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    It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life and Sierra's Homecoming
    If I recall correctly, quite a few people were very happy with Hope Tarr's last book. I forget the title but it was a historical! Next up for her is a Blaze... It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life
    Baltimore street cop Mandy Delinski isn't expecting any miracles this Christmas. She's thirty, a little too round, still very single and she lives with her parents. So who could have guessed that her whole life would change before New Year's Eve? That a simple job policing a Christmas party would find her in the arms of sexy-as-sin bartender Josh Thornton? That they would be on the brink of making love before the night ended?

    That Mandy would find her perfect man in the morgue the next day?

    Or that she'd be given a magical chance to go back a week, save Josh…and have the best sex of her life. Does Christmas get any better than this?

    You can't find it on the shelves yet but it is on the Harlequin site. The book is $3.80 and if you can find 5 books you want on this page you get one of them free.

    My problem is I can never find five books on THAT page to order.

    The only other book *I* want is:

    Sierra's Homecoming by Linda Lael Miller
    When she moved to her family's ancestral ranch, single mom Sierra McKettrick was disconcerted by the Triple M's handsome caretaker, Travis Reid. But when her son claimed to see a mysterious boy in the house, and an heirloom teapot started popping up in unexpected places, Sierra wondered if the attraction between herself and Travis might be the least of her worries.

    In 1919, widowed Hannah McKettrick lived at the ranch with her son and her brother-in-law, Doss. Her confused feelings for Doss and her son's health problems occupied all her thoughts…until the family teapot started disappearing.

    Could Sierra and her ancestor, Hannah, be living parallel lives?

    The book is $3.99 and again... if you can find 5 books you want on this page you get one of them free. Good Luck!

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    1. The Hope Tarr book, sounds great!

      By Blogger Karen Scott, at 11/12/2006 03:01:00 PM  

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