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    It is official
    I am so not well and need to join book buyers anonymous or something.

    I picked up Lord of Sin by Madeline Hunter. I think for Rosario but I must go check. But it was at the half price store and looked so sad. And really as you can see clearly Rosario needs more books :).

    I picked up Lawless by Diana Palmer because I adore this book muchly and kristie needed it. In a cw needed Return of The Warrior sort of way but still...

    And I picked up Anne Stuart's Winter's Edge. Why, you ask while shaking your head, because it was a $1. I have never even read AS. And I picked up Linda Howard's Against the Rules and Loving Evangeline for the same $1 reason. I remember liking Against the Rules though.

    I also picked up Jo Leigh's Hush. I have never read her and would like to but fuck me if I know when I will get to read it. Same goes for Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan.

    Add on top of that The Outsiders by Penelope Williamson and oh about 20 other books I have gotten from the trade group. And 3 books to review.

    Really I am so not well... I have resorted to buying books for other people they don't even know they need to get my fix. oooooer

    MUST go finish a review. And finish Only for a Knight. Then I really need to read at least one of my Aspen Gold books - must have all four done by the 8th! hmmm so this holiday I plan on reading:

    Only for a Knight
    Sins of the Night
    The River Devil
    AGB 1
    AGB 2
    AGB 3
    AGB 4 (don't think I can blog them or their titles until after the 8th)
    The Lady Lies
    Lady Savage

    Oh and I plan on bitching about The Marriage Bed at some point this weekend. Really after two reads of a book you don't even like it would be a crime to not blog it.

    And I am going to start reviewing for an online romance site. I shall talk more about that after my first review goes up. They might come to their senses and decide I am too much trouble :).
    doing as I say...
    links links links

    mix and match:

    way back machine
    the internet remembers everything, well almost everything - you have a link that is now dead, wayback it. You might find fun and laughs you have long forgotten. Or you may find that thing you did, that you forgot about, is still on the net.

    Drug Information site. What can we say I am american ;)

    The Smoking Gun
    They are watching you. Court case files and other interesting and scary things.

    George Carlin
    He amuses me, I am sure that surprise no one.

    Women in Greek Myths
    Something else that amuses me.

    You are Old Father William
    poem out of Carroll's Alice and Wonderland...

    Home page for everyone who loves the Marquis De Sade
    hmmm I am thinking this is something I looked up after seeing the movie Quills. I have about two or three DeSade sites marked. Oddly enough I have never read anything by him.

    I own a few of these as does the lil sister. Go sing with the intro, send a duck-o-gram or just wonder about what the fuck goes through my mind

    More fun with DUCKS
    puzzles, calendars, screen savers oh my

    Good Vibrations Magazine
    sex sex and more sex in a very positive way.... when did Violet Blue stop working with GV?
    oooooohhhhhhhh I think my blog rating just went NC-17

    X-Files Transcripts
    read it while you watch... ahhhh or just pick an ep and remember when

    The X-Files In-Jokes List
    You want to know how many times scully says: "Mulder, it's me" in an ep - they know

    The X-Files Timeline
    Conspiracy Timeline (although it prolly still won't make sense)
    X-Files Time... breaking it all down man

    got a question on david duchovny or if you just want to look at the pretty - gertie has it. As well as a wide arrangement of other sites on other celebs.

    LOOK more X-Files
    quotes quotes quotes

    Road Runners
    general x-files fan site - WHAT jo told me too

    Gillian Anderson's Official Website
    uh the title says it all

    USA Weekend Mag transcript of GA interviewing DD
    by this time in the post, the fact that I have this bookmarked should shock no one...

    Gossamer Project
    The place to find X-Files fic... old, new, good, bad, long, short - it is here

    The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
    again - title says it all

    Are you pondering what I'm pondering

    Tomato Nation
    tre funny

    The Onion
    America's Finest News Source (tm)
    A farcical newspaper featuring world, national and community news.

    DEADWOOD Stage
    deadwood message board, with spoilers

    ok I have wasted enough time, it is sad how many broken links I have in my favorties
    Keeping Maili Amused
    aka sybil's being nosy

    see the title sounds so much better than the truth...

    On your blog, paste the following:
    Post five (or more if you want) links from your favorites. It can be anything, book related or not. Come on show us something snarky, bitchy, smutty, funny, silly, dirty, or whatever.

    Then do it! Post here so I can go be nosy later, I mean maili can find more websites to amuse her!

    I must go to work so I shall post some links later and promise not to do more than one X-Files site. Come on you know you wanna.
    rate me baby
    What rating is your journal?

    brought to you by Quizilla

    Life is so unfair... just because I don't post images I missed out on being NC-17. I promise to try harder in the future ;).

    link borrowed from Jaye
    way cool
    I just picked up The River Devil from Borders and remembered I had a 30% off coupon. So I got it for around 9 bucks. ssqqeeee coupon

    And crimson City is there for 5.99... so it was 4 something. I like saving money! And new books!

    Of course I won't read them any time soon. I have Before Sunrise to finish, then Aspen Gold Book 1, 2, 3, and 4 to read. And two other books to read to send in reviews for.

    So what was I reading last night you ask? The Marriage Bed... there were a couple of posts on the AAR Review board that just so don't match what I remember. So I am checking my facts. Go figure. I have spent more time now on a book I really didn't like. That is so me. Ms giggles has a great review up on it. I would link but I don't have it with me at the moment. I will add it later.

    anyway lunch is about over so back to work with me...
    I have started my post on TMB but Before Sunrise has arrived!!!!!!!!

    yes everyone ssssssqqqqqqqqqqeeeeeeeee

    shush nicole ;)

    blog ya laters
    There is No Spoon
    The more I think about The Marriage Bed, the more I dislike it. It comes down to, I never connected to the H/H. And really half way through, I down right disliked the hero at the point where I should have started to like him. And the heroine, I had moved on from feeling bad for her to just thinking she was a stupid shit and deserved what she got.

    I never know where that spoiler line gets drawn with new books. I shall prolly blog about it more tomorrow, trying to keep the post some what spoiler free with a free for all in the comments.

    I am off to read One Night with a Prince.

    Oh but first... I have more books! I went to pick up a trade book and of course had to look around. I so scored getting a trade copy of Night of Sin by Julia Ross for $3. And could have left with that feeling good.

    but oh no...
    Having bought Lady's Choice by Winnie Griggs I decided it needed friends on my tbr pile. So I picked up What Matters Most and Something More. And no I haven't read or heard jack about winnie griggs.

    Hope I like her. The really scary thing is, I recalled the titles. So either it is from looking her up when I blindly bought Lady's Choice. OR I have managed to buy these already and don't remember.

    Yes I really need a new book shelf, I really need to write down all the books I have, I really need to do lots of shit but I want to read!

    The other two books I bought are potential trades, so that is cool. I picked up Forever by Theresa Weir, an author whose name I keep seeing. And Falling Stars by Anita Mills, an author I recently enjoyed reading and a book on someone's wish list.

    So now I just need to read them so I can decide if I keep them or send them on their happy way.

    Oh and another thing, people will you give me a break with the new series books? The Lady Lies and Beyond the Pale are sitting in my tbr. Now lets say I like them but in a eh that was fun lets move on kind of way - WHAT DO I DO? Keep them since my memory is shit and I might need them when the next book comes out or pass them on to a happy home and let them enjoy being read again.

    le sigh

    I mean people I am close to hitting 800 books here. I know to some of you that makes me a beginner and you are sitting there laughing at that low number. But really 800! I feel shame. Well I think I should, or at least I should feel shame over buying MORE while so many just sit there!

    I did want to make a post regarding condoms, sex, responsibility and such but I find I really just want to go be one with my couch and read. So let me point you to angie, karens, candy and keishon.

    I have to say, this is why I love blogs, live journal and reviews. I love opinion and the thought process that goes into why people think as they do. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is no spoon. It just is what it is, which reminds me I have a post I really wanted to do on reviews after looking up Triple Play. More time in the day please...

    Anyway, as for condoms, since the majority of what I read is historical, this doesn't come up much. ::hee come:: But really it isn't something I worry about. It isn't a must in what I read. If they are used, I want to know, if they aren't, I want that address somewhere. But I do not expect the author to teach me or anyone else about safe sex.

    Yes books can be entertaining and educational. Yes you can learn something from any genre of book. But no, we don't need to worry about the children when writing our romance novels. If I want to raise kids, I will have them. I don't. If you are worried about what your kids are reading - talk to them. If you want them to have your values - talk to them. My god, we don't take responsibility for jack shit anymore.

    It is always the fault of someone else. Well sometimes it is just stupid and sometimes we do it to ourselves. Maybe it is because I can mark been there done that on far too many things, but at the end of the day if I did something wrong it wasn't because author x wrote about it in a romance.

    I don't expect or want social responsibility in my novels, tv, movies or whatever. I want to be entertained. I want it to be the done well. I want the creator to have been true to whatever vision he/she saw in his/her head.

    And if I don't like it or agree with it, I want the right to not see or read it again.

    ok now I really am off to read One Night with a Prince.
    Long story short....
    The Marriage Bed was bad. Not horrid. Not throw against the wall.... never read this book... put garlic around your neck to keep it away bad. But not good, it could have been so much better.

    I shall blog about it tonight.
    I am not sure what is worse
    That I just bought The Marriage Bed, when it is on its way to me.

    That I felt so badly when the walmart guy told me the cart FULL of books was going to be destroyed and I wanted to cry.

    Or that I just bought four new books.

    The Marriage Bed - Laura Lee Guhrke (yes this is the second copy but really who knows when the first one will get here and maili might want it, if not nicole or someone will take the extra copy)
    One Night with a Prince - Sabrina Jeffries
    Only For A Knight - Sue Welfonder
    The Wedding Night of an English Rogue - Jillian Hunter (yes I need to read the second one first)

    books books books!!! More Than a Scandal by Sari Robins was there as well, which I wanted until I saw it is a robin hood type plot. I am so not into that. So I will wait for reviews, or used. Sin of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon is out as well, but since I haven't read a darkhunter novel yet I can't buy it new. So either I need to read one or start looking for it used. They are always a bitch to find.

    I would have bought Warrior by Nicole Jordan if I hadn't just spent so much money on books for my lil sis on sunday. I need The River Devil as well, it is out! I didn't know this. I thought it was an August release. I really need to balance my check book.

    ACK and I must not forget to go pick up The Irish Devil I have on hold for cw.

    le sigh I want to read The Marriage Bed now and not work. God it will suck if I hate the book after buying it twice. I am so not well, but we knew this.
    books, books and more books
    Reavis, Cheryl - The Bartered Bride (t)
    St. John, Cheryl - The Tenderfoot Bride (this was rec'ed I think by wendy)
    Wilson, Gayle - The Secret Duchess

    Napier, Susan - Reason of the Heart (rosario)
    Williams, Cathy - A Scandalous Engagement (llb)

    Red Dress Ink:
    Markham, Wendy - Slighty Single (t)
    Mlynowski, Sarah - Milkrun (t)

    Hsomething- (how many lines have Harlequin had over the years)
    Miller, Linda Lael - Glory, Glory (t)
    Palmer, Diana - Nelson's Brand (never even heard of this one)
    Stuart, Anne - Housebound (t)

    Wild West Brides - Cathy Maxwell, Ruth Langan, Carolyn Davidson
    Out of This World - JD Robb, Laurell K Hamiltion, S Krinard, Maggie Shayne (t)
    Men of Courage II - Lori Foster, Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis (t)

    Bittner, Rosanne, Tender Betrayal
    Canham, Marsha - The Last Arrow (don't recall who mentioned this but I wanted it)
    Coulter, Catherine - The Deception (hit or miss author for me, can't pass up .25)
    Criswell, Millie - True Lies
    Cruise, Jennifer - Welcome To Temptation (again someone blogged about this recently)
    Dodd, Christina - Candle in the Window (someone blogged this was a keeper)
    Howard, Linda - A Game of Chance (no clue why I got this with the reprints coming out)
    Howard, Linda - White Lies
    Ivie, Jackie - Lady of the Knight (t)
    Jeffries, Sabrina - In the Prince's Bed (rosario)
    Martin, Kat - Innocence Undone (hit or miss, can't pass up .25)
    Mills, Anita - Autumn Rain
    Mills, Anita - Bittersweet
    Mills, Anita - Dangerous (I no have 5 of her books but read none... really need to)
    Phillips, Susan Elizabeth - Just Imagine (never read her prolly a t)
    Quick, Amanda - Desire (not the one I wanted and prolly a t)
    Skye, Christina - 2000 Kisses (nicole)
    Williamson, Penelope - A Wild Yearning (kristie put it in my head, well the author not the title)

    all in all for 10 bucks I didn't do badly...

    I went to two library sales. One was on a side of town I never go to and I get lost in a box. But I didn't get too lost. They didn't have all the books out. And the guy running it kept making cracks about the number of romance books they had (most still in boxes and being left in them so they didn't take over the 'books').

    I have only been to 4 or 5 library sales now. And I know they are run by volunteers (or at least the ones I have been were) but good lord, have the books OUT. You are trying to sell them, right?

    If I hadn't spent as much time as I had, going through boxes and if it wasn't for the fact the money was going to the library, I would have left my box there and gone home empty handed.

    Ah well, the library closest to me might have had less books, but they were nicer. So I think I will stick to it.
    I have no shame
    The Marriage Bed and Before Sunrise are both showing available at BAMM.

    I didn't even take the free shipping cuz I wanted them faster. I had 25 bucks but put back the other two I didn't really NEED now and paid for shipping. Hey last time it took days to ship out using the free shipping.

    On the plus side - I didn't pay for 1 day or 2 day delivery. Hey that is something... hee and I might be able to talk my ubs into buying BS if I don't keep it. Yes I was going to rent it and wait to buy it for the paperback, which I will buy anyway.


    I want it now. Of course when I go to walmart tomorrow and see TMB the hard part will be not buying it. So fingers crossed it isn't here. But hey if I do, I know I can trade it ;).

    la la la

    We aren't even gonna go into the 30 books I bought today at the library sale. Or the 20+ books I have gotten in the past two weeks from the trading group.

    really... I have no shame or money now. And BAMM has BS for under 10 bucks for the hb. Hey I need to make use of that discount card I paid 10 bucks for. But I am happy and after all isn't that all that really matters :).

    Of course if TMB sucks ass I will be pissy. And if BS does, well I should really know better.
    Eat Me, Drink Me, Buy Me
    no this isn't an erotica post ;)

    I will use any excuse to buy a book. It really is almost sad. I went to B&N to pick up Celtic Fire (like that shocks ANYONE) and happened upon Lady Savage by Donna Simpson.

    I picked it up because Nicole had mentioned it and wanted to see what it is about. It sounded really interesting and different.

    And I was so there... then I remembered it was a regency and well I don't really read regency novels. So I thought do I spend the 5 bucks and end up with a book I will most likely take to the ubs. It seemed like a waste. I figured I should wait until I find it at the ubs before I bought a new (to me) author in a new to me genre.

    heeeeeeeee then I remembered Nicole and so I bought it. Cuz really TWO people I know will read it and enjoy it. So hey that is worth 5 bucks right?

    Mary Balogh and regency ramble
    I have read one regency in my entire 29 years. The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh. I liked it. I think I blogged about it but I am too lazy to look and that isn't what this post is about anyway.

    The great, grand and wonderful Keishon has a TBR Challenge going on and May was Regency. Now since I suck, I missed it. But it did get me thinking about reading them and I have picked up a few now.

    I keep hearing how Mary Balogh trads are better than her historicals, so I was reading up on them here and here and good god they sound depressing.

    I mean is it just me? I have picked up The Incurable Matchmaker and was looking to see what else might be nifty to try. Idea's? Her website says:
    And I am constantly being asked too about republication of my older books. Finally there is news on this front! The Secret Pearl will be on sale again in an all-new edition (but with no changes to the text!) at the end of November, 2005. The WEB trilogy (The Gilded Web, Web of Love, Devil's Web) has also been acquired, though these books have not yet been scheduled. And my novella "A Handful of Gold" will reappear in the Harlequin anthology Christmas Keepsakes this year with all-new stories by Julia Justiss and Nicola Cornick. I'll post covers for these books with more details about them on Home Page as soon as I have them.

    So I know I will be able to get those at some point. Anyway - rec away.

    oh other regency's I have picked up:
    Scandal's Reward and Rogue's Reward by Jean R Ewing
    An Unforgettable Rogue by Annette Blair
    The Purloined Papers by Allison Lane
    and the above mentioned The Incurable Matchmaker by Mary Balogh

    Which should I read first?
    Kieran the Black by Julia Templeton
    Kieran the Black is the second ebook I have read by Julia Templeton. It is way better than Dangerous Desires. Although I don't think her history research is really better in this story. But I don't know much about the time so I could be wrong.

    Download Description
    If you hold his sword in your hands and place the point of the blade in Kieran's crest, you will experience life like you have never known it. When the frizzy-headed crone took thirty-nine-year-old Lizzie Johnston's hands and wrapped them around the sword, she felt a little weird. That's nothing compared to what she feels when she wakes up in the body of eighteen-year-old Saxon, Lady Elizabeth of Aedelmaer in the year 1067, wedded to the infamous Norman knight, Kieran the Black. Kieran's six and a half feet tall, black-haired, with the bluest eyes Lizzie's ever seen and built like a brick you know what. Lizzie's head over heels and determined to get tall, dark and dangerous into bed and win his heart, despite the old Elizabeth's avowed distaste for him. But first she has to save his life.

    Yep a Time Travel story, second I have read in a month. So not like me. Not even sure why I read this tonight other than I was checking email and blog hopping and before you knew it I added reading a story to the mix.

    This is smutty fun. If you have ever thought you were born in the wrong time or wondered what you would do then if you knew what you know now this book is for you. Just think about it - one min you are 39, unhappy with your life, your body, your work, your sex life your.... and then poof you are a hottie 18 year old, with money, land, and married to a hottie.

    So like I said, fun story. But no one ever questions the change in Lady Elizabeth. Hell everyone notices and maybe she was such a downer to begin with they were happy to get the 'new' Lady Elizabeth but I kept waiting for someone to cry witch!

    And Kieran... hymen aside, I am shocked he never said where the hell did you learn that. Cuz girlfriend was down with whatever sex you could come up with. Well not true, this is an anal and sex toy free story. That should be a button.

    Anyway if you are looking for some deep thinking history lesson, what the hell are you doing on my blog to begin with? This isn't the story for you. But if you want some light romantica, with a pretty beta alpha hero - this buds for you.
    Night in Eden by Candice Proctor
    Candice Proctor is a new to me author and Night in Eden is the second book of hers I have read.

    I have yet to be disappointed. This book is amazing.

    Bryony Wentworth's life is shattered when she is unjustly accused and sentenced to indentured servitude in New South Wales. Broken in body--but not in spirit--she fights for light, and for her life, wanting no part of the man who would save her, Captain Hayden St. John. But the mother in her cannot turn away from Hayden's needy infant and the woman in her cannot deny her passion for the rugged, enigmatic man she is bound to serve.

    Against the sweeping panorama of a harsh, gorgeous, and unforgiving land, two hungering souls learn to trust, to love, and to triumph over the danger that will shadow their lives--until destiny and desire become one.

    This is the first novel I have read that takes place in New South Wales or as we call it Australia. At least I think it is, there maybe one in there somewhere. But this novel brings the setting and the time to life.

    Captain Hayden St. John is one hell of a hero and a perfect bookend to Bryony. The book works well on most levels. There are flashbacks that fit in without taking away from the story or causing confusion.

    There are kiddos through out the story, for the most part acting their age and adding to the angst more than taking away. And they don't muck up the romance. Although I do have to say little Madeline's scene with Hayden when she is questioning the baby in mommy's tummy and she just flips out is heartbreaking. As her reaction to seeing her mother 'alive'.

    Oh and it is completely disgusting what they did to those women. Many of who I bet did nothing to deserve the life they got. To just let men come in and pick out a woman who would have to keep their house, be their mistress or whore for them if they saw fit is beyond degrading.

    My only real problem with the story comes close to the end. And if I could figure out how the fuck to do that hidey spoiler thing or remember who it was I asked (thought it was wendy but I don't see the post or an answer) I would post about it.

    hmmmm anyway, it felt like a cop-out. But I can forgive 10 pages for the rest of book was amazingly good. And yay I have more Candice Proctor to read but boo hiss she doesn't seem to have anything new coming out.

    ***spoilers in the comments***
    Master Of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp
    I am not sure why I decided I wanted Master Of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp. She is a new author I had never heard of and it had a cheesy cover complete with bad title.

    I am thinking it was amazons lil blurb:
    Book Description
    A spicy historical set during the turbulent time of the War of the Roses.
    WHAT? I am easy, we knew this. And the author is from houston, so hey gotta support the texans ;).

    From the Inside Flap
    A Bride’s Betrayal

    By order of the king, Lady Meiriona is to be given to a bastard warlord in marriage. Rather than see his daughter and his lands in the hands of a Yorkist, Meiriona’s father ambushes Godric Montgomery when he comes to claim her—but only after a kiss she’ll never forget…

    A Bastard’s Revenge Sold into slavery in the East, Godric becomes the plaything of an Arab princess. And when she gives birth to his daughter, he is given the child and set free. Seven years of his life have been stolen—and nothing will stop him from exacting his vengeance upon the woman who betrayed him…

    A Slave to Desire Over the years, Meiriona’s dreams have been haunted by Godric’s passionate touch. On the day she becomes the wife of another man, he returns to ruthlessly take what is his. Though Meiriona vows to resist her captor, a traitorous hunger for him consumes her. The slightest surrender of her body inflames Godric’s soul, setting a battle-scarred warrior against a new foe—his own heart…

    If I had gone to the author's site and read the first chapter I wouldn't have bought the book. Really the whole book is campy and just not good. And I really wanted to like it!

    RT's review says something like it seems the author threw in everything she ever liked in a romance novel. And I agree with that statement. It is sad because it could have been a good book. It needed someone to hack the crap out of it, take out some elements and expand on others.

    The book takes fucking forever to get to the point then wraps up in 10 pages. We start with a wedding farce, with the hero walking in unarmed into a church, alone to marry his 15 year old bride that the king is forcing her father to let wed a Yorkist bastard.

    Yes lets think about that. War of the Roses is our time period - one I really need to read up on. But your king has just given you land and a young bride from a man who thinks you are the enemy - oh and you are a bastard to boot. When he contacts you to come now and marry. You go alone and leave your weapons at the door.

    Then once you figure out you have walked into a trap, as you hold the young bride you have been promised in your arms, with a dagger to her back, you stand there and fucking kiss her instead of leaving with her as a hostage.


    Then after you spend five years as a turkish slave (not even touching the stupid why or reason you are set free) you spend another 2 years getting wealthy to go claim your land and bride.

    You wait until the day she is married - after she is married! And as you are in her room to kidnap her, you spend time to feel her up. Repeatedly. And after tying her up and climbing for hours down the castle, you take time again to feel her up and massage her poor legs that had fallen asleep.

    And hey I give the hero points for not raping her but waiting for her to 'want' him was just plain stupid. You have her willing and able, you need her hymenless and knocked up. But gosh she doesn't really want you, so you wait.


    We won't even get in to the kid behaving unlike any 2 year old I have known of. To be fair maybe I got the time mixed up, my mind kept wandering, but she couldn't have been more than 4.

    le sigh, I really did want to like this but if I gave grades this would get an F. I would love to hear from someone who has read and liked this. The one review on amazon is from some woman out if houston... which, well, uh... anyway.

    Amazon also had this quote:
    Her debut novel MASTER OF PLEASURE (Zebra June 2005) finaled in more than 25 national fiction-writing contests.

    And the contest are listed out on her site. I sooooo don't get. But hey I will give her next book a try. I will just give it the 15 page reading test first.
    New review blog, rwa stuff and general bitchyness
    ohhh look new review site

    go forth and book mark

    Alison Kent shocks me by linking to brenda coulter's blog and making me find something I agree with Lee Goldberg on.

    As for Brenda's post, I am not sure when she will be coming out with the rules and regs of what it is ok for us to blog about. Or really not us - just you writer folks. Damn you all for speaking your mind, damn you to hell.

    some where right now baby jesus is crying...

    sigh post like this make me sad I didn't do my reader blog in lj cuz I have a great baby jesus crying icon.

    as for some of the 'official' rwa stuff alison has up:
    LITERACY SIGNING: Writers are free to sign whatever books you've agreed to sign at the Reno conference. We ask that you keep the promotional displays
    to a minimum, due to lack of space. As to any promotional materials and
    donated baskets, we ask that you please keep in mind that this is a public
    event and, as such, there will be people under eighteen there.

    WHAT are you expecting if you take your under eighteen child to a romance conference? And you know what, you can have rules to keep under eighteen people out of places. Are we marketing romance novels to people under eighteen? Then why the fuck do they need to be there?

    I am sorry but I can't think of a good reason to bring a five year old to a romance conference (just pulling 5 years old out of my ass). And as an adult going to a romance conference (I am not but if I was) I really don't want your five year old there anyway.

    They are kids. They will get bored. They will be annoying. It isn't their fault they are kids. That is their job to expect to be amused and be annoyed if they aren't. You take kids to B&N story time, not to RWA conferences. And if you make the choice to take your kiddos - if RWA lets them in - then that is your responsibility.


    duh... I know AngieW took her babe to a conference but I am guessing she didn't expect the covers to be babyproofed for her. Feel free to correct me angie ;).
    When did the bookstore...
    become the library?

    I mean I know there are coffee shops and such there but am I the only person who doesn't go into a bookstore to read?

    I love the comfy chairs and I will sit down with three or four books and figure out which ones I want. But I don't think I have ever walked into a store, picked up a book, and sat down for a hour or two just to read the book and put it back.

    Is this the norm now days and I'm just slow?
    I really need to start blogging about the books I read right when I read them.

    Not because I am worried you all out in blogworld are wondering about what I am reading and if I like it but because I would like to remember things about the books when asked later! It is sad I am 29 and have no memory but I can review my blogs or even link to the (is that way vane) when books are asked about. I drop in and out of message board often and quick during the work day so if I have my thoughts together I can answer vs thinking OH I want to say something and will later and then never doing it.

    Is that just me?

    Books I have read that need blog entries:

    Against the Wall by Rhyannon Byrd
    Bite of Magick by Rhyannon Byrd
    Ordinary Charm by Anya Blast
    it has been so long I need to skim them over to remember what the fuck I wanted to say

    One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley - have I said how much I loved this book lately?

    Jamie by Lori Foster
    To Tempt A Rogue by Adrienne Basso
    Night in Eden by Candice Proctor - done
    Master of Pleasure by Jessica Trapp - done
    Lady in Red - if I am not gonna get my shit together and send something to sb about this I need to post something cause gawd it was bad. I have put it in the reread pile to look at it another time just to see if it was really THAT bad. I have read Karen Hawkins in the past and really enjoyed her.

    will wait to finish reading sequel:
    Texas Embrace by Rosanne Bittner
    Wishes Do Come True
    The last list I posted had 17 books I wanted. This has eight! 8! 3 of which are hard to find pricey books. And that is on top of the 11 books I already have coming to me. The trading list we started is just kicking ass. And really everyone is doing pretty well. At least I think. We are closed, at the moment. Sort of taking a breath and figuring out how to do this trade group thing and how many people we can have and do it well.

    If you are interested, and haven't already gotten an invite, please let us know. I will start a wait list for the group and in a month or so when we will see if we can move from 30 to 40 or so members.

    I am going to be adding some books due to new recs and such but for now here is the new wish list...
    The List

    Devlin, Linda - Sullivan
    Only book left in the Rock Creek Six series I need. No I haven't read any of them yet. No I haven't read the author before. Yes I need it. see odd

    Drewry, Laura - Here Comes the Bride

    Jordan, Nicole - The Savage, Wildstar and Lord Of Desire
    I will prolly have to wait for the reprints because I don't want to pay a lot but I have hope that one day, it will be waiting for me at the ubs or a library sale. Just whispering my name.

    Leone, Laura - Fever Dreams
    no clue, the reviews on AAR sound interesting and I can't find them...

    Renken, Laura - Heart of the Condor

    Stuart, Anna - A Rose At Midnight
    I think someone said they had this and would trade it... am I dreaming that?
    WAIT... come back...
    AAR why have you left me? Why can't I find you?

    I need to check your message boards and to look for new reviews.

    damn it

    per maili's request
    taken from Websites We Love
    Pages 63 & 64 of Romantic Times Bookclub July 2005 issue 257

    The Avid Keishon rants and raves about readers, writers, romances and more. She's got strong opinions, a sassy style and she loves dark and tortured reads.

    If you enjoy a no-holds-barred approach to the romance genre, this blog's for you. Also check out the author's other blog,

    Clever, funny romace lovers poke a little fun at the genre, grouse a bit and also point out some interesting trends about what's hitting bookstore shelves.

    QUOTE under readers' picks
    I love ROMANCINGTHEBLOG.COM because it has a great variety of author, as well as reader, blogs. I especially enjoy the reader blogs, since there are many personalitites and it's great to see what readers are reading and what they think. The columns are also awesome reading. - Nicole (feel odd putting your full name here even though it is there, so I won't)
    Blog posts I need to make time to read and so should you
    maili's no prude but...
    having made time to go to rt board I have decided it is a scary place. I think it is best if I don't respond to those posts. In fact after reading a few of them it is prolly best I stay away from that board.

    How can you review books that aren't being published? And should RT turn away money because OMG too many romantica books are wanting to put out ads?

    Gosh the inspirational section is growing too, do you think that has anything to do with the fact there are more being published? hmmmm maybe that is just an act of god and the erotica section is growing just to piss off the good lil 'normal' romance readers.

    And omg how do I protect my children from reading this filth! If you people keep printing this trash I might have to GASP talk to my own kids about sex.

    oy note to self: more time at smartbitches site less time at rt board. Although I still think I am gonna buy a subscription ;)

    hmmm I think I am in a mood cuz I am way annoyed.

    Alison Kent's most recent blog post on RWA stuff and RWA stuff with links from the fab beverly

    reasons why I love the smart bitches

    work so cuts into my blogging time... damn them! if they didn't pay for my book habit I would so quit
    A Day Late and all that
    I am sure this has been talked about already but how cool is it that Avidreader aka Keishon, crankyreader aka cw and smart bitches aka sarah and candy got linked in the RT mag this month.

    heee I fangirlie sqqqeeee'ed...

    and nicole got quoted

    too kewl
    The Viscount's Bride by Ann Elizabeth Cree
    Yikes this was bad. I mean way bad. I am not sure if I was just in a mood or if I really needed to read The Duke's Mistress in order to enjoy this or the book was just bad.

    The writing was choppy and the dialogue felt forced. There was no flow to it. And honestly, when I read a Harlequin Historical, I am not expecting a deep meaning full story in 200something pages. Now don't get me wrong, there are some kick ass HH out there that can hold their own up against any book. There are some ok ones that are enjoyable and some eh that was fun but forgettable, and then you have the bad bad bad.

    I don't know if I have read one this bad lately. The Viscount's Bride by Ann Elizabeth Cree
    Lady Chloe had nowhere to turn…either she followed her guardian's dictates and married a wholly detestable suitor or she settled for the comfortable love of a sensible man. Faced with a bleak future on either front, Chloe settled for Mr. Safe and Sensible.

    It wasn't until her so-called "safe" choice tried to compromise her reputation that Brandt, Lord Salcombe, rushed in to save her. But how dare Brandt now insist that the next time she wanted a kiss she come to him! Chloe had no illusions about the viscount being ideal husband material. Still, his offer was tempting…and certainly promised a future filled with passion!

    Lady Chloe doesn't learn from her mistakes and keeps making them over and over. And I am sorry, if you fuck someone - you know it the next day. There was no condom involved people, so yes you can tell. And don't throw wet dreams at me, cuz if a woman is there, you can tell.

    I don't get why she doesn't say anything! The whole big mis just made me roll my eyes, although I do give the author points for not having the hero think the heroine is lying. So at least we were spared the who's your baby's daddy drama.

    And I don't understand why they don't just marry, for real. I never really believed in the conflict.

    I will pick up The Dukes Mistress. I want to see if I have hit on an author's who's voice I just don't get or if it was just a one time bad book. And I am passing along the book, so I am very interested to see if the next person loves it.
    bad aar bad bad
    They have posted two new reviews one for:
    Celtic Fire by Joy Nash


    Confessions of a Lingerie Addict by Jennifer Ashley


    I really don't need any new books. I have tons to read. Stop me before I buy again! Celtic Fire really seems interesting, kristie sounds like you might be interested in it too. And I have to say Confessions just nags at me. The parts I have read were so bad but it has a good review! I should go look up some others. I have read Ashley before and loved her. Of course I am sort of a ho for pirates.

    But I will be strong! Hell I have Care and Feeding of Pirates bought brand spanking new sitting on the tbr.
    is it sad
    that I really really really want to read the new Diana Palmer book - Before Sunrise

    I mean I know it will be just like every other palmer I have read. But it might not be! And I really liked After Midnight.

    oh the shame... someone else tell me they are looking forward to it. Come on. Make me feel better.
    As If You Never Left Me by Elizabeth Jewell
    As If You Never Left Me by Elizabeth Jewell has one of the best covers I have ever seen on a EC novel.

    Lucky Elizabeth Jewell

    The story is a break up and make up tale. We start 14 months after Joely Birch walked out on her hubby Rey. She threw divorce papers at him and walked.

    Maybe it comes from being divorced but I am a hard sell on kissing and making up after you have hit a certain point. And 14 months is a long time. But honestly I went with it and enjoyed the story and the writing until the second separation.

    It wasn't long, a few weeks or so but really it was stupid. To have up and walked out 14 months before without really TALKING and to understand that was a fuckup and then poof do it again with in days of figuring out what you gave up... is stupid.

    The end felt forced. Like a hmmm we need one more conflict to throw at them so they can live HEA and all it did was make me wonder if they would really get their HEA when the book closed.

    And I never wonder about that! I am really good about taking the author at her word that they all lived happily ever after!

    I will try Elizabeth Jewell again. She seems to have some interesting books out. And well is a pretty tame EC author, so if you are looking for an author just a lil spicier than normal, she is prolly your girl.
    One Way To Get Rid of Some TBR
    I am trading two books I have had forever and ever, well over a year but never read. So of course when I pulled them off the shelf I read them ;).

    Desperado by Sandra Hill
    I didn't realize this was a time travel book. Guess what, it is! What I thought was sort of nifty is both the h/h go back in time together. It isn't a bad book, it was amusing in parts and hawt in others but really silly in a Sandra Hill way.

    Which hey it is a SH book so, good show. I am not much for har har funny kind of books and really haven't found a Sandra Hill book I heart. So hopefully the next owner will love it so.

    A Promise of Love by Karen Ranney is the other book I read and it was really good. It is only the second book by KR I have read, I have another 3 or so tbr. She does know how to pull on the heart strings and man can she put her hero and heroine's through some tough shit.

    But she does it well and makes you care about the characters. If you run across a copy, it is worth the read.

    Now I am gonna see if I can get interested in The Challenge by Susan Kearney before it goes bye bye.
    Wishing on a star
    The List

    Boyle, Elizabeth - BRAZEN ANGEL
    I have never, ever seen this book. I want this book. I have the other two in the series. In fact I think I have just about everything she has written and maybe read one because I am waiting for this book. Don't ask, I am odd.

    Dare, Justine - Skypirate

    Devlin, Linda - Sullivan
    Only book left in the Rock Creek Six series I need. No I haven't read any of them yet. No I haven't read the author before. Yes I need it. see odd

    Drewry, Laura - Here Comes the Bride

    Goodman, Jo - My Steadfast Heart

    Harmon, Danelle - THE BELOVED ONE
    come on say it with me - Yes I have the others in the series. No I haven't read them. But I need them all first and I have heard such wonderful things about the series. I need it so!

    Jordan, Nicole - The Savage, Wildstar and Lord Of Desire
    I will prolly have to wait for the reprints because I don't want to pay a lot but I have hope that one day, it will be waiting for me at the ubs or a library sale. Just whispering my name.

    Law, Susan Kay - TRAITOROUS HEARTS, Reckless Angel

    Leone, Laura - Fallen From Grace and Fever Dreams
    no clue, the reviews on AAR sound interesting and I can't find them...

    Renken, Laura - Heart of the Condor and Wicked Lies

    Schulze, Dallas - Gunfighter's Bride
    I have no clue why this is on the list but I am sure I wanted it at some point for one good reason.

    Stuart, Anna - A Rose At Midnight
    Is this book real? I mean honestly, I can't find it!

    I think I am missing some but I am going to make a master list to put on Books lost and found. Go join up and put up our own list. If you see anything here you have and are willing to part with, give me a shout and let me know what you are looking for.

    As of right now Books lost and found is open for anyone to sign up. We will close that at some point to keep out spammers but it is open to anyone.

    So far I have 11 books coming to me. 11! And some of them I have been searching for a year or more to find. That just boggles.

    Really it is just a reason for kristie and I to spend more time in books stores ;)
    Adrienne Basso
    What do you guys think of this author? I picked up her lastest at walmart last week, because I can't walk out of that store without a book. And today at a ubs picked up three more.

    YES, we have another case of sybil randomly picking up an authors backlist. STOP ME. So if this person sucks, say something now!

    I am now the happy owner of:
    The Wedding Deception
    To Wed a Viscount
    His Noble Promise
    To Tempt a Rogue
    Romantic Times magazine
    Who gets the magazine?

    Why do you get it?

    Do you pick it up or have a subscription?

    I ask because I am trying to decide if I want to get a subscription or not. And have found myself picking up the last four or five months. But I am not sure why. I generally don't agree with the reviews, although some times I do.

    I think it fills the spoiler ho in me but I am not sure if it is worth the money. So I figured I would ask you guys, cuz you know EVERYTHING.
    mosby mosby mosby
    What the hell is up with mosby? It is such a good thing I just read After Midnight by Diana Palmer and didn't read it when it came out.

    Cuz it just ends. Bastards I swear. And I bet she doesn't explain mosby in the new book and we have to wait for him to get his own. But really if is isn't gay, what could he be that would be ok to make into a romance hero. Transexual just doesn't seem DP speed. And he does say surgery... but what? I mean if the equipment isn't working and needs a snip here and there to come out and play, that doesn't seem worth trashing a marriage to a woman you want over.

    And he does make it seem like he did want nikki.

    SO!!! whats up with mosby!


    This is why I don't read series books. If I want cliffhangers I will watch a night time soap! hmmm are there any soaps on at night anymore? I do so miss Dallas and Dynasty.
    Candice Proctor
    Is she still writing? I read The Bequest two days ago and just fell in love with her. It is a hard book to read in places and doesn't Pretty Woman prostitution but it is a really great book.

    I shall blog about it tomorrow, since I got sidetracked tonight and am tired. But I did find time to pick up Night in Eden, Beyond Sunrise, Midnight Confessions and Whispers in Heaven all by Candice Proctor. Anyone have a fave of the bunch?

    I also picked up Susan Donovan's He Loves Lucy and Star Quality came in the mail today - thanks alyssa!

    I also took The Challenge by Susan Kearney off the shelf. The first time I tried to read it I got stuck half way. I figured I would give it another go before I sent it off to a new home or the ubs.

    So off to read I go.
    One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley
    Being the messageboard slut that I am I have already posted about this book here and here in the Readers' Roundtable.

    Honestly the more I think about this book the more I like it and I liked it tons to start.

    One Night of Sin by Gaelen Foley is a great follow up to Devil Takes a Bride.

    By the time you get to this book, our hero Lord Alexander Knight, has been a gambler, a rake, a whore, a disappointment to his family and a disappointment to himself. One of my favorite parts of this book is, he is what he is and we read that and we read the change that takes place in Alec. We don't end one book with a bad ol Alec to start the next with HERO Alec.

    Miss Becky Ward has had a pretty shitty week to end a pretty shitty few months (I think, the time frame evol cousin Prince Mikhail Kurkov had been at Talbot Hall is not said or I missed it). She has fled to London, alone, to try and find Westland and tell him about evol cousin's evil doings.

    Becky has had an odd youth, part of it on a navy ship and part of it in a small country village at Talbot Old Hall. There are times I think she borders on Too Stupid but really for a young woman with no experience being on her own in a big city she does pretty well. And she has a mean aim with a candlesnuffer.

    Alec and Becky come together out of need and want. Alec sees a soiled dove, a young woman just this side of ruin, who is alone and needs help. And in a way I think he sees himself in her and how his life could have turned out if someone 'good' had helped him when he needed it. Alec carries a lot of pain under his rakish smile and good looks, and Becky is just the lass to help him work through his angst.

    Don't get me wrong, he sees her on the wrong side of ruin and is glad for it cuz he wants her. Where I would say he would have helped her without getting laid in the process, he never makes it a secret he wants her. And to Becky, the first kind person, the first 'let me help you', the first food, shelter or comfort she has been offered comes from a really good looking kind man, who wants to have sex with her. She wants him too, knowing what her options are and what is most likely waiting for her at home - she takes him up on his 'one night of sin'.

    A large part of the book takes place with just the H/H. And I am a sucker for that. I love alone time, I love good banter, I love cabin romances - although this doesn't really count but it is some what close, in a way.

    Alec needs to save becky and through her he finds a way to let her save him. I hate to go into too much detail and spoil anything I shouldn't. But I think comments are far game, so I look forward to hearing what you think about the book.

    The first page made me giggle because it is purple as all get out but honestly I don't think the rest of the book holds up to its hue. It is almost like Foley knows people call her purple and was making fun of it. I mean honestly the first paragraph:
    Fiery swords of lightning clashed across the sable sky. Great rolling clouds flung down a warning spatter of rain. Thunder growled in the distance, but the only sound in the dark, empty street was the frantic percussion of the girl's running footfalls.

    Every step jarred her in her thin kid half boots. Her dingy skirts swirled about her legs, threatening to trip her. Fleeing the glow of lanterns on the broad avenue, she raced up a murky side street, her long hair tangled and wild. Her pale young face was stark with terror as she glanced over her shoulder and pounded on, her fists clenched, her breath raking harshly through her gritted teeth.

    But I cross my heart I don't think the rest of the book read that purple. really!
    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather
    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather

    Even when I loathe you, I love you.

    Lady Emma Beaumont quote pretty much sums up the whole book. A book that honestly should be a wallbanger but does end up most charming.

    Lord Alasdair Chase and Emma were engaged to be married and she found out something awful, broke off the wedding the night before and left. When her brother, Ned, passes away he leaves Alasdair as the trustee of her fortune until she marries. If you ask me that was the best thing her brother could have done for her.

    It is a lil hard to believe she cut and ran so fast when she found out the big secret. I thought they were suppose to be such good 'friends', which is nice to see friends become lovers, that you would have thought she would at least talk to him first.

    But I was wrong about what the deep dark secret was, so what do I know ;). Alasdair really shot himself in the foot because he had always kept a large part of himself private - even from his good friends Ned and Emma. And I think, Emma really hoped their marriage would finally be the last piece to bring them closer.

    I really liked that they had been lovers before she broke the engagement, for one that rings true to me, and for another it didn't define her. Emma didn't spend pages and pages over omg what do I do now I am no longer a virgin woe is me. I also liked that Alasdair had taken other lovers after Emma had left. That rang true. She might be the only woman he had ever loved but she was gone, not to come back.

    As for Emma, she picked up her life and lived it. She came back to London, rich as sin, and figured money would make up for lack o' hymen. After one of the many times Alasdair pisses her off, Emma decides that by Valentines she will have a hubby and a lover. And off we go... the book is pretty hawt, fun and fast. And the banter is rather amusing.
    breaking all the rules
    It is sad that I spent less money today buying envelopes and bubble wrap than I have on all the prebubbled envelopes I have bought to send out books in the last two months.

    Tis my laziness, it was easier to pick up the 1.39 envelope at the post office place than drive to walmart and pick up supplies. Cause god knows I am never at walmart. Speaking of bubble wrap - why do we bubble wrap books? I mean they aren't going to break. Is it to keep them from getting wet? I just did it cuz I thought I was suppose to but when I stopped to think about it, I couldn't figure out why. No you wouldn't want to live in my head, why do you ask?

    hee and while at wal-mart I bought:
    Renegade by Diana Palmer
    Yes I bought a diana palmer book. And I will keep it too because it is the sequel to my beloved Lawless. It is cool, the ubs I go to all the time rents hardbacks. And when I mentioned I was going to sell my hb to half price cuz the paperback was finally out she asked to buy it. So instead I am going to get to rent the new DP for free, don't have to look for it used to buy the hb and I get rid of a hb I don't want. win win baby win win

    The Bodyguard by Geralyn Dawson was a book I was going to wait on. I was going to try and read a few that I have by her before spending money buying her new. Why do I set rules for myself? It is just like saying here is a sure fire way you are going to do the exact opposite.

    OMG I found a book store with No Greater Love by Katherine Kingsley. Oh yes it will be mine. I will just have to drive fucking 40 mins to go get it but hey, new bookstore I have only been in once! So go me.

    In other used book news, I am the happy owner of The Pleasure Slave by Gena Showalter (I blame beverly) and Crazy for You by Kate Angell (no idea who to blame for this one).

    I so need new shelves.
    lil of this lil of that
    When I went last night to pick up books for cw and kristie I got lucky and found Deborah Simmons's A Lady of Distinction the AAR review isn't all that great but I adore her books and have been wanting to read this. Putting up these links I just figured out I could have ordered it new! Which I might do anyway just because she does rock as a writer and I really would like something new from her!

    I also picked up Lips That Touch Mine by Wendy Lindstrom, which I have had on hold forever and Once Upon a Dream and Call Down the Moon By Katherine Kingsley.

    Since it looks like I will be sending more books through the mail I should go buy supplies. Anyone know of a good place aka cheap to do this? I was thinking along the lines of Office Max or the like. But would Target or Walmart be better? Figured someone here might already know these types of things.

    My goal of at least one review up on my blog a night was already shot last night. Oops...

    Speaking of reviews. How do you guys feel about spoilers? I am going to try and be more vague and hide anything BIG. But being a spoiler ho myself, I am not sure where that line is.
    I wish I may I wish I might
    It really is almost sad that I even have a wish list when you consider I just about live in ubs.

    I love to find books. That feeling that comes when you finally found that book you have wanted for months and months. Knowing you get to take it home to make friends with all the other books you HAD to have that sit on the shelf.

    The List

    Ashworth, Adele - Stolen Charms
    I have heard eh things about this book but it is the only one of hers I don't have and I have never ever seen it.

    Betts, Heidi - Hannah's Half-Breed
    Worst. Title. Ever. but again only book of hers I don't have and now that she has sniff sniff moved to contemporary romance, I want it all!

    Boyle, Elizabeth - BRAZEN ANGEL
    I have never, ever seen this book. I want this book. I have the other two in the series. In fact I think I have just about everything she has written and maybe read one because I am waiting for this book. Don't ask, I am odd.

    Byron, Eve - Love Me Not
    I have the other three! I want to read this series! I need this book.

    Dare, Justine - Heart of the Hawk and Skypirate
    kristie made me do it

    Devlin, Linda - Sullivan
    Only book left in the Rock Creek Six series I need. No I haven't read any of them yet. No I haven't read the author before. Yes I need it. see odd

    Feather, Jane - Violet
    I have all the other v's!

    George, Melanie - The Devil's Due
    Another book I have never ever seen in person. I am beginning to think it doesn't exist, it is just a tease the publisher put out to torment me. Yes I have the other two in the series and no I haven't read them. BUT I have read Pleasure Seekers and loved it muchly!

    Harmon, Danelle - THE BELOVED ONE
    come on say it with me - Yes I have the others in the series. No I haven't read them. But I need them all first and I have heard such wonderful things about the series. I need it so!

    Jordan, Nicole - The Savage, Wildstar and Lord Of Desire
    I will prolly have to wait for the reprints because I don't want to pay a lot but I have hope that one day, it will be waiting for me at the ubs or a library sale. Just whispering my name.

    Kingsley, Katherine - No Brighter Dream, No Sweeter Heaven and No Greater Love
    meljean is a bad bad influence on me

    Law, Susan Kay - TRAITOROUS HEARTS, Reckless Angel and Home Fires

    Leone, Laura - Fallen From Grace and Fever Dreams
    no clue, the reviews on AAR sound interesting and I can't find them...

    Ransom, Dana - Sweet Texas Dreams
    I have all the others in the bass family series. This is the last book.

    Renken, Laura - Heart of the Condor and Wicked Lies

    Schulze, Dallas - Gunfighter's Bride
    I have no clue why this is on the list but I am sure I wanted it at some point for one good reason.

    Simmons, Deborah - THE VICAR'S DAUGHTER
    I need this! I have all the others in the series and have read them! The Last Rogue is my fave but not having the first in the series is just killing me.

    Stuart, Anna - A Rose At Midnight
    Is this book real? I mean honestly, I can't find it!

    I just read my first Candice Proctor The Bequest. It was good! Anyone have any rec's to suggest?

    I think I am missing some but I am going to make a master list to put on Books lost and found. Go join up and put up our own list. If you see anything here you have and are willing to part with, give me a shout and let me know what you are looking for.

    As of right now Books lost and found is open for anyone to sign up. We will close that at some point to keep out spammers but it is open to anyone.

    Really it is just a reason for kristie and I to spend more time in books stores ;)
    idea in the making
    kristie had an idea, which isn't a new idea but nifty anyway regarding putting together wish lists and such and helping each other out in looking for books.

    I set up BooksLostandFound as a yahoo group, with the idea of keeping it some what small. What does small mean, I have no clue 5 to 50 I guess.

    Jay posted another link to Bookstore Junkies which is sort of what I had in mind but on a more private and smaller scale. But maybe just joining bsj is a better idea.

    You guys tell me.

    I need to get ready to go to work and have had pretty much no sleep - yay insomina. But a yahoo group is easy to set up so I did. Right now anyone can join.

    oh I guess loop is the romance term for yahoo group. Sorry I come from a fandom background and we always said group.

    k off to work with me.