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    Devils on Horseback: Nate by Bet Williamson **Publication Date: September 25, 2007**
    What Beth has in the works.

    YAY westerns!

    Devils on Horseback: Nate by Beth Williamson **Publication Date: September 25, 2007**
    Nate Marchand grew up as the only son of the town drunk. As a Confederate soldier, he found that order in the chaos was the only thing that kept him sane. Numbers, information, keeping everything in its proper place became second nature. The chaos of the war and its aftermath sent him into a rigid state that he couldn’t seem to overcome.

    He and his friends, nicknamed Devils on Horseback, leave behind the aftermath of war to start fresh in the west. Their new business venture flounders and desperation drives them to take whatever work they can.

    The Devils are hired to remove the Taggert family from land claimed by Samuel O’Shea, the largest landowner in Grayton, Texas. When he meets Elisa Taggert, his entire world shifts beneath him. Attracted, bewildered, and off-kilter, Nate ignores his conscience in favor of his wallet.

    The simple task of removing a woman, a boy, and an old man, along with a small herd of cattle, resembles a Medieval siege. Nate wrestles with what he knows is right with what he must do. Will his love for Elisa overcome his need for survival?

    I want!

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    1. Oooh, I loooove Beth Williamson! This sounds great! Cannot wait!

      By Blogger Lori, at 11/03/2006 09:58:00 PM  

    2. Because of you I just went and purchased my first Beth Williamson book.

      By Blogger Rosie, at 11/03/2006 10:37:00 PM  

    3. Hallo Syb! Awesome dude - you blogged about my new series! :)
      Lori - *smooch* thanks for the love!
      Rosie - way cool! I hope you enjoy it. :) Which one did you get?

      By Blogger Beth Williamson, at 11/04/2006 06:59:00 PM  

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