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    New review blog, rwa stuff and general bitchyness
    ohhh look new review site

    go forth and book mark

    Alison Kent shocks me by linking to brenda coulter's blog and making me find something I agree with Lee Goldberg on.

    As for Brenda's post, I am not sure when she will be coming out with the rules and regs of what it is ok for us to blog about. Or really not us - just you writer folks. Damn you all for speaking your mind, damn you to hell.

    some where right now baby jesus is crying...

    sigh post like this make me sad I didn't do my reader blog in lj cuz I have a great baby jesus crying icon.

    as for some of the 'official' rwa stuff alison has up:
    LITERACY SIGNING: Writers are free to sign whatever books you've agreed to sign at the Reno conference. We ask that you keep the promotional displays
    to a minimum, due to lack of space. As to any promotional materials and
    donated baskets, we ask that you please keep in mind that this is a public
    event and, as such, there will be people under eighteen there.

    WHAT are you expecting if you take your under eighteen child to a romance conference? And you know what, you can have rules to keep under eighteen people out of places. Are we marketing romance novels to people under eighteen? Then why the fuck do they need to be there?

    I am sorry but I can't think of a good reason to bring a five year old to a romance conference (just pulling 5 years old out of my ass). And as an adult going to a romance conference (I am not but if I was) I really don't want your five year old there anyway.

    They are kids. They will get bored. They will be annoying. It isn't their fault they are kids. That is their job to expect to be amused and be annoyed if they aren't. You take kids to B&N story time, not to RWA conferences. And if you make the choice to take your kiddos - if RWA lets them in - then that is your responsibility.


    duh... I know AngieW took her babe to a conference but I am guessing she didn't expect the covers to be babyproofed for her. Feel free to correct me angie ;).
    1. Actually, the Literacy Signing is open to the public, so you do have mothers with children, ranging from babes in arms to moms and teenagers out for a good evening meeting their favorite authors. Which means, there will be minors there, so some slight caution is required.

      They've always asked that promotional displays be kept to a minimum because the Literacy Reception is a major cluster-(RWA forbidden word). The aisles are packed and it's difficult to move. The last one I attended had something like 5,000 people there and raised over $25,000 for literacy. You can't put anything in the aisles because it will block traffic and there's little space behind the authors to put anything up without running into the person on the other side,

      As for Brenda Coulter -- her entry seriously annoyed me because it was "you're misbehaving" finger wagging, which is another, more subtle form of censorship pushing people to behave. It's not a form I take kindly to.

      By Anonymous Caro, at 6/12/2005 05:59:00 PM  

    2. Oh so the Literacy Signing isn't just romance novels?

      Because I am sorry if it is, A. it shouldn't be open to all ages B. if you are a parent taking your kids to a romance novel signing you should know the covers to expect.

      But I can see the rules and regs if Harry Potter and other YA fic is there too.

      By Blogger sybil, at 6/12/2005 06:11:00 PM  

    3. It's primarily romance novels because the only people allowed to sign are people who are recognized as published authors by RWA. Some of those authors have other types of books and those are present as well. And, yes, I have seen authors who write YA romance there signing books.

      As to dragging kids along to such an event -- I'm not in favor of that either, but there are sometimes people who can't get a sitter for one reason or another. Those I don't have a problem with. Unfortunately, there are also those who think everyone should welcome their "little darling" no matter how ill-behaved the child might be. It's like the couple who was invited to our wedding and, after having been told the invitation did not extend to their children, the wife decided she should bring their new baby because, after all, no one had had the chance to meet him yet and it would be the perfect opportunity for her to show him off at our reception. (She was annoyed when the photographer avoided her all evening; that's because I breathed smoke and fire at the man and told him I didn't want one picture of her or her baby; yeah, it was petty, but I blame it on bride's disease.)

      It is the parents who think everyone should welcome their child that is most likely to scream bloody murder if the little angel picks up sexually suggestive material, because it, after all, takes a village to raise a child, even if you'd like to resign membership in said village.

      Yeah, I got issues with these people.

      By Anonymous Caro, at 6/13/2005 12:28:00 AM  

    4. I actually took her to two ;) CR and RT. And I'm telling you, if she could tell what was on those promo items at 4 months and 6 months old respectivly, then she's a freakin' genius and I have bigger things to worry about than her being exposed to women's porn ;) LOL!

      By Blogger AngieW, at 6/13/2005 07:17:00 PM  

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