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    I want want want part II
    I need to cut back on the books I buy! Don't laugh, I do! Between reviewing and working I need to knock off buying books to just go wait in the corner for the day I might get to read them. And on that note... updated want list of upcoming books!

    A nifty site that keeps a list of upcoming books is My Little Book Garden I can't remember how I found it but it is nifty. Check it out ;).

    * read reviews first
    ** need more info
    *** will buy used

    What is the difference between * and ** you say? Well a * I want a review first but a ** means I have no clue what the book is about, either the title or author caught my eye. So I might start to lust after a ** book without a review.


    ** Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare
    ** Lord of Desire - Paula Quinn - new author I think, warner should sooooo copy zebra too and do a discount on new authors! Sounds interesting
    What a Woman Needs - Caroline Linden - zebra again - debut again - bitch be me again and I still need info I am begining to think I should be on zebra's payroll
    A Season to be Sinful - Jo Goodman 8/5 (auto-buy)
    Too Hot To Handle - Cheryl Holt (was an auto-buy but iffy after the last book)
    Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning (auto-buy even if she can't seem to update her damn website ever)
    A Fine Passion (Bastion Club)- Stephanie Laurens
    **Courting Claudia - Robyn DeHart - I think she is a new author, maybe just a new name who knows. I so think avon should take a page out of zebra's book and discount


    ** Kiss of Death - Josie Litton
    **One Night to Be Sinful by Samantha Garver - debut at that great zebra price, yes I am so turning into zebra's bitch. I still no nothing of this book. Info please.
    Some Like It Wicked by Deborah Raleigh - new to me author. Again a zebra and again cover so caught my eye. Red seems to do that and I adore the title. Go figure. Ready first chapter and wasn't impressed.
    Kick Ass - MJD, Angela Knight, Jacey Ford (never heard of her), Maggie Shayne 9/6
    Really Unusual Bad Boys - MJD
    Mackenzie's Honor - Linda Howard (Mackenzie's Pleasure and A Game of Chance - reissue)
    Born to be B.A.D. - Sherrilyn Kenyon (after Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down I might not get this or wait for used) - IF this is the Hardback I will be passing until it is paperback


    Surrender to a Wicked Spy - Celeste Bradley 10/4 (Royal Four)(auto-buy)
    One Little Sin - Liz Carlyle (auto-buy)
    Undead and Unreturnable - MJD (waiting on paperback)
    ** Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris
    Courting Midnight - Emma Holly (auto-buy)
    Loving Miranda by Teresa Bodwell
    Scandalous - Jenna Petersen


    Games of Pleasure - Julia Ross
    Hot Spell - Emma Holly, Meljean Brook, Lora Leigh and Shiloh Walker 11/1
    The Royal Pain by MJD - 11/5
    * The Music of the Night - Lydia Joyce 11/1
    ** This Rake of Mine - Elizabeth Boyle

    Redemption - Linda Broday
    A Perfect Hero - Samantha James
    only two off the June list I didn't get... I did pick up 2 older Linda Broday's so I might end up with Redemption at some point. Not sure why I passed on the James. Anyone read it?
    I think these will be going on the ubs list


    * Lyon's Gate - Catherine Coulter - What the Fuck! It is in that stupid odd shaped size. For your comfort my ass. I will not be getting this unless it goes to MM.
    *** Undead and Unappreciated - MJD 7/5 (omg it is a small hb for 20 bucks? bah I will buy it for sure when it goes to paperback so it will match the others... if I find the hb used I might pick it up.) Waiting for paperback
    Wicked Fantasy - Nicole Jordan - 7/26 (auto-buy)
    The Lily Brand - Sandra Schwab - good review on AAR... why does RT show it as erotica and AAR show it as Warm. - still iffy on this one
    1. Hi Sybil,

      since you're still iffy on The Lily Brand *G*: if you're interested, you can find an excerpt on my website as well as links to several online reviews.


      By Anonymous Sandra Schwab, at 8/06/2005 03:10:00 PM  

    2. Ok. nice want list. I plan on blogging about mine soon.
      There's one book by a new to me author and I can't find nothing on it!!! Not even from the publisher, Dorchester. What's up with that?

      By Blogger erika, at 8/06/2005 10:10:00 PM  

    3. Oh by the way, that $10 for a mass market paperback had me mumbling WTF!
      *Hanging head in shame* I still bought Lyon's Gate, tho'.

      By Blogger erika, at 8/06/2005 10:33:00 PM  

    4. ERIKA! We must be strong and fight the ugly format.

      I picked it up and so didn't like the same. Bastards, leave my books alone!!!!!!!! Of course I don't like reading HB or tradesize either. So it could just be me.

      uh so... is it any good? :)

      By Blogger sybil, at 8/06/2005 11:00:00 PM  

    5. As soon as I saw the size of Lyons Gate, I tossed it back onto the shelf at walmart. I don't know why, but for some reason I just felt faintly insulted by the odd shape. It just kind of ticked me off.

      By Blogger Misty G, at 8/06/2005 11:17:00 PM  

    6. Misty! I felt the same way. And that blurb... shit I forget what is said.

      Something about better comfort or whatever. I mean I understand they can't say, something we came up with to fuck you a lil harder in the pocketbook. But really don't hand it to me like it is for my own good.

      The idea that people are spending less money on books so lets charge more! Is stupid as shit.

      By Blogger sybil, at 8/07/2005 10:14:00 AM  

    7. Sybil,
      Here's some info on ONE NIGHT TO BE SINFUL....

      After the accident that ended her engagement to an attractive young duke and claimed her ability to ever walk again without the aid of steel leg braces, Lady Abigail Wolcott has made for herself a home in the country. Many label her spinster, but Abby has found a kind of serenity in her stone estate with its creeping vines and the peculiar characters who serve her there. She is intelligent to the point of drafting the structure for an extraordinary bookshop and not without a group of loyal lady friends that include none other than London’s purported Queen of Ice. A menacing force is slowly encroaching upon her peace, however, emerging in the form of Viscount Raleigh and his most vile associates. The man whose land borders hers has grown increasingly impatient with Lady Abigail’s efforts to prevent he and his companions from spreading their brutish hunts and disgraceful lifestyle onto her property. Though Abby endeavors to keep her trouble to herself and—most of all—from the concern of her only brother, Thomas Wolcott has been getting disturbing information in London of the events taking place in the town not far away. Thomas is confidant in his sister’s abilities to care for herself, but cannot bear the idea that she might be in danger without any hope of help because of her determination toward independence. He has no idea how to penetrate Abby’s quiet life and offer the support he is so certain she needs, until he hears word that Abby is interviewing for new staff.

      The man who appears unannounced to apply for the position is slightly arrogant, much younger and a great deal more handsome than Abigail’s last butler. Calvin Garret, however, brings with him a letter of recommendation from her much-loved brother—a means, as it were, for penetrating her private life and there is a great deal more to Abigail Wolcott than he or even the Lady’s own brother knows. Lady Abigail is no elderly spinster, but a lovely woman who refuses to allow her encumbered legs to hinder her and emits blunt fury on any man who thinks her frail. She sits down for dinner with her servants at the table and stands up to the miserable thug Raleigh employs to do her harm. Calvin cannot help but realize, as Abigail’s devotion to her home does not wane, Raleigh’s attempts to dislodge her become increasingly treacherous.

      In all the matters Abigail isn’t as resilient as the viscount, the newest member of her staff can be counted upon. She finds safety in Calvin Garrett’s strength, faithfulness in their friendship, and passion in his arms. A passion that bears a striking resemblance to the onslaught of love. When at last they defeat the disreputable Raleigh and his cohorts, it is with courage and a strategic gun blast from an unlikely source. It is then that Abigail, who had been abandoned by the man who had sworn to love her for the rest of her life, begins to accept that she is in love with Garrett. But the betrayal Abby felt at the desertion of her fiancé is nothing compared to the knowledge that Calvin is not the man she thought him to be.

      Calvin Garrett is a marquis, her brother’s best friend, and sworn to protect her. Abby cannot help but wonder in the darkness that smothers her soul if Lord Calvin believed igniting long forgotten desires in her heart was a part of his obligation.

      This is the synopsis which I gave Zebra for my novel. I hope you enjoy it.


      By Anonymous Samantha Garver, at 8/19/2005 07:47:00 PM  

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