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    EBUZZ: Detour by Sahara Kelly and S L Carpenter
    click for summary of Detour By Sahara Kelly and S L Carpenter
    When Lissa Henderson turns her back on traditional values and a stifling life of conformity, the last thing she needs is to break down on a lonely road in the middle of a storm. Finding herself is supposed to be an adventure, not a pain in the ass. Fortunately there's a guy drinking coffee alone in the almost-deserted diner not far away.

    Steve Mitchell is doing his own adventuring, after a bitter divorce shreds his emotions and sends him off with just his truck and his camper. He's not looking for anything except a relaxing break from his chaotic life.

    Then Lissa walks into the diner.

    It doesn't take more than a conversation to show them they both want the same think... no entanglements, no commitments, just a good time-and a helluva lot of sex. But life doesn't always go the way it's planned. Sometimes it takes a little detour...

    read me for review

    As with any romance novel that says no entanglements or commitments that doesn't really last long. But they of course try. Lissa is out to be all she can be and become the woman she always was 'deep inside' but her family wouldn't let her be. This would be sad and stupid for her to be living this way as old as she is but we start the story with her trying to live her life for her.

    And she decides to fuck her way across three states while on her way to a new job. Not that she is a slut mind you. And Steve is a not going to settle down type man because women are evol, woe is he, his wife done did him wrong. This would annoy more but it just happened so screaming get the hell over it isn't really fair. So pretty much the Jane Meter would be way low on this book. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    Saying that... and I am sure you saw this coming *g*. The book is entertaining in parts and a pretty good blend of a male and female voice. It is stupid in parts as well and has a scene in a Sex Toy shop that just makes me cringe.

    There is a warning: Note: Contains brief male/male and female/female sexual interaction. In a way you could see the scene as a way to stretch the limits and be a hawt EC book or a cop out to keep the h/h faithful while still doing the group thang. I didn't find the scenes offensive at all, yes shocking, but they didn't really add anything to the story. And really

    I would rate it about a C-. Again I have to say, Carpenter has a great voice and is too fucking funny at times. I want to like his writing. Not sure why yet but I plan on trying more of his novels. Sahara Kelly I do like but would rec For Research Purposes Only if you wanted to give her a try.


    1. I read one of their other collaborations, Ther Haunting of Love Alley, (or some such nonsense) and quite frankly, it stank.

      The h/h seemed to be having sex with whoever was available, and the hero kept fantasising about other women. Now how the f*ck is that a romance? I decided that it must be Scott's influence. The whole book just screamed male freaking' fantasy to me.

      Not my cuppa tea at all!

      By Blogger Karen Scott, at 5/11/2006 04:24:00 PM  

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