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    Alluring Tales ***March 2007*** (VA summary added)
    Are you looking for salacious and thrilling action-adventure reads that will leave you breathless? The search is over. The award winning, bestselling Allure Authors offer you a scintillating blend of paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, futuristic, and science fiction tales all in one sure-to-please erotic collection.

    Lisa Renee Jones, Myla Jackson, Vivi Anna, Sasha White, Sylvia Day, Cathryn Fox and Delilah Devlin from the Allure Authors site have stories in this book. LOL guess the title should have tipped me off ;)

    Quick Silver by Viva Anna
    In the year 2080, Sangria Silver knows what it takes to be a good messenger, a good delivery person. Ask no questions, and do the job no matter what. With a reputation for being quick, efficient and discreet, she’s the most wanted Conveyor in the New States of America.

    Contracted by the one of the most powerful woman in the NSA, Sangria takes on her most intriguing and most lucrative job to date. Two million dollars to transport a large metal case from the sparkling, sanitized streets of Los Angeles Proper to the skids of East Las Vegas, no questions asked.

    Along the way, she thinks she has it made and will be able to retire from the job, when she’s involved in a traffic accident and her car flips over. To her chagrin, the metal case is tossed from the trunk and smashes open to reveal the cargo inside.

    Not cargo but a man. Alive and sexy as sin itself.

    Now she has to decide whether to deliver him to the address or keep him all to herself...

    Out of the Shadows by Myla Jackson
    Cassidy Jones had high hopes for her and Houston Police Officer, TJ Evans, until she was attacked by a stranger late one night on the university campus. Now she’s destined to spend her life in the shadows, fighting to control raging lust for blood and sex. Afraid she can’t win against the inner beast, she hides in her house, without hope of ever living a normal life. Until TJ comes calling demanding that she give him the answers he deserves and that she leave the city before the hurricane arrives.

    TJ had it bad for, Cassidy, but he knows when he’s been given the brush off. He’d all but given up when he walked next door to deliver the edict that all residents were to evacuate Houston immediately. When Cassidy refuses to leave, they spend a turbulent night battling the storm ultimately surrendering to their passion. Will Cassidy restrain the inner monster? Or will TJ emerge from the storm a changed man?
    Cassidy leaned into him and practically purred against his cheek. “Stop me now, TJ, before it’s too late.” While her words said one thing, her hands racing across his skin encouraged him to continue.

    With his mind caught in a cloud of desire, TJ couldn’t stop. Couldn’t pull free of her until he slaked his desire. Tension built, rising in surges, centering on the juncture of their joined bodies.

    Cassidy moaned, her breasts bobbing up and down in TJ’s face.

    He captured one of the pale round orbs in his mouth and sucked hard, drawing the rounded flesh into his mouth, laving the taught rosy nipple.

    She murmured her approval and nuzzled his neck, nipping at the skin with her teeth.
    The tender bites only fueled the fires and spurred him on. He spun around and pressed her back to the wall where he could leverage her while he plunged deeper inside. He pumped into her again and again, until his entire body tightened into an orgasmic knot.

    On his final thrust, he peaked teetering on the verge of shooting sperm deep inside her.

    At that exact moment, Cassidy clamped her legs tightly around his waist, licked his neck in a long, sexy swipe, and then she leaned in, her mouth opening to take his throat between her teeth.

    The pager buried deep in TJ’s trouser pocket beeped, cutting through their labored breathing and vibrating against his knee. The effect was to jerk him out of the sensual haze and remind him they’d used no protection.

    “Damn it!” Without pulling out of her, TJ fumbled to reach for the pants around his knees. With his cock still firmly entrenched in her channel, the task was impossible.

    The Hottest One Night Stand by Lisa Renee Jones
    A road trip. A storm that forces her to a roadside hotel. One passionate night. One perfect stranger…

    Jessica Montgomery needs an escape and a new outlook of herself as a woman. Her ex-husband not only left her for another woman, he called her sexually suppressed. Since then, she’s avoided relationships, using her work as an excuse. But deep down, there is a sensual woman who wants to be discovered. If only Jessica can find the confidence to let her lose.

    When a one night stand delivers Jessica to her sexy side, she faces the new day a changed woman. But what happens when her stranger appears again? Will she dare to find what lies beyond morning?

    Tempting Grace by Sasha White
    At 35 reformed Bad Girl Grace Walters is finally content with her life. She’s a homeowner working her dream job of helping troubled teens, and acceptance in her community. Grace has worked hard to be where she is and she isn’t willing to let anything threaten her stable future. But when she's in an emotional downswing, and Lucas Martin makes it clear that he’s willing to do anything for her . . . Well, she can only resist temptation for so long.

    Grace knows getting involved with the much younger preachers son will threaten her new found acceptance, but how can she resist when she knows that being bad will make them both feel so good?
    For the first time in over a year Grace Walters didn’t want to go home. She didn’t want to walk up the brick path and look at the pretty flowerbed she’d planted just last week. She didn’t want to open the door to the small two-bedroom cottage style house that she’d bought thirteen months earlier. The one and only place she’d let herself call home since she was fourteen and decided that she was better off on the streets than in a house where no one cared.

    She didn’t want to go home, because she knew she’d see that small pile of clothes on the dryer that belonged to Chelsea, and then she’d have to accept that Chelsea hadn’t felt at home there. That no matter what Grace had done, Chelsea had still gone back to the street, and this time, it had killed her.

    Grace didn’t want to remember. She didn’t want to think.

    “Why don’t you get them both?”

    She started when a deep voice broke through the thick fog coating her mind. “What?” She turned and found Lukas Martin behind her, less than a foot away. How had he gotten so close without her even noticing? Her instincts for self-preservation had always served her well before.

    “You seem to be having a hard time deciding between ice cream flavors, why not treat yourself and get both?” Lukas said with a smile. A pale eyebrow arched and a playful gleam lit up his chocolate eyes as he leaned even closer. “But if you want a real treat you should let me cook you dinner.”

    Grace started to say no, like she had so many times in the past month when he’d asked her out. But this time, the refusal stuck in her throat.

    As if he sensed her weakness, he stepped forward, the playful gleam fading as his gaze took on a more intense heat. “Grace?”

    Need blossomed from deep within. One she’d thought was long buried. She swept her gaze over his leanly muscled six-foot frame, and the energizing tingle of sensual awareness she always felt whenever Luke entered a room zipped through her. Grace knew intuitively that he could satisfy that need.

    It was a bad idea. Her head knew that, but her heart, her aching heart needed to feel something other than the pain of failure, and there was one thing she’d always been good at. One thing she’d always succeeded at … and she was too tired to deny the pull that Lukas’ eager-to-please attentions awoke within her. “One night,” she whispered.

    “One night?”

    “One night. You and me. No dinner, and no promises.” She met his gaze and let him see the need she felt rising from deep within. “Tonight.”

    A Familiar Kind of Magic by Sylvia Day
    Victoria St. John is a Familiar, and like most kittens, she likes to play. Unattached to a warlock, she's causing mischief. Too much trouble-making can cause suspicions in mortals, so the High Council assigns warlock and Hunter Max Westin to "collar" her, in the hopes that he can succeed where others have failed.

    From the moment Max meets the beautiful Familiar, he can't wait to get started. He loves hunting, relishes the taming, and isn't prone to hurrying matters. Reining in a wild kitten takes time, sometimes weeks, and he's more than willing to put in the effort with Victoria.

    A battle of wills and an erotic seduction. The result is a journey through the depths of desire to the heights of eternal love.
    The Hunter had finally arrived.

    Victoria studied him carefully through the closed-circuit feed that monitored her office reception area. The urbane Armani suit he wore did nothing to hide the predator within. Tall and dark, the Hunter moved with a casual arrogance that made her purr. He didn't look around, completely
    focused on the moment when they would be together in the same room. Alone.

    As she rubbed her hands together, a throaty growl filled the air. The High Council was ready to tangle with her again. She smiled and preened, as was the nature of her kind. This Hunter was powerful, she could feel it even through the walls that separated them.

    It was a testament to her own prowess that they would send a warlock such as him after her. She couldn't help but be flattered. After all, she'd broken the laws on purpose, deliberately goading the very powers that had stolen Darius from her. And here was her "punishment", walking into her office with that luscious, long-legged stride. She couldn't be more thrilled with their choice.

    He flashed a devastating smile at the receptionist before she closed the door behind him. Then he turned his attention to Victoria and removed his sunglasses.

    Oh my.

    She crossed her silk stocking-clad legs to ease the sudden ache between them.

    Piercing gray eyes measured her from a face so austerely handsome she was almost inclined to leave her seat and rub up against him. That firm jaw. those sculpted lips.

    But, of course, she couldn't. She first had to see if he would reveal who he was or if he intended to pretend. The High Council still hadn't realized how much power Darius had bequeathed her. They didn't yet realize how deeply her awareness went.

    Her gaze moved to the crystal-framed miniature on her desk and the man with the rakish dimple who smiled lovingly from there. Captured beautifully in oil paints, glints of gold shining in his blond hair, the sight of Darius brought a familiar ache of loss and heartache that firmed her resolve. The waste of his life filled her with a need for retribution.

    Rising to her feet, Victoria held out her hand. The Hunter took it leisurely, the palpable force in his touch betraying him.

    "Mr. Westin," she breathed, fighting back a delicious shiver. She would have to thank the Council for this gift when she was done with him. He was so dark-his skin, his raven hair, his aura. Sex incarnate. She could smell it, feel it with his proximity. It was obvious why he was a successful
    Hunter. Already she was wet and eager.

    Max Westin held her hand a little too long, his thickly-lashed gaze clearly stating his intentions to have her, to tame her. Like all kittens, Victoria liked to play, so she brushed her fingertips across his palm as she pulled away. His eyes widened almost imperceptibly, a tiny sign that she
    could get to him if she really put the effort into it.

    Of course, she intended to do just that. The Council only sent their best, most prized Hunters after her, and she knew how it chaffed Them when their elite met with abject failure. It was the only thing she could do prevent feeling helpless-give Them a harsh reminder of how great Darius' had been, and what They'd lost with his needless sacrifice.

    "Ms. St. John." Westin's voice was a rough caress. Everything about him was a little rough, a little gritty. A primitive creature. Just like she was.

    Victoria waved toward the chair in front of her glass-topped desk. Freeing the button of his coat, Max sank into the seat, his dark blue trousers stretching over firm thighs and an impressive bulge between them.

    She licked her lips. Yum.

    Kili's Ice Man by Delilah Devlin
    Upon overhearing Kili's conversation with a girlfriend, Gunnar "Ice Man" Rydeman's a little ticked Kili thinks all jocks are brainless throwbacks. When she dives into her mini-vacation, he pulls some strings to be the object of her virtual fantasy--only problem is, she's selected a primitive setting, and he suddenly finds himself in a fur loincloth, fighting prehistoric beasts with a single-syllable vocabulary. Now, how will he prove to Kili he's cleverer than the average caveman?
    Kili sucked in a deep breath and blinked as her eyes adjusted to white, searing sunlight. Her first glance at her vacation setting sent her stomach plummeting. Where was the desert island with the horseshoe strip of pale sand and navy sea? Sure, heat radiated off the ground in suffocating waves, but where was the cabana boy in the Speedo?

    Instead, an endless savannah stretched in front of her with tall, golden grass waving in the hot breeze and gnarled, stunted trees dotting the horizon. "What the hell?"

    Stones skittered behind her and she spun to find a large, male figure standing on a rocky knoll. At least the program had gotten that much right. The Ice Man's incredible, burly physique was nude except for a furry loincloth that draped from a slender cord at his waist, leaving the sides of his tanned hips and his massive, sleek thighs bare. The breeze ruffled his pale hair as he strode toward her, his sharp gaze sweeping down her body, a predatory gleam in his eyes.

    Kili's heart thudded and her nipples tightened, the sensitive tips pressing into supple fabric. She glanced down and noted she too wore an animal's skin, tanned and buttery-soft. The miniscule top barely covered her breasts and was knotted between them. Another soft garment draped around her hips, and the breeze licking up her thighs revealed she was totally nude underneath the crude clothing. "Now, that's attention to detail," she murmured. But if this was her fantasy, why weren't her hips

    When she brought up her head again, Ice Man's attention was directed behind her and his entire body tensed. He hefted a spear in one hand, holding it above his shoulder.

    She followed his gaze and saw an enormous creature crouched low in the grass staring back at them, cat-like with long fangs curving like tusks from its gaping mouth.

    Before she could gasp a warning, Ice Man let loose his spear and snagged her wrist, dragging her behind him as he ran back up the knoll.

    A hideous, snarling scream erupted, and Kili forgot that none of this was real-her heart accelerated and her breath rasped as she ran like the wind, flying up the rocks behind the gladiator, grateful for the fur-lined booties that shielded her feet from the harsh terrain.

    Just as they crested the knoll, the sound of heavy paws thundered behind them. She didn't dare look back, but Ice Man dropped her hand and drew another spear from the leather sheath strapped to his back. With a lithe twist, he turned and launched the spear straight into the large cat's chest.

    The animal dropped like a rock without a sound, dead before it hit the ground.

    Kili shivered and reminded herself--this isn't real. All that blood spurting in a gurgling stream from the creature's gaping wound was just part of the program hooked up to her brainwaves to deliver a virtual adventure. She'd never really been in danger, but her racing heart didn't seem to know the difference. The trembling that shook her body felt authentic, as did the excitement that thrummed through her veins.

    She drew a deep, steadying breath and lifted her head to find Ice Man's gaze leveled on her.

    His chest gleamed with sweat, his jaw was taut, and hunger glinted in his hard eyes.

    "I'm guessing this is where we're supposed to share celebratory sex, huh?"

    Lover's Locket by Cathryn Fox
    Centuries ago On the eve of her arranged wedding to a man she doesn’t love, Princess Caira Montright flees her father’s castle and secretly meets her lover, Zarek. Their plans to elope are foiled when one of Lord Montright’s vassals captures them. The all-powerful Lord Montright places a curse on Zarek, banishing him to an eternity of hell inside a portrait—a portrait that finds its way back to Caira in every lifetime. Zarek is forced to watch Caira throughout the centuries yet never be able to claim her as his own.

    The only thing that can break the curse is for Caira to recite the incantation on the Lover’s Locket. Then she must battle the forces of evil to free him forever.
    “I see you have found the Lover’s Locket.”

    “What?” Startled by the woman’s sudden appearance, Caira jumped back. She hadn’t even heard her approaching footsteps.

    The woman gestured toward the beautiful silver necklace enclosed behind the protective walls of the glass case and motioned for her to take a better look.

    “The Lover’s Locket,” she repeated. Her aged voice cracked like brittle bones causing goose bumps to pebble Caira’s flesh.

    Palms open, Caira placed her hands on the glass. She was so mesmerized by the beauty of the exquisite piece of jewelry she almost found it impossible to speak. She fought to recover her voice. “It’s magnificent.”

    “You’re searching. Yes?”

    “Searching?” Caira didn’t understand the question.

    “For your true love.”

    She was surprised at how perceptive the old woman was. Uncomfortable talking about her personal life with a complete stranger, Caira turned the discussion back to the locket. “Is it antique?”

    The woman ignored her question and asked one of her own. “Should you wish to have it?”

    Caira gave a quick shake of her head. “I can’t afford-”

    The woman cut her off. “It is not for you to argue.” She opened the glass case, removed the locket, and placed it in Caira’s hand.

    The second the locket came into contact with her flesh an odd tingling began in her bloodstream. She was strangely fascinated by the piece. Strangely fascinated by the way her pulse kicked up a notch at first contact. Curious about its origins, she stared at the antique locket in awe. She’d never seen anything more beautiful.

    The woman touched her arm bringing Caira’s attention back to her. “You feel it don’t you?” she asked.

    Uneasiness closed in on her as she met the woman’s challenging gaze. She felt something, an unexplainable strange pull toward the locket, but she wasn’t about to admit it. She lowered her lashes, hiding her emotions from the woman’s probing gaze.

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Caira responded quickly, turning the locket over in her hand. A ribbon of sunlight burst through the window and reflected off the unusual intricate design etched in the silver. Caira squinted and stared at the inscription until the words in front of her blurred together.

    The gypsy curled her weathered fingers around Caira’s and squeezed until the locket was tightly enclosed in the safety of her small hand. “With this locket comes great power, but with all great power there comes darkness.”

    “What do you mean?” Caira asked, indulging her for a moment.

    Her gravelly voice became as smooth as silk as she recounted the tale of the Lover’s Locket. “It is said that if one recites the incantation etched in the silver, their true love will be revealed.” Suddenly, an anxious expression crossed the gypsy-woman’s beguiling violet eyes. “The incantation also awakens the Keeper of Darkness from his eternal slumber.” Frowning intently, she looked deep into Caira’s eyes. “The person who recites the incantation is the only one who can defeat the Keeper of Darkness. It is said that death is the price of failure.”

    Caira blew out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. She remembered the old legend well. It was only a few years ago while babysitting her niece that she’d recounted the story herself. She almost laughed out loud at the foolishness of it all. She took a moment to recall the legend.

    It was believed that centuries ago on the eve of her arranged wedding to a man she didn’t love, a rebellious princess had fled her father’s castle and secretly met her lover. Their plans to elope were foiled when one of the Lord’s vassals captured them. The all-powerful Lord had a curse placed on his daughter’s lover. In retaliation, the princess acquired the help of an old gypsy woman. She had an incantation etched on her most precious possession, a locket given to her by her lover. Should the locket find its way to her in another lifetime, the princess could read the incantation and break the curse. But unfortunately, as the old woman had already said, with great power comes great darkness. The princess must battle the forces of evil to free her lover forever.

    “You know the story. Yes?” The worry in the woman’s voice gained her full attention.

    Caira forced a smile and addressed the old woman’s concerns. “It’s just a legend. A story told at slumber parties. The legend also says that only the princess can unleash its power,” she pointed out. Rolling her shoulders she continued, “So if this ever fell into the hands of the original owner-”

    A frown formed on her forehead as the old woman sealed Caira’s protest with her fingers. Caira repressed a shiver as a chill rushed through her. “What makes you think you’re not the original owner, Bella?” the woman asked.

    Caira’s skin prickled. The air almost seemed to crackle with electricity. Bella? Obviously the old woman had her confused with someone else.

    “My name isn’t Bella, it’s Caira.”

    The woman gave a slow nod. “Yes, of course, Caira. Forgive my slip. Perhaps this belonged to you in the past, Caira.”

    She met the woman’s glance and tried to placate her. “It’s ridiculous to believe the legend.” Waving her hand over her worn jeans and t-shirt she said, “Besides, I hardly think I was a princess in another lifetime.”

    “Yes, well, you’ll never know unless you recite the incantation.” The look in the woman’s eyes caused her skin to grow cold.

    Caira gulped, her stomach plummeted. Good Lord what was going on with her? What was she getting all worked up about? She shook her head to clear it. It was just a silly legend.

    Wasn’t it?

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    1. That will be a fantastic book!

      By Anonymous Danny, at 9/16/2006 06:55:00 AM  

    2. That looks like a fabulous book. And the! I love it.

      By Blogger Colleen Gleason, at 9/16/2006 07:28:00 AM  

    3. all have great plots. Delilah, would love to read more about Ice Man. Nothing like a hot looking, intelligent hunk.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/16/2006 01:30:00 PM  

    4. all have great plots. Delilah, would love to read more about Ice Man. Nothing like a hot looking, intelligent hunk.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/16/2006 01:30:00 PM  

    5. I am so looking forward to this. I must find out when this will be out. WIth a bunch of my favorite authors to read, this will be on my treasure shelf (keepers)


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/17/2006 12:28:00 AM  

    6. Cathie,

      This is another Avon treat, and will be out March of 2007.

      You can pre-order the book at:


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/17/2006 12:39:00 PM  

    7. Its going to be so wonderful having you all together in one book!

      I know publishers often pick who they want in a book, the authors don't get the choice. But for this one, you put this together yourselves right? Who is the publisher? And when is the day it will be out?

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/19/2006 11:08:00 PM  

    8. This is the EXACT same cover as Sunny's Mona Lisa Awakening. There has to be a rule about this. I.e., no covers exactly the same for 5 years or something.

      By Anonymous Jane, at 9/21/2006 07:51:00 AM  

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