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    Buried Treasure: Alexis Harrington
    One of the books avid reader names on her BT list is A Taste of Heaven by Alexis Harrington. I couldn't agree more.

    A Taste of Heaven summary
    Libby, a young widow trying to make her way in the Old West, accepts a job as a cook for three cowboys, including the loner Tyler Hollins. Tyler and Libby find themselves irresistibly attracted to each other--and once they begin to share secrets about their past, they forge a strong bond that will soon be put to the ultimate test.

    I have really enjoyed the books I have read in Harrington's backlist and am lucky enough to have more tbr. Homeward Hearts is great, A Light for My Love is on my need to find now list, Desperate Hearts is tbr. Harper's Bride is a book I didn't think I would like but found I really enjoyed. Allie's Moon was a gift from Kristie and a book I have on my to be read soon shelf. Montana Born and Bred is the only one I know I have read but don't recall.

    I still need to get The Bridal Veil and The Irish Bride. As I often find myself checking her site to see if there are any updates on her next book, I recently emailed her.

    It was good news and bad news.
    Good being she has not stopped writing, in her own words she 'has never stopped'. Bad being there doesn't seem to be a 'market' for her.

    She and her agent are looking for a home for her latest book and she says the setting is:
    ...the novel takes place during WWI, but in a small, rural American town.

    I want to read this! No I am not saying stop with the Regency's there has to be readers out there that love the setting, there are books in the setting I love and WANT. But good night, give us some choices people!

    But Mr/Mrs Publisher
    We understand erotic romance, paranormal and inspirational novels are HAWT right now. But you can't JUST buy in those markets, there is such a thing as flooding. And there are many a reader that will not buy books just because they are HAWT.

    Could it be that AH newest book hasn't sold because it sucks? Sure, every good author has a bad book in her (or him) but I could bet money I don't have that it has more to do with the setting than the writing.

    Dear publisher, No matter how much you want to tell us that the historical is dead, we still want it. Why not give us some good ones, by good writers. You can always tell us you told us so later. Or not, and make some cash.

    Avon, you were once THE publisher for great historical romance, instead of being THE publisher for historical romance. Take some chances, mix up your historicals! Throw out some new settings! Please.

    St. Martin you just signed Lisa Kleypas. You have a powerhouse historical author there, use it. (and send me an ARC of Sugar Daddy)

    Pocket you have some kick ass contemps and paranormals but looks like you lost Linda Lael Miller and Geralyn Dawson to Harlequin. Come on... add some flavor to Sabrina Jeffries and Liz Carlyle's amazing regencies.

    Time Warner or Hachette, whatever you are calling yourself now... Maggie Osborne has retired. Fill the slot! (and send me Date Me Baby, One More Time and an ARC of Ways to be Wicked)

    Bantam!! You don't have a line to fit... so be bold and go for it!

    Berkley you have paranormal covered and HEAT for some awesome forth coming erotic romance. (yes feel free to send I want High Stakes, French Kiss, The Perfect Stranger and Catch of the Day... please and thank you, yes greedy is my middle name). Makes some old historical settings new again.

    And BALLANTINE will you PLEASE have Nicole Jordan write Wolf already? Really a WWI story would go great with Jordan's steamy regency and Foley's Spice trilogy. (and yes I need His Wicked Kiss still and Fever Dreams... feel free to you know...)

    come on guys... one of you step up to the plate. Stop holding out on us. Stop telling us the historical is dead. Stop saying the western is coming back and then leaving only Dorchester and Harlequin to fill the void. Stop thinking Regency is the only setting historical can be in. Stop thinking sex has to be either kisses sweet or flaming hawt.

    You guys aren't paying these authors millions of dollars a book, you can take a chance or two. Really... take a chance on us and let us take a chance on you. And send me some books :).
    1. Yea! To what you wrote!!!

      and I'd like an ARC of Kleypas' contemporary too!

      By Blogger erika, at 5/18/2006 09:42:00 PM  

    2. You are SO singing my song!!! It's not that I want the historical to end. I've had an excellent run of them myself and will always love 'em. But I want choices damn it!!! I WANT to read a book set in a small town during WWI - Lavryle Spencer did it great during WWII. There are readers out there who will gobble them up! Wouldn't it be wonderful if publishers actually listened to some of us?

      By Blogger Kristie (J), at 5/19/2006 06:45:00 AM  

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