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    $10 off $40 purchase

    So I missed over a day and a half of work this week, plus the holiday. Of course I recall in my sleepy drugged haze 'not to worry' 'we will help' blah blah blah charlie brown teacher voice...

    So my happy ass is going into work tomorrow. As I left work in a really ugly mood, which I need to knock off since my head is still a mess and if I get worked up and stressed it will just get worse. You already know what I did don't you.

    YES! I went by wally world! I had checked Borders inventory website thingy - love that feature - and the NEW Montana Mavericks were showing in. So I printed off the coupon, just in case.

    Well stupid fucking walmart didn't have them out. And ten will get you twenty when I go on Sunday to pick up my meds they will be there but whatever.

    I have more books than I could ever know what do to with. I am currently working on two reviews, not counting the four for my blog I need to do. I need to read two others to review by monday. And just got in my BAMM shipment last week as well as some books from the trade group.

    Yeah you know where this is going... I pick up the New Montana Maverick books: The Bounty Hunter - Cheryl St. John, Big Sky Rancher - Carolyn Davidson, The Guardian - Elizabeth Lane and The Tracker - Mary Burton
    OT side note if wendy sees this, I have no clue when I will get to read these and ten to one I will keep them but if it is worth the postage to send them back to me, I will be more than happy to lend them to you. and the two DESIRE's I want and decide to sit down and read a lil and see if I must take them home or if I can wait for wally to have them.

    So the desire books go back and the MM stay in my hot lil hands. Now trouble... you see there is this oh so nifty coupon burning in my pocket, calling use me like the cheap ho I am. And really who can resist that?

    So off to find $40 worth of books I go. At 4.99 a piece I am sitting around 20 bucks right now. And I recall Some Like it Wicked by Deborah Raleigh. Since this is a new to me author, I generally would have bought this used. But since I a have been zebra's bitch for the last few months, even though I am rethinking this after a couple of eh books, I figured I would give it a go.

    Now we are up to about 27.00. So now what? I look around a bit, the Lisa Kleypas I want are out of print as is the Lorraine Heath. The Blaze's I wanted this month are already home gathering dust. I had ordered all the trade size books I wanted this month off line but then remembered I still needed Not Just for Tonight. It was $14.00 and since I can get it at BAMM for so much less than that I just couldn't do it.

    But why I was there I was reminded of the wonderful choices of Ellora's Cave books that Borders has. Yes I know I can order print books from EC for free shipping, which is awesome. But I decided to check it out. I ended up with Lunewulf: In Her Nature because I enjoyed her first two in this series (got them in ebooks) and Magnolia Summer by Jaci Burton.

    All in all not a bad take ;)

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