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    Guest Author: Jo Goodman
    Jo Goodman has a website that really needs to be updated more often. She generally has one book a year! The waiting is the hardest part.

    Lucky for us, new to goodman readers and fans alike, there is a HUGE backlist all well listed on her site. Sadly a boat load of them are out of print but always good for an old fashion book hunt.

    Compass Club and Dennehy Sisters are two of my favorites and are must reads. And if you haven't noticed I can't say enough good things about A Season to be Sinful and One Forbidden Evening.

    She doesn't have a blog but you can find some interesting tidbits from the author regarding her books. I LOVE it when authors add this stuff to their sites.

    Since I didn't find the normal interviews to link to, I asked tons of questions! I hope you enjoy the answers and feel free to ask your own.

    Jo is dial up challenged so will most likely not be posting on the blog but I will round up all questions and send them to her and will post a follow up reader interview later in the month!

    You don't have a blog, I rarely if ever 'see' you posting on message boards. There isn't much of an 'online voice' for Jo Goodman.

    Do you try not to have one? How do you feel about the online world, websites and the explosion of blogs. Or are you even familiar with them?

    {Jo Goodman} I thought long and hard about getting online in the first place.

    As someone who finds that instant gratification is too slow (and, oh, how I wish I’d thought of that line myself), I adore having information at my fingertips. I also appreciate the online friendships that came about early on - and in some cases evolved into face-to-face gatherings.

    I have truly enjoyed being able to answer readers’ questions and have more contact with readers. All of that is the upside.

    The downside - and this is why I hesitated to get online - is that I don’t particularly enjoy being at the computer except to write. Just about the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is turn my Mac on and get online. (In case you’re wondering, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is listen to the answering machine.)

    I know about blogs - I read about them in Newsweek. I’ve read a few. Some of them are like reading diaries. Gee, to me, as a therapist, that starts to feel
    like work.

    The political ones are kind of interesting some times, but really, how much do I care what the talking heads have to say? Some people are just mean in their blogs and that’s just...well, it’s just mean. I spend all day connecting with people. At the end of it I’m very appreciative of my alone time.

    As for having an online voice...I’m satisfied with my books speaking for me.

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