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    New wants updated
    hmmmm I need to look for books to want cuz my list is getting small....

    A nifty site that keeps a list of upcoming books is My Little Book Garden I can't remember how I found it but it is nifty. Check it out ;).

    * read reviews first
    ** need more info
    *** will buy used

    What is the difference between * and ** you say? Well a * I want a review first but a ** means I have no clue what the book is about, either the title or author caught my eye. So I might start to lust after a ** book without a review.


    Surrender to a Wicked Spy - Celeste Bradley 10/4 (Royal Four)(auto-buy)
    One Little Sin - Liz Carlyle (auto-buy)
    Undead and Unreturnable - MJD (waiting on paperback)
    ** Grave Sight - Charlaine Harris
    Courting Midnight - Emma Holly (auto-buy)
    Loving Miranda by Teresa Bodwell
    Scandalous - Jenna Petersen


    Games of Pleasure - Julia Ross
    Hot Spell - Emma Holly, Meljean Brook, Lora Leigh and Shiloh Walker 11/1
    The Royal Pain by MJD - 11/5
    * The Music of the Night - Lydia Joyce 11/1
    ** This Rake of Mine - Elizabeth Boyle

    Redemption - Linda Broday
    A Perfect Hero - Samantha James
    only two off the June list I didn't get... I did pick up 2 older Linda Broday's so I might end up with Redemption at some point. Not sure why I passed on the James. Anyone read it?
    I think these will be going on the ubs list


    * Lyon's Gate - Catherine Coulter - What the Fuck! It is in that stupid odd shaped size. For your comfort my ass. I will not be getting this unless it goes to MM.
    *** Undead and Unappreciated - MJD 7/5 (omg it is a small hb for 20 bucksWaiting for paperback
    Wicked Fantasy - Nicole Jordan - 7/26 (auto-buy)
    The Lily Brand - Sandra Schwab - didn't pass the 15 page test and I think is just a touch too ick for me


    ** Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare - tbr
    ** Lord of Desire - Paula Quinn - tbr
    What a Woman Needs - Caroline Linden - tbr
    A Season to be Sinful - Jo Goodman 8/5 (auto-buy)
    Too Hot To Handle - Cheryl Holt almost ordered today... anyone read this yet?
    Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning (auto-buy)
    A Fine Passion (Bastion Club)- Stephanie Laurens
    Courting Claudia - Robyn DeHart


    ** Kiss of Death - Josie Litton ANYONE KNOW YET IF THIS IS A REAL BOOK?
    **One Night to Be Sinful by Samantha Garver author posted a summary in the comments.
    Kick Ass - MJD, Angela Knight, Jacey Ford (never heard of her), Maggie Shayne 9/6
    Really Unusual Bad Boys - MJD
    Mackenzie's Honor - Linda Howard (Mackenzie's Pleasure and A Game of Chance - reissue)

      Grave Sight is the first of a new series by Charlaine Harris. The link above is the first chapter of the book.

      I can say that i absolutely loved her other series:
      Aurora Teagarden (she's a librarian)
      Sookie Stackhouse (she's a mind reading waitress)
      Lily Bard (a house cleaner with a horrific past)

      By Blogger Beth, at 10/04/2005 09:23:00 PM  

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