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    Holiday... Celebrate...
    Got anything planned to for the holidays? yeah yeah yeah I know family and food and stuff...

    But what cha gonna read?

    Me? I am not sure yet since I will have to be at the 'rents for a day or so. So I need to plan ahead so I can take them with me. I do know for sure I will be reading Lessons in Love since it landed in my mail box yesterday! YAY!

    And something else is there... waiting... captive in the office...

    I have hope to finish two others I was lucky enough to get early but are on the computer. Really need to get an ereader for Christmas or something.

    Anywho, what about you? Who in the hell is buying all of those reissued holiday antho's they reprint each year? I mean they are all over the place! And oy, they had a butt load of reissued Harl. Why? They aren't the hard to find ones! They are the ones that cover five shelves in the ubs.

    Why! They should ask us what we want reissued. oooooohhhhhh there is a question for you... if you could have ANY book reissued for your Christmas present what would it be? And why?

    Is it because you want to read it and can't find it? Love it so much want others to be able to read it? Or yours is falling apart and you need a new one for under the discount used price of $100 on Ebay *g*.

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    1. I think you nailed it with the questions why:

      - Can't find it : all those Keepers and classics and books that started trends that you can't easily find online when you're just getting into romance, sooo frustrating!!!!

      - Can't rec it: for the very reason just stated. Maybe you read it a looooong time ago and it's on a Top 100 list so you talk about it's MIA so that's it.

      - Too expensive used : I was so grateful Liz Carlyle's "A Woman Scorned" FINALLY got reissued this year. No way I was going to be able to spend that much money on a USED PAPERBACK!!!! (I still want that original cover, damn it!)

      And now, my own question: why not repub them as ebooks? I personnally would be very greatful.

      Ok, I haven't given a few titles but that Stuart, A Rose at Midnight? Or those Curtis books? What else? Can't think of them but you'll find a number of titles online in Keeper lists.

      It's tied to author celebrity. Look at Sherrilyn Kenyon, Fantasy Lover was out in '02, maybe, and it's being reissued!!!!

      By Blogger Arielle, at 11/21/2006 12:02:00 PM  

    2. I've got no special reads, but I've pulled OPEN SEASON by Linda Howard off the shelf and ROSE AT MIDNIGHT last week when we were all talking about Anne Stuart. I'd love to get my hands on BAD GIRL by Michele Jaffe after reading Dear Author's review last week.

      By Blogger Rosie, at 11/22/2006 02:16:00 PM  

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