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    Summer loving...
    oooooohhhhhhhhh look publisher stuff...

    Summer lovin' had me a blast
    Summer lovin', happened so fast
    I met a girl crazy for me
    I met a boy, cute as can be

    Summer days driftin' away,
    To uh-oh those summer nights
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Did you get very far?
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Like, does he have a car?

    She swam by me, she got a cramp
    He went by me, got my suit damp
    I saved her life, she nearly drowned
    He showed off, splashing around
    Summer sun, something's begun,
    But uh-oh those summer nights

    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Was it love at first sight?
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Did she put up a fight?
    Took her bowlin' in the Arcade
    We went strollin', drank lemonade
    We made out under the dock
    we stayed up until ten o'clock

    Summer fling don't mean a thing,
    But uh-oh those summer nights
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    But you don't gotta brag
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Cause he sounds like a drag

    He got friendly, holdin' my hand
    Well she got friendly, down in the sand
    He was sweet, just turned eighteen
    Well she was good, you know what I mean

    Summer heat, boy and girl meet,
    But uh-oh those summer nights
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    How much dough did he spend?
    Tell me more, tell me more,
    Could she get me a friend?

    It turned colder, that's where it ends
    So I told her we'd still be friends
    Then we made our true love vow
    Wonder what she's doin' now

    Summer dreams ripped at the seams,
    But oh, those summer nights

    Jordan Summers blog is the place to be

    stuff jordan reported that made sybil sqqqqeeee:
    Dorchester also said they're actively looking for historical books, including those set in the west. They said the western is not dead at their publishing house. Their big focus in the talk was to point out that they are the launching point for many new authors.

    Now to Pocket books. Contrary to what all the industry rags have been saying the publishing houses are actively buying historicals. Historicals are NOT dead. In fact, it sounds like they're about to make a comeback. That said, most houses are NOT looking for sweet historicals. The books do not have to be erotic, but they definitely want sensual historicals (ie old Susan Johnson, Virginia Henley, etc.). Maggie (I apologize for not catching her last name.) is buying historicals at Pocket.

    NAL and Pocket info
    (includes Berkley, Erin McCarthy's publisher)

    In historicals the editors are still primarily interested in 1800s English and Scottish settings and medievals, except for historical erotica, in which any setting goes.

    Jennifer Enderlin is on the hunt for a super sexy western romance.

    stuff that made sybil giggle
    They're also looking for Inspirational Erotic Romance that doesn't necessarily fall into the Judeo/Christian realm.

    All quotes taken from Jordan Summers who was oh so fab for typing up so much info, and who by the way was in Bad Boys Over Easy with Erin McCarthy.

    Well getting the song from Grease stuck in your head would be my fault not Summers. Just saying. tell me more tell more...
    1. I don't really understand how inspirational erotic romance would work. Isn't inspirational romance supposed to be an antidote to all the evil sex going on in Romance? If anyone knows an example of insp. erotic romance, please let me know I would love to check it out.

      By Blogger Devon, at 8/11/2006 08:17:00 AM  

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