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    I read, there for I am
    CBS 2 did talk to readers, but couldn't find any who wanted to share this very personal part of their life on camera. It's even tough for the authors sometimes.

    full article here

    ramble, ramble, ramble, ramble... doubt there is a point in here but hey it is typed...

    Wha? When did what I read or don't read become apart of my 'personal life'. Sorry VERY personal part... I admit there is no shame in my game regarding just about anything. I could define the phrase 'open book'.

    My life is my life, my choices mine, my regrets are few and I make no excuses.

    But my reading? I don't even factor that into the things sybil should be ashamed of and not admit in public.

    My mom uses my computer. There are book links to romance site and author sites. My books line my apartment. My car often looks like it could double as a mobile library.

    Would I appear on camera? Prolly not cuz I would look fat and no one would ever hear the end of it. Anywhere. Ever. I wouldn't appear for you! But hell my name is on a romance site.

    Granted it is my exhusband's name, the one who told me I COULD'T keep the name unless I stay married to him. ::pooh bear think:: I really should sign up somewhere to review porn. Gay porn so at least the men would be cute. OH! I could review under J Cook. It would be fun and make me laugh. And, sorry I digress...

    I had a point... so lets see a show of hands... who here is in the closet with their reading? I don't mean you don't talk about it. I mean you hide it. If you were asked, you lie about it. I mean you are ashamed. And if so, why?

    Is it just the sex? Since you read it, are you afraid people think you do it? Personally I think I error on the side of caution and assume most adults have sex. Just hopefully not when I am in the room with them.

    I never look at a person reading a murder mystery and think... hmmm wonder what he has in the basement. Or a true crime novel and think we really need to check out this girls frig.

    So why treat love or sex differently? Is it the kink?

    Personally I like sex. I am very pro-sex for anyone of age, in anyway that floats their boat. I love to talk about sex. I like to understand the whys and why nots of what people think.

    I don't have to like to get tied up and slapped around to read it. I don't have to crave anal sex to read it. I don't have to swallow to read it. I don't have to anything... the book isn't about me.

    As I have said before I don't read to put 'me' in the story. I don't fall in love with the hero or the heroine. I don't want to be the heroine. I want to fall in love with the hero and the heroine - together. It is their story, their happy ever after, the author has to sell me on.

    If there is something kinky in the book, I have to believe the hero or heroine would want it. "I" don't have to want it, I don't have to have enjoyed doing it, I don't factor into the story.

    So why would I think you, random reader x does. Or better yet, why does random person walking by random reader x think that?

    Yes some people who enjoy [name your sex act here], seek [name your sex act here], and I think that is wonderful. Anything that makes anyone feel better about their own sexual fantasy, wants, wishes or reality is a good thing. Sex should be a positive.

    ::stop and thinks::

    I am so preaching to the choir here. I need a list of RITA judges to spam or something... never mind... shutting up now... heeeee

    My name is Sybil and I read romance.

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