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    minions....misty water-colored minions
    Now you may have noticed I hold Amazon reviews to mean just about nothing. I am sorry and I have been told, asked, whatever to look into putting reviews on Amazon as well as my blog, so it is something that I keep trying to look at as a useful tool.

    Today I find it wonderful in a very Highland Fling, WolfTales sort of way.

    Lets take a look...

    the book in question:
    JACOB: The Nightwalkers by Jacquelyn Frank

    the players:
    L. Arendt
    She loves it! FIVE STARS! GREAT three line review that goes into awesome detail to tell you WHY you should love this book too.

    Now I would mention she has one review to her name. And all her tags are regarding one book. But really do I need to point that out?

    She loves it too! FIVE STARS! Great four line review that goes into awesome detail to tell you WHY you should love this book too. And is a serious amazon reviewer with two great reviews to her name ::coughsecondaddedtodayandnotabook::.

    31 reviews... all not created in the last day or so... GO TEAM FATHOM. Hell do you have a blog? I know you won't see this but I think I love you! A real reader review! Fair, balanced, what you liked what you didn't... WOW.

    Jane Little "Jane at DearAuthor.Com"
    Dear Jane can't you put a link in your Amazon Profile? If not that might kill one of my bitches right there (more on that in a min). 9 reviews but link to your site so all good. I would say you should put more on amazon if you are gonna do it. But this is a big reason why I go back and forth with doing it myself.

    And damn it seems long for an amazon review... but hey enough about me. Fair, balanced, what you liked what you didn't... WOW.

    A. Bosworth
    I feel like I have looked into your profile before... did you like Highland Fling? Hmmm taking the time to read ALL of your three reviews I see no mention. Go figure but I digress... Stock summary but when a person reviews so many books to because an awesome amazon reviewer that can be forgiven.

    52 reviewers... picture loaded back in July... some nifty looking reviews there ::makes note to go checkout:: Nice honest opinon (even worried about being too mean... awww you are a nice girl, really we must stick together).

    three real people with honest opinions... three new accounts, with few reviews, that could be real people

    So what does this mean beside I want blog addys for loonigrrl and fanthom cuz really one can NEVER have too many reader blogs. Not a damn thing but really I find it rather funny... you know in a highlandflings/wolftales sort of way.

    Well and I need to figure out if you can put a link in your profile because really I think that would help. I can't help it. I KNOW new readers pop up in blog land. I KNOW new readers pop up on amazon. I know you might read 2000000 then hit that book that makes you stand up and go fuck me I want to tell the world about this without having an adgenda or being the authors BFF.

    But if it quacks like a sock, walks like a sock, it is almost always a sock.... or you know... a fangrrl....

    I am just a cynical bitch like that.

    Next up:
    The day in the life of a Fangrrl (I kid)

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    1. Ha, I do the same thing when I look at Amazon reviews--check to see what else the person reviewed, and what they said about it. If they've only got the one, especially if it's really bad or glowing, I ignore it.

      I like Amazon reviews, though. I've seen some good reviewers on there, with interesting tastes, and they've led me to some books I might not otherwise have tried.

      By Blogger December Quinn, at 11/30/2006 11:48:00 AM  

    2. The thing that sucks is it lends weight to this type of thing.

      And you see I read that type of post at RtB it hits my rant buttons. My shut up! Sometimes a Bad review is just that a bad review because someone thinks your book sucks! ranty rant

      Then people go and do stupid shit like post on a blog and send out a call to arms for their friends to rush amazon and defind their work of art. Or blog about the bad ol amazon review and offer up their advice to make sure that author never eats lunch in this town again. Or reports the post to amazon to have it removed. Or offers the author who no like their book their money back. Or have their BFF sign up and post reviews.

      sucks ass and kills my ranty rant, even though it is true some times a book does just suck

      By Blogger sybil, at 11/30/2006 12:04:00 PM  

    3. Or it's possible their friends want to support them, truly liked the book and decided to post a positive review on Amazon. No call to arms, necessary. Not everything is a conspiracy or a set-up, some things just are.

      By Blogger Angie, at 11/30/2006 12:19:00 PM  

    4. Very true angie. It is sad that it is possible the author has no idea how stupid it makes her look or that people would think she has okay'ed it.

      When she may not even know her friends are signing up and pimping her. But hey at least they aren't famous writers!

      Every good series needs minions to make it work... only kenyon, feehan, ward so forth and so on grew into theirs. I don't think you can just add water to powered to create them.

      Hmmm or maybe minions are like sea monkeys *eg*. I know you think I am just being mean but I don't see this as any different than other stupid amazon behavior and it is sad.

      It could be a really good book under the crap.

      By Blogger sybil, at 11/30/2006 12:30:00 PM  

    5. powder even...


      By Blogger sybil, at 11/30/2006 12:31:00 PM  

    6. Meh. I don't bother with the book reviews at Amazon. I might glance through for a good laugh but other than that, not useful. I much prefer reader blogs and message boards. At least you know the person has actually read the book they are loving.

      I do pay attention if all the reviews say the book sucks but that's so rare. As to the other items at Amazon I find the reviews section very helpful and many kudos to Amazon for not erasing some of the things that say 'this ____ doesn't work!' or 'I have tried this, this and this and it's this one that works the best'.


      By Blogger CindyS, at 12/01/2006 01:07:00 AM  

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