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    Gifts that keep on giving...
    Many people in the military stay at the hotel I work at. And some stay for a long ass time.

    And many of them are great fun, stop by the desk often and we 'get to know'.

    One of them is leaving tomorrow. She was in for a couple of nights after staying with us for a lil over three months. She was great fun to talk with and I knew she was being shipped overseas, would have a long ass plane ride and then be away from home for a year.

    So I started to think a book would be a nice goodbye gift (of course the idea hit like 30 mins before I had to be at work). Then I started to wonder what the heck I could give to a person I knew but not KNEW. And if the sex factor would be an issue.

    After much thought (as much as 15 mins would allow) I decide to put about six books in a bag and see what might fit when I asked her about books. I was also worried about space in her luggage.

    Well it turns out she LOVES to read, was so upset she didn't know I was a reader because she had a shit load of books she just shipped home and would have loved to give them to me. She was way excited to take whatever I had and agreed there would so be homes at the base for them. Maybe I can find someone a new fan in Korea.

    I put together:

    Ask For It by Sylvia Day (hard choice! I have an ARC and had a lovely signed copy of the trade size. I decided it was better to keep the ARC. This so better get read by a few people since I gave it up for the greater good)

    His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novak
    I really want to read this but it was the only 'not' romance I had that wasn't a paranormal. So I will have to buy me another copy.

    The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe
    Easy choice as I had two copies ;).

    Lip Lock by Susanne Carr
    Wanted something chick litish and it was a very nice copy and signed.

    Match Game by Beverly Brandt
    uh, it was new and I couldn't make it passed the first few pages... too slap sticky for me. Hoped to find it a new home.

    Awaken Me Darkly by Gene Showalter
    I had both a trade and a MM. So it fit the paranormal column.

    After she said that she was a reader I thought cool. Then she said she loved The Red Tent I started to worry, then she said she was a fan of Zane. Score. So out of the two books we had both read, I get the idea she will enjoy these.

    Plus we talked about for a bit as she went through them., I thought fuck it and just gave her the bag. If she likes Zane these have to be tamer. LOL too bad I didn't know that before hand. Anywho... hope she enjoys the books and I hope they make another reader stationed far from home smile. And find some new fans for some authors and romance ;).

    I told her I would try and send over some others later. The things I do for you guys! LOL I may need to start mini 'gift kits' for requent stayers. hmmm or a library in the lounge upstairs... that is so a nifty idea for after renovations...
    1. Sybil - you go girl! If you have an address that you will ship books to in the future, let me know. I have a bunch of books I wouldn't think twice about sending to those serving their country. On that note, I should see if the Canadians would read the books I have being Canadian and all ;)


      By Blogger CindyS, at 8/22/2006 03:52:00 AM  

    2. Having lived in Korea for a year BELIEVE ME any English material to read is MUCH APPRECIATED!

      Good Job!

      By Blogger Zeek, at 8/22/2006 10:38:00 AM  

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