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    Wally world
    Am I the only one floored that Walmart is carrying the mass market size of Emma Holly's book, Personal Assets?

    I mean Passion and Too Hot to Handle surprised me, but Emma Holly in her erotica self? I am oddly proud of them.

    And am I the only one that spends the first 10 to 15 mins in front of the book section putting books back in their place? Whoever the hell you are, spreading Nora Roberts books on three or four of the top shelves isn't going to make her a bigger seller than she already is. So will you please knock it the fuck off.

    I admit I might carry around more books than I end up buying for whatever reason, but I put them back where I got them! Didn't your mother ever teach you to put things back where they belong?

    Maybe it is just me, I do the say thing at half price books. But really what if you are on your lunch break and you just run in, look where the book should be, and leave cuz it isn't there. When it really is there but some jackass moved it. See public service, I am doing it for the good of all people.

    ok and cuz I am a lil neurotic...
    1. That suprises me too, but it must not be at all Wally's, cuz I saw no Emma Holly at mine. But you know, I am so freaking tired of seeing Nora Roberts take up two freaking shelves in every books store I go to. I know she's big.I used to enjoy her more than any other author, and may still one day (suprises are known to happen), but really...common sense would tell any normal book reader that you can go to a good UBS and pick up those same books for much less cost....I have to be brutally honest. Nora Roberts is the first author I've ever acutally gotten sick of reading. There are authors that I hate to read, but still read them anyway. My current NR dislike is completely different. I don't dislike her at all, I just find a lot of her books repetitive in character and style. I'm a horrible

      By Blogger Misty G, at 9/04/2005 05:35:00 PM  

    2. Howdy fellow bookshelf fixer!

      I like to blame my OCD. I worked at a Walmart and used to go crazy zoning the place. (OCD Nightmareland!) So, anyway, I very much thank you and wish you were here at my Wally because after ten years, hubby is starting to think my need to fix and be irritated at the malignant schmucks who can't read but are asked to zone the shelves is a little less cute than it used to be.


      By Blogger Dee, at 9/08/2005 11:04:00 AM  

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