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    A year in review.... sort of 2001

    2001 RRA-L Romance Awards Nominees and Winners
    All the nominees are listed, with the first, second, and third place winners are noted in order.

    RRA Best of 2001

    (1) Best Series Romance:
    __1__ANNE'S PERFECT HUSBAND by Gayle Wilson (HH 552)
    __2__BORN A HERO by Paula Detmer Riggs (SIM 1088)
    __3__NIGHT AND DAY by Anne Stuart/Gayle Wilson (HI 637)
    HUSH LITTLE BABY by Judith Arnold (HSR 979)
    TAMING THE BEAST by Amy J. Fetzer (SD 1361)
    YAY a HH!

    2. Best Contemporary Single Title Romance:
    __1__THIS HEART OF MINE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __2__ON BEAR MOUNTAIN by Deborah Smith
    __3__HEAVEN AND EARTH by Nora Roberts
    SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Barbara Freethy
    SUMMER LIGHT by Luanne Rice

    3. Best Historical Single Title Romance:
    __1__THE INDISCRETION by Judith Ivory
    __2__THE BRIDAL SEASON by Connie Brockway
    __3__HALFWAY TO HEAVEN by Susan Wiggs
    THE PROPER WIFE by Julia Justiss
    NIGHTINGALE'S GATE by Linda Francis Lee
    WHISPERS OF HEAVEN by Candice Proctor
    Do read Whispers of Heaven because kristie said so!

    4. Best Regency Romance (Traditional):
    __1__ONE GOOD TURN by Carla Kelly
    __2__TALLIE'S KNIGHT by Anne Gracie
    __3__MISS WESTLAKE'S WINDFALL by Barbara Metzger
    MISS LACEY'S LAST FLING by Candice Hern
    A DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH by Andrea Pickens

    5. Best Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Adventure:
    __1__OPEN SEASON by Linda Howard
    __2__OVER THE EDGE by Suzanne Brockmann
    __3__THE DEFIANT HERO by Suzanne Brockmann
    DARKLING, I LISTEN by Katherine Sutcliffe
    NIGHT AND DAY by Anne Stuart/Gayle Wilson

    6. Best Alternative Realities or Time Travel Romance:
    __1__SEDUCTION IN DEATH by J.D. Robb
    __2__THE FIERY CROSS by Diana Gabaldon
    __3__DARK FIRE by Christine Feehan
    RITUAL OF PROOF by Dara Joy
    HEARTMATE by Robin Owens
    Didn't really care for this Dara Joy. Haven't read the others...

    7. Best Love and Laughter Romance Award:
    __1__FAST WOMEN by Jennifer Crusie
    __2__THE BRIDAL SEASON by Connie Brockway
    __3__THE HUSBAND TEST by Betina Krahn
    I GOT YOU BABE by Jane Graves
    STUCK WITH YOU by Trish Jensen

    8. Best Romance Novella Award:
    __1__"The Demon's Mistress" by Jo Beverley
    __2__"Luring Lucy" by Lori Foster
    __3__"Dark Dream" by Christine Feehan
    "Manna from Heaven" by Karen Robards
    "Keeper of the Well" by Deb Stover

    9. Best Romantic Novel outside the Romance Genre:
    __1__SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY by Jill Barnett
    __2__THE CURSE OF CHALION by Lois McMaster Bujold
    __3__PILOTS CHOICE by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
    DEAD UNTIL DARK by Charlaine Harris
    HOODWINKED by R.J. Kaiser

    10. Best All-Around 2001 Romance:
    __1__ONE GOOD TURN by Carla Kelly
    __2__THIS HEART OF MINE by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __3__THE BRIDAL SEASON by Connie Brockway
    HEAVEN AND EARTH by Nora Roberts
    HALFWAY TO HEAVEN by Susan Wiggs

    11.Best Series/Category Romance Author of 2001:
    __1__Virginia Kantra
    __2__Paula Detmer Riggs
    __3__Eileen Wilks
    Elizabeth Bevarly
    Susan Fox

    12. Best Contemporary Romance Author of 2001:
    __1__Suzanne Brockmann
    __2__Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __3__Jennifer Crusie
    Nora Roberts
    Deborah Smith

    13. Best Historical Romance Author of 2001:
    __1__Mary Jo Putney
    __2__Jo Beverley
    __3__Julia Quinn
    Connie Brockway
    Deb Stover

    14. Best Regency Romance Author of 2001:
    __1__Carla Kelly
    __2__Anne Gracie
    __3__Barbara Metzger
    Diane Farr
    Andrea Pickens

    15. Best Alternative Realities or TT Romance Author of 2001:
    __1__J.D. Robb
    __2__Catherine Asaro
    __3__Diana Gabaldon
    Christine Feehan
    Kathleen Nance

    16. Best All-Around Romance Author of 2001:
    __1__Suzanne Brockmann
    __2__Nora Roberts
    __3__Carla Kelly
    Connie Brockway
    Susan Wiggs


    17. Best All-Time Series Romance:
    __1__MACKENZIE'S MOUNTAIN by Linda Howard
    __2__ANYONE BUT YOU by Jennifer Crusie
    __3__GETTING RID OF BRADLEY by Jennifer Crusie
    LIGHTNING THAT LINGERS by Sharon and Tom Curtis
    A ROSE FOR MAGGIE by Kathleen Korbel

    18. Best All-Time Contemporary Romance:
    __1__IT HAD TO BE YOU by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __2__IN THE MIDNIGHT RAIN by Ruth Wind
    __3__AGAIN by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    DREAM MAN by Linda Howard
    ONE SUMMER by Karen Robards

    19. Best All-Time Historical Romance:
    __1__LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase
    __2__FLOWERS FROM THE STORM by Laura Kinsale
    __3__THE BRIDE by Julie Garwood
    TO HAVE AND TO HOLD by Patricia Gaffney
    KATHERINE by Anya Seton

    20. Best All-Time Regency Romance:
    __1__THE RAKE AND THE REFOMER by Mary Jo Putney
    __2__AN UNWILLING BRIDE by Jo Beverley
    __3__SYLVESTER, OR THE WICKED UNCLE by Georgette Heyer
    THE TEMPORARY WIFE by Mary Balogh
    THE DEVIL'S DELILAH by Loretta Chase

    21. Best Romance Novel of All Time:
    __1__OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon
    __2__JANE EYRE by Charlotte Bronte
    __3__LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase
    FLOWERS FROM THE STORM by Laura Kinsale
    IT HAD TO BE YOU by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

    22. Best All-Around Romance Author of All Time:
    __1__Nora Roberts
    __2__Mary Jo Putney
    __3__Georgette Heyer
    Julie Garwood
    Linda Howard

    23. Best All-Time Paranormal Romance Novel: (Write-In)
    __1__OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon
    __2__GREEN DARKNESS by Anya Seton
    __3__LORD OF THE STORM by Justine Davis
    Write in? Oh how times have changed :)

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