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    Lauren, Megan and Anya's Ebuzz: Adrianna Dane's Eluria's Enforcer
    Adrianna Dane book information and blog

    Devon Andromeda, a Nanus-altered Argadian Enforcer of the First Level, is assigned the mission to hunt down and eliminate Eluria Zydon, a rebel leader, who also happens to be the daughter of an Elite Tribunal Commander. Enforcers are altered and trained as assassins who retain no memories, or humanoid emotions that would hamper their purpose. Aggression is the only emotion unblocked in an Enforcer; the Tribunal directs their existence.

    Eluria Zydon's life is filled with more than enough memories and emotions for both Devon and her. She lives with the guilt of past injustice and her life has been dedicated to finding the cure to set Devon and those like him free. It is a payment she prays will also free her soul once and for all from her tormenting past.

    Confrontation on the lifeless planet, Serdion, will change them both forever. An explosion delivers Devon into Eluria's hands. An experimental drug opens the floodgates to Devon's emotions...and his memory. The first emotion he faces, and must learn to control, is desire. Eluria has been trained as a Twilight Companion and has the knowledge to help him harness his passions. Will he accept her help? Or is his only intent to complete his mission—her termination?

    Ebuzz bought to you today by the letter M and the number 3.

    Lauren Dane, Megan Hart and Anya Bast aka Maverick Authors can be found causing trouble together OR on their own

    Scissors, Sparkles and Piston EBuzz

    ( Key: Lauren Dane=Scissors, Megan Hart=Sparkles, Anya Bast=Piston)

    Piston- I really love how Adrianna Dane created a unique world in her novel, Eluria's Enforcer, complete with its own laws, customs and religion. I loved it so much that I wanted more of it. I wish this book had been about twice as long and had really delved into this planet and its peoples.

    Scissors - I did really like the worldbuilding here. I love sci fi and futuristics and I don't see nearly enough of them in the romance world so I was thrilled to see that (the other) Dane had done it. I also felt like I wanted more. I looked her up though and she's got a second installment that comes after this one. I'd love to have seen her fleshed this out to at least twice the length it was! But she left me wanting more and that made me go to look and see if she had it, all very good signs.

    Sparkles: One of the great things about a good SF story is the world building and use of different languages, history and cultures. I found a lot to enjoy in Eluria's Enforcer. Adrianna Dane obviously put a lot of thought into her world, including religion, politics and society. I had a little problem with the vocabulary sometimes, keeping all the new words straight, but overall really liked what she did with the story and weaving background in without overloading it all at once. And alien sex! Woo! Let me say that reading alien sex is ALWAYS interesting, but the physical make up of Eluria and Devon surely did leave an impression on me. It was familiar and yet
    different enough to keep me reading.

    Piston - The story is set mostly in a cave and the plot focuses on the resumption of a former romance between Devon and Eluria. After reading Eluria's Enforcer, I feel confident that Ms. Dane is completely capable of writing a substantial science fiction plot and wish there had been more of that. However, as an author I know you can't please everyone, and every reader brings different expectations to a book.

    Scissors - I quite liked that she narrowed the focus to that cave. I thought it gave a depth and intensity to the storyline that it wouldn't have necessarily had if they'd been all over the place throughout, especially at this length.

    Sparkles: I both agree and disagree. I think narrowing it to the cave worked for this story, but I'd have loved to read more about what was going on in the rest of the world. Sequel? :)

    Piston - Perhaps this world will be more thoroughly explored in a sequel or two? I definitely scented a couple spin off characters in there. Perhaps Devon's brother Alekos and maybe even Kierra, Devon's sister. On a final note, the only quibble I had with the worldbuilding were the foreign words Dane uses for sexual organs and sexual slang. I find these distance the reader from the eroticism. So, in my opinion, the book could have been a little hotter.

    Scissors - this is the kind of thing that bugs me in all sci fi/fantasy books. I understand that it's a different world and they'd use different words and all, but at some points it got to be too much and I had to stop to look back or remember what it is she was referring to. A little of this convention goes a long way, IMO.

    Sparkles: I didn't mind the vocabulary referring to body parts. Those I kept straight. LOL! The ones I had problems with were the names of the rocks and minerals, and stuff in the cave though to be honest, had they been the "real" words I wouldn't have done any better keeping them straight.

    Piston - The writing was clear and the plot was well structured, I just wanted more of it. That said, I found this to be an engaging and enjoyable story and I'd definitely read any sequels that Dane releases.

    Scissors - While I wouldn't call Eluria's Enforcer an "erotic" romance, it was a very readable and enjoyable romance. I did like the chemistry between the H/H and I thought both were likeable and three dimensional characters. I truly enjoyed Eluria's Enforcer and I'll be checking out the sequel to continue on in this world Adrianna Dane had created.

    Sparkles: I liked the sex. It was well thought out and in keeping with the world. I must admit to a personal "squick" about all things anal, but hey, everyone's got their own thing. I thought how she created a new reproductive system was well thought out and worked in the story. As for it being erotic, I will say I found myself fascinated by the actual goings on more than turned on by them, but that's coming from a writer's viewpoint and not a reader's. I was saying things like "cool!" and "ooh, how neat!" I really liked the effort she put into the s/f aspect of the story. It left me satisfied on many levels. Great job!

    Thanks for the buzz guys! Always nice to hear of a new author to try. Eluria's Enforcer can be purchase here.

    And the fearsome threesome have a nice size back list, well if size matters I think Hart is the biggest. I highly recommend Playing the Game by Megan Hart, Triad by Lauren Dane and Winter Pleasures: The Training by Anya Bast.

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    1. LOL, Megan's so big! OOOOH!

      By Blogger Lauren Dane, at 7/23/2006 06:11:00 PM  

    2. Can I just comment on how wrong that cover is?

      By Blogger Karen Scott, at 7/25/2006 04:04:00 PM  

    3. Bwah! Karen, you can comment about anything you want.

      By Blogger Lauren Dane, at 7/29/2006 05:00:00 PM  

    4. authors don't have any control over the cover's unless they do them themselves!!!

      ...and why yes. Yes, I *am* rather well endowed.


      By Blogger Megan, at 9/04/2006 10:04:00 PM  

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