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    [click the question to see answer]

    What do you think Avon Red has to offer readers that is different from the other erotic romance prints?

    I think Avon Red is offering the most sophisticated erotic fiction on the market.

    Speaking of erotic romance, how do you define the difference between 'erotic romance' and 'erotica'?

    There have been many debates on the differences between erotic romance and erotica and I believe everyone has a differing opinion.

    To me, the main focus in erotic romance is the growing emotional relationship between the hero and the heroine and the story ends with a Happily Ever After. Erotica focuses on the physical only, and doesn't necessarily end up with a Happily Ever After.

    Do people know you write erotic romance? If your friends and family do know, how has their reaction been?

    Yes, everyone knows I write erotic romance.

    I'm proud of what I write and I think women should embrace their sexuality and not hide the fact that sex is a big part of our life. I always describe my stories as romance at heart with an open door policy.

    I have never, ever had a negative reaction, which actually surprises me. I did have one friend say, I can't believe you write erotic romance, you seem so sweet. I thought that was funny! Even sweet girls like sex!

    My mother-in-law who is an avid reader is extremely religious and knows what I write. I also know that she wouldn't like my stories so I tell her not to read them.

    As a writer do you have any 'do not cross' lines or do you go where ever the story takes you?

    I wrote a Quickie for Ellora's Cave, Web of Desire, and I let the characters take me where they wanted to go.

    Boy, was I was surprised at the end results. It is a very sexy scene where my heroine is captured in a spider's web (yes, paranormal/witchcraft) and the hero has his wicked way with her. Whew, I still heat up thinking about that scene!

    What is up next? We are book whores, give us names dates and summaries!

    Upcoming release is Pleasure Control, November 06, the first story in my Pleasure Game Trilogy.

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    1. hi Cathy! Coming in a little late with this, but just wanted to tell you how much I liked when you said, "Sweet girls like sex, too!" Amen, sister! And I'm going to have to remember that, since I get that "sweet" comment a lot, too ; )

      By Blogger Toni Blake, at 9/14/2006 10:21:00 AM  

    2. LOL Toni, you definitely look like a sweet girl!

      By Anonymous cathryn fox, at 9/17/2006 08:16:00 AM  

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