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    Hugs and Kisses
    Go to maili for creating my new blog look! For creating the banner, updated the side bar, making me an index, updating the index, finding the cutie duckie pic, and uh doing all the work.

    Doesn't it look great! Thanks maili!!!!!!!!!! I will even let you leave that 'roo up. ;)

    ::must find books to send maili::
    My New Boyfriend
    Feel the lurve, baby.

    Image hosted by
    If I had a book budget
    I would have so blown it today. And I didn't even step into a bookstore. Go figure but since they are all trade size the only way really to get them and not pay out the nose is online. Here is hoping my Books A Million order goes well this time.

    New Books Coming Soon to A Home Near Me!
    Larger Than Life by Alison Kent
    Didn't AAR review this already? I can't find it. Ah well I thought I had already bought this book. But I can't find it. Which means it didn't make it to the register with me or hell if I know. But since I loved Kiss & Makeup I have been on a Kent glom.
    used I have picked up:
    Four Men and a Lady
    Bound to Happen
    and I already had the SG-5 books... now I just need time to read them

    Kick Ass by Maggie Shayne, MaryJanice Davidson, Angela Knight, Jacey Ford
    Not sure if this will be worth the 9.80 I just paid but I have hope...
    The last anthology I bought I still haven't finished. But I do so love me some MJD and AK so with luck those will be good. And Maggie Shayne, I don't think I have read her yet, even though I have a few other anthologies she is in. And I am have no clue who Jacey Ford is. So hope hope hope hope I might find two new faves.

    Really Unusual Bad Boys by MJD
    I don't care what you guys say, I loved Derek's Bane. So there.

    Mercenaries by Angela Knight
    This could really fuck up my order. I thought it came out in December but both BAMM and Amazon are saying Sept and I think it was in the RT. So here is hoping.

    Ready by Lucy Monroe
    LLB had great things to say about this book and even though I haven't read The Real Deal yet I finally have it. And I think I will likey.

    Five new trade size books, don't you love how I stick to not buying them.

    hmmm I want to say I have bought some other things this week... good god I am working too much my brain is cloudy
    OH I finally got my hands on Heidi Betts Blame it on the Blackout. Since reading Blythe's review I have been dying to read this. Having the book is a good step in that direction ;).

    Nobody's Saint by Paula Reed was another find I have been wanting. I have been waiting to blog on the other two after I read this one. So who knows when the hell that will be. But it is mine mine all mine. I am way sad Reed's next book sounds line women's fiction.

    There was one or two others I had been looking for I found but I damned if I can think of the titles at the moment. And I have picked up a handful of Blaze's, of course not finding the one I wanted. I will blog on those later. Probably before I get a chance to read any but who knows, next week might hold wonders that give me more time to blog. Like not working 7 hours on a saturday... yes I know, bitter much...

    Ok off with me. I am gonna go read Spell of the Highlander and try to keep Maili's voice out of my head.
    long time no talk
    Sorry, work is trying to suck the life out of me, my migraines went wiggy because of that and I am trying to fix both.

    So I might be a touch scarce for a bit. I am trying to keep up with my AAR reviews and will try and put some blogs in draft over the weekend.

    I am cutting back on things while I try and sort personal crap out. Which blows, the trip I was making to Dallas at the end of the month is going to ::crosses fingers:: happen in September. I don't think I have been on chat for a week and don't think I have made it home before 7pm in longer than that. Oh no that is a lie, I went home on Friday at 5ish and chatted that night for a bit. And I haven't blog hopped in ages! sniff sniff

    either way I am not gone just shuffling things around a bit...

    I am not being vague but this is an open blog. So more whining later.
    Dirty Books?
    THE Maili has her RtB post up, Dirty Books?.

    Go read, tis nifty
    A few other new books I might need to add to the want list
    Lynsay Sands (another author I want to blog about who I started to glomwithout reading) has a new book coming out in Oct. The Perfect Wife
    I am going back and forth on this. I haven't read The Chase yet, which I bought new and still have another 4 or so tbr.

    The Ravencliff Bride by Dawn Thompson. This is another Dorchester release in Sept. It has a gothic tone to it and I like the idea of the woman being the one bought out of a fleet house to be married. I think I have only read of men being being saved from debtors prison by marriage.

    This book is already out but I have lost count of the number of times I have picked up The Price of Indiscretion by Cathy Maxwell. She is somewhat hit or miss for me.

    The Lady Killer by Samantha Saxon. I had lots of issues with The Lady Lies but there was something there that makes me want to try the author again. Chapter one is up. This comes out in December.

    Scandalous Miranda is another due out in Decemeber. I have read a few of Susan Sizemore's historicals and liked them. But I can't find info on what the heck this is about.

    Not sure about Sabrina Jeffries new series The School for Heiresses series
    Looks like the first will be out in March 06, Never Seduce a Scoundrel. Ten to one I will get it ;).

    And Gaelen Foley has some info up in her faq section on her next book His Wicked Kiss. We should finally meet Lord Jack around May, 2006. Beth will be ever so happy ;).
    A Season to be Sinful part deux *spoilers*
    I was waiting for this question to come up on the AAR board. It will be interesting to see how or if people respond to it.

    Really Sherry starts the book trying to end it with his mistress, but does have a fuck for the road. So him screwing the anon widow on the way to the country wasn't a big deal for me. Which I went into in more detail on the AAR review board.

    I think I would have had trouble with it if the kiss had happened first and then he screwed the random widow than the way it happened in the book.
    Susan Kay Law
    Susan Kay Law is an author I have been trying to glom for a while. And her backlist was a bitch to get my hands on. Lucky for me I got some help and now have them all, almost.

    SKL has been a guest blogger over at Squawk Radio. I haven't been to this blog much so I am not certain how long a 'guest' blogger blogs. But so far she has up about 4 or 5 posts. I am hoping there are more, she really needs a blog.

    The blog titled:
    The one about why Susie doesn't have a book out next year
    (which I have no fucking clue how to link to directly... sorry)
    Basically she tells that she is no longer under contract at AVON (something that prolly makes kristiej happy ;) ). And regarding what she has been working on sez:
    I wrote. I wrote rather a lot, actually. Small bits of two historicals and a healthy chunk of a contemporary that is absolutely NOT a romance. It was interesting. The contemp's not as much FUN to write - not nearly as much of an escape from real life, not as much of a fantasy. But it some ways it's easier. You can use all sort of your personal frustrations and steal all kinds of ideas from your friends and neighbors' lives. (Though you have to disguise them better.)

    ACK!!!!!! I am so sad about this and so hope she doesn't leave american history/westerns whatever you want to call them behind! Her coming soon page say next is a historical but not much else. But that doesn't match up well with the blog so who knows. I just have my fingers crossed it isn't women's fiction, cuz ick.

    But back to the backlist. SKL does something on her site I wish more authors would do, she give a lil history to each book. Very cool to read.

    OOP first:
    Journey Home
    LOVE this book. It is your basic road romance with a wagon trip west. Jessamyn Johnston has spent the last three years taking care of her sick father. She is now alone and wants to make her way to California to find her brother. Of course the wagon train won't let a single woman join them. Enter Tony Winchester, who is off to CA to find his best friend who left taking their money, horses and dreams of starting a business together. He overhears Jessie trying to join the train and comes up to ask his 'wife' if she has taken care of everything.

    Great first novel, great novel period, if you enjoy Amer Hist/Westerns get your hands on this.

    Traitorous Hearts
    summary on site: They were on opposites sides of a war, held apart by duty, family, and danger, but brought together by a love that overcame it all.

    This is tbr.

    Reckless Angel
    summary on site: Sprawling fun in post-Gold Rush San Francisco – a control freak hero, a resolutely uncontrollable heroine, a wild saloon, and a cast of outrageous and eccentric characters.

    Another great book and a sequel to Journey Home. It follows Jessie brother J.J. and takes place at his saloon The Naked Rose. Not as wonderful as JH but very good.

    Home Fires
    summary on site: A woman with too many secrets and a man with too many memories are brought together by two young boys and a love that could rescue them all.

    another tbr that I didn't realize tied in character from two later books I have read. YAY

    Heaven in West Texas
    another tbr but honestly a book I go back and forth on reading...

    summary on site: Joshua West had been a lot of things -- a lover, a drifter, a soldier, a cowboy. What he'd never been before was dead, and he wasn't too crazy about it. Especially when he found out he was assigned to do the very last thing on heaven or earth he wanted to do: watch over the woman who jilted him when he was alive.

    I am very eh on ghosts in books. I am thinking I should read the end first and do a pulse check. But since it is OOP and I adore the SKL books I have read, I figured I better get it. Cuz otherwise I would decide later I MUST have it and then not be able to find it.

    One Lonely Night
    summary on site:On a desolate night in the Dakota territories, fate deposits a mysterious drifter at the door of a lonely spinster. It was supposed to be just one passionate night ... instead, it became the love of a lifetime.
    Great review on AAR.

    SKL writes a hell of a good cabin romance. And I love those type of books, where the H/H are stuck together for most of the book.

    hmmmm there is one I don't have... Baby on the Doorstep
    I am thinking I was blocking out that she is in an anthology with Cassie Edwards. Anyone read this book?

    The Last Man in Town
    summary on site: One man faces an unusual dilemma when he finds himself the only able-bodied, red-blooded man in a town full of lonely women.

    A friends to lovers story. Very sweet and I loved the H/H, my only issue is it moved a little slow and took too long lusting after one another. But once we get to the lovers part it is certainly hot and well written.

    The Most Wanted Bachelor
    summary on site: Kathryn has set her sights on the most wanted bachelor in Denver. But, once she realizes his love is worth more than his loot, will she be forgiven?

    This is the my least favorite of all her books. By way of the plot the H/H spend most of the book apart, even when they are in the same room, due to keeping so many secrets from one another.

    The Bad Man's Bride
    summary on site: When her priviledged world falls apart, Anthea Bright just builds a new life a life for herself. She knows the one thing she absolutely cannot afford to do is get involved with the town's most disreputable citizen, Gabriel Jackson... oops. Too late!

    This is the second book by SKL I read and what pretty much sent me in the direction of glom. SKL has great female characters. They are generally strong, able to care for themselves and not afraid of life. Anthea displays this perfectly. And the hero, is not at all as he is painted by the town. What he is, is the stuff dreams are made of.

    Marry Me
    summary on site: The rugged loner Jake Sullivan has finally returned home - to find a brazen, beautiful trespasser in his bed. Emily Bright intends to stay. But has Jake been saddled with an unwanted intruder...or blessed with a bride?

    This is the second in the Marrying Miss Bright trilogy and is tbr. AAR has a review up.

    A Wedding Story
    summary on site: Kate Bright Goodale has no intention of meekly accepting her suddenly straightened circumstances. But her best plan for a comfortable future requires entering an uneasy alliance with the one man she'd never been able to control. . . the one man she'd never been able to forget: dashing adventurer Lord James Bennett.

    This is the third in the Marrying Miss Bright trilogy and is tbr. AAR has a review up.

    And last but not least her most recent book and one of this years RITA winners (one of the few I have read)
    A Wanted Man
    summary on site: Sheltered Laura Hamilton, traveling to the Silver Spur Ranch, is tasting thrilling freedom for the first time. Mysterious Sam Duncan is a loner by choice, but has vowed to attach himself to anyone who can get him where he needs to go. And if that means playing upon the wide-eyed dreams of a pampered heiress, then so be it.

    This is the first book by SKL I read, which lead me to look her up on AAR and find her website and of course ended up with reading Bad Man's Bride and then the year+ search for the backlist.

    I adore the H/H in AWM. Laura is different from many of SKL heroines in she is seeking her independence and trying to learn how to stand on her own. Laura and Sam play off each other well, and again we have road romance which is great. But with a beginning that was so strong it takes too long to reach the climax, and the ending felt rushed. Regardless of the pace, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a western or a road romance.

    So regardless of what she writes next, I have at least 5 tbr. And I wish her all the luck in the world with writing whatever kinds of books she wants to. I just cross my fingers there will be westerns in there somewhere :).
    Dear Penelope
    Wendy has a post up that touches on American-set (including western) historical romances. Well if you read Wendy's blog you know she does that a bit... one of the many reasons I like her. In the comments the ever helpful nicole touched on a new western coming out. So of course I went off to look for it:

    Sharon Ihle an author I have never heard of (who's website is a lil too pink and flowery for my taste but whatever)has a new book coming out in Sept. A WESTERN! Excuse me while I sqqqeee.


    I read the very short excerpt that is up and am sort of iffy on it.

    But it is new! And a western! So I will check it out.

    Her backlist is full of westerns! So I do as I always do and checked out if any were reviewed at AAR

    Tempting Miss Prissy and Untamed looks like they might be fun and worth tracking down.

    But I would love to get my hands on THE BRIDE WORE SPURS. Otherwise I am not sure. I am iffy on humor stories and one thing that keeps getting mentioned are the funnys. The author talks about it a lil in her Mail Order Bride Write Byte at AAR.

    Anyone read her? Have any rec's and such?
    Kiss & Makeup by Alison Kent

    go forth and read
    The Seduction of Sarah by Cynthia Clement

    go forth and read
    Courting Claudia by Robyn DeHart
    Cheryl Sneed's review and my opinion once again pretty much mesh.

    This time though we both disliked the book. And I really wanted to like this book, before I knew anything about it! The author is from Texas and this is her first book, I love reading new authors in hope of finding a new favorite. And the publisher is Avon and I am still looking for ways to tell kristiej she is wrong. It would really really be easier if Avon would help me out here.

    I had never heard of this author before but I liked the cover. Purple seems to get me as much as red does :). So looked for info on the book and couldn't find any but I wrote this down on the list as a maybe.

    I saw it in the store a couple of weeks ago and had to wait for a bit, so I sat down and gave it the 15 page test. It had a pretty good start and an interesting idea. Old maid (27, that lump in my cheek is my tongue) Claudia is on her way to meet with Derrick Middleton. She is an illustrator for his newspaper, under the fake name C.J. Prattley. And since daddy has said it is time to marry, she must quit for fear of being caught and causing a scandal.

    Since her works has caught the eye of the ton and sold more of his paper, Derrick does the only thing he can do. Court her... which is pretty much where I got lost.

    The writing is choppy. And the dialogue seemed forced, there isn't a flow that sweeps you away to caring about these characters. I could never get a handle on why Claudia gave a fuck about what her father wanted. She should have seen the exit here sign and escaped. Instead she defends her father and questions Derrick's motives and honesty, so close to the end of the book you want to shake her.

    Being a historical, I could have ran with the family responsibility idea. But the fact this man treated her like shit and she just didn't see it, didn't make sense. Maybe I could have went with it if she had been younger but the naivete the author seemed to be trying for with Claudia didn't read like sheltered, wide-eyed innocence. It read like the character was stupid. I couldn't understand why Derrick would marry her much less fall in love with her.

    Guess I need to keep trying on the Avon thing... I am not ready to give up yet ;).
    I am going to try and stay away from Used Book Stores this weekend as well as B&N. yeah notice that try there...

    But you see it is like this, there isn't really anything I WANT or need. And I have tons of crap to do so, may the force be with me.

    And hey there is always BAM and Amazon ;)

    Things I Need to Do:
    finish edits to Wicked Fantasy review
    finish reading What Dreams May Come
    WDMC Review
    Blog about Courting Claudia
    Blog: Susan Kay Law
    Finish list of Har Historicals that I wanted to blog
    Finish reviewer profile for AAR
    Search BLaF to see what books I am suppose to mail out
    Mail out said books
    Update Blog Links
    Update Wish and Trade list
    Weed Some Books to take to the UBS
    Blog: Jo Goodman
    Finish going through 'drafts' and delete or post

    Books To Read:
    What Dreams May Come
    Lost in Temptaion
    Texas Fever
    Moon Web

    hee now to see if come monday I have knocked anything off this list ;)
    I want want want part II
    I need to cut back on the books I buy! Don't laugh, I do! Between reviewing and working I need to knock off buying books to just go wait in the corner for the day I might get to read them. And on that note... updated want list of upcoming books!

    A nifty site that keeps a list of upcoming books is My Little Book Garden I can't remember how I found it but it is nifty. Check it out ;).

    * read reviews first
    ** need more info
    *** will buy used

    What is the difference between * and ** you say? Well a * I want a review first but a ** means I have no clue what the book is about, either the title or author caught my eye. So I might start to lust after a ** book without a review.


    ** Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare
    ** Lord of Desire - Paula Quinn - new author I think, warner should sooooo copy zebra too and do a discount on new authors! Sounds interesting
    What a Woman Needs - Caroline Linden - zebra again - debut again - bitch be me again and I still need info I am begining to think I should be on zebra's payroll
    A Season to be Sinful - Jo Goodman 8/5 (auto-buy)
    Too Hot To Handle - Cheryl Holt (was an auto-buy but iffy after the last book)
    Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning (auto-buy even if she can't seem to update her damn website ever)
    A Fine Passion (Bastion Club)- Stephanie Laurens
    **Courting Claudia - Robyn DeHart - I think she is a new author, maybe just a new name who knows. I so think avon should take a page out of zebra's book and discount


    ** Kiss of Death - Josie Litton
    **One Night to Be Sinful by Samantha Garver - debut at that great zebra price, yes I am so turning into zebra's bitch. I still no nothing of this book. Info please.
    Some Like It Wicked by Deborah Raleigh - new to me author. Again a zebra and again cover so caught my eye. Red seems to do that and I adore the title. Go figure. Ready first chapter and wasn't impressed.
    Kick Ass - MJD, Angela Knight, Jacey Ford (never heard of her), Maggie Shayne 9/6
    Really Unusual Bad Boys - MJD
    Mackenzie's Honor - Linda Howard (Mackenzie's Pleasure and A Game of Chance - reissue)
    Born to be B.A.D. - Sherrilyn Kenyon (after Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down I might not get this or wait for used) - IF this is the Hardback I will be passing until it is paperback


    Surrender to a Wicked Spy - Celeste Bradley 10/4 (Royal Four)(auto-buy)
    One Little Sin - Liz Carlyle (auto-buy)
    Undead and Unreturnable - MJD (waiting on paperback)
    ** Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris
    Courting Midnight - Emma Holly (auto-buy)
    Loving Miranda by Teresa Bodwell
    Scandalous - Jenna Petersen


    Games of Pleasure - Julia Ross
    Hot Spell - Emma Holly, Meljean Brook, Lora Leigh and Shiloh Walker 11/1
    The Royal Pain by MJD - 11/5
    * The Music of the Night - Lydia Joyce 11/1
    ** This Rake of Mine - Elizabeth Boyle

    Redemption - Linda Broday
    A Perfect Hero - Samantha James
    only two off the June list I didn't get... I did pick up 2 older Linda Broday's so I might end up with Redemption at some point. Not sure why I passed on the James. Anyone read it?
    I think these will be going on the ubs list


    * Lyon's Gate - Catherine Coulter - What the Fuck! It is in that stupid odd shaped size. For your comfort my ass. I will not be getting this unless it goes to MM.
    *** Undead and Unappreciated - MJD 7/5 (omg it is a small hb for 20 bucks? bah I will buy it for sure when it goes to paperback so it will match the others... if I find the hb used I might pick it up.) Waiting for paperback
    Wicked Fantasy - Nicole Jordan - 7/26 (auto-buy)
    The Lily Brand - Sandra Schwab - good review on AAR... why does RT show it as erotica and AAR show it as Warm. - still iffy on this one
    more ritastuff
    Smart Bitches

    Alison Kent

    Jorie gives good link

    And I am sure there is more but I need to go read and do reviews. Go me...
    ohhhh look
    stolen from wendy:

    Cheryl St. John has a blog.
    not really here
    but if I was I would tell you to go read this

    LLB does a great job hitting all the notes, in what I think is a very very icky stamp on RITA history.

    We don't need people to tell us how stupid we are, we do it ourselves. Thanks TTQ!
    A Season to be Sinful by Jo Goodman
    review bes up.

    go forth and read :)