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    signs of addiction
    New books and rambling

    I am sooooo broke it is sad. Like so sad we don't generally think about it.

    And I of course have more books to read and review than I know what to do with so what do I do while waiting for my mother to get out of a movie so she can write me a check (my checking account is a touch broken, don't ask), I spend $5 *g*.

    Yes we are so not telling mom. Goodnight, it is way fucked up I just deposited my check into my mothers account because I can't write off mine. At 30...


    But back to the 5 dollars ;).

    New books!

    Wed Under the Western Skies

    The Texan's Forbidden Affair by Peggy Moreland
    I so thought I posted about this but I can't find it. I so need to replace my search feature!

    One Night with a Spy (Royal Four) by Celeste Bradley

    sssssqquuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeee! Hey not bad for five bucks and recent releases. To be honest two are authors I would normally buy new. But hey.... There were a couple I Ssssssssooooo wanted... Amy Fetzer's Perfect Weapon for 4.95, Valentine's Day is Killing Me for 5 and a few EC's for 4.95. Angela Knight newest which I really want! But I was strong!

    hee and I am going by a library sale tomorrow... it is right by my house and last time they have romance at .10 a book! What? I need to look for The Outlaw for Renee and Kristie.

    I was suppose to work from 6-2 tonight but have been called in. Sooo I must be off. EBUZZ to be posted tonight, then I must work on a few AAR reviews to submit. They are trying to find a place for me where I am at now but there is a Hotel that has my resume that I SOOOOOO want. I go in on Monday afternoon so cross your fingers but I am sure it will be the first of many interviews well unless they decide right away they don't want me.

    Otherwise I am going to have to apply at half price or something so I can try and unbreak my checking account. It is so sad to be working this much and still make no money. But on the good side, I think I got out of paying the late fees on my rent.

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