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    Swept Away in Your Wildest Dreams
    [click the question to see answer]

    First up the easy question - what is your current release?
    SWEPT AWAY, which is the first full-length novel in the new Avon Red line.

    The book is about Kat Spencer, who is luxuriating on a private island, trying to mentally prepare for her wedding, when a bad boy from her past literally washes up on the beach! Worse yet, the last time Kat saw Brock, 10 years ago, she tried to seduce him and failed.

    Turns out he's now an FBI agent who leapt off a passing yacht when his cover was blown, and when the two end up stranded on the island together, he decides that THIS time HE wants to seduce HER. Which is a problem - her being engaged and all, but still TOTALLY attracted to him ; )

    There's lots of humor and also some serious stuff and danger and suspense, so I hope the book has a little something for everyone.

    To learn more, readers can visit my website, where I have an excerpt and reviews!

    What do you think Avon Red has to offer readers that is different from the other erotic romance prints?
    Great question. You know, from what I hear, I think Red is offering a lot of variety, not only in terms of story-type, but also in terms of sensuality level.

    For instance, I would describe SWEPT AWAY as a “super-sexy romance,” but I know the line also features books that are much more graphic, as well, and probably more accurately described as erotica.

    Speaking of erotic romance, how do you define the difference between 'erotic romance' and 'erotica'.
    To me, erotic romance can be very, very hot, but by and large, the book is a romance at heart, the book FOCUSES on the romance. Erotica focuses more of the sex or the sexual journey of the character(s). I believe erotica can be romantic, and that romance can be erotic, but that the difference is this: What moves the story more – the romance or the sexuality?

    Do people know you write erotic romance? If your friends and family do know, how has their reaction been?
    I’ve been writing the same kinds of books since I was first published in 1998.

    They might be a little hotter now, but they’ve always been very sexy. So yes, everyone in my life knows and has for a long time. Most people are generally supportive.

    You always get the few who like to snicker and call them “dirty books” or “trash” and then smile, as if I enjoy having my life’s work denigrated that way ; ) – but such is life.

    And I should add that, usually, the snickerers are not actual friends – they’re usually “acquaintances.” My real friends are *extremely* supportive of what I do.

    As a writer do you have any 'do not cross' lines or do you go where ever the story takes you?

    Have you looked back on something you wrote and been surprised you came up with it. Wanna share what it was *g*.
    I’ve never thought about this, so I guess I don’t have any lines ; )

    On the one hand, I write super sexy romance, but it’s also “traditional” in terms of the romance, so my books are not the place to look if you want, say, bondage or a ménage a trios. On the other, close friends have commented that the books HAVE somehow gotten sexier over time. One friend in particular commented that my oral sex scenes have expanded a lot since those early books ; ) and when I thought about it, I decided she’s right.

    There are certain aspects of sex that I guess I used to be more careful with, or write about with more … vagueness ; ) But given the current popularity of erotic books, I guess I figured out somewhere along the way that I could give more details and pretty much just “put it out there” without worrying ; )

    What is up next? We are book whores, give us names dates and summaries!

    Now it is your turn! Have a question for Toni? Go for it!

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    1. Great interview. I'm currently in the middle of Swept Away and am immensely enjoying it so far. I love the interaction between Kat and Brock. Where can I find my own Brock? :P

      Toni, you've managed to do it again--teasing me with a blurb about a book. I love reunion-type stories, and Tempt Me Tonight sounds like a book I'd really love reading. I can't believe I have to wait until next June. When's an excerpt coming out? :P


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/11/2006 08:23:00 PM  

    2. I still haven't found it at my bookstore but I won't bore you with the ugly details :(

      Toni, you love the beach. What is your favorite romantic theme: unrequited love? Two people who hate each other but fall in love? Friends to lovers? Secret baby? Something else? I'm curious to know what type of romances are most enjoyable for you to write.

      By Blogger Stacy~, at 9/11/2006 09:19:00 PM  

    3. If you could be known for having written just one book, which of yours would it be?

      By Anonymous Nicole, at 9/12/2006 08:33:00 AM  

    4. Hey ladies, thansk for the wonderful comments : )

      Diana, so glad you're enjoying the book!! Wish I could help you find a Brock of your own ; )

      Stacy - wah! I'm so bummed you can't find the book - that sucks. But THANK YOU so much for continuing to look. It SHOULD be at any B&N or Waldenbooks by now - man, it came out a whole week ago! Thanks for hanging in there on it!

      Diana, so glad I've "tempted" you with TEMPT ME TONIGHT : ) Excerpt will probably come out, um, around year end, whenever I get a cover - I kinda get all that stuff together when the cover arrives : ) Sorry for the wait!!

      Stacy, as for my favorite theme, I really DO love a good reunion story : ) Actually, RED DIARY, SWEPT AWAY, and TEMPT ME TONIGHT would all technically fall under that category. But I also love Friends to Lovers and what I think of as "treasure hunt" story where the h/h have to work together to find something that means a lot to at least one of them. IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS would fit that category.

      Nicole, I'd have to say my fave book of mine so far is SWEPT AWAY : ) To me, it's combines what's best about my single titles up to now with what was best about my older category books.

      By Blogger Toni Blake, at 9/12/2006 09:17:00 AM  

    5. Hi Toni!
      Loved THE RED DIARY! So very excited for this one coming out!! I'm glad you are writing more and hope there's more to come? Will you be writing both for Avon Red as well as the Mass Market PB?

      Is there any other genres you'd like to try to write and if so what?


      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/13/2006 06:43:00 PM  

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