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    A few thoughts on an author interview...
    clicky for Lacey Alexander links and such
    Lacey Alexander is a new to me author I have been reading over the last few days. She has a few interesting answers in an interview she does with Road to Romance.

    TW - What is your process like when you sit to write a story?
    Lacey -– Well, I think of every one of my erotica stories as pure sexual fantasy, and in each book, I strive to give the reader a total erotic adventure. My goal in my EC books is simple - titillation. I want to encourage readers to fantasize, and if even one woman seduces her husband when he gets home after reading one of my books, then I consider my job well done. At the same time, I want to create likable characters women can relate to - I suppose my goal is for the reader to think: hmm, it's totally possible for someone to be a likable, moral person and still have really wild desires. I really don't want anyone to think I encourage real life sexual encounters like the ones I write about - for me, it's all about improving your sex life through opening yourself up to fantasizing without boundaries.

    What do you think when you read that? Personally I think it is great and is something I was trying to say when I said some romantica/erotic romance isn't meant to be taken as more than a fantasy. And doesn't need to be grounded in reality this could happen in real life. At the same time I can't see emailing author X and saying 'WoOT I tried anal all because of you! You rock!' But maybe that is just me.

    I know many romantica/erotic romance authors write with a 'bigger' goal than 'titillation' or 'fantasy', again I think this is great (when the author hits it, in my opinion of course). But I have to admit while reading the interview, a good one and worth a read if you have the time or want, I wondered how other ebook authors and readers would see it and the use of the word 'titillation'.

    So authors what is your 'goal' when you set out to write a romantica/erotic romance novel. Or do you have one? I think more than a few set out to tell a story, and use sex as a way to better explain the characters and the H/H coming together, so to speak. Sex means so many things to different people and our views on it tell something about us. So it can make for an interesting approach and can tell a lot about a character.

    But I also think that isn't the main goal or drive of many a erotica/romantica/erotic romance authors and that many do just aim to entertain, showcase a fantasy or just titilate. And I have to admit I like her just coming out and saying it vs selling it as 'ART DAMN IT' when that isn't at all her aim.

    Something else I found interesting was her saying she has never or doesn't as a habit read any erotic romance/romantica. Is that common?

    Of course it seems something of a contradiction to be saying embrace sex, and your fantasies, own them and don't feel shame then say
    But frankly, the level of sexuality in my erotica is not something I'm comfortable sharing with very many people who know me personally, so I'’ve kept it a bit under wraps.

    And now of course I am way wondering 'who' she is in the romance world. Please don't post it if you know, unless it is common knowledge. I have no want to 'out' an author. And respect the author for not presenting herself as a newbie writer or whatever. LOL but do feel free to email me. WHAT? nosey be thy name...

    Lacey Alexander Ebuzz coming soon!

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