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    books, books and more books
    YAY for the mail! expand
    Texas Gold Books arrived today! Book 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6...

    Hell on Wheels - out in june

    My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys - out now now

    Ask For It and My Bounty are current read for reviews.

    I have Secrets In The Marriage Bed that I really want to read.

    I have a book due now, coming from AAR and two due in June (alllll want to read now anyway)

    I am swimming in books! Print and E! So what do I want you ask... His Wicked Kiss, One Night with a Spy and Duke of Scandal! Why is my brain wired like that? I swear it is a compulsion. I can't read them right now. I don't have the time. BUT I WANT THEM.

    really... so not well... I took my three packages to work in a bag so I could squueee and pet the new books. I amuse far too easy. It should scare us all.

    On that note... BB and Aphrodisia week are shaping up well. I have added a Samhain week and an Avon Red one. I was thinking about adding another line. Any suggestions? I am thinking Blaze. I pretty much killed the Secrets idea because fuck if I can find info on upcoming Secrets novellas where as I think we know about Avon Red books far into 2007. That appeals to the book whore in me.

    NOTE to authors... Coming Soon or Up Coming or even What's Next pages are GOOD things on your website. And music... is not. Just saying, that could be just me.
    EBUZZ: Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy By Ruth D. Kerce
    I think this gets a nod for worst title evah... and yes I do sometimes wonder about the things I read...
    click click click
    Virgin Seeks Bad-Ass Boy
    Alice Sutherland is tired of being a virgin. At twenty-four, she wants to experience wild and passionate sex. And she wants a real bad boy between her legs, preferably one with a heart deep down.

    Caleb Sawyer doesn't know how to react when his sexy neighbor confesses that she wants him to de-virgin her. He's shocked. He's also intrigued. But he's not sure Ali has any idea what sex with him entails. Caleb is used to no-holds-barred, dirty, sweaty, try anything sex.

    Alice is not naive, just inexperienced. What Caleb doesn't know is that she has seen him in action... and he's her man. Oh, is he ever. The answer to all her needs, her deepest desires, her darkest fantasies. What starts as one weekend of raw passion, soon surpasses anything that either of them ever expected.

    Oh she may not be naive but boy oh boy does she have crappy dialogue. LOOK and his is just as bad... I think this is proof that some 'free' stories should stay free and not be pulled and 'expanded' to be sold. I would pass and try something else of Ruth D. Kerce or go check out her site for the still free stories. Quick before they are sold!

    Next Ruth Kerce: Xylon Warriors


    EBUZZ: Her Best Friend's Lover By Shiloh Walker

    click for summary
    Her Best Friend's Lover
    Dale loves women, and they love him. His love life is a revolving door. No one special, no one stays, except Lauren, his best friend. She's a sweet, beautiful, talented woman. His rock, the steadying influence in his life. So why is he starting to see her differently? Where are these lustful thoughts coming from? Guys don't sleep with their best friends.

    Lauren has loved Dale for five years, from the moment she saw him. She loves his smile, his walk, his deep, sexy voice. But he isn't in love with her. She's his pal, his confidant. Until one hot, steamy night...

    I am a sucker for a friends to lovers story. I like this. It isn't an out there steamy bdsm bard wolfmating Ellora's Cave read but a nice contemporary. This was a treat.

    Not perfect mind you, I couldn't understand why it took him so long cuz DUDE WAKE UP. And really I can't believe she didn't tell him, oh right away. But you know... need conflict and all.

    excerpt is here

    Next Shiloh Walker: No Longer Mine


    Her Scandalous Marriage by Leslie LaFoy
    I think I have posted about this before but am too lazy to go search...
    click here for summary of Her Scandalous Marriage by Leslie LaFoy
    The illegitimate daughter of a decadent Lord, the lovely Caroline Dutton has worked hard to become a successful London dressmaker and is content to answer to no man. That is until a devastatingly handsome Duke walks into her shop with the most outrageous demand.

    The new Duke of Ryland cursed his fate and his philandering great uncle. To collect his inheritance, he must turn the old Duke's three by-blow offspring into proper ladies and marry them off. Two are mere children, but Caroline Dutton is all woman - a headstrong beauty he can't help wanting to seduce.

    Now ensconced in Ryland's country estate, Caroline is being called a Lady and readied for the marriage mart during the next London season. Her dowry is large, her past overlooked, and her prospects bright... except she is breathlessly, madly drawn to the one man who is sweeping her toward scandal - and the sweet satisfaction her heart demands.

    excellent review at AAR, and this sounds great...
    I have been wanting to try Leslie LaFoy it is great to see her with a new historical! YAY historical! It is a trilogy but hey give it a shot maili ;). Her Wicked Wedding Night is the second title and it wraps up with His Reluctant Bride.
    EBUZZ: Sealed With a Wish By Lora Leigh

    click here for summary - Sealed With a Wish By Lora Leigh

    For Cara Montgomery, Christmas is just like any other time of year. She'll still be alone…and lonely. And her greatest wish—to have someone to call her own, someone to love—will remain just that, a wish. She's learned the hard way not to ask for things she can't have. And that includes a seemingly persistent sex god in leather who just won't leave her alone. But this is one man who is determined to change her mind. One man who won't take no for an answer.

    Kheelan Mattero, most trusted warrior of a First Earth prince in exile, is sent to gift Cara for rescuing the prince's son in a brave and selfless move that could have resulted in her own death. But instead, Kheelan finds his own gift—the mate he has searched two planets and a lifetime for. While the hunger rages through him for the pixie-ish Cara, her need must join with his, must equal his, or the bonding will not happen. Now he has to make Cara see that some wishes are worth reaching for…that some wishes can come true.

    Summary pretty much explains it all... yes the cover is the same on all the White Hot Holiday EC stories. I am thinking that saves time and money?

    If you are a LL fan you will like this, if you are looking to see what the buzz with Lora Leigh is all about, this isn't a story to read. No penis barbs appear and not a cousin or brother is fucked... hey so if that squicks you with a Leigh story - THIS might be the for you ;). ::sorry again google search guys::

    Pretty tame, virgin finding her warrior mate plot where true lurve must include anal sex. Short story, so no real character build up or background. nice flow to the story and a quick read. Hey a quickie ;). Do tell if you read or have read! Give some LL rec's or tell us all you know about barbed cocks oh wait that would be here.
    CS: Masquerade by Melissa Jackson
    Note to self... stop reading excerpts
    Wendy proves once again that she is the smartest

    go read... very good post

    sez I, then go check out Jamie Sobrato. Her blog is a blast. As Helenkay said, if you aren't reading it, why not? ::off to see what JS books I have to read, I think I recall ordering one in my last harl order::
    EBUZZ: A Muse Me by S.L. Carpenter
    A Muse Me by S.L. Carpenter

    click here for summary
    He lost his inspiration but found his muse in the Caribbean in the arms of a woman.

    It's a slow death for a writer when the only key getting used on his keyboard is "Delete". His writer's block is firmly in place like a wall. All there is to do is bang his head against it.

    What to do? A change of scenery might help - say a week in the tropics. If nothing else, it will warm his idle fingers and ease his worried mind. A getaway for the mind and soul.

    Reservations made, Eugene flies to Aruba in search of answers to his problems. What he finds is more than a couple of fruit drinks with umbrellas in them. On the white sandy beaches, wrapped in almost nothing but a tan is someone who sparks his imagination and ignites his creative flow. He finds his Muse!

    excerpt here
    Carpenter has some great one-liners and fun, could happen dialogue. Love the plot and the characters are good but the whole story didn't mesh together as well as it could have. The style is choppy, POV switches in odd places and the story slow to start. And it can get very repetitive and could use some tightening up. There are quite a few places he says the same thing over and over when you get the point the in the first sentence.

    But the writing it very amusing (pun intended) and the read is worth it for the one liners alone, of course I am a sarcastic lil bitch so you know what sandbox my idea of humor plays in. And you can tell this is written by a man, a man who wants you to know the story is by a man. At least it seems that way... It almost goes too far trying to make the point that romance novels tend to write men more flowery than they are by making Eugene a 'real' man.

    Nice idea but really are romance hero's suppose to be real men? What do you guys think? And yes, romance novels must have a happy ever after! I did like how the story ends, very creative and 'keeps with the rules' while Eugene breaks 'em. But I wouldn't haven't read 'Eugene's book *g*. Jane, I would love your take on this story if you get a chance to read it!

    I would rate it a D but would rec it for the funny. Well that and the elevator sex. Love to hear from other readers... did you like it? Do you agree? Disagree? Have other rec's from this author?

    Next S.L. Carpenter: Detour written with Sahara Kelly


    smartquotes are the devil
    ok I have figured out how to reformat to make most of the crap format that crap blogger won't take... but the accent thing, still giving me grief

    Anyone know how to fix that without deleting it? see the HE excerpt for what I am talking about... typing triple-shot grandé skinny vanilla latté the E in grande and latte make blogger go screwy. Any ideas? Thanks!

    Or better yet, how can I make blogger use smartquotes? And if you say switch to wordpress I will scream, or maili will :).
    A year in review... sort of 2000
    2000 RRA-L Romance Awards Nominees and Winners
    All the nominees are listed, with the first, second, and third place winners are noted in order.

    Best of the best, 2000 RRA style

    1. Best Series Romance:
    _1_ Game of Chance by Linda Howard (SIM 1021, August 2000)
    _2_ Get Lucky by Suzanne Brockmann (SIM 991, March 2000)
    _3_ Daddy by Choice by Paula Detmer Riggs (SIM 998, April 2000)
    A Man Like Mac by Fay Robinson (HSR 911)
    The Temptation of Sean MacNeil by Virginia Kantra (SIM 1032)
    I have GoC to read but haven't gotten to it yet. Hell my current Howard binge is being cut into by ebuzz, book reviews and contest books to read. But I did finish SC - will post more on that in a bit.

    2. Best Contemporary Single Title Romance:
    _1_ In the Midnight Rain by Ruth Wind
    _2_ Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard
    _3_ The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
    It Must Be Love by Rachel Gibson
    The Burning Point by Mary Jo Putney
    Mr Perfect is the only one I have done to get but that is because I think I need them all now ;)

    3. Best Historical Single Title Romance:
    _1_ The Hostage by Susan Wiggs
    _2_ Where Dreams Begin by Lisa Kleypas
    _3_ The Stone Maiden by Susan King
    Here Comes the Bride by Pamela Morsi
    The Lover by Robin Schone
    The Lover! Great book but I am a big fan of Robin's and am mucho excited to see what her new book is like. Hope it is great and we see more of her now. Have the Kleypas to be read along with the Wigg and Morsi. Susan King is the only one I am not familiar with.

    4. Best Regency Romance (Traditional of Nontraditional):
    _1_ More than a Mistress by Mary Balogh
    _2_ Lord Stanhope's Proposal by Jessica Benson
    _3_ A Scandalous Proposal by Julia Justiss
    The Prodigal Hero by Nancy Butler
    Lady Delafont's Dilemma by Donna Simpson
    wonder if that of is suppose to be or... More than a Mistress isn't a trad. Is it? Loved the book though. hmmmm and I do have A Scandalous Proposal to be read.

    5. Best Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Adventure:
    _1_ Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard
    _2_ Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood
    _3_ Renegade Heart by Gayle Wilson
    Midnight in Ruby Bayou by Elizabeth Lowell
    Riptide by Catherine Coulter
    le sigh.... not interested in the garwood, lowell (but have this one, go figure) or Coulter. Is this the time that RS started to suck in the good historical writers?

    6. Best Alternative Realities or Time Travel Romance:
    _1_ Witness in Death by J.D. Robb
    _2_ Prince of Hearts by Katy Cooper
    _3_ Once a Pirate by Susan Grant
    The Inscription by Pam Binder
    The Trickster by Kathleen Nance
    I have Once a Pirate! And for some reason Pam Binder sound way familiar.

    7. Best Love and Laughter Romance Award:
    _1_ Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie
    _2_ The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn
    _3_ (tie) Against His Will by Trish Jensen
    (tie) Silver Lining by Maggie Osborne
    I Waxed My Legs for This? by Holly Jacobs
    Never read Quinn, Jensen, Jacobs or Crusie (although I do plan for this to be my first crusie). Don't think I have read this Osborne but I will.

    8. Best Romantic Novel outside the Romance Genre:
    _1_Hot Six by Janet Evanovich
    _2_ (tie) Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag
    (tie) The Killing Game by Iris Johansen
    _3_ The First Time by Joy Fielding
    Crazy for Cornelia by Chris Gilson

    9. Best All-Around 2000 Romance:
    _1_ Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard
    _2_ (tie) By arrangement by Madeline Hunter
    (tie) The Unsung Hero by Suzanne Brockmann
    _3_ First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    The Lover by Robin Schone
    ooohhhhhh LOVE By arrangement. One of my favorite Hunter books.


    10. Best Contemporary Author of 2000:
    _1_ Linda Howard
    _2_ Ruth Wind (AKA Barbara Samuel)
    _3_ Kathleen Eagle
    Kristin Hannah
    Kathleen Gilles Seidel

    11. Best Historical Romance Author of 2000:
    _1_ Mary Jo Putney
    _2_ Pamela Morsi
    _3_ Maggie Osborne
    Candice Proctor
    Cheryl St. John
    Great list! I have read them all except MJP and would rec all four.

    12. Best Series/Category Author of 2000:
    _1_ Suzanne Brockman
    _2_ Virginaia Kantra
    _3_ Paula Detmer Riggs
    Kate Hoffman
    Gayle Wilson

    13. Best Regency Author of 2000:
    _1_ Mary Balogh
    _2_ Mary Jo Putney
    _3_ Diane Farr
    Blair Bancroft (Grace Kone) [ebook]
    Judith A. Lansdowne
    Hey look a best of in Eform from 2000... how cool is that?

    14. Best All-Around Romance Author of :
    _1_ Nora Roberts (AKA J.D. Robb)
    _2_ Linda Howard
    _3_ Judith Ivory
    Candice Proctor
    Karen Ranney
    Hey Proctor and Ranney! Two great new names on the list. Way looking forward to Ranney's new book!


    15. Best All-Time Historical Romance:
    _1_ Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
    _2_ Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
    _3_ A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
    Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    Twice Loved by LaVyrle Spencer
    I happy sigh ever time I see LaVyrle's name, which is sad since I don't know the woman from adam. But whatever. So I am odd, you knew this.

    16. Best All-Time Contemporary Romance:
    _1_ It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    _2_ Trust Me by Jayne Ann Krentz
    _3_ Till the Stars Fall by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    Jackson Rule by Dina McCall
    On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah

    17. Best All-Time Regency Romance:
    _1_ The Rake and the Reformer by Mary Jo Putney
    _2_ The Temporary Wife by Mary Balogh
    _3_ The Lion's Lady by Julie Garwood
    Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly
    Seduction by Amanda Quick

    18. Best All-Time Series Romance:
    _1_ Mackenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard
    _2_ Warrior by Elizabeth Lowell
    _3_ Lightning That Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis
    A Rose for Maggie by Kathleen Korbel
    The Trouble with Joe by Emilie Richards
    Hey I have read three out of five. Go team me!

    19. Best Romance of All Time:
    _1_ Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    _2_ Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
    _3_ Twice Loved by LaVyrle Spencer
    Again by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy
    Hey look maili, Outlander *eg*

    20. Best All-Around Romance Author of All Time:
    _1_ Jayne Ann Krentz
    _2_ Nora Roberts
    _3_ Gorgette Heyer
    Mary Balogh
    LaVyrle Spencer
    happy sigh

    hee I am gonna need a new list to go through soon.... only have six years left... hmmm ohhhhh AAR has some lists. What other sites have top tenish or top of the year lists? ::listens to crickets:: fine I will find them myself
    EBUZZ: Angie Wants YOU to review Samhain
    Go forth and learn more

    and she has created a page to update readers on samhain reviewers by readers

    very cool! Looks like she will be giving away more books for review! If you are a reader and don't have a blog and WANT one, shout! Maili or some other kind soul here will help you start out on your road to blogdom.

    Or if you are a reader, and ebook reader (or even wanna be reader) and don't have a blog (or want one) I am happy to give you blog space to post a review. Hell I will even getmailito format it.

    So go enter... go buy.... go try ebooks... they are all the buzz.
    EBUZZ: Hunter's Pride by Shiloh Walker
    Shiloh Walker has a hell of a lot of books! And she seems to write all over romanceland...

    Telling Tales, Coming In Last, Whipped Cream and Handcuffs, Her Best Friend's Lover, Her Wildest Dreams, Always Yours, No Longer Mine, Silk Scarves and Seduction, For The Love of Jazz

    The Hunters: Declan and Tori I, The Hunters: Eli and Sarel II, The Hunters: Byron and Kit III, The Hunters: Jonathan and Lori IV, The Hunters: Ben and Shadoe V, The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila VI, Voyeur, Every Last Fantasy, Under Your Spell: Hot Spell Anthology, Back From Hell, Djinn's Wish: A Wish A Kiss A Dream, Mythe & Magick, The Huntress, Nebulous: Myth-Behavin'Anthology, His Christmas Cara, Redemption, Freak of Nature: Legendary Tails II, Ghost of a Chance: Tales from the Temple IV, Make Me Believe, Firewalkers: Dreamer, Talking with the Dead, Hunter's Pride

    The Dragon's Warrior, Once Upon A Midnight Blue, Mythe: Vampire, Touch Of Gypsy Fire, Mythe: Satyr from Mythe & Magick, The Dragon's Woman

    So when I decided I wanted to try a book or two I didn't know where the hell to start! I checked out the handy dandy series guide on her site, then I remembered I don't give a fuck about reading books in order *g* and just picked.

    Hunter's Pride ended up being my first read. It is set in the hunter's world but is noted to be a stand alone story. You can read an excerpt here.

    click for summary
    A woman determined to find answers, a man sworn to keep secrets.

    She was a child when it happened, an innocent brutalized by a man who was meant to protect her. When Kennedy ran, he came after her with every intention to kill—only to find himself face to face with creatures no rational human could explain.

    Now, fifteen years later, Kennedy has returned to Pride Mountain, intent of finding out more about the creatures that saved her. Are they animals? Or something more…

    Duncan Pride remembers Kennedy. But the woman he sees is nothing like that terrified child he saved. But he can't let her learn the truth of Pride Mountain. He doesn't count on her stubbornness, or her courage. He also doesn't plan on falling in love with the willful, beautiful woman.

    He can't let that get in the way-his Pride is counting on him.

    It is an average read, nothing grand but nothing really bad either. The story starts out with a very heavy handed subject and doesn't let it weigh the story down. That can happen when an author tackles an issue that really can't be explored, solved, or put to rest in the space of a novella. But the past isn't our point but more of a jumping place for how and why Duncan and Kennedy meet.

    Good read, nice intro into Shilohreadingworld and inexpensive if you are just stepping your toes into the ebook world. My biggest issue was the evol guy was oh so evol and the big show down was rather over the top. But it is a paranormal, they are suppose to be larger than life. And it is rather creepy when all the aliens gather in the backyard to watch scully's baby being born comfort/guard Kennedy during the big show down. But all in all I would give it a C.

    Love to hear what you guys think if you have read it, read other Shiloh Walker stories or have recs!

    Next Shiloh Walker read: Her Best Friend's Lover


    INFO: Midnight Sun by Rene Lyons

    I have been reading quite a few ebooks lately from Samhain Publishing (MANY will be ebuzz'ed and a few off to AAR, so keep an eye out). While stalking their coming soon page Rene Lyons caught my eye.

    She has a new series coming out with her take on the templar knights The first book, Midnight Sun, is hitting eshelves on July fourth!
    click for summary

    Where the damned come to play.
    When things go bump in the night, Allison Parker bumps back. As the resident ghost hunter in a quiet, rural town, she's thrust into the nocturnal world of the Templars. Embracing the night, she finds a place where she belongs.

    Damned by God, Sebastian of Rydon knows only blood and death. After eight hundred years of merely existing, he learns what is to live when Allie comes bursting into his life. Her spirit guides him out of the dark.

    Caught in a web of hate and revenge, they search for love as their world is torn apart.

    There isn't an excerpt up yet but you might be able to catch some info on her blog. And of course I shall tell you what I think after I am done with it ;)
    CS: Hell on Wheels by Karen Kelly
    Hell on Wheels by Karen Kelley will hit book stores in June.

    expand for summary
    summary found on her site:
    No doubt about it: Cody Carlyle is the hottest bounty hunter around with a well-deserved reputation for bringing in the toughest skips. If she's learned one motto in this business-and in life-it's this: never turn your back. Never give an inch. And never, ever offer your heart.

    Fellow bounty hunter Josh Pierce has had his eye on Cody's every luscious curve for quite some time. The hunky ex-undercover cop would love to show her that some things are worth believing in, things like the kind of ecstasy he'd happily show her in bed. Hey, fighting this kind of white-hot attraction is just wrong. So why not give in to a little Josh Pierce temptation? Why not share one amazing, toe-curling night of indescribable, head-scrambling passion and then walk away, no hard feelings? But the night they spend together is beyond amazing. It's sheer bliss. Not that it could ever happen again. Could it?

    What was supposed to be a one-time deal is quickly becoming a very tempting habit—one they could stop at any time, of course. Like after the next time. Or maybe next week—no rush. Suddenly, two bounty hunters who never believed in anything are open to everything, scared of it all, and ready to discover what happens when you go after the biggest catch out there... true love...

    Something of a mix of standard here... bounty hunter, just one night of hot, steamy, burn the house down sex, scared of love... will be interesting to see what Kelley does with it.

    I have her bad boy book out to read! STILL!

    And can't WAIT for Texas Bad Boys. --->
    Her site is here and her blog here. Karen Kelley and Dianne Castell are two authors that will be guest blogging during Bad Boy Week! (more info to come!) It all sounds like great fun and hopefully we will have some nifty authors come play, answer some questions, do some contests and maybe get a few sneak peaks at upcoming books.

    CS: Perfect Timing by Julie Kenner, Nancy Warren, Jo Leigh
    Perfect Timing : Those Were The Days, Pistols At Dawn, Time After Time - Comes out in May 2006. Great cover!
    expand for summary
    Book Description from amazon:
    What if the best sex you ever had was . . .
    200 Years Ago? After breaking off her engagement, Natalie Bowman finds herself in the 1800s being auctioned off as a sex slave! She's even more shocked when the highest bidder is Andrew Greenwood -- the fiance she dumped.

    80 Years Ago?
    Uptight Sylvia Preston is terrified when she time travels to a twenties party. But when Tucker Green gets her dirty dancing, Sylvia wants to see just how uninhibited she can be -- in bed with Tucker.

    60 Years Ago?
    When history student Betty Kroger is transported to WWII, it feels right -- and even more right to show sailor John Stevens what sex is like twenty-first-century style!

    This sounds great and just might make me rethink my TT dislike. I guess it is kicking off a new blaze series. Not sure if Blaze will have lines within itself or what. I hope they have symbols and are clearly marked. Not sure though... maybe Alison or Jo can stop in and tell us more about it.

    either way sqqqqqeeeeeeeeeeeee can't wait to read... my mail person is gonna hate me. WoOT! AAR has a great review up for this if you are looking for more info now.
    INFO: The Grail King by Joy Nash
    Am I the only one who is shocked that Love Spell did this cover?

    click for The Grail King Summary
    The Holy Grail of legend unites a Druid hermit and the daughter of his Roman enemy in The Grail King...

    Follow the magical Holy Grail and its Druid Keepers two centuries before King Arthur. Owein, a cursed Druid Seer, lives alone in the ruins of a mountain village. When Clara arrives seeking aid, Owein's first impulse is to turn her away...until he discovers she seeks a Druid Grail that could be the key to driving the Romans from the hills of Britannia forever...

    Joy Nash talks a little about the book on her blog.

    LIMITED TIME EXCERPT from chapter ten and now character interviews!

    very cool... I love nifty extras!
    This and That take III or so
    Dear Author has picked some great ebooks to review. Keep an eye on the site for upcoming reviews! And if you are Dane or Devon, email me your book *g*.

    Alison Kent has some interesting questions up regarding categories She is drawing names on May 5 for copies of Deep Breath! So do post on her blog if you want to win a copy!

    Jo Leigh has a great post up at RtB. Go read it! Do you agree or disagree? It has always been one of those things that has struck me as odd. Of course it doesn't have anything to do with my lil readerself.

    My Texas Gold books are on the way to my home! I would tell you which six books I am judging but I don't think I can. hee

    I am currently reading The Bounty by Beth Williamson! Very cool if I do say so myself ;). Then I get to start Lorie O'Clare's new Werewolves of Malta series! Book one is Elements Unbound.

    Ebuzz reviews will be up tonight after work. I must go now... and stop putting it off...

    OH! It looks like the smartquotes will have to be manually fixed. So I will catch them as I can. Sorry!
    Moonlight Whispers and then some....
    Interesting article focusing on Teresa Bodwell.

    I was surprised by the quotes from the book they used. The book being My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.

    I want this book! But I am still broke and annoyed with Gentry... but my love of a Heath western and enjoyment of Bodwell's books will override those points I am sure.

    love this from Kensington editor Hilary Sares:
    "Romance publishing supports all publishing. We pretty much pay the bills," says Sares, who's used to defending her trade. "However, historically speaking, we don't get much respect. More recently, that's not the case."

    But this makes me sad... well the first part is sqqqeee the second such a bummer and the third makes me want to scream.
    Bodwell's proposals run the gamut: She's proposed a historical sequel to "Moonlight Whispers" that spins off one of the novella's secondary characters. She's also proposed a sexy contemporary with the working title Hot Lips, which involves a jazz trombone player (pulling from her experience playing in the Army band in the mid-'70s). And she's been working on a third idea about a paranormal romance involving ghosts and spirits in Hawaii.

    I mean don't get me wrong, I wish Bodwell the best for whatever she writes. I just hope they are westerns :).
    Coming Soon(ish): Beyond A Shadow by Alison Kent

    Strangers in the night-what could be hotter? With this newest addition to her dangerously sexy SG-5 series, Alison Kent delivers a sizzling story of one woman in search of excitement, a man all too willing to provide it, and a love worth risking everything for...

    Most people come to Comfort Bay, Oregon in search of a little peace and quiet. But neither is on the agenda for undercover operative Ezra Moore. He's got ten days to unload a shipment of illegal weapons - and take down Spectra IT, the international crime syndicate he's managed to infiltrate. He knows Spectra's man, Warren Aceveda, is playing dirty pool, and if he's going to beat him and stay alive, he's got to play even dirtier. But even the best-laid crimes can blow up in your face, and Ezra is about to find out just how badly...

    Alexa Counsel likes her calm, and ok, sometimes, boring life in Comfort Bay. But there's nothing boring about the hot new handyman who's just started working at the Bed and Breakfast. Great with his hands? Oh, yes. But there's something much deeper running under those still waters. Something she's not sure she understands or she can trust. No one is going to use her as a cover, no matter how irresistible he may be. But Ezra is the only man who's ever made her feel like a real woman, and she's already in way too deep to turn back now...

    Playing cat and mouse with one of the world's fiercest criminals, Alexa and Ezra are about to find out just how dangerous and delicious starting a new life - and finding a new love - can be...
    I want!
    EBUZZ: Playing the Game by Megan Hart

    This was one of my first Amber Quill books and EEK their covers can suck. But that aside, Megan Hart gives us a pretty entertaining and quick read. This is a friends to lovers story with a history built in, my favorite type. The characters are believable, the game fun and sex is hot. Or maybe it I liked it because I have been in this type of bar. And it is a fun setting.

    Summary from site:
    It began as a lighthearted competition between two friends. Ten points for correctly predicting which lame come-on the next person will use to hit on you. Fifteen points for getting asked for your phone number. Twenty for being bought a drink. Get someone to ask you to go home with them, and you ha’ve won The Game. Now Josie's tired of watching beautiful women throw themselves at the one man who has always been there for her, and even winning has become losing if it means the man who takes her home from the bar isn'’t Jack. She knows how to get other men to fall at her feet, but will the same moves work on her best friend? In love and lust, it's all about Playing The Game...
    The story appealed to my exbarhoppingself. And was well written and doesn't take itself too seriously. Yes you still have your biggest cock evah exmanwhore but nothing is better than the tamed beast.

    I need to pick up Opening the Door and White Wedding the two novellas that follow this tale and I think finish up the story of Jack and Josie.

    For more info on the author, you can find her blog, here. Do give a shout if you try or have read this story. Would love to hear what you think!

    Next Megan Hart: Lonesome Bride


    Review: When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, HelenKay Dimon
    When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys by Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Helenkay Dimon

    review is up

    Go forth and read... then buy 40 copies ;)
    Musical Chairs with Sidebar topics
    WoOT! The ever wonderful maili is moving my sidebar stuff around to make it better!

    So if you don't see it on the left, uh look to the right *g*. I have started to link to blogs that review ebooks under - EBUZZ. If you do them and you are not there, let me know!

    AND if you know of review sites that do ereviews - link me. I shall check them out. I am not interested in sites that almost always give good reviews a la romance junkies.

    EBUZZ: It's What's for Dinner!

    You will notice I am putting up covers as I read ebooks or have read them and plan to blog them. It will say Review Coming Soon (month if I have it) or Read Me if the review is already there. Just click the sentence. Most of the summaries will be from the authors site or the publishers. Since I want to do 1 to 3 a day I am looking for quick!

    I will still be sending in Ebooks for review to AAR or posting full ebook reviews on my blog. But it will say Review:title vs EBUZZ:title. The newer titles and or new out in print will generally be the longer one unless it is requested by the author.

    Thanks for all the emails!

    The Guest Author Day - dates will be posted when I have a few more firm dates and authors names lined up for the bad boy and Aphrodisia week.

    I am talking with some authors about doing an Avon Red week... Samhain week... and Secret week - Do any of these appeal to you guys? Mainly it will be a Q/A, post by the author to tie in with the subject of their book and an excerpt. Contests will be up to the author or group of authors to decide. Yes I can guess everyone is pro contest with free books as prizes ;).

    Anything else you guys on interested in knowing about the authors or lines? post here or email me! redwyne at gmail dot com

    Thanks! Off to work with me...
    EBuzz: Wish List by Sylvia Day

    Wish List by Sylvia Day

    Wish List was apart of EC's White Hot Holiday quickies. Just in case the title didn't give it away, it is a Christmas story.

    When Nicholas James draws Stephanie Martin's name in their law firm's Secret Santa exchange he knows he's in for a merry Christmas, if he can figure out what to give the woman he's wanted for months. When he works late and finds a crumpled piece of paper listing Steph's personal wish list, he knows he is in luck. Because all Steph wants for Christmas is him, in a number of naughty ways.

    And not-so saintly Nick is going to make every one of her carnal wishes come true.

    Read ME
    I am going to be completely honest and say, Steph was pretty damn dumb for writing such a thing down - at work - during a meeting - and then throwing it away without tearing it up into lil bitty pieces - or eating the list.

    But hey, in this case Santa is very good to her for being dumb. I do have to say I am a touch paranoid as well so, the whole never evah write anything down that has very a 5% chance of ever being found, could just be me.

    Then you have the part where, for a lawyer, Nicholas James, is leaving himself open for a HUGE sexual harrasment case. hee but hey it works here... Wish List is a coworker to lovers story, which gives the reader a built in background. Think friends to lover with more of a chance of causing a headache later. But again... hey it works here *g*.

    Nicholas is a good boyfriend but a serial one, you know the type that goes for monagomy. Just with different women, frequently, hell he is even still friends with most of his ex's. The issue with Steph is before the word ex's, he would have the word 'many'. Like any good ladies man, Nicholas has found 'the' woman and is ready to settle down into Happy Ever After. The problem is he needs to figure that out, and then convence Steph of it.

    And that is our story. Short, sweet, holiday fun... with a bow around the cock and steam on top. Great story! And fun read, no matter the time of year. Nothing like Christmas in April!

    ho ho ho ;) If you have read it, do tell us if you enjoyed it. And if you read it, let us know if it worked for you! What are your favorite Christmas E-tales?


    A year in review... sort of 1999

    YES we are gonna party like it is 1999... (you knew that was coming didn't you?)

    1999 RRA-L Romance Awards Nominees and Winners
    All the nominees are listed, with the first, second, and third place winners are noted in order.

    ohhhh something new... I like the listing of first, second and third place
    hee but that could just be me ;)

    The Best of the best 1999, RRA style

    1. Best Series Romance:
    __1___The Admiral's Bride by Suzanne Brockmann (SIM 962)
    __2___Passion of Patrick McNeill by Virginia Kantra (SIM 906)
    __3___Rio Grande Wedding by Ruth Wind (SIM 964)
    The Doctor's Wife by Cheryl St. John (Harl Hist 481)
    Lady Sarah's Son by Gayle Wilson (Harl Hist 483)
    Awwww TDW didn't place! I am a huge St. John fan and I really love this book. If you like historicals, give it a shot. Not her best evah, but still good.

    2. Best Contemporary Single Title Romance:
    __1___Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __2___Heartthrob by Suzanne Brockmann
    __3___Summer's End by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    Taming the Night by Paula Detmer Riggs
    When Venus Fell by Deborah Smith
    SEP and Brockmann are two I am so going to stock up on when I get money again.

    3. Best Historical Single Title Romance:
    __1___The Wild Child by Mary Jo Putney
    __2___The Proposition by Judith Ivory
    __3___The Lady's Tutor by Robin Schone
    His Stolen Bride by Judith Stanton
    Ransom by Julie Garwood
    Ransom is historical? I so thought it was a contemp. The Lady's Tutor! Robin Schone! Can't wait for her next book!

    4. Best Traditional Regency Romance:
    __1___Cupid's Kiss by Karen Harbaugh
    __2___His Grace Endures by Emma Jensen
    __3___The Holly and the Ivy by Elisabeth Fairchild
    The Captain's Courtship by Kate Huntington
    Miss Treadwell's Talent by Barbara Metzger

    5. Best Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Adventure:
    __1___Loyalty in Death by J.D. Robb
    __2___All the Queen's Men by Linda Howard
    __3___The Bodyguard by Suzanne Brockmann
    River's End by Nora Roberts
    Taming the Night by Paula Detmer Riggs

    6. Best Alternative Realities or Time Travel Romance:
    __1___Conspiracy in Death by J. D. Robb
    __2___Touch of the Wolf by Susan Krinard
    __3___The More I See You by Lynn Kurland
    Dark Prince by Christine Feehan
    The Night Drifter by Susan Carroll
    I have Dark Prince! And would like to read it but after that one I think I will be done with that series. It doesn't look like they are coming out in MM and I refuse to buy those ugly not!tradesizenot!MM books. Really should try Krinard as well.

    7. Best Love and Laughter Romance Award:
    __1___Crazy for You by Jennifer Crusie
    __2___Lady be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __3___Charming the Prince by Teresa Medeiros
    Razzle Dazzle by Lisa Hendrix
    Truly Madly Yours by Rachel Gibson
    Charming the Prince was good. I love a well done story based on a fairytale, note the phrase well done. Medeiros seems to do this well, or is that did?

    8. Best Romantic Novel outside the Romance Genre:
    __1___A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold
    __2___Lake News by Barbara Delinsky
    __3___The Veiled Web by Catherine Asaro
    Run Jane Run by Maureen Tan
    The Master of All Desires by Judith Merkle Riley
    Never read a Asaro but I might one day just because of avid reader ;)

    9. Best All-Around 1999 Romance:
    __1___The Proposition by Judith Ivory
    __2___The Wild Child by Mary Jo Putney
    __3___Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Secrets of the Night by Jo Beverley
    Summer's End by Kathleen Gilles Seidel


    10. Best Contemporary Author of 1999:
    __1___Suzanne Brockmann
    __2___Nora Roberts
    __3___Jennifer Crusie
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    sure why not... haven't read any of them yet ;)

    11. Best Historical Romance Author of 1999:
    __1___Jo Beverley
    __2___Judith Ivory
    __3___Mary Jo Putney
    Robin Schone
    Susan Wiggs
    The few I have read of Wiggs have been great. So wish she would do historicals again.

    12. Best Series/Category Author of 1999:
    __1___Suzanne Brockmann
    __2___Ruth Wind
    __3___Lori Foster
    Rachel Lee
    Nora Roberts
    Have to agree Foster does/did some great categories (shush Tara ;) )

    13. Best Regency Author of 1999:
    __1___Emma Jensen
    __2___Karen Harbaugh
    __3___Barbara Metzger
    Karen Harbaugh
    Kate Huntington

    14. Best All-Around Romance Author of 1999:
    __1___Nora Roberts
    __2___Mary Jo Putney
    __3___Suzanne Brockmann
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Kathleen Gilles Seidel


    15. Best All-Time Historical Romance:
    __1___Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
    __2___Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
    __3___The Secret by Julie Garwood
    Petals in the Storm by Mary Jo Putney
    Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught
    Everytime I see the title Petals in the Storm I think Petals in the Wind. hee oh look LoS and FftS. I am not a fan of Flowers, not at all my fave Kinsale. I really need to make time to reread a few of hers, or heck finish her backlist since I have them all.

    16. Best All-Time Contemporary Romance:
    __1___Dream Man by Linda Howard
    __2___It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __3___Again by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    Born in Shame by Nora Roberts
    Sunshine and Shadows by Sharon and Tom Curtis
    Dream Man is coming up soon to read on my list of Linda Howards.

    17. Best All-Time Regency Romance:
    __1___Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
    __2___Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer
    __3___The Rake and the Reformer by Mary Jo Putney
    An Arranged Marriage by Jo Beverley
    The Temporary Wife by Mary Balogh
    The Temporary Wife... I might have read this one. never read the others and not a Austen fan.

    18. Best All-Time Series Romance:
    __1___MacKenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard (SIM 445)
    __2___Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie
    __3___A Rose for Maggie by Kathleen Korbel (SIM 396)
    A Crime of the Heart by Cheryl Reavis (SSE 487)
    The Last Chance Ranch by Ruth Wind (SSE 977)
    MM! Great book! And I now have Anyone But You to read because Avid Readers says so. I want ACotH but haven't gotten it yet.

    19. Best Romance of All Time:
    __1___Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
    __2___Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
    __3___Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer
    Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
    Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught
    MORNING GLORY! I so need to rebuy this.

    20. Best All-Around Romance Author of All Time:
    __1___Nora Roberts
    __2___Jayne Ann Krentz
    __3___Georgette Heyer
    Mary Jo Putney
    LaVyrle Spencer

    WoOT! we are about to enter into 2000... are you excited? I am *eg*
    stupid things sybil does

    or thinks of doing...

    I am broker than broke. Really. And I have a ton of books to review and want to do one to three ebook blog reviews for my EBUZZ thing a day (granted I have read a shit load I just haven't blog yet).

    So what do I want to do? buy His Wicked Kiss


    it was already gone from the AAR list, or wasn't sent to AAR... and I have never emailed with GF... and I have no book fairy from her publisher...

    I will be strong! Oh yes I will be. But I still want it. le sigh

    Of course I want Parlor Games, Angel in My Bed and a few others as well. I will be strong. Oh yes I will be.
    Review: Haunted by Kelley Armstrong

    The long awaited review

    Kelley Armstrong has a wicked cool website, go check it out.

    review to come....
    Mine, Mine, Mine: My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys by Teresa Bodwell, Lorraine Heath and Georgina Gentry
    My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys by Teresa Bodwell, Lorraine Heath and Georgina Gentry

    Well at least in the mail to be mine! hee
    Review soon....
    A Few Things Bloggish, bookish and ebookish
    1. There seems to be a smartquote issue going on so older posts with ', ..., and other things are showing up funky. I have emailed maili. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, if not I will manually fix it. Sorry!

    2. I am going to try to post ebook reviews every day, 1 to 3 (I have quite a few read that just need to be blogged). If you have a new book you want reviewed feel free to email me and if I have it I will add it to the list. If I don't have it and you want to provide a copy, I will add it to the list. But do keep in mind I am putting up good and bad reviews but promise to spell your name correctly *g*. My aim is is Ebuzz.

    3. If you have been doing Ebook reviews, post here! I am going to add some links to the side bar on the left. If you are going to start doing Ebook reviews let me know and I shall add you when they start going up. Even if it is just one or so a month... Ebuzz! It is what's for dinner!

    4. I plan on starting guest author day soon, you are welcome to request to do it but this is aimed at books 'I' rate highly. BUT I am putting together a Bad Boy Week (Aug) and a Aphrodisia week. Where a different author with the line will have a day. I am thinking about doing a Secrets week but haven't gotten that far. If you are apart of either line with a book out or coming out (at anytime) and are interested, email me and I will let you know what I need from you.

    5. I am going to try and line up some interviews with Epublishers. If you are a reader and have a question you would like answered either post it or email me. I can't promise it will be answered or what publishers will agree to an interview but I am gonna try. Hey! EBUZZ.... see cece I listen ;)

    That email for any of the above would be:
    redwyne at gmail dot com

    le sigh... it is such a shame someone decided I have to work for a living, really I would rather play with books
    Mine, Mine, Mine: Ask For It by Sylvia Day

    Ask For It by Sylvia Day is mine mine mine. WOOT! The ARC has arrived!

    hee now to see if the spies work for me ;)

    Summary from site:
    England, 1770. Beneath the silk and lace of London society lies a secret, elite organization of spies. Protecting the Crown from its enemies is hazardous, but for Marcus Ashford, protecting his heart from an unyielding passion is the far greater peril...


    As an agent to the Crown, Marcus Ashford, the Earl of Westfield, has fought numerous sword fights, been shot twice, and dodged more than any man's fair share of cannon fire. And yet nothing excites him more than the primitive hunger his former fiance, Elizabeth, arouses. Years ago, she'd jilted him for the boyishly charming Lord Hawthorne. But now, the elegant widow is his to defend, and he will do so while tending to her other, more carnal needs, showing her the depth of a real man's desire...


    Dangerous secrets led to the murder of Lady Hawthorne's husband. Secrets she now holds in a diary many would kill to obtain. But to entrust herself to the protection of the most seductive man she's ever known? Outrageous. Unthinkable. Irresistible. For it was Marcus's strong passions and burning desire that frightened her into abandoning him years ago-and her answering craving has never waned. Now, he means to be at her service, in every sense. And perhaps the only sensible course isn't to resist temptation, but to surrender to it completely...

    read the excerpt
    More from Jordan Summers....

    interesting news....

    Raelene Gorlinsky of Ellora's Cave announced that the company will be launching a Regency line in the fall. They aren't interested in previously published books, only new submissions. These will NOT be erotic romances. We're talking sweet Regencies. So if you know anyone who writes these books, give them a heads up.

    I wonder how that will sell.
    Blaze goes Sybil and I don't mean that in a good way
    I mean that in the movie way not me way...

    The ever wonderful jordan posts about about romance and romantica and updates us on some finding from the Desert Dreams Conference.

    Jordan writes
    I'm going to start with Brenda Chin's talk about what Harlequin Blaze has in store over the next year and a half. First let me say that Brenda is extremely patient with confused authors. No, I won't elaborate. *g* Blush. Now to the good stuff. Harlequin plans to add Temptations' Wrong Bed to the Blaze lineup. They are also going to continue 24hrs and add Secret Santa, Valentine's Curse, Under-construction (think Lucky Vanos (sp) in the diet Coke commercial), Forbidden Fantasies, Adrenaline Rush (action/adventures), Desperate Housewives, and a 'Just' series.

    As if action/adventures weren't cool enough, starting this year Blaze is going to release Gothics (written in 1st and 3rd person), a series called Perfect Timing (time-travels), Vampires, and a 'Ground Hog Day' (where the day repeats) sort of book. If these books do well, they will continue to buy more.

    I'll be honest, I was jazzed after listening to this talk. Brenda said she wants people to stop thinking about Blaze as a category line. She wants stories that read like single titles. The fact they're open to first and third person POV in the same book is fantastic. Did I mention paranormals? Oh yeah.
    I can see how that is nifty for a writer but as a reader... well I don't think it is so nifty.

    And I haven't completely wrapped my arms around why yet. I agree the category seems to be in trouble. But isn't Blaze a line that is doing well? Or isn't it? To my readerself, when I pick up a Blaze I want a hot, a fast paced read and one heavy on character. Why do away with the Temptation line to try and push it into a Blaze format? Why do Blaze Chick-lit when there are other lines this fits into.

    It is just me? Do other readers want a potluck Blaze? Will there be a different logo for each Blaze category? Will the line be a category within a category?

    speaking of new Harlequins....

    I want
    Tease by Suzanne Forster. Since I am broker than broke and don't see being about to get this any times soon, anyone have a good Suzanne Forster rec of a past book? In case you haven't seen, Spice has a sale going on Buy 1 get the second 1/2 price

    And regardless of how good this is, do we need or want 13 dollar Harlequins?

    I still want
    The Texan's Forbidden Affair by Peggy Moreland. le sigh, same as above, anyone have a good Peggy Moreland rec of a past book? Lucky for me the closest Half Price Books to me sells all there Harq. books for a DOLLAR! So I am hoping this one shows up soon.

    I want as well
    Wed Under Western Skies by Carolyn Davidson and Jenna Kernan and Cheryl St.John. I am hoping Wendy reads it soon and doesn't want to keep it. And wants to send it to me ;).

    I also need
    From the First by Jessica Bird.

    And in cool news
    And in cool news Sarah McCarty sold a new four-book vampire series to Leslie Wainger at Harlequin HQN. Wonder if it is going to be a Blaze, Spice or what...

    So what happens? Somehow I get signed up for Harlequins reader service, still not sure WHICH one and what free books do I get sent? Leaving Normal and You've Got Male yeah, I need to send these back cuz fuckital if I am gonna be on the reader service it needs to be HH, Spice or Blaze (depending on what happens with this).
    EBUZZ: The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed

    The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed was recommend to me by the oh so fab karens and it really is a good read.

    summary from site:
    Imagine a world where a woman's every pleasure, every wish and wildest fantasy is granted by the man of her dreams. Such is Avalon, an elite, private club in Washington, D.C., that caters solely to female desires. There, magazine reporter Billie Cort meets Adrian, the club's most infamous companion, with the intent to interview him for an article on high-dollar male escorts. Billie can't foresee, however, how quickly Adrian will strip her defenses and expose her true desires…and in the process, fulfill his own yearning for love.
    Yes this goes back to my curiosity with sex workers and my love of the novel Fallen from Grace by Laura Leone.

    Billie and Adrian both read like real people, with what could be real lives, while trying to make the best of the cards they were dealt. I don't think this has the emotional punch of FfG and there are quite a few points that are the same in both books but there are enough differences that I didn't start to compare the two until after I was finished reading TFF.

    Reed has an great voice and handles a difficult and oddish romance plot well. This is a great introduction to her and I look forward to reading more of her work.

    read the excerpt

    Next Shelby Reed: Holiday Inn


    EBUZZ: Lonesome Bride by Megan Hart

    Did not finish... beware spoilers ahead

    Lonesome Bride is more of a historical novel than erotic romance. And it so didn't work for me, in fact I couldn't finish it. And that was too bad because the story had a great setup.
    Mail-order bride Caitleen O'’Neal assumes the man who arrives at the train station to pick her up is the man she'’s agreed to marry. After all, he introduces himself as Jed Peters, the name on the papers the preacher gave her to sign. When a night of unexpected lovemaking turns Jed surly instead of sappy, Caite can'’t understand why. Only when they finally reach the ranch in Lonesome, Montana, does Caite discover the reason for her lover's cold shoulder. He'’s Jed Peters, all right. Jed Junior, and the white-haired man standing next to the woman he'’s just wed is Jed's father...the man Caite has come all the way from Pennsylvania to marry...
    It is annoying that Jed is pissy with Caitleen for fucking him, when he could have NOT screwed her. But hey typical alphaasshat to be redeemed later hero.

    But Caitleen is why the term TSTL was created. I tried to keep going and push on after each stupid move she made. But the kicker was when she decided to become a school teacher, arrived in town with Jed, shared a room with him, followed him into a SALOON, played poker with him and 'the boys', got falling down drunk, loudly went back to that one room with him, screwed him and THEN was surprised that the whole town knew and the head school teacher treated her like the slut she was behaving like. I don't care she was a virgin and only gave herself to Jeb. This is the old west, woman did not play poker in saloons and get fucking drunk unless they were whores in the saloon to turn a trick or two. This isn't news. The fact she did it wasn't the biggest eyeroll moment as was her shock women were cutting her.

    And to keep moaning and whining afterward about her rep and STILL turn down Jeb's marriage offer was too much. As was the whole, climb out the window, be stupid and ride a horse out of town ALONE. I just couldn't make myself care anymore at that point.

    Did not finish... do tell if you did and what you thought of it. Although I can't see it getting better.

    Next Megan Hart: Pot of Gold and Emerald Isle


    A year in review... sort of 1998

    1998 RRA-L Romance Awards Nominees and Winners
    The winner in each category is denoted by an asterisk.

    yes more... :)

    Best of 1998 RRA style
    (1) Best Series Romance:
    (Long and Short categories have been combined)
    *For Christmas, Forever by Ruth Wind (SIM 898)
    The Husband She Couldn't Remember by Maggie Shayne (SIM 854)
    Fantasy by Lori Foster (Harl. Temptation 675)
    Upon a Midnight Clear by Suzanne Brockmann (SIM 896)
    A Perfect Hero by Paula Detmer Riggs (SIM 889)
    hmmm combo here.. did the category start to die a slow death in 98? I want to read Maggie Shayne and Brockmann but haven't yet.

    (3) Best Contemporary Single Title Romance:
    *Dream a Little Dream by Susan E. Phillips
    The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
    Baby, I'm Yours by Susan Andersen
    Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts
    Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson
    I have The Perfect Husband written down but forget why. SA? Didn't you just read this Renee?

    (4) Best Historical Single Title Romance:
    *The Last Hellion by Loretta Chase
    Sleeping Beauty by Judith Ivory
    My Dearest Enemy by Connie Brockway
    Stranger in My Arms by Lisa Kleypas
    That Scandalous Evening by Christina Dodd
    Wild by Jill Barnett
    The Drifter by Susan Wiggs
    Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens
    Haven't read this Chase. Can't recall if this is the JI I read or not. ::duckes kristie and avid reader:: I don't really care for her voice. Love this Brockway! Haven't read this Kleypas. Have the Barnett to read. Loved Devil's Bride and The Drifter.

    (5) Best Regency Romance:
    *The Last Waltz by Mary Balogh
    The Magnificent Marquess by Gail Eastwood
    Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind by Carla Kelly
    Miss Lockharte's Letter by Barbara Metzger
    Cupid's Darts by Karen Harbaugh

    (6) Best Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Adventure:
    *Kill and Tell by Linda Howard
    Legend by Laura Baker
    French Quarter by Stella Cameron
    Now You See Her by Linda Howard
    Holiday in Death by J.D. Robb
    Jade Island by Elizabeth Lowell
    The Face of Deception by Iris Johansen
    haven't read either Howard... And this is one of last (recently published) Lowell's I have read. The series didn't hit with me like her older stuff.

    (7) Best Alternative Realities or Time Travel Romance:
    *Holiday in Death by J. D. Robb
    The Last Viking by Sandra Hill
    Eternity by Maggie Shayne
    Mine to Take by Dara Joy
    The Very Thought of You by Lynn Kurland
    Liked Mine to Take

    (8) Best Love and Laughter Romance Award:
    *Dream a Little Dream by Susan E. Phillips
    The Last Viking by Sandra Hill
    The Last Hellion by Loretta Chase
    Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson
    Four to Score by Janet Evanovich
    Nobody's Darling by Teresa Medeiros
    OH! I do want to read Nobody's Darling! It is tbr (western)

    (9) Best All-Around 1998 Romance:
    *Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Baby, I'm Yours by Susan Andersen
    Wild by Jill Barnett
    Stranger in My Arms by Lisa Kleypas
    Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson
    Devil's Bride by Stephanie Laurens
    Mine to Take by Dara Joy
    Tell Me Lies by Jennifer Crusie


    10. Best Contemporary Author:
    *Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Nora Roberts
    Rachel Gibson
    Deborah Smith
    Linda Howard
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    Theresa Weir

    11. Best Historical Romance Author:
    *Loretta Chase
    Mary Jo Putney
    Maggie Osborne
    Jill Barnett
    Stephanie Laurens
    Susan Wiggs

    12. Best Series/Category Author:
    *Suzanne Brockmann
    Anne Stuart
    Ruth Wind
    Lori Foster
    Nora Roberts

    13. Best Regency Author:
    *Mary Balogh
    Karen Harbaugh
    Barbara Metzger
    Patricia Oliver
    Carla Kelly

    14. Best All-Around Romance Author:
    *Nora Roberts
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Teresa Medeiros
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    Loretta Chase
    Linda Howard


    15. Best All-Time Historical Romance:
    *Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
    Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught
    River of Fire by Mary Jo Putney
    Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
    Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale

    16. Best All-Time Contemporary Romance:
    *It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    A Place to Call Home by Deborah Smith
    Dream Man by Linda Howard
    Sunshine and Shadows by Sharon and Tom Curtis
    Perfect by Judith McNaught

    17. Best All-Time Regency Romance:
    *One Perfect Rose by Mary Jo Putney
    The Vampire Viscount by Karen Harbaugh
    The Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer
    The Ideal Wife by Mary Balogh
    Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla Kelly

    18. Best All-Time Series Romance:
    *MacKenzie's Mountain by Linda Howard
    A Rose for Maggie by Kathleen Korbel
    The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie
    Lightning That Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis
    That Same Old Feeling by Judith Duncan

    19. Best Romance of All Time:
    *Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale
    Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson
    If You Believe by Kristin Hannah
    Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
    Sunshine and Shadows by Sharon and Tom Curtis

    20. Best All-Around Romance Author:
    *Nora Roberts
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Mary Jo Putney
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    Linda Howard
    all the same... So does that make them the best of the best?
    No stairway? Denied!
    Am I supposed to be a man? Am I supposed to say 'That's ok! I don't mind!! I don't mind!!' Well, I mind! I mind big time! And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ!!

    click quote for more quotes and rambling

    "But what I'd really like is to do "Wayne's World" for a living. It might happen, tsshyeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt."
    I have spent the last hour or so not being able to sleep and going through email. It has been neglected over the last few days (working so cuts into my important activities). And I noticed an email from Whiskeycreek Press.

    "But what I'd really like is to do "Wayne's World" for a living. It might happen, tsshyeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt."
    I have spent the last hour or so not being able to sleep and going through email. It has been neglected over the last few days (working so cuts into my important activities). And I noticed an email from Whiskey Creek Press.
    "Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?"
    I had forgotten that after posting about Spring Fling I had requested a copy to review. I have never read a book from WCP nor can I recall reading a review for them. But I have 'heard' of them before so I have to have read about them, which to my mind translates to a review - some where. I judged for Passionate Ink and signed up for their newsletter, this book was listed in the last addition.
    "We're not worthy!!!"
    Turns out they do not send review copies to blogs. Which I can understand in a way but got me thinking about Cece's recent post and how people decide to purchase ebooks. For me it would be reviews I trust at AAR or The Romance Reader (meaning reviews that generally have the same taste as I do), email newsletters (that "I" sign up for) and word of mouth.
    "I mean, Led Zeppelin didn't write tunes that everyone liked. They left that to the Bee Gees."
    So I put Whiskey Creek Press into the blogger search thing and the last post I see from a reader was me, go figure. Other than that there are few posts by writers for WCP, but they are authors I haven't read with blogs I have rarely been to if ever. So maybe that is why I don't know much about Whiskey Creek Press...
    "She will be mine. Oh yes. She will be mine."
    I could request it from AAR to review but really, I can't recall AAR reviewing Whiskey Creek Press. I would think they have or that could be why I have never heard of WCP. Other than AAR and The Romance Reader, the books I read, want or covet come from word of mouth which generally means blogs.
    "Oh. Wayne will understand right away. NOT. Excuse me?"
    I could buy the book. Since I know nothing of the books they normally publish and I have only tried one of the authors before I don't see that happening. There are books I want on the 'to be bought' list that would come before an unknown I wanted to read out of curiosity and interest to try something new.
    "Turn it off, man! Turn it off! It's sucking my will to live!"
    Or I could just use it as an excuse to post quotes from Wayne's World. I did have a point here before I became amused with Wayne's World.
    "Well, you know what you can do with your show? You can- (airplane drains out the words) till the handle breaks off and you need to get a doctor to pull it out again!!"
    I think I was gonna say something along the lines of 'I agree with Cece' but why say something in four words I can say with quotes and a long oddish ramble?
    "Do you accept cash? CHA-CHING!!"
    Just an odd side question - Is it normal for a ebook publisher to charge to put the book in print? If so that sucks.
    "I once thought I had mono for a whole year. Turns out I was just really bored."
    I have the page marked to do a list of ebook publishers like the one I did for romantica here but haven't gotten to it yet. But I didn't think EC or the like charged.
    "Let's do the scooby- doo ending!"
    Ok, I am stopping now. Feel free to post rec's to WCP reviews or rec authors ;).
    Garth Algar: Party on, Wayne.
    Wayne Campbell: Party on, Garth.
    all quotes belong to someone like Mike Meyers or Dana Carvey or some studio that begins with a P, not me.
    Has blogger been acting funky?

    Or is it just me it hates?

    I am the biggest dork in the whole world. And the amount of time I took to post a bunch of silly wayne's world quotes should shame me, seriously. hee

    Now I shall go watch the movie ;). And hope like fucking mad I am not getting sick because my head feels like cotton, my body is achy and my eyes itchy. Sick is so not something I can afford to do right now!
    It begs to question....
    Are the majority of ebook READERS also WRITERS?

    Or are most just quiet and nicole and I loud mouths? I am not picking on the authors at all, I am just surprised but I guess not shocked that there aren't more plain ol readers.
    Review: Deep Breath by Alison Kent

    review up

    Go forth and read the review and get the book.
    Linda Howard Reading update

    Duncan's Bride... read, liked and thought it was surprisingly good

    Overload... didn't like near as much as I thought I would from the blurb. I love a good blackout, stuck in the heat oh gosh we must take off our clothes to survive story! What? Like you don't. hmph. But don't know. I will think on it more later. My brain is fried.

    Sarah's Child... trying to read... for three days now... uh I want to slap her but feel guilty for it in a way. Not sure if that will get better or not. Or it could be my mood. Which is below suckage at this point.

    Who knows.
    AAR interview with Howard from 2000 that has the authors takes on Sarah's Child. And a couple of other interesting things. Did that website go up and come down? Or just never happen?

    What were the two category books she did after this book? Anyone know?
    More Judith Ivory not so new news

    at Where's my Hero?

    Is this good news or bad news?
    In Love with Love
    Romance novels have come a long way and heroines can now happily dabble in erotica, writes Kate Cuthbert
    from The Courier-Mail

    I haven't read this yet but thought someone might be interested in an erotica-boom article ;). Got to go. See ya laters!

    I started this in response to D.'s post Heathitis ,you say? Is it fatal?, her request for Elizabeth Lowell rec's (to be posted) and the comment about why anyone would want to read a western... I got a lil long. Shocking I know!

    I am from texas. I have lived here all my life. And omg I am a bad texan. I don't think I would date a cowboy if you paid me. I wouldn't be caught dead in a cowboy hat. Only boots I own have heels and I lament repeatedly that my parents bought land on what use to be a ranch and now live out in the sticks with bugs. Or the Hill Country, whatever you want to call it, the thing I stick on are the bugs and no easy access to a fast internet connection.

    So ummm real isn't what I get out of the western. [of course saying all that, the next guy I date will end up being a cowboy... oy you think after X-Files, Deadwood, Romance Novels and westerns I would know whatever I mock I am gonna love later]

    I like the 'western' idea.

    And as wendy pointed out on kristie's blog, westerns seem to lend themselves to great 'themes'. Want a good cabin romances, you and me against the world, the fight for survival vs fight for a Duke to marry or just a road romance - you will find one in a western. Some really really good ones.

    Keep in mind I don't read romance to fall in love with the hero or the heroine or to want be the heroine. I read them because I want to fall in love with story, with the characters and their love for each other and the idea of a perfect HEA that is forever and evah.

    Westerns should be dirty (not in a good, Sarah McCarthy or Diana Whiteside way *eg*... that is a pun... really no issues with sex... I am very pro sex... no erotica authors were harmed in that statement), think Deadwood. I mean how can you ride through mountains on horse back, with little clothes, living off the land and want to have hot sweaty sex with anyone? But I can get around them not being dirty, most heroines have their ways of keeping clean... I can go with it. And of course the hero is always the one of few guys in the area who care about keeping clean but again, I want to believe!

    And I have found more than one western to make me believe. Hell I am not even one for second chance type romances but westerns can make me buy what they are selling.

    So what westerns have you read and loved? Are you still a western virgin? If so look for some rec's... hopefully tonight depending on how late I have to work. If not for sure this weekend.

    And now that I know how to use the expandable thing, look for Elizabeth Lowell recs... whheee! But first I have to go... be back soon!
    Dear Author buzzzzzzzz
    Go forth and play

    Dear Author Wants YOU to talk ebooks
    EBUZZ: Ebooks Rock take two

    ETS: With orders from Maili and Nic I will try and blog about these books this weekend. Depends on my schedule. Most of these I have read and there are more I will even put a break in my linda howard glom to do it! Which if a certain author would email me a certain book I have been whining about, I can add that to. hee

    And I have a great book to read from a contest that must be blogged about now. So I will just be ebook central. (yes I fear the power of maili and nic who has a great post up you should read.)

    So from now on, because maili knows my password and shit :) I shall post at least two ebook rec's a week! [it could happen] Really need to do that tag things. ok my drugged self must go to sleep. When all else fails take ambien, to sleep not read, which means I could so not recall posting this in the morning.

    As do their publishers. Well I can't speak to them all, yet. But two of them I lurve muchly right now.
    BC (before crash) I bought The Boy Next Door by Nicole Austin.

    It sounded like great fun. And I had to have it.

    Even though I have tons of Ellora's Cavebooks. I have some read to blog about, some I want to talk about, tons to read and tons I want.

    Fine! I have no impulse control.

    But then it gets worse better... because while debating about buying TBND, I go check out Samhain.

    Yep... a site that has tons of books coming out I want to talk about, tons I have I want to talk about.
    Not even counting the ones I have TO BE READ.

    See where this is going?

    So I buy Hunters Pride by Shiloh Walker. And then the great CRASH of 2006 happens. An even better crash than the one of 2005 because I lost EVERYTHING that wasn't in my gmail account. Now I have this fear of ebooks, it is true. I worry my computer will crash and I will lose them.

    ::pause for irony::

    So I try to send all ebooks to my gmail account. You can access anywhere. The storage is HUGE. And it is free. Win, Win, Win. Yeah... so these stories I hadn't had a chance to email to myself. Hadn't read them either. So alas they were lost to me.

    So I send off an email (using the receipt email from the purchase) to Ellora's Cave and Samhain. I am very happy to report they both emailed me back this morning and I now have copies of my stories again.

    No trouble, no begging and they were both great about it, sort of makes a person want to buy more ebooks ;).