right now. But lucky you Hot Spell is now out in MM. So you can read Falling for Anthony, while you are waiting for Demon Angel to hit the shelves.

    Falling for Anthony is not as good as Demon Angel but it does introduce Colin. And more Colin is a good thing. Trust me. We also meet Demon Angel's H/h to be in Hot Spell.

    Meljean gives us a large scale battle of good and evil in the forms of demons and angels and it is not to be missed. She will be guest blogging with us in January. And she can be found on her blog. Go check her out... you can see the cover of her new antho Wild Thing, read some excerpts and enter her contest for a MM copy of Hot Spell (it ends on 11/5/06 so be quick).

    Demon Angel Summary

    For two thousand years, Lilith wrought vengeance upon the evil and the damned, gathering souls for her father's armies Below and proving her fealty to her Underworld liege. Bound by a bargain with the devil and forbidden to feel pleasure, she draws upon her dark powers and serpentine grace to lead men into temptation. That is, until she faces her greatest temptation—Heaven's own Sir Hugh Castleford...

    Once a knight and now a Guardian, Hugh spent centuries battling demons—and the cursed, blood-drinking nosferatu. His purpose has always been to thwart the demon Lilith, even as he battles his treacherous hunger for her. But when a deadly alliance unleashes a threat to both humans and Guardians in modern-day San Francisco, angel and demon must fight together against unholy evil—and against a desire that has been too long denied...

    Who will be the first to succumb?

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    1. I've this on TBR pile. It's my NaNo reward. ^.^

      By Blogger May, at 11/02/2006 08:01:00 AM  

    2. You know, I had a series about an 'angel' I was trying to sell and was told no one wanted to read about angels and demons. Hmmm.

      I think you might like my nightmare series, Sybil. But no doubt by the time it gets released there will have been six others released and it won't be new anymore. lol.

      By Blogger Kathryn S, at 11/02/2006 11:03:00 AM  

    3. I liked this one, I think that I liked the other stories a little better, but I did like the premise of her story, so I will have to keep an eye out for this one. Thanks for the info.

      By Blogger Kris, at 11/02/2006 06:03:00 PM  

    4. I begged M Brook for a copy of Demon Angel and got it. The first three chapters were a bit rocky but afterward I could not stop thinking about her book. I couldn't read another fantasy book for a week because I kept thinking about her world. We are doing a video review of it in December.

      By Anonymous Jane, at 11/02/2006 11:23:00 PM  

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