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    My copy of The Samms Agenda has arrived! Thanks Alison

    I really like the draft feature blogger has, I don't think lj has one.

    walden's has a nifty 15% off coupon that doesn't exp until 4/30

    I need to set a book budget

    I have a friend coming to stay with me this weekend! YAY.

    New books will be bought tomorrow - Veil of Night by Lydia Joyce and Dangerous To Know by Leanne Shawler are for sures... then I will either get two other pb or one trade. I would like To Love a Thief by Julie Anne Long and/or Truly a Wife by Rebecca Hagan Lee.

    Celeste Bradley has a contest going on to give away copies of The Rogue. I really want a copy, but I never win anything, so go enter so I know they at least go to good homes.
    Love Lies by MaryJanice Davidson
    It should be noted I am a maryjanice davidson fangirl. I am not sure if she could write something I hate.

    Another note I come from a long background of reading xfiles fanfic.

    When I first started to read Love Lies, I so thought I had read it before. There are quite a few mulder drugged/mindcontroled/drunk/chip implant made him rape scully but omg I love her stories out there.

    Then again don't they say there are really only x amount of plots in fiction?

    All that aside I liked the story. Parts of it made me go 'eh', like the sleeping in the same bed right after I forced you to marry me so I don't take the child we made while I raped you away. Hmmm that sounds like shit when said that way.

    It isn't the best thing she has written but her 'voice' is present. Her humor shows through in these characters even at the worst of times. And it really is a character driven story. At the most I would rate it an R, so if you are looking of a hot, smutty elloras cave story this isn't it. Thief of Hearts is going to be my next MJD read.
    one more reason why the bitches
    are the smartest

    Babbling about inspirational romances

    go. read.
    books, books, books
    Still can't find Veil of Night. Looks like Amazon is shipping it out, so I shall try Barnes and Nobles hmmm maybe this weekend.

    I thinking the gift cert will go toward Veil of Night by Lydia Joyce, To Love a Thief by Julie Anne Long and maybe Return of the Warrior by Kinley MacGregor. I have the first one but haven't read it so I am iffy on the last one.

    Of course I just bought I Hunger for You and haven't read the first two...

    I also went on a Harlequin Historical spree. I got The Betrothal - Terri Brisbin, Joanne Rock and Miranda Jarrett, The Viscount by Lyn Stone, Abbie's Outlaw by Victoria Bylin and The Ranger's Woman by Carolyn Finch.

    I had all of them but The Betrothal on my list but the first story caught my eye and I was up to the third chapter while in line. So it went home with me.

    To the Ends of the Earth by Elizabeth Lowell
    Posted 1/30/5 in live journal (I don't have too many book posts in my lj but there are a few I want to move over)

    I read my first Elizabeth Lowell book that I didn't like. le sigh, that makes me sad. I haven't read any of her newer books since I am not much into romantic suspense novels but her historicals are just about the best evah. Her Only Series is the reason I fell in love with westerns.

    To the Ends of the Earth was just bad. Bad bad bad and made no sense what so ever. Cat is working herself to death to put two teens (her twin sister and brother) through med school and because her grown mother can't balance a checkbook. ::blink:: take the fucking thing away from her and make the kids take out a few loans. The whole idea is, if she can just make it to January when her mother marries some rich dumbass, all will be fine. I understand the book was written in the 80's and updated and re-released in the 90's but please.

    And the hero... he is scarred and wounded from his first marriage (as all hero's are that have been married before) so he has sworn off women. Well other than to fuck them. So whores and mistresses he gets but mutual sex based on pleasure or feelings isn't something he understands. I am sorry, after you have mind-blowing sex with someone you think you have feelings for and they offer to pay you - find the door. Quick. She didn't - and he offered AGAIN. He pretty much spent the book pissed off she had to work and waiting for her to ask him for help moneywise. And omg -the end of the book is awful, how EL got a HEA in this is beyond me. The whole thing is like a car wreck you can't understand you are watching. So back to the UBS with this book.

    Then again Elizabeth Lowell has made an artform out of hero's treating their heroines like shit and then somehow making it work. At least for me, she crossed that line in this book and I just couldn't see it. But that can't be said for everyone since AAR gave it a DIK review.
    Love Song for a Raven by Elizabeth Lowell
    Love Song for a Raven is a book I have been looking to find for a while now. Who knew Lowell could write a beta hero?

    I haven't read A Woman Without Lies, which is where we first meet Raven. This really was a different type of hero, at least from the Lowell books I have read. And I do love me some Elizabeth Lowell. Her Only series started my love of westerns and Winter Fire is one of my all time faves. Her medievils are great, grand and wonderful. But I must confess I haven't tried her romantic suspense books. I did pick up Moving Target at the 'bag' sale I was at on Saturday and I have her 'jewel' series (Amber Beach, Jade Island, Pearl Cove) in my tbr.

    LSfaR is a short book, over a short time frame so I can see how the love might not ring true for some readers. But it seems like the right time and place for Raven and Janna. And most of the book takes place while they are stranded, so we are treated to a cabin type romance.

    If you are a fan of Elizabeth Lowell's I think you will like this and if you aren't a fan of her alpha hero's, you might give this book a shot. The book was worth the hunt to find it.
    Who are you?
    Come on, fess up. Who is buying V.C. Andrews(tm) books? Someone has to be, they keep making them.

    Why don't they just publish them under that guys real name? I read some of the newest one and yikes. It is still the same book!

    And honestly I am not throwing stones, I like Diana Palmer.
    To Rent or Not To Rent
    that is the question...

    or at least mine.

    I never thought of renting books, which is sort of silly since that is sort of what a Library does.

    I have now rented two books, one EC and one new hardback (to be posted about later). My thought was if I liked them I would buy them. The Ellora's Cave was a sequel and a book I really wanted to read. I went to a ubs I had never been to this weekend and was surprised to see she rented EC and erotica. Her said if she traded them, she would never see them again. So she is building up a library. I thought that was odd, of course I also wanted to buy one of them so that could be why ;).

    After spending hours there looking through all her books, many of them were older pb and I was in heaven. I decided to rent the EC I wanted to read, turns out to be a good thing because it was boring.

    So where do you guys sit on 'renting' books? Is that bad? Is it really any different than checking them out of a library?
    Promises Prevail By Sarah McCarty
    Promises Prevail is the third in the Promises series and I have to say I didn't like it near as much as the first one.

    Promises Linger is the first and Promises Keep is the second. They are western erotica or erotica in a western setting, however you want to explain that.

    Clint McKinnely and Jenna Hennessy have both made appearances in the other books and really I cared more about them then. I am not sure what it was. The plot was out there, but it is erotica so that is expected. I think Jenna was just TSTL. I mean she knew Clint cared for her, so I had a hard time understanding why she didn't tell him about the bad man who had returned to town.

    She was presented as a woman who loved her children, so to put them at risk by not telling him, seemed wrong. And the 'meeting' of women to decide how to fix her marriage and make Clint admit to loving her was painful. I have to admit I skimmed over most of that.

    I will read the next in the series but if it is an eh as this one, it will be my last. Sarah McCarty really is a great writer and can do much better. Promises Linger is a great book if you are looking for an Ellora's Cave to try.
    Ellora's Cave
    I ordered a book on Saturday, around 2pm. It told me my payment was denied. I ordered it again, and then realized that it had to be paypal that was being wiggy.

    I checked my paypal - two charges.

    So I sent an email to saying I was charged two 7.99 fee's and not given a book to download.

    I was sent an email in roughly an hour, with the book I wanted. They asked for me to send an ID number for the charge.

    I just received an email from paypal saying a refund has been credited to my account for 7.99.

    I have ordered very few EC books and have to say this weekend makes me want to order more. They were quick, fast and very nice.

    so go order a book from Ellora's Cave
    36 books for 3 bucks
    not too bad

    and when you figure I wanted 3 of the books, I did really well... You paid $3 for a bag, then filled it with as many books as you wanted/could from a selected area. They were pretty much books that the store had many copies of.

    One author I picked up who I don't read is Sandra Brown. I have read Sunset Embrace and have Another Dawn in my tbr. I liked SE but the woman just has too many books. So this was a good time to grab some. Of course I was very random, so who knows if I got anything that is good.
    Above and Beyond (AAR gave it an F)
    Bittersweet Rain
    Fanta C
    Led Astray
    Love Beyond Reason
    Love's Encore
    Prime Time
    A Treasure Worth Seeking

    Would you rec any of these? Should I read them in any order? Or should I just put them away to take to another new home?
    Happy Easter to Me
    When my mother gave me a list of stuff to buy lil sis for Easter (sis is sick and mom can't go - sis is 11). She said to pick me up something for Easter as well ;).

    What did I get, you ask...
    Lady in Red by Karen Hawkins

    A Woman's Innocence by Gayle Callen
    I almost didn't pick up AWI, because I have all her books (most bought new) and have read one. I told myself I had to read at least two before I bought her new book.

    Yes look at me stick to my goal.

    OH and mom gave me a $20 gift card to B&N. Not sure if I should go tomorrow or wait. I really want Lord of Sin by Madeline Hunter, The Veil of Night by Lydia Joyce and To Love a Thief by Julie Anne Long. And I don't think any of those are out yet. I also want to make sure I get something I can't get at Walmart, because as much as I hate wally world their books are priced great.

    I thought about using it for Beach Blanket Bad Boys but I can't see my having this card then. It will probably be cheaper to order it through amazon and do free shipping. BUT is it just me, or do they take their sweet ass time getting your books shipped out when you use free shipping?
    What was old is new again
    I spent the day buying books with covers that would keep the smart bitches busy for years. Well that isn't fair, out the 21 books I bought today, really only 6 of them have lookIwaswrittenintheearly90s covers.

    Books with covers that should cause me shame:
    Touch Me with Fire by Nicole Jordan - oddly not beth aka sum of me's TMwF.
    The Warrior by Nicole Jordan which is being reissued with changes. - I generally like NJ and think she isn't near as purple as she use to be. So I have to say it surprised me that she took 1st and 2nd in AAR contest. I mean really, Beatrice Small, Connie Mason and even Cassie Edwards had books published last year. They had to be purpler than Jordan's. But I digress...
    Temptation's Trail by Dana Ransom - now all I need is the last in the series
    Dakota Dawn and Dakota Desire by Dana Ransom - I know have all four of those.
    My Lord Pirate by Laura Renken - she is proving a pain to find.

    then there were the books that don't scream porn:
    Rosalyn West's (Dana Ransom) The Rebel (#3) which completes The Men of Pride County series.

    Stolen Love by Carolyn Jewel - I am interested to see how this stands up next to Lord Ruin. It was written in 91. So far I loved LR and was very eh about The Spare. Her new one that she is trying to sell, The Rake sounds fab.

    another xina rec was found - Joe's Wife - oddly enough they had tons other St. Johns but not The Tenderfoot Bride or Prairie Wife both books I have seen before I was looking for them.

    Wyoming Wildflower by Pam Crooks

    wendy's rec's look good The Bride Fair and Harrigan's Bride by Cheryl Reavis. But no Prisoner. Although I think someone else rec'ed that one.

    finally found Love Song for a Raven by Elizabeth Lowell not sure why that proved to be so hard. It came with The Five-Minute Bride by Leanne Banks. Never read her, so I shall give her a try.

    Guilty Pleasure books (aka it is funny I can ask for Marly Chance without blinking but feel really bad for buying Diana Palmer)
    Cattleman's Choice
    Matt Caldwell: Texas Tycoon
    The Last Mercenary
    The Mercenary's Woman
    The Winter Soldier

    All in all I got out of there for cheap. While I was looking around, the store is 20 mins or so away from me and I don't make it over there often. Or at least I didn't. I am going to try to now. The owner, who was the only person working had to run out. So since I 'watched' the store for all of 15 mins, she charged me trade prices. $25 bucks for 18 books, not bad.

    Now where the hell do I put all these.
    In Bed with the Boss
    I have no memory. I have this written down but I didn't write a name next too it. It is a Harlequin Presents by Susan Napier. Who wanted this? I know someone was looking for it. Let me know, so I can send this to its new home.
    Obsessive compulsive much
    me? nah....

    But if I was, I would be sqqqqeeee'ing that I now only need the last book in Dana Ransom's Bass Family series.
    The Truth About Love by Stephanie Laurens
    Anyone read this yet?

    Have you given up on the cynsters? Still hanging in? Waiting for paperback?

    I also asked about it on AAR, here if you want to answer there.
    New books, or at least new to me
    Nancy Gideon aka: Dana Ransom , Rosalyn West and Lauren Giddings - Anyone read her? Hmmmm any recs? Should I keep with my search or give up?

    I read Wild Texas Bride, written in 95 and you can tell, and adored it. Of course it is the third in the Bass Family stories. All OOP. I found Texas Renegade today (number 4).

    along with -
    A Woman's Heart
    The Men of Pride County - The Outcast
    The Men of Pride County - The Outsider
    The Men of Pride County - The Pretender (which skips the third one The Rebel)
    Dakota Destiny (third in a different series)

    I really need to read another by her before I put too much work into finding these. Oh and the covers are painful - really blouse ripper covers.

    I also picked up the fourth and fifth in Alison Kent last series, still need the third one. I don't think I could have bought them all new. I mean ouch, 120ish pages at trade prices? I still need the third one, if I like The Bane Affair I will go to B&N and pick it up.

    OH and I got Behind Closed Doors by Shannon McKenna because Alyssa seems to like her so. yes I am easy to lead ;).

    I would go look up links and shit but it isn't like anyone reading this doesn't know how to use amazon or google. So I am being lazy, bad blogger.

    I am off to finish After The Night by Linda Howard. I think I remember why I didn't care for this the first time, the beginning depresses me. All that white trash really lousy childhood shit is just ick. Yes I like my fairy tales and my HEA. All that talk about The Real Deal at ARR makes me think I should get it. See I liked contemps to be somewhat not believable. I mean I like Lori Foster's Say No To Joe? series. No I can't see all those hunky, perfect, yummy men gathered into one area, no I don't see the whole twin thing, or hell most of it. But the character amuse me. If I want real life crap, I live it. Oddly enough though I like it in historicals, maybe because I am so far away from it and the time I can enjoy it. Not that I am saying fairy talish historical can't amuse me as well. But I want to finish ATN, hell then I might just keep it to make sure I don't go rebuy it later - again.

    Anyone still reading this? Can anyone follow my train of thought... yes I have a migraine and yes I am currently medicated, why do you ask ;)
    The Mercenary's Kiss by Pam Crooks
    The Mercenary's Kiss was a book I bought because I kept picking up the damn thing.

    must have been the cover...

    So the 5th time I had it in my hands I bought it. It wasn't a bad book but it really isn't anything to write home about.

    It did make me giggle that I had read this right before I read The Latin Lover that Rosario penned for Romancing The Blog. NOT that it counts cuz the bad guy is the one peppering his speech with Spanish, twice right before raping the heroine. But silencio! and senorita are common and used right. I think.

    Yes, I can see the dust as you all go run out and buy this. Honestly it isn't bad but well, hmmm, I would like to find Wyoming Wildflower by Pam Crooks.

    ok moving on...
    Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
    Dreaming of You is one of the first, if not the first, historical romance I have read where the main characters aren't aristocratic tonish omgbutheisaduke/sheisaladyIamnogoodforhim/her people.

    Of course he still isn't good enough for her ;).

    I really enjoyed this book, the hero still had a ton of money because really we can't get too normal everyday people in a historical romance. And I am ok with that, if I want that I will go read The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber and be depressed.

    Sara Fielding and Derek Craven are two of my favorite characters. Even though Derek does get a touch, oh, possessive but you can understand it. He grew up with nothing and fought for every little thing he has. And there is a deep down terror you can feel in him and in his shock that he has been given a chance at happiness with Sara. You can believe he is just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Sara was great, loving, patient and all round perfect for Derek. I found it amusing, she asks herself at one point could she live the rest of her life with constantly running into people her husband had sex with. (or something like that) Because honestly that is something I think I couldn't deal with every time I read the rakish, slept with half the ton, being tamed man. I mean really, could you do it? Every ball or party you walk into there will be at least one person that has screwed your hubby.

    Cuz really how many people ARE there in the ton? Then again I seem to over think on odd things. Go figure...

    I must go get Then Came You because I adored Lilly. I haven't read too many LK books but after this one I think I am going to.
    Play it again, Sam
    I have been on quite a rebuying spree. Not sure why. I just don't have the space for books. (or it could be the little fact that I already have too many) Or it could be that I have no memory at all.

    I rebought Turner's Woman because I really liked it. I have The Shadow and The Star on hold for me and I think I am gonna have her grab Carnal Gift by Pamela Clare. I don't really recall liking CG but it is a series and I love Sweet Release and am on my way to loving Ride the Fire. I want to reread TSTS because people keep talking about it and I don't remember it much. It is the only kinsale I don't have, I sent it to a friend when I finished it.

    There there is After the Night by Linda Howard I just rebought. And The Devil You Know by Liz Carlyle.

    Add that to needing to rebuy Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh and The Ideal Bride by Stephanie Laurens because the hardbacks do not go with the rest of the series! Sadly I think I am going to have to rethink my cynsterlove. I don't recall liking IB that much, so The Truth About Love will make it or break it. At that point I will have to go through and see which of them I want to keep. Although I think I might be the only person who liked On a Wicked Dawn and On a Wild Night

    Oddly enough this is the first time I have had to rebuy anything, other than the paperback to replace hb thing.

    At least they are all used. Except for SD because the HB was used, so I bought the book new. I try to be good when I can be. Is it just me or do other people find themselves rebuying books and is rebuying even a word.
    one day I will walk into a bookstore and out without buying

    prolly not

    Today I bought mostly Harlequin Historicals, which caused the cashier (who knows me well and is a friend) to look at me and say, what is with all the light romance. I told her it was to balance out the erotica ;).

    I found Winter Woman by Jenna Kernan (she wrote Turner's Woman) This made me happy and I sqqqqeee'ed. I am not sure why it is once I read a book I like, I feel the need to read the whole authors backlist. In the case of there only being one book, this isn't a problem.

    I also picked up:
    The Surgeon and The Midwife's Secret by Kate Bridges
    Frontier Christmas (anthology) Ana Leigh, Carolyn Davidson, Kate Bridges
    Outlaw Love by Judith Stacy
    Marrying Mischief by Lyn Stone she has a new book coming out that I want. The Viscount so I figured I would check her out. The one review on amazon for this book doesn't make this one sound promising.
    I bought the paperback of Seduced By Moonlight by Laurell K Hamilton will prolly give my hardback to a friend unless she has it than it would be off to the ubs. This of course is after I had to have the hb and didn't read it.
    Off Limits by Mallory Rush never heard of this author. The first few pages got me, even though I thought it was really shitty starting a story with a death.
    Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas not sure why I got this.

    All in all I figure most of these will end up back at the ubs, but we shall see. I am off to read Ride The Fire by Pamela Clare. I started this book this morning and it is great. I think it might live up to its buzz.
    Dare Me - Cherry Adair, Jill Shalvis, Julie Elizabeth Leto
    Dare Me really wasn't my kind of book. I picked it up after hearing much of Cherry Adair, and someone's blog talking about how great Jill Shalvis is. Of course now I can't remember who it was. What is another Jill Shalvis rec?

    Honestly it might be Romantic Suspense just isn't my bag baby. And there isn't much I can say about it that Diana Ketterer hasn't already said in her AAR review.

    Each story had an entertaining moment or two but nothing to really hold your interest, and boy did these people do some stupid shit. I wouldn't recommend the book, unless you can find it for a dollar like I did. But even then I am sure you have something better to spend your reading time on.
    Little of this and that
    I went three whole days without buying any books. Feel free to applaud... of course it helped I couldn't move yesterday but so what.

    So what did I buy today you ask:
    Dark Secret by Christine Feehan - I now have the last one, the first one and two some where in between. I really need to read one of them before bothering to get any others
    Saint or Sinner by Cheryl St. John - I was looking for Joe's Wife but hey this was a dollar so I figured what the hell I would try it
    After the Night by Linda Howard - witness the power of maili... I know I have read this. It was the second or so romance book I read about a year or so ago. But I don't remember it at all. So I must reread it, now of course I can't even remember what maili said was so great about it but I am thinking it had to do with sex. So hey it is worth a reread, I never said I was a deep and meaningful reader.
    Mackenzie's Mountain - it was there and I have mission. I know this is a mistake since I think there are more books that are hard to find. But witness that stop me.

    And like a dumbass I almost rebought (is that a word) Turner's Woman by Jenna Kernan. The silly thing would be I just traded in a new copy of it a week or so ago. I didn't buy it but I would highly recommend it. It has a young woman who has been emotionally abused for all of her life and she finds her inner strength through the relationship she has with Turner. He is the first man/person to give her a choice in anything. And she takes it and runs with it.

    It is probably a little on the unbelievable side as far as how much they go through and manage to survive but that didn't bother me. I loved these two characters. And the end was just perfect.

    I must go work now, which really sucks but such is life. Something has to keep me in books.
    Pale Moon Rider by Marsha Canham
    Pale Moon Rider is a book where I wonder if I was expecting so much from it that I was bound to be let down.

    I can't tell you what I didn't like about it, because there really wasn't anything but there wasn't anything that made me drop my jaw and go wow.

    Maybe I have issue with highwaymen books, I should drag out The Prince of Midnight by Laura Kinsale that I looked for forever and once found put on the shelf to be read later.

    I don't know, I liked Tyrone Hart. Enjoyed his ballys job he had, on top of the highwayman thing. Renee was likeable, not whinny, took charge when needed, saved his ass a few times.

    All in all a good book, just not one I see myself reading again. Mz Canham is one of those authors I started collecting before I read any of her books, so I still have Across a Moonlit Sea, Iron Rose, Swept Away and Forever My Love to read. So I will try her again.

    It is funny though, I still feel like I should hold on to this and read it again because I was suppose to love it damn it!
    Keegan's Lady by Catherine Anderson
    Keegan's Lady is a book I bought because xina rec'ed it. I had stayed far away from Mz Anderson's disability of the week books. But omg I loved this book. Of course I think this was before she found her nitch, because unless you count rape or alcoholism there isn't a disability to be found. Hmmm you know that is a lie, Ace's check is paralyzed.

    I loved Ace. Ace is the fairy tale all hero's are based on. Alpha in the all the ways that can kick ass and take names but beta enough to know when to hold a girl and let her cry.

    yes lets all sigh

    I really don't have a bad thing to say about this book. I didn't get the whole "Keegan's Whore" thing after she had married him. I have always gotten the feel that once you said "I Do" they forgave lil things like offering up yourself for a roll in the hay so the guy doesn't hang your brother.

    And what does one say about Patrick? I mean paddy paddy paddy, he needed AA before there was an AA. If I wasn't some what familiar with the whole alcoholic behaviors, I would have thought the shift of before drunk paddy to drunk paddy to be too much. But really I thought it was handled pretty well.

    And the Keegan men? Happy sigh again, this is a book that so needed a cynsterlike series but from what I can see there aren't any. Hmph, where in the hell is Stephanie Laurens when you need her.

    So my question to you guys, if there is really anyone suffering through my ramblings, does Catherine Anderson have any other westerns along Keegan's Lady lines? I really don't have issue with the disability books but I just find it funny there is like a disability for every brother and can't see reading that with a straight face. That probably makes me a bitch but well.

    If you haven't read this and you like westerns, it is a must. And if Xina rec's something to you, read it, she rocks. I even think it has been rereleased. I like it so much that if I see it in Walmart I will buy it. This used copy looks like it has seen better days.
    Whirlwind Bride by Debra Cowan
    Whirlwind Bride is a Harlequin Historical (only series I read). It is the first of a series Whirlwind Wedding being the second and Whirlwind Groom being the last/most recent. I can't tell if there are more to come and her site hasn't been updated in a while.

    I have only read the first one so far, although I do have the other two sitting on the shelf waiting.

    This story takes place in Whirlwind, TX. You first meet Susannah coming in from St. Louis because her brother told her Riley Holt wanted to marry her. No her brother didn't come with her, which really should have tipped her happy self off that something was up. Riley knew she was coming to visit but had no want/desire/knowledge of a wedding. I honestly think the brother got away with this all to easy, I don't know about you but I would have been rather pissed. Oh and did I mention she was pregnant.

    Yes, bad girl no cookie for you! So what is a young, pregnant, alone, no working skills, girl to do in Whirlwind? If you guessed start a charm school, you lose because you have either read the book or the back of it.

    I mean really, a charm school that rough Texas men are going to and not a one of them try to screw her.


    I have been reading too many historical romance novels when it kind of bugs me Riley didn't marry the pretty, pregnant sister of a good friend when he was a lonely, good looking (what?), widower who would be a good daddy and husband.

    I have no clue why I liked the book but other than the whole charm school thing, it was a light, enjoyable read. I would rate it about a C, I wouldn't run out and buy it but I wouldn't pass up a chance to read it. I do plan on reading the rest of the series.
    bad sunday, bad bad
    Sunday sucked rocks.

    I get migraines and lucky me, I can get really really sick with them. So in recap, sunday was a bad day.

    But since I couldn't really leave my bed, or move, I read three books. Lucky for you I shall tell you all about them later ;).

    Hope you had a better Sunday.
    Bad Boys Online and Smart Mouth - Erin McCarthy
    Bad Boys Online was a book I picked up because it was at the ubs when I went to get Smart Mouth.

    Oddly enough I ended up reading BBO first. It was an ok anthology, I would grade it a C. It is the second anthology I have read where all the stories are by the same author (Under Cover by Maryjanice Davidson was the first and it was better).

    Hard Drive was uh hard for me to believe because I can't see anyone reading dirty cybersexish emails at work. They track that shit! And where it is fiction and you need a suspension of belief and all that jazz, I never got past that point. And there is the whole I can prove real life sex is better than cyber sex (duh) idea, which I didn't have a hard time with. BUT he wanted to use the emails to prove it. And well I just thought the idea of taking one mans ideas and performing them as icky.

    User Friendly involved a site being hacked. And the whole time it never dawned on the really smart computer guy to take the site off line while he figured out how to fix it and seduce the chick. I like the friends to lovers theme and the story is better than HD but still just eh.

    Press Any Key had a funny idea of the boss setting up co workers to do an online team building type seminar and screwing up by signing them up for a couple's seminar. Cute idea, could have been done better.

    All in all for a first book it was a cute read, you just had to take out your brain before you started it.

    Smart Mouth I liked much more. Reese Hampton rides a little too close to being a selfish bitch at times but the humor and her fear saves her. That and I think she is really don't see the things she is doing as selfish until the end, and then once she doesn't she owns it. So I can get past it.

    Derek gets a lil close to being a wuss but you forgive him. And the sister is amusing. The relationships we get to see between the sisters and brothers (derek and his sister and Reese and her two brothers) are brief but great. It makes you wonder if anymore books will be coming but I didn't see a mention of sequels at her site.

    Erin McCarthy is a brava author. She has the humor, hot sex and quick writing that makes an enjoyable book. She isn't Maryjanice Davidson and I am trading both of these back in but I enjoyed SM enough to want to read Houston, We Have a Problem.
    You are welcome to your opinion as long as it is the same as mine
    Can someone please explain to me why it is wrong to question, discuss or even dislike things, opinions, t.v, books, authors or name your poison here.

    Who gets to decide the 'one' correct view we are suppose to all agree on? People can disagree and still get along, can't they?

    And have authors become all knowing and godlike when I wasn't looking? Are we no longer allowed to questions their opinions because they write and were published?

    Jeeze I honestly like to think authors don't think that way. I like to think writers don't want people to just lick their ass and tell them they are great, grand and wonderful. How does anyone grow, change or improve if no one ever tells you what they like as well as what they don't?

    Don't get me wrong, I know there are authors out there that do think they are the shit and want nothing but glowing, wonderful things said about them. But they are not all like that, right...

    There have been two posts, that I have seen, on the AAR boards in the last week or so. One regarding Tiger Eye's front cover quote by Christine Feehan and one regarding the nerve of one reviewer saying that if you liked Lisa Kleypas you might not like sasha lord.

    I don't care if a person agrees with what they are saying or not but they have the right to say it. Of course I love the two post on the Tiger Eye's thread one right after the other by anon people. Don't you just wish the IP addy's were posted. And the second anon is bitching about, shouldn't we be talking about the book not the quote - while there are currently three different threads going on about how great the book is.

    The two anon posts make me not want to read Feehan and hell I really didn't think she meant anything by her quote.

    I am all for Anonymous posting but make a stupid name and go by it. Own up to what you have to say in some way or don't say it. If it shames you to be identified by the words you write, then that is a clue you shouldn't write them. And good god it is the internet just because you say you are an author doesn't make you one.

    maybe I should sign anonymous doctor, I thought about being one once
    Kresley Cole
    Shit, I really need to learn to pay attention. I was all excited that Kresley Cole has a new book coming out - If You Dare on May 1st.

    I was thinking this was Ian's story. So you say? Ian is the cousin of Captain Grant Sutherland in The Price of Pleasure I really enjoyed TPoP. It wasn't perfect, but really what book is. It was fun, interesting and had two women who had learned to survive on their own.

    The Captain of All Pleasures is still on my TBR but it looks good as well. BUT when I saw that she had a new book coming out I sqeee'ed because I really liked Ian. And he was left hanging at the end of TPoP and god damn it everyone and their mother is setting up the next book in their current book.

    but oh noooo

    From her faq:
    Q.When is Ian’s story coming out?

    A.Ian’s story is on hold as of now, but he will get his own one day. I fell in love with that character too much not to write his tale.

    drat... the new book is the start of a new series. Knowing me I will get it but I might wait until it hits the UBS. Or I might read a chapter or so an Wal-Mart and see if it grabs me. It is a Highlander type book, hee that should please maili ;). I really wanted Ian's book.
    Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel
    I have way too many books to read so to take one down and do a reread would just be wrong.

    I am trying to fight the reread. The book in question is Lord Ruin by Carolyn Jewel.

    When I finished the book I reread it because I was confused on a few points and thought I had skimmed something or misread something. Then I checked out the authors website and decided that it was a great book with a bad editor.

    One of the main questions, that still bugs me to this day, was brought up today on AAR's review message board

    Did Ruan screw his mistress (katie) after he was married? I vote no, cuz well honestly that would really piss me off and make me hate a book I like. Yes I am odd.

    So what do you think? Have you read the book? Do you remember it? Did you like it?
    There are two Ellora's Cave e-books I want - Promises Prevail by Sarah McCarty and Ordinary Charm by Anya Bast. I have only read 4 e-books (Winter Pleasures: The Training by Anya Bast, Promises Linger and Promises Keep by Sarah McCarty and The Switch by Diane Whiteside. I bought Promises Linger and The Switch after I read the e-book. So really I paid twice for them. That sucks. I would feel really really bad, except I bought the books at half price books, so I can at least be happy the authors got paid through EC.

    So I hate to get the e-book if I can just wait for them to come out in book form. But I do so HATE waiting.

    le sigh

    Good news is Diana Whiteside's book The River Devil comes out in Aug. I know many people didn't like The Irish Devil but I enjoyed it.

    It will be interesting to see if AAR starts to review e-books. It really would probably suck, cuz then I would feel the need to read more e-books. Damn you AAR! I have always wondered if a book's sales pick up after a good review.
    The Obedient Bride by Mary Balogh
    I have to say I wouldn't have read this book if not for two things - the review at AAR and I like Mary Balogh's writing.

    I have a real hard time with cheating. Now it doesn't bother me if it is before the h meets the hr. I can get past it if it is before they are sexually involved. But once the main characters are having sex, the whole mistress thing pisses me off.

    I don't read romance novels because I want to read about real life, for that I will watch oprah. (kidding) I don't mind angst and drama - as long as I get my HEA. But leave out the cheating damn it.

    That aside, I liked this book. really... I liked how she handled him being a creep and keeping a mistress. I even liked that he went back to screw the woman again, after the big 'omg you are cheating on me?' scene. I liked it even more that he didn't (couldn't) have sex with ginny. I did think the mistress threatening him was a lil over the top. She had to know her 'place' and if he wanted to, I dare say he could fuck her over much better than she could have him. But I took it as a 'heat of the moment' type thing to say.

    I was very happy that it didn't just wrap up - dump mistress - make love to wife - hea all in the last two pages. The way he informed Arabella of Ginny's need for new employment was smooth and the one-bed house party was perfect.

    It is a great book. If you can find a copy buy it, hell buy it even if you don't want to read it. It is one damn hard book to come by.
    The List
    I called a UBS I had never been to yesterday to see if they had a couple of books I have on my list.

    "The List" being a list of books I carry in my purse and look for at every ubs I come across. I know I could order them online but I am stubborn. And I do so adore finding a book I have been looking for. I am odd, I admit this.

    So I ask her to look for A Rose at Midnight, Brazen Angel, and Tempt Me Not. They had Tempt Me Not - this was enough to get me to drive 20 mins on my lunch break.

    I got there and was in heaven. They have many older books and it looked like a grand place to go spend a Saturday. I took The Wicked One, The Wild One, The Obedient Bride (a book I never thought I would find, so it wasn't even on the list), Heartless, No True Gentleman, The Sun and The Moon and Silken Threads up to the counter where she is holding Tempt Me Not for me.

    She rings me up - 24 bucks, I thought about doing a happy dance. Then she told me they have stopped taking credit cards when I handed her mine. This so pissed me off. I have been a lazy ass and keep forgetting to order checks, because I never use them. My credit card comes out of my bank so all is good. She knew I was driving over there on my lunch break and that she was far away, and KNEW that this has been a problem before since they have just stopped taking cc's.

    I was pretty calm, which is unlike me. She said they would hold them. I left, needed gas, took out cash, went back, got my books, and was of course late going back to work.

    Sadly I don't think I will be going there again. I understand that to take CC you pay a fee, but really in this day and age isn't that apart of the cost of doing business?

    I am lucky, in San Antonio we have a nifty chain of UBS called The Great Exchange. One is very close to me and I end up there at least once a week. If for no other reason than to take in books and chat with my friend. We also have Half Price Books, the one closes to me sells all their mass market sized anthologies for $1 and their trades at 5.95, a 1 cheaper than the other half price book stores. The fact that I know this should scare me. So I can decide not to go to one lil UBS that pissed me off. Of course who knows how long that will last ;).

    "The List" as of 3/9/5 - doesn't include NEW books
    Adele Ashworth - Stolen Charms (only book of hers I don't own, I can't even tell you what this is about I just want it)
    Heidi Betts - Hannah's Half-Breed (again only book of hers I don't own, and prolly one of the worst title books I have come across tied with George and the Virgin)
    Elizabeth Boyle - Brazen Angel (only of the series I don't have and it is the FIRST one damn it)
    Eve Byron - Deceive Me Not, Love Me Not (AAR message board posts made me decided I needed to read these)
    Linda Devlin - Cash, Jed, Sullivan (apart of Rock Creek Six series)
    Georgina Gentry - Comanche Cowboy (don't remember why this is here but I have three others of hers to read and this might be coming off the list.)
    Melanie George - The Devil's Due (only book of hers I don't have - except one I traded in)
    Danelle Harmon - The Beloved One, The Defiant One(again AAR MB)
    Emma Holly - Top of Her Game (blurb sounded good and I adore Holly)
    Cheryl Howe - The Pirate and the Puritan (LOVED her other two books)
    Anna Jeffrey - The Love of a Stranger (only one of her three that I don't have BUT I haven't read the others yet, so this one is iffy)
    Rebecca Hagan Lee - Hardly a Husband (had decided I didn't like her last series and wasn't interested in the new one, started to skim MERELY THE GROOM while putting some books together for the UBS. Kicked myself for not getting HaH the ONE time I saw it at the UBS)
    Deborah Simmons - The Vicar's Daughter (I blame this one on Laura of LLB, she rec'ed it and I have read the series but can't find this blasted book. LOVE The Last Rogue)
    Cheryl St. John - Joe's Wife (xina said it was good)
    Anna Stuart - A Rose at Midnight (cuz it is so hard to find I must have it)
    Patricia Ryan - on the look out for any
    What to read, what to read
    I so don't know where to start. Since I have bought so many books new, I feel like I should read them first but I have so many others that I need to read so I can take them back to the UBS.

    I sort of put books in:
    MUST have and will keep
    New author (to me) to try - might keep
    oh what the hell it is used and cheap I will try it
    omg this is said to be so bad I wanna look
    skim skim skim

    Yes I am odd. So I have a shit load of books and I am running out of space. And now that I am working again - was laid off last Oct - my reading time has cut down.

    Then add on top of all the books I have bought and have in a pile as first TBR, all the talk on AAR about To Love & To Cherish, To Have and To Hold and Forever & Ever has me so wanting to read them again. Hell I took them down to skim through them and I think that I never even read Forever & Ever.

    Ah well I will forever and ever have more books than I have time to read. I like it that way ;).
    books purchased last week
    new new books I have bought (in the last WEEK) are:
    Further Than Desire - Cheryl Holt
    I so didn't like this book. In fact I have decided to revisit all her books to see if they really sucked and I didn't notice. And I need space because I am really keeping far too many books these days.

    To Pleasure a Prince - Sabrina Jeffries
    I really enjoyed this one. Not her best but better than her last. I am looking forward to reading One Night with a Prince

    Turner's Woman - Jenna Kernan
    light romance western - another I really liked. I can't think of too many westerns I have read where CA is still apart of Mexico. The main plot of the story is Turner is a spy, trying to map a way to CA so we can go and take it from Mexico. A little heavy on 'bad things' happening over and over in the second half. And you have to wonder if they really could have made it through all the shit they went through. But it was entertaining and you cared about the characters.

    Tiger Eye - Marjorie M Liu
    Had no plans to buy this but the review at AAR sounded good

    Care and Feeding of Pirates - Jennifer Ashley
    Again - had no plans to buy, review at AAR sounded good

    Just One Touch - Debra Mullins
    I have all of her books, haven't read them all yet, but still feel the need to pay them.

    Lessons in Seduction - Sara Bennett
    not sure why I wanted this - never read her before

    The Bachelor - Kate Bridges

    A Woman of Virtue - Liz Carlyle
    really really enjoyed this book, which was shocking since the one book I have read by her I didn't like. But after reading her short story in Big Gun's, I figured what the hell. LOVED it, looking for her backlist now

    Ride the Fire - Pamela Clare
    enjoyed her first two

    Crimson Moon - Rebecca York
    didn't mean to get this - had it in my hand along with Seize the Night - was in a rush and put down the wrong book. Which worked out well since I found StN at a UBS the next day :)

    Men at Work - Janelle Denison, Nina Bangs, MaryJanice Davidson
    JD was good, NB ok with a GREAT last line, and MD wonderful but a lil tame, already set to go to the UBS

    Used books:
    Smart Mouth - Erin McCarthy
    Bad Boys Online - Erin McCarthy
    Kissing the Bride - Sara Bennett (it was a $1!)
    Midnight Kisses - Kimberly Raye (it was a $1!)
    Seize the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon (I own all the others and feel the need to keep buying them - will read them some day)
    A Deal With The Devil - Liz Carlyle
    Strange Attractions - Emma Holly
    The Bane Affair - Alison Kent (been wanting to try her books)
    Look ma a blog
    oy this stupid piece of shit kept giving me trouble

    Either I am too use to live journal or stupid, hell I could be both.But either way - yyyyyyaaaaayyyyyyy I can ramble on and on about books and not annoy the hell out of the people on my lj. Fun!

    I ended up creating 9 blogs because it kept telling me the URL was taken. I ended up with redwyne (I think) just because it is my email and has been (in some form) for 11 years.

    I shall screw around with this some more tomorrow and try and really set it up. In a nutshell this blog will be about books, shocking I know. What I have read, what I want to read, what I have heard about, what I want to hear about, what I have loved, what I have hated, romance websites and so forth and so on. If I can figure out how to do a nifty list, I would like to, mainly to keep track of my personal 'reviews' and reading. hee that will make it easy on me to do the AAR polls ;).

    And just a note: I am honest, cuss like a sailor, and pretty much type as I go along. I don't see a good reason to do draft blogging or live journaling so it is generally off the cuff. So if you are just wanting sweetness and light or deep meaningful insight, this isn't a good blog for you. Otherwise, lets chat :).

    I can't say I won't ever talk about other things but most of my personal real life ramblings will stay on my live journal.That is friends locked but if you would like to be added, friend me and email me.

    This is very cool and will prolly be neater when I learn how to use it. I don't really know anyone that reads romance, so the online community is fun to talk with. Of course it will probably be embarassing to admit how many books I buy and read in a week. Ah well, such is life and all that.
    test test test
    Anderson, Catherine Anthology
    Balogh, Mary
    Canham, Marsha Clare, Pamela Clement, Cynthia Cowan, Debra Crooks, Pamela
    Davidson, MaryJanice



    Goodman, Jo

    Hunter, Madeline

    Jewel, Carolyn
    Kleypas, Lisa
    Law, Susan Kay Lowell, Elizabeth
    McCarthy, Erin McCarty, Sarah Merrill, Christine






    Swann, Leda