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    Pleasures of the Night **May 2007**
    Aidan Cross is a Dream Guardian. In the Twilight between sleep and wakefulness, a battle ensues between his kind and the Nightmares, with the victor reaping the benefits of the energy created in slumber. Guardians recharge with various skills, Nightmares drain while thriving on distress.

    To keep the portal locked between reality and dreams is a calling that rules Aidan’s life, until he’s assigned to protect Lyssa Bates. Unlike the other women whose dreams he’s calmed with deeply erotic seduction, Lyssa recognizes him and his purpose. She welcomes him to her bed as he is, without the disguise of her fantasies, and offers him the first true solace he’s known in a lifetime of fighting. Her ability is a gift. And a curse.

    Because of her rare cognizance, she is said to be The Key they have all been searching for. The Key serves a terrible purpose—to open the Gateway and allow Nightmares in unlimited numbers to travel through the Twilight. From there, they have access to the mortal plane through the individuals whose dreams they control.

    So Aidan leaves the Twilight to protect her from both his own people and the enemies who need Lyssa to open the door to them. Stripped of the endless possibilities of dreams, they have only their will to live with which to conquer her destiny and grasp the elusive promise of love.
    There is a companion site for the series. It's a work in progress and is presently undergoing a full-site redesign, so by November visitors will find a whole new site and lots more content -- deleted scenes, sneak peaks at future installments of the series, games, etc.

    But there's an excerpt up now!

    And a little mini-trailer. (It's just something I whipped together myself while Circle of Seven works on the "official" trailer. *g*)

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    1. Wow the book sounds great! Can't wait to read it.

      By Anonymous anny, at 9/15/2006 11:29:00 AM  

    2. Thank you, Anny! I hope you enjoy it. :)


      By Blogger Sylvia Day, at 9/15/2006 01:06:00 PM  

    3. Sounds great!

      By Blogger Amy S., at 9/15/2006 03:57:00 PM  

    4. Wow, Dream Guardians. I so love already the feel of that from reading the blurb and looking forward to the site up. I can't check out trailers on my laptop but i'm sure i'll note this to look when I get your newsletters.
      Too i'm glad its a series from you!


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/17/2006 12:35:00 AM  

    5. Thank you, Cathie! I'm excited. It's my first series with an over-reaching story arc, so it's been fun. I hope you like it. :)


      By Blogger Sylvia Day, at 9/18/2006 01:47:00 PM  

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