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    Waldenbooks letter... or things that make you go hmmmm
    In the Romance news letter from Waldens this month there is a letter from Catherine Anderson.

    It seems Summer Breeze, the sequel to Keegan's Lady, is also a tie in to her contemporary Kendrick/Coulter series.

    I am not sure what to make of that. It reminds me of Elizabeth Lowell screwing up Erik's story by making it apart of her change over to RS. Of course I say this having the book but not reading it... so I am being unfair to EL. But I still pout Erik didn't get his own book. Well that and there we haven't gotten any new historical novels from her.

    But I digress... anyone read SB yet? I am trying to decide if the gift cert from xmas goes to getting it new or if I wait for it used.
    Online Santa!
    Thank you very much to the wonderful person who sent me Give Me Tonight by Lisa Kleypas. Feel free to out yourself ;).

    I can't wait to sit down and read it! And do let me know if there is ever anything you are dying to read and looking for! I might not be able to find it but you never know.
    Does anyone get these emails?
    BAMM Romance Book Club

    Books A Million sends you emails with chapters from books (this link is to romance but they have different types). The way I understand it, is you get two or three emails for one book and each email doesn't have to equal a whole chapter.

    If you get these, do you like them? Does it help you get a feel for the book? Knowing my luck I would read an email at 2am, love it and have no way to pay it. And then obsess about it until the store opens, to buy it and hate the book.

    But I signed up anyway ;)
    things you learn on the web when you should be sleeping
    And I am now going to share with you, aren't you lucky! I need to try and keep from going to sleep. I seem to have picked up this wicked habit of sleeping every other day. Go figure. Speaking of odd sleeping patterns, anyone heard from maili yet?

    news new and more news you prolly already know:

    From Liz Carlyle, her book A Woman Scorned aka only book sybil doesn't own, will be reprinted and out around June 2006.

    Anyone read Two Little Lies yet? Good? Bad? I haven't bought it yet but plan to.

    What is Once upon a Wedding Night by Sophie Jordan about? It doesn't come out until Aug 06 from AVON. (shush kristie ;)) I can't find any info on it. She is an author out of Texas. WoOT! Hmmmm of course the last two new authors I read that lived in texas were very eh. But we will not hold that against Sophie.

    Since it isn't updated on her website yet.... J R Ward's third novel aka Zsadist's book has a name now - LOVER AWAKENED and is set to come out 9/5/06. Of course her second novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, LOVER ETERNAL will be available 3/7/06. If I were the type to tease I would say they are on their way to me, but since I am not, I won't. Tease that is ;). Lover Eternal would be Rhage's book, just in case you didn't know.

    Official Black Dagger Brotherhood has a yahoo group if you are interested, you can join here.

    Diane Whiteside's expanded version of THE SWITCH is coming out in Jan but can already be found at BAMM and amazon.

    Someone please remind me I need to find a job before buying more books.... It looks so purdy in my lil BAM cart.

    Keegan's Lady is one of my favorite books, oddly enough I haven't found another by Catherine Anderson that I could finish. Well I have only tried two others but anyway... am I the only person who didn't know her next book Summer Breeze is a sequel to Keegans Lady?

    Wonder if it will be any good. Isn't it sort of risky to write a sequel so long after the first book, which was written in 96? Then again people keep saying romance authors need to take more risks. Hmmm Lorraine Heath should follow suit and give RAWLEY COOPER a book.

    Does Lady X count as a western? What? There is a cowboy! Of course he is in England but he is still a cowboy. I can't help but think that sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen. Anyone one read anything like this before? Was it any good?

    Lisa Kleypas's book Give Me Tonight is a bitch to try and get on Ebay.

    uh not that I would be on ebay right now. And I really really really want The Devil in Winter. Like yesterday.... it is so wrong that they changed the date for DiW to March.

    Patricia Rice has a blog.

    Three of my fave Harlequin Historical authors have an anthology coming out in March. Wed Under Western Skies will have stories by Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St.John and Jenna Kernan. _________________________________________________________

    Melanie George sooooooooo needs to update her website. Just saying....

    Looks like we will get at least two more westerns from Linda Broday. YAY new westerns!

    Anyone know what Jo Goodman is working on next? Or Deborah Simmons? I couldn't find anything... I might break down and email them.

    So what interesting things have you learned? Tell me all about it, I am going to go work on my resume or something.
    Something a lil different than the norm
    Then again what is a normal post for me ;). And it ties into historical novels and such in a way.... just go with it.

    One of the biggest things the internet and fandom has done for me is make me more aware of what is going on in the world. At times I find myself more in the know about things happening in other states because of Live Journal and blogs than in my on lil city. And when I read this last week on Live Journal, I thought it might be something of interest to you guys.

    I don't know who all lives in Ohio or not but if you can go. I haven't seen the production but hope it lasts long enough to get the chance to. It is December. It is Christmas. It is a short time after many people have been touched by disaster but if you can help, please do. And if you can't, please help spread the word the more people that know about this, the better chance they have of staying open and telling of the Shawnee Indians and sparking an interest in History.

    the following is a reposted lj post with Sarah Ellen Parson's permission - please feel free to pass on or repost
    I know that the Holidays is traditional time to ask you all to go out and help those less fortunate than yourselves.

    With all of the weather-related disasters this year, there are plenty of people like that to go around. Food banks are down on donations, local charities of all types are hurting. People who help battered women, people who care for the elderly, people who help starving children, all need help right now.

    Another thing that's hurting, the Arts.

    As many of you know, qowf runs a not-for-profit theatre company in Ohio that is dedicated to telling an important story in Ohio history, about the Shawnee Indians and their fight with the encroaching whites. They reenact battles, give you a feel for the personalities involved and put on a hell of a good show that is a good way to get kids excited about history.

    As a former History teacher, this means something to me. I've seen the show a few times, and it really gives you a good idea of the conflict on the frontier, and what was at stake for the Native people as people with better technology moved in on their homeland.

    It's a great and worthy thing, this show.

    Right now it could close its doors forever.

    When qowf and mamahippierwc went down to Ohio, they found an organization in almost total disarray and buried under back debt that is really not that great, but is massive to them in a year where donations have almost completely dried up because of natural disasters. You can check out her LJ for the details.

    The fact is, with the programs they have put in place for the new year, they're poised to make more money over the course of the year than ever before, relying NOT ONLY on the show to raise operating funds. They also have a huge grant to improve the theatre (which they are legally prohibited from using for debt), and are planning to rent it out for concerts to raise still MORE cash. But that can't happen in the winter, it being outdoors and all.

    They are also planning to take some excellent educational programs into the schools, to help keep kids excited about History all year 'round. Including a really cool "what the Constitution is all about" thing for Middle Schoolers and a lot of great interactive programs to bring history alive to kids.

    However, the back debt from the past has reared its head to bite them. Their Board is threatening to shut them down. If they can make it until spring, they'll be fine. But now the Board is saying they won't wait that long before firing the staff and selling the horses and shutting the theater forever.

    There's a lawsuit for back debt of $7,000 pending.

    There's also a gala fundraiser on Dec. 17th, the day after my birthday. It's $40 a couple, I believe. The Board is doing nothing to bring people in.

    I know we can't go down to Ohio to attend, but we could RSVP with the cost of admission. I'll be sending them somewhat more because I believe in the show and in the educational programs that are in the works. In fact, I'll probably be helping with some of them, at least giving advice, seeing I'm certified to teach history and english in Ohio and all.

    If ANY of you were planning to do anything for my birthday or Christmas (despite the ban on presents). Send whatever you were going to spend on me to Bluejacket instead.

    50 S. Detroit Street
    Xenia, OH 45385

    Make checks out to First Frontier, Inc.

    If any of you also think history education sounds important, and that this really cool show should be given another year, please send them something. If you'd like to pass this to your own friends list, please do so.

    Howard Dean ran his whole campaign on small donations from individuals. Maybe we can keep this show in business for another year, when they'll be able to get themselves out of the hole with all the new programs they already have in place.

    You know how much I hate to ask for help.

    I'm asking for this.
    just a note since it was mentioned on her lj later... if you do RSVP do let them know you aren't going to attend if you are not going

    Thanks for helping, reading and passing on the info
    Merry Christmas Robin
    YAY new book!

    I will have to pull out some old books and reread. You know no matter what, good book or bad, I am happy to see the suit over. Somewhere Dara Joy is filled with hope :).
    Would it be mean of me
    to say....

    LOVER ETERNAL by J.R. Ward is on its way to me.

    To who you ask?

    To ME!

    OK I am going to shut down before I bluescreen in the middle of a 1000 word post and start to cry. Oy and the lights are flickering, if we lose power and I can't read I will be pissed. This computer can not die. Period. End of story. I just got it working again and now in the past three days it has blue screened four times. I am tempted to give in and let my mother set me up with some guy just because he works in IT. What? Like that shocks anyone.
    Gone but not forgotten
    Who knew Monica would miss me?
    Bad Day.... Fuck It
    Well really it was Friday but me being me I am still pouting. Ah yes it finally happened, after months and months of trying to come up with something I was...

    say it with me...


    Yes Merry Christmas to me! In a way it would be nice to have it over and done with because now I can have my life back, destress, stop jumping threw hoops and start updated my blog and reviews ;). But now starts a whole other issue, which everyone cross your fingers goes my way in as short a time frame as possible. I doubt it will but the woman I spoke to on the phone today had a completely different outlook.

    I would go into it more but until the above is fully cooked one way or another, we must all remember the blog bes public. And place of evol prolly has the addy since I have been here back in May. Or not, who knows, either way must make note to change all passwords for everything. Although I do plan on using my lj, really I had planned to before I was fired and since it is already paid for I damn well better use it. So if you have a livejournal drop me a note and I shall friend you ;). Tis locked so you must be friended to read.

    So now.... uh the big question is...

    What do I want to be when I grow up? I am open to suggestions ;).