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    You can't keep a good bookwhore down
    So while I have been working far too much lately, I have decided to spend the overtime on books.

    What? I will one day read them. Oh yes I will. Really it has gotten a lil out of control and I need to knock it off some. I think this is the most new books I have bought in a months time in a year or so.

    In addition to the 5 trade size books I bought, I have given the following books a new home to gather dust in:
    Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare
    enjoy her historicals and figured I would give this a shot

    One Night to be Sinful - Samatha Garver
    not to keen on the butler thing but it is a debut at a great price so I figured what the hell

    The Price of Indiscretion - Cathy Maxwell
    hit or miss author for me, buzz seemed good enough to give it a go

    A Match Made in Scandal - Melody Thomas
    love her lori morgan books and she is an Avon author, I must find a good (NEW) avon book to make kristiej read

    Still in my Heart - Kathryn Smith
    see above but I have never read this author before so new to me

    Touch Me - Lucy Monroe
    as I posted in the trade post, I have ordered Ready and this is her first historical... a friend loveseses her or at least one book, so I wanted to give her a try

    Too Wilde to Tame - Janelle Denison
    no clue why I got this... just ended up in my hand

    Dark Lover - J R Ward
    wow - passed the 15 page test and then some, only book on the list I have read - review coming soon. I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to get my hands on the ARC of the next book in the series.

    A Fine Passion - Stephanie Laurens
    can you say addiction, really so far I have liked her Bastion Club books... I think I might be the only one but hey whatever

    Waiting for the Rainbow - Dana George
    second book by this author - back of the book has clip of the AAR review for Wishes on Water, which is why I picked this up. The book centers around a flood on May 31st 1889 in Johnstown Pennsylvania. I thought that really sucked for the book, cuz talk about timing. So it ended up coming home with me.

    Dear Penelope - Sharon Ihle
    NEW WESTERN! I blame nicole and wendy. Not sure if that is bad or good, I will wait until I read it ;)

    The Ravencliff Bride - Dawn Thompson
    I blame jay. She is the one that sent me to the Dorchester site. Looks good, hope it lives up to the summary.

    Here Comes the Bride - Laura Drewry
    WESTERN! You might have noticed that I try to buy these new. Not that I think my one sell is going to change the world but I can hope damn it!

    Too Hot to Handle - Cheryl Holt
    yeah I know, so much for not buying her again until I read a review... it was at Walmart! I figured it was fate.

    Pack Law - Lorie O'Clare
    I think I screwed up here since I only bought this story (ebook) and it is apart of an anthology, which of course I feel the need to buy.

    In Her Blood - Lorie O'Clare
    friend rec'ed this author

    A Season of Change - Anya Bast
    I have liked her other books in this series

    There are also three HH, five or six Blaze, and four Desire that I have bought new but I think each series will get their own post. And there seems like there should be more, so I might be missing a couple, or I am just thinking of the used books I have bought.

    I wanted to get Some Like it Wicked by Deborah Raleigh but Walmart and B&N didn't have it yet. And I really wanted to buy from B&N because I think they are doing such a great thing by keeping their employees out of work because of Karina on their payroll, medical insurance and helping with housing. Ah well, it isn't like I am hurting for books.
    1. "a friend loveseses her or at least one book..."

      You are hilarious! You're like me, 'uh, I think I heard something good about this book, what the hell'.

      I followed the link for Dark Lover and it looks intriguing. At the same time, I may be over the whole vampire thing. It just so happens that there really can be too much of a good thing :)


      By Blogger CindyS, at 9/03/2005 05:26:00 AM  

    2. I pre-ordered the Dark Lover book too, based on a rave from Paperback Writer (I got a gift cert from Amazon for my 41st, went a little nutty). And I want to know how the Drewry is--I'm interested. Good haul!

      By Blogger Megan Frampton, at 9/03/2005 07:09:00 AM  

    3. Cindy: I am writing up the review right now and I thought the SAME thing. In fact I put it down two different trips before I bought it.

      Buy it. I think you will like it.

      Megan: YAY can't wait to see what you think about DL. And for the Drewry, make sure you go and put it on the list and date it. If you are the first I will put a sticky on it with your name so if it gets traded it will go to you.

      I know I have Irish Devil for you but I think I have another I need to pack up to mail. I am going to try and post a list tomorrow. I wanted to do it today but I have three reviews I MUST get out and a birthday gift for mommy that still needs to be bought before, uh 2pm or so.

      By Blogger sybil, at 9/03/2005 10:23:00 AM  

    4. I went and checked and I had already put the Drewry on the wish for the Irish Devil, take your time. I have maybe 200 books in the TBR pile, just got three more from Tara Marie (must go post).

      By Blogger Megan Frampton, at 9/03/2005 09:02:00 PM  

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