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    not really here
    but if I was I would tell you to go read this

    LLB does a great job hitting all the notes, in what I think is a very very icky stamp on RITA history.

    We don't need people to tell us how stupid we are, we do it ourselves. Thanks TTQ!
    1. You know, I'm not an RWA fan in general because I think people have placed too much stock in its importance for too long (even before this stuff), and the games that seem to be played within and without seem so catty and childish.

      I'm not going to make too many judgements on TTQ simple because I don't know her side, and frankly, if she's that far right I don't want to know her side (being happily in the middle myself), but at the same time, I've stuck my foot in my mouth too many times in the past before knowing the whole story. I only know what other people say and what other people (who aren't exactly known for being unbiased themselves in politics and romance who may think opposite from TTQ) have hinted to without having any first hand knowledge of the situation, relying on word of mouth.

      I do feel that TTQ should keep her personal biases on politics out of the romance genra, but then I feel that way about pretty much everyone (on both sides). She has the right to express her views, but there are approriate places for this.

      I just wonder, if she talked about her feelings on her own site, but not at RWA functions, what would the same people who disagree with her think of her then? I would imagine they probably wouldn't feel much different. But that may just be my own point of view.

      What I have noticed that bothers me is the kind of sick joy others seem to get in watching the downfall of others. There's been some really nasty stuff said *not here by the way* that reminds me a lot of highschool behavior. Spitefull and petty. It seems like it doesn't really matter if someone is concervative or liberal, they all have small minds.....blagh, ignore me, I'm on my period this week. I like nothing, the least little thing pisses me off and I've always pretty much thought that the RWA stands for Romance Whiners of America.

      By Blogger Misty G, at 8/06/2005 01:39:00 AM  

    2. heeee

      I just deleted a very long ramble about it whole thing.

      You know what? I don't care anymore, take action and do something about it. Me? I am not a member and can't. Sadly I am of the mind set that authors are starting to annoy me and the whole video killed the radio star thing is going on.

      RWA has some huge issues. Should we know about them - yes. Should it show up on every fucking site you hit? No clue but it is overkill. I would love it to just go away and start over with something else.

      Will I buy TTQ? No but really I wouldn't have bought her a year ago.

      Authors reviewing authors, authors whining about reviews, and RWA are three things I going to step away from for a while.

      I enjoy reader blogs. That is mostly what I will be reading.

      By Blogger sybil, at 8/06/2005 02:25:00 AM  

    3. You know what is interesting in my online reading is that I have been steering away from traditional sites like AAR and other review sites, and sticking to reader blogs. It's not b/c I don't like those places anymore, I just get tired of the same hooplah that goes on time after time. The subject line might change, but the feelings behind them are the same. I used to LOVE a big ta-do at AAR because they provided me with entertainment and at times re-newed my love for reading romances, but now I come away either feeling manipulated or bored. How many different ways can 20 people say the same thing? Blogs provide the opportunity to see what others are really reading, how they really feel (without fear of the fangirl police) and a lot of humor about day to day life. If you don't like what one person has to say, then there is another blog out there that you can go to. My favorites are the more low key blogs where the reaction comments are fewer and the topics are about (shock of all shocks) books instead of silly pot shots at people I don't know and probably will never know unless I accidentally run into them at Walmart, which seems to be the accidental meeting place of the

      By Blogger Misty G, at 8/06/2005 03:28:00 AM  

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