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    Can I get REC here?
    Okay, so no big surprise here but I’ve got a thing for tortured heroes. And I was thinking about them the other night. Why? Maybe because Z’s coming out now? Well... yeah.

    But more because I reread FLASHPOINT by Suz Brockmann. I was staying over at my mom’s house and I picked it off the shelf and totally got lost in it. AGAIN.

    Jimmy Nash, the hero, is what I would consider tortured. I’m not going to go into the particulars because I couldn’t do him justice- suffice it to say he’s in a job that’s a killer, literally, and he’s got a hardcore past. Anyway, there is an amazing scene where he’s talking to the heroine and he’s struggling to express himself about some targets that he eliminated. I was like, breathless, even though I’d read the dayum book like how many times?

    Why was I all in Jimmy Nash’s head? Why was I up in the middle of the night reading when I should have been sleeping? Because I’m a Suz fangirl?

    Well, DUH.

    Yes. But fangirl stuff aside, there’s something gripping about the raw emotions on those pages. Because when a tortured hero opens up, you get a lot out of him and that’s what I like to see.

    As a writer, I find that the most tortured heroes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books are my favorites: Zsadist, Vishous, Rehvenge and Qhuinn, as I said. As a reader, my taste is consistent with this... so I’m curious what tortured heroes folks have liked best in the books they’ve read lately (and yeah, I’m kind of looking for recommendations for me- I don’t read vampires really, but I’m open to everything else!)

    What’s doing for you? What do you suggest I check out?

    [note: beta blogger is being goofy if you have issues posting use the option 'other' and type in your name... if you use anon, make sure you type your name in the post]
    1. I just wanted to say how much I have loved the BDB books. I think you are one of the best writers of vampire books. The brothers are so wonderful. I love tortured hero's and yours are the best I have seen in awhile! Keep up the wondeful work. I can't wait to read what happens next!

      Cynthia M.

      PS: Who is after Butch?

      By Anonymous Cynthia M., at 9/05/2006 07:58:00 AM  

    2. WARDen,
      I would love these three books signed. Oh Yeah!! I bet I have read Wrath and Rhage at least 8 times, the guys are awesome. What will the others do to me I don't know? I do know this, tortured hero's have a soft spot in my heart. They give their all and they deserve to find happiness whether they think so or not. As for other writers I prefer Linda Howard. Great reads! Audreyz

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/05/2006 08:33:00 AM  

    3. WARDen:

      Love the books, duh! I am in the process of rereading DA and LE before LA. Then will repeat the process for LR when the time comes.

      I love tortured heroes. I love to see them find love and hope and to discover they are worthy of someone to love and be loved.

      Big Brockmann fan, too.

      By Anonymous Daggerette, at 9/05/2006 09:56:00 AM  

    4. A rec for the WARDen? Hmmm.

      As far as tortured heroes go, yours and Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series are the ones I read. But I'm not going to be silly enough to rec your own books to you. =)

      Holly Lisle is another of my favorites, and she has a habit of torturing her characters as well, though they often seem to be heroines rather than heroes. Same with Kelley Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series.

      Hope that helps!

      ~bookwyrm, Lurker Cellie

      By Blogger Nicole, at 9/05/2006 10:33:00 AM  

    5. WARDen,
      The winner of this prize will certainly be a very happy person. I think it's great you are giving the books away.

      You are one of my favorite authors. I can't tell you how many people I have told to read your books. Books about tortured heroes make some of the best books to me.

      I'm also a big Catherine Feehan fan, as well.

      I'm looking forward to reading Z's book. I know I will enjoy and read it as much as I have Wrath's and Rhage's books.


      By Anonymous Mija, at 9/05/2006 10:46:00 AM  

    6. hmmmm how about Derek Craven in Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas...

      Or Shadowheart by Laura Kinsale

      two historicals to mix up the bunch ;)

      By Blogger sybil, at 9/05/2006 11:34:00 AM  

    7. Nicholas Blackthorne in A Rose At Midnight by Anne Stuart, Alex Raiford in Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas, Kowa in Soul Deep by Lora Leigh.

      By Anonymous jennybrat, at 9/05/2006 11:45:00 AM  

    8. As far as a recommendation for reading...perhaps you might like the novel by Kresley Cole or I like the demon series by Emma Holly (such as The Countess's Pleasure - a short story). These novels are all very good, BUT they don't come close to what the Brotherhood has going on.

      My significant other (33 year old manly man and boxer) finally picked up a copy of Dark Lover to read it (seeing as how I spent so much time with these books).

      He read it quickly and proceeded to ask for Rhage's book, which he enjoyed even more than Dark Lover. Rhage is his favorite character because of the dragon. He has never done that with any of my other romance novels.

      My sweetie reminded me this morning that LA was coming out today. As if I needed to be reminded. I just know he is going try to take my LA book before I am ready ... I think I am just going to have to get him his own copy - just to keep the peace in our house.

      - Elizabeth

      By Anonymous, at 9/05/2006 01:25:00 PM  

    9. I second Nicole's rec of Kelley Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series. The first one is Bitten and it's a parnormal about werewolves. The writing is excellent. I'm normally a vamp girl but this book made me likes weres too. I'm not sure if Clay (hero) would be considered "tortured" exactly (he’s pretty comfortable in his world/skin) but he is very, very alpha and I loved reading about the relationship between him and Elena (heroine). It was rocky and fully enthralling. I highly rec this book! ;-)

      By Blogger Dance Chica, at 9/05/2006 01:30:00 PM  

    10. Great choices Sybil!

      By Anonymous Jennifer Y., at 9/05/2006 01:41:00 PM  

    11. Oh, I'm a tortured hero lover too! I just finished Dark Lover and love Wrath to death, but probably only until I read Lover Eternal and Rhage becomes my preoccupation!

      I love all these recommendations. Wish I could think of a couple to leave, but can't right this minute.
      Will have to think about it and get back to you!

      By Anonymous Sandy, at 9/05/2006 06:26:00 PM  

    12. Just finished Suzanne Brockman's latest book, Into the Storm, it was fantastic. I really hope she writes a book for Decker and Sophia, Talk about a tortured hero.

      As far as recommended reads I third the Kelly Armstrong series, they are fantastic. Also just finished a really good book by Keri Arthur, Full Moon Rising, that I would recommend.

      By Blogger Sherry, at 9/05/2006 06:29:00 PM  

    13. Hunting Midnight by Emma Holly is another good one.

      By Anonymous jennybrat, at 9/05/2006 09:43:00 PM  

    14. *rubs hands together*

      OOHOHO you guys rock! I will definately try Kleypas and you know... I read an Emma Holly short and LOVED it- it was about a demon actually.

      Suz Brockmann is a goddess. 'Nuff said.

      And I loved Shadowheart. Judged it for the ritas when it came out. LOVED it!

      Thank you also for your kindness toward the Brothers!!

      By Anonymous J R Ward, at 9/05/2006 10:49:00 PM  

    15. Ohh J.R.! I'm glad your favorite brothers are the most tortured, I'm really looking forward to all their books.
      I love tortured heroes! It feels more satisfactory and well deserved when they get they HEA.
      Some I read recently:
      Tiger Eye by Marjorie Liu
      Last Girl Dancing by Holly Lisle
      and some oldies that are so good:
      The Bride Finder by Susan Carroll
      The Devil You Know by Liz Carlyle
      The Lover by Robin Schone and Gabriel's Woman also by Robin
      Tapestry by Karen Ranney
      Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth
      Morning Side of Dawn by Justine Davis
      Heart Trob by Suzanne Brockmann (not so well known as her famous series, but very good)
      Ravished by Amanda Quick
      Thief of Dreams by Mary Balogh
      Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase
      Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas
      I better stop or my post will be really long, but I love recommending great books :o)

      By Blogger Juliet, at 9/06/2006 12:11:00 AM  

    16. Late to the party 'cause my home internet access cut out for most of the day, WTF?! arGH!!

      Curious you should mention Flashpoint, I'm a big Suz fan and just went back to it for a reread after reading Into The Storm, 'cause I wanted to see where the story arc for Decker & Sophia & Nash first began ...

      And I finished Lover Awakened yesterday, & immediately went into a reread. I'm wrecked, literally, for anything else right now! Excellent book, awesome world building (more! more!), and I see where you mentioned on the blog from the day before when you said that the series is now open=ended. FanDAMNtastic!

      Great, living my life anticipating another series, one book at a time ...

      I adore Mary Balogh's writing too (as well as her being a fellow Canadian, by marriage!), and her story The Secret Pearl had a wonderfully tortured hero. If you haven't read it, I'd honestly recommend you give it a try.

      Thanks for the great stories!

      — Bonz

      By Anonymous Bonnie, at 9/06/2006 12:20:00 AM  

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