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    If you don't have time to read...

    My TBR pile is almost ridiculous, because I keep buying books and then I can't read them. Stephen King says, "If you don't have the time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write." and I agree with him.

    Sadly, I truly don't have the time. I've turned in three single titles this year, and two novellas. Between now and Feb. I have another novella due and two single titles. Then another ST in Apr, and Aug, and Dec.
    On one hand, I think it'll be nice to slow down.

    On the other, I know it takes years and years for some authors to build the size backlist I've built in just two and getting contracts is a struggle for many. So while I'm hugely busy, I'm doing what I love, and I never sit here and wish I were doing something else. I don't take for granted the opportunities afforded me by my editors and their enthusiasm for my work. I'm grateful every day.

    I'm most looking forward to reading SUGAR DADDY by Lisa Kleypas. I preordered it a long time ago. I'm also eagerly awaiting a new Shelby Reed release, as I'm a huge fan of hers. And all the upcoming Allure Authors' books. I can't wait for those!

    [note: beta blogger is being goofy if you have issues posting use the option 'other' and type in your name... if you use anon, make sure you type your name in the post]

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    1. Sylvia, sometimes I would say I wouldn't want to be a writer because I want to read it all! (but too I honestly can't write)

      Do you ever take breaks away from writing and go on vacation and read? People who work, take vacations and this is work! I know you have so much to do but need to take care of you emotionally too. I do apprecaiate all your stores and look forward to each one! I love Lisa Kleypas too. I read recently SUDDENLY YOU thats been in my TBR a while. Wow, wonderful. I didn't know about SUGAR DADDY. I must look this up. Sounds like a contemp?


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/17/2006 12:33:00 AM  

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