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    It started with an email
    A tease... here have five dollars off a 15 order... then there was the free shipping with 25.


    It gets me every time. Add in a phone call that ruined my day (more on that later) and book shopping was called for.

    If secret babies, amnesia, shotguns, mistresses, brides and Diana Palmer can't fix it, nothing can! Right?

    Right? Fine there is always cake...

    Shane Graham had always looked out for his neighbor, Dorie, but lately he'd had his own share of problems, including an arranged marriage. But then little Miss Dorie—shotgun in hand—kidnapped him from his own wedding ceremony and he found he could no longer ignore her change from scrappy girl to blossoming beauty….

    The resourceful yet naive Dorie McCabe knew the struggling rancher would come to the same realization—they were meant for each other! But time was not on her side, so who could blame her for giving him a gentle nudge in the right direction?

    hmmm not sure about this... nothing says romance like a shotgun... excerpt here and her blog is here

    Go ahead and mock me, you know you wanna
    J. B. Hammock played by his own rules, and rule number one was never settle down. He treated his women well, but with a no-strings detachment they all accepted. But sweet Tellie Maddox hovered about like a gossamer butterfly, always trying to take care of him, always caring about him. It was enough to make a confirmed bachelor take drastic measures.

    Then Tellie lost part of her memory. She believed she was J.B.'s faithful sidekick. Even he couldn't be so heartless as to push Tellie aside, and so he played the role of friend…until friendship turned to something else, something so much deeper than a heartbreaker like J.B. ever intended. He was hooked.

    Then Tellie's memory returned….

    I can't help it... I am powerless to resist. Hey I might even like it! excerpt here

    Making Bam's eyes bleed, one preggers cover at a time
    She'd resolved to "act more sophisticated" and "get out more." But the rumpled bedding, the coffee brewed by other hands and The Note reminded Rachel Harper that she'd done something completely out of character. She'd brought a man home from a bar.

    And apparently made a baby.

    She'd been nervous to tell Carter Brockett the news. Oh, she felt strangely safe with him despite his dangerous looks. Worse, she liked him. But what must he think of the naive schoolteacher who'd lost control and gotten herself knocked up? After all, the man had a legion of exes who'd been unable to snare a commitment, and here she had a forever-binding one!

    Then she remembered. He'd lost control, too….

    HEY! At least she remembered ;). excerpt here... does it make it worse if I say I went to the store to buy this and was sad it wasn't there. So you know this whole order is Mallery's fault.

    "Great in bed… A suit…" spa owner Mercedes Estevez wrote on J. D. McClary's business card after they broke up. Now the lawyer's card rested with many other men's in the glass "booty," all up for grabs by the female dating pool in Mercedes's building. It was a fun way to meet new men!

    Except Mercedes drew J.D.'s card herself at the weekly booty call—and couldn't resist contacting him.

    Fabulous in bed…summed up John Dennis's thoughts about his fling with Hurricane Mercedes. Which was the problem. Too often they indulged in dessert…instead of dinner. Instead of getting to know each other. Now he'd heeded her call, but had a whole new set of rules. Dates only, no sex. Nada. But with their explosive chemistry, how long could they last?

    Nancy Warren! Need I say more? hmmmm she has a Harlequin NASCAR book coming out... are they all YA novels on speed? excerpt here

    Special Ed
    When you're this good, they call you The Specialist, and Major Brian Payne is that good. Whether it's in battle or in the bedroom, there's nobody more "detail oriented." And that's the reason he's on this wild-goose chase, to find a priceless military antique—before the competition does. He's sure he can handle it…until he discovers the competition is smart, saucy Emma Langsford—a woman he'd definitely like to get his hands on….

    Emma's years in the military have taught her Brian Payne is a legend. He's also way out of her league, regardless of how many fantasies he's inspired over the years. But Emma has a job to do—and she has to pull it off. So if The Specialist gets in her way, she'll just have to distract him….

    That cover is so not hot. The Player had such a great cover. The Specialist should so hate the player for his cover hawtness. Just saying... I mean it is a nice cover, only his face fucks it up.

    excerpt here

    hey I like this cover
    Adrenaline junkie Lily Peterson is no stranger to taking chances. She's been there, hiked/rafted/skied that. But that was before an accident nearly put her out of commission for good. Now, after months in physiotherapy, this former firefighter has a new motto: look before you leap. It's not as much fun, but it works.

    Still, it's killing her that she has to start all over again, more slowly this time. But she's going to do whatever it takes. After all, her latest job guiding a simple hiking trip through the Sierras hardly qualifies as risky. That is, until she looks at hiker Jared Skye — and wants to leap into his bed. And if she's lucky, he'll take things slowly, too….

    I really hate for heroes to be named Jared. Just saying... excerpt

    She was his kept woman...a secret lover living in Las Vegas luxury. It had been an ideal situation. Until Misty Vale discovered she was carrying Cullen Elliott's child.

    Misty was not the type a millionaire like Cullen could ever take as his wife. Her past was scandalous... his family above reproach. How could she ever tell him the truth?

    But Cullen had ways of finding things out. And he wasn't about to allow his heir to be born on the wrong side of the bed!

    I so want to be a kept woman when I grow up. excerpt

    Can't forget the Bride!
    James Webster didn't deserve any shot at happiness. Not when his actions had brought suffering to others. So he sought redemption on a remote Texas ranch. The last thing he needed was trouble in the form of the ranch manager's flirtatious, beautiful, innocent daughter, Alexis Powers.

    Wanting what he shouldn't have was an altogether different matter. Alexis's soft mouth and slender body tempted him mightily and Jamie knew that marriage was the only honorable course. But once this Lone Star lady became his bride, could he prove worthy of her love?

    Carolyn Davidson is one of my fave HH authors. excerpt

    I went back and forth with getting Wanted! by Pam Crooks but it just didn't call to me.

    You know eight books for 26 bucks really isn't a bad deal. And really I need sleep so if it is a bad deal, just nod and smile and run with it. k? Thanks! Bye!
    1. OMG!!! A hero named HAMMOCK! :-D And another one that's Major Payne! LOLOLOL

      I'll prolly get the Mallery book (call it a sickness, if you must, but I love her)...I didn't even know she had a baby book coming out. (Sorry about the eyes, Bam!)

      By Blogger C2, at 8/24/2006 09:27:00 PM  

    2. The guy on the pregnancy cover looks like a wuss. Not 'dangerous good looks' at all. Otherwise it sounds tempting.

      LOL, if you could get medical and dental being a kept woman, I would say its a real good gig.

      Damn, you're tempting me to go buy. I still haven't polished off my last order, though.

      By Blogger Devon, at 8/25/2006 07:44:00 AM  

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