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    Women fic...
    Interesting quickie by Barbara Samuel aka Ruth Wind at AAR regarding women's fiction vs romance. And it somewhat tie back to Dear Jane's series of articles on an authors 'promise' to readers.

    Do you agree? Personally I think there is a little more room to move with the 'bad stuff'. And really think the only qualifying thing a romance HAS to have is the HEA.

    As I was going through my draft reviews for books long ago read. I did notice I tend to think of some romances more as 'womens fic'. And in fact like them more with that label in my head.

    The first time I read Once in a Blue Moon by Amie Stuart I didn't like it (more on that later). It was in a C to D range. After going through her site and getting a better understanding of characters (this isn't a good stand alone tale but would have made for a wicked series. Not sure if she is still trying to sell it or not) I enjoyed the story much more the second time. And even more the third time *g*.

    Stuart has a great voice for women's fiction. Something you can see more of for free even. Since the Southern Fried Chicas have put up some free stories for your enjoyment. One being The Big Girl's Guide To Buying Lingerie by Amie Stuart, which would follow Once in a Blue Moon.

    I think I tend to think of marriage in trouble stories as 'women's fiction'. Even when the focus is completely on the couple, their romance, finding their way back to each other. But mostly when the family plays a large part of the story as well my mind tends to grab on to this isn't a romance thought.

    In Shannon Stacey's Forever Again the story is very much about the family and how the h/h actions affect the kiddo. As a romance the story didn't work well for me at all but the second time I read it, which was around the time I was rereading Blue Moon, I found the story worked for me if I divorced it from my idea of a 'romance novel'.

    Oddly enough it was an old romance that had me thinking of these two stories I read over a year ago... well and I recently read The Big Girl's Guide To Buying Lingerie.

    Home Song by LaVyrle Spencer is another book I would label women's fiction. Although I tend to think most books by spencer are women's fiction which always leads me back to really what IS Women's Fiction.

    Really I have to say Home Song was one of the first books by Spencer I really didn't like. And I can't make up my mind if the book is a reflection of the authors views on life and marriage or the time period of when the book was set or published. (neither which I can place right now)

    Tom Gardner is the school principal. He has is teacher wife and two perfect kids. Then his life completely fucks up when the bastard he created a week before he married the love of his life (who wasn't the love of his life at the time but his girlfriend he knocked up) enrolls in his school.

    You got to hate it when your illegitimate son you never know you created shows up needing a hall pass. Claire is a touch pissed off when she finds out that 18 years ago the man she loved picked up a random chick at his bachelor party. Basically he fucked her, fucked the skank and then fucked his preggers soon to be wife like in the span of three days.

    18 years or not... I think she had a right to be pissed. The kids who are I think 18 and 16 are WAY too involved in their parents marriage. Way too involved in the separation and everyone seems to be blaming Claire for their marriage falling apart. And the kids behavoir issues are completley thrown at the parents - by the parents. It isn't the kids fault but theirs for being bad parents.

    No shit you are bad parents you forgot to teach your children they are responsible for their own actions. And the ending is beyond dumb... because of course the three kids bond and come to the rescue, the skank talks to the wife so she can decide she really does like her even though she wants to hate her. And tom gets laid.


    The book was a life time movie of the week. hmmm maybe that is what Women's Fiction is... Lifetime! hmmmm maybe I will like this one more with a reread? LOL or not....

    I think I started out with a point in this post but I so lost it. Just call me Cindy *g*.

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    1. The kids who are I think 18 and 16 are WAY too involved in their parents marriage.

      HA! I got her beat! My 17 year old niece and her 12 yo sister sticking their noses into their mother's relationship *cough* *choke* *coughbitchcough*

      I'm sorry what was the point? oh Yeah, thanks for the plug doll!

      By Blogger Amie Stuart, at 11/07/2006 04:23:00 PM  

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