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    Bad Day.... Fuck It
    Well really it was Friday but me being me I am still pouting. Ah yes it finally happened, after months and months of trying to come up with something I was...

    say it with me...


    Yes Merry Christmas to me! In a way it would be nice to have it over and done with because now I can have my life back, destress, stop jumping threw hoops and start updated my blog and reviews ;). But now starts a whole other issue, which everyone cross your fingers goes my way in as short a time frame as possible. I doubt it will but the woman I spoke to on the phone today had a completely different outlook.

    I would go into it more but until the above is fully cooked one way or another, we must all remember the blog bes public. And place of evol prolly has the addy since I have been here back in May. Or not, who knows, either way must make note to change all passwords for everything. Although I do plan on using my lj, really I had planned to before I was fired and since it is already paid for I damn well better use it. So if you have a livejournal drop me a note and I shall friend you ;). Tis locked so you must be friended to read.

    So now.... uh the big question is...

    What do I want to be when I grow up? I am open to suggestions ;).

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