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    A year in review... sort of 2002

    2002 RRA-L Romance Awards Nominees & Winners
    All the nominees are listed, with the first, second, and third place winners are noted in order

    RRA best of the best 2002

    1. Best Series Romance:
    __1__THE OLDER WOMAN by Cheryl Reavis
    __2__CORDINA'S CROWN JEWEL by Nora Roberts
    __3__THE NOTORIOUS MRS. WRIGHT by Fay Robinson
    NO STRINGS ATTACHED by Alison Kent
    MARRIED TO A MARINE by Cathie Linz
    Need this Cheryl Reavis have the Kent tbr.

    2. Best Contemporary Single Title Romance:
    __1__THE SPIRAL PATH by Mary Jo Putney
    __2__FAKING IT by Jennifer Crusie
    __3__BREATHING ROOM by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    LOVE WILL FIND A WAY by Barbara Freethy
    NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Barbara Samuel
    Isn't Faking It the Crusie many hate? hee I have it tbr ;). One day I shall read JC, oh yes I shall... Want to read SEP now. Well no interest in the last one but other than that, what do you guys rec I start with?

    3. Best Historical Single Title Romance:
    __1__UNTIE MY HEART by Judith Ivory
    __2__A SUMMER TO REMEMBER by Mary Balogh
    __3__HAZARD by Jo Beverley
    THE FORTUNE HUNTER by Diane Farr
    DAUGHTER OF THE GAME by Tracy Grant
    Not a judith ivory girl, don't recall if I liked AStR but did enjoy the slightly series. Haven't read the other three.

    4. Best Regency Romance (Traditional):
    __1__THE WEDDING JOURNEY by Carla Kelly
    __2__A DEBT TO DELIA by Barbara Metzger
    __3__A QUESTION OF HONOR by Nita Abrams
    THE DISCARDED DUKE by Nancy Butler
    THE BANISHED BRIDE by Andrea Pickens

    5. Best Romantic Suspense/Mystery/Adventure:
    __1__DAUGHTER OF THE GAME by Tracy Grant
    __2__THE THREE FATES by Nora Roberts
    __3__OUT OF CONTROL by Suzane Brockmann
    INTO THE NIGHT by Suzanne Brockmann
    RIVER OF EDEN by Glenna McReynolds
    none but will try Brockmann at some point...

    6. Best Alternative Realities or Time Travel Romance:
    __1__REUNION IN DEATH by J.D. Robb
    __2__CONTACT by Susan Grant
    __3__BODY ELECTRIC by Susan Squires
    DARK LEGEND by Christine Feehan
    FANTASY LOVER by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Read FL and liked it enough to keep buying them but have only read one other DH book. And now they are going into Hardcover I am thinking of just trading in the lot. Same with Feehan, except I have more of a disgust with the new improved let us give you a harder to hold and enjoy book for your comfort form that Feehan is coming out with now. No I don't think it is her fault but still won't spend 10 on a book that doesn't fucking match the others in the series while being told it is for me not the publishers profit.

    7. Best Love and Laughter Romance Award:
    __1__FAKING IT by Jennifer Crusie
    __3__BRIDAL FAVORS by Connie Brockway
    SHE WENT ALL THE WAY by Meggin Cabot
    THE BOY NEXT DOOR by Meggin Cabot
    hee I have read the Brockway that is it. And of course FI is tbr. Bridal Favors I was eh on.

    8. Best Romance Novella Award:
    __1__"An Interrupted Tapestry" by Madeline Hunter (TAPESTRY)
    __2__"A Holiday Fling" by Mary Jo Putney (CHRISTMAS REVELS)
    __3__"No Room at the Inn" by Carla Kelly (A REGENCY CHRISTMAS)
    "The Bed is Made" by Connie Brockway (ONCE UPON A PILLOW)
    "Touch Me" by Shannon McKenna (I BRAKE FOR BAD BOYS)
    hmmm I have Tapestry, I think. Don't recall reading this! Touch Me rocked.

    9. Best Romantic Novel outside the Romance Genre:
    __1 (tie)__THE STONE FLOWER GARDEN by Deborah Smith
    __1 (tie)__FLIGHT LESSONS by Patricia Gaffney
    __3__I DARE by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
    LIVING DEAD IN DALLAS by Charlaine Harris
    STEP-BALL-CHANGE by Jeanne Ray
    Charlaine Harris is so dead to me. Which blows cuz I think she is going to be in town for a book signing.

    10. Best All-Around 2002 Romance:
    __1__THE SPIRAL PATH by Mary Jo Putney
    __2__UNTIE MY HEART by Judith Ivory
    __3__BREATHING ROOM by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    DAUGHTER OF THE GAME by Tracy Grant
    THE FORTUNE HUNTER by Diane Farr


    11. Best Series/Category Romance Author of 2002:
    __1__Cheryl Reavis
    __2__Fay Robinson
    __3__Alison Kent
    Cathie Linz
    Anne McAllister
    Cheryl Reavis does so rock. I am sad to see her move to NEXT because I have no desire to read NEXT. Too Women's Fictiony for me... blah. Kent does a great series as well no clue about Robinson.

    12. Best Contemporary Romance Author of 2002:
    __1__Mary Jo Putney
    __2__Nora Roberts
    __3__Jennifer Crusie
    Suzanne Brockmann
    Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    MJP contemporary? blah... don't even read her and want her to go back to historicals ;). I think she is doing them currently. Still no Nora. One day...

    13. Best Historical Romance Author of 2002:
    __1__Jo Beverley
    __2__Judith Ivory
    __3__Tracy Grant
    Liz Carlyle
    Diane Farr
    Liz Carlyle should so be higher on this list if not 1.

    14. Best Regency Romance Author of 2002:
    __1__Mary Balogh
    __2__Carla Kelly
    __3__Barbara Metzger
    Nita Abrams
    Andrea Pickens
    if we were to poll trad regency authors today, I wouldn't be surprised to still see these as the top three.

    15. Best Alternative Realities or TT Romance Author of 2002:
    __1__Susan Grant
    __2__Karen Marie Moning
    __3__Linnea Sinclair/Megan Sybil Baker
    Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Susan Squires
    Really need to read Sinclair, such good taste in names ;).

    16. Best All-Around Romance Author of 2002:
    __1__Mary Jo Putney
    __2__Nora Roberts
    __3__Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    Suzanne Brockmann
    Tracy Grant


    17. Best All-Time Series Romance:
    __1__MACKENZIE'S MOUNTAIN by Linda Howard
    __2__ANYONE BUT YOU by Jennifer Crusie
    __3__GETTING RID OF BRADLEY by Jennifer Crusie
    NIGHT INTO DAY by Sandra Canfield
    THE OLDER WOMAN by Cheryl Reavis
    Linda Howard! I so like her series books!

    18. Best All-Time Contemporary Romance:
    __1__IT HAD TO BE YOU by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
    __2__IN THE MIDNIGHT RAIN by Ruth Wind
    __3__WELCOME TO TEMPTATION by Jennifer Crusie
    AGAIN by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
    A PLACE TO CALL HOME by Deborah Smith

    19. Best All-Time Historical Romance:
    __1__LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase
    __2__FLOWERS FROM THE STORM by Laura Kinsale
    __3__ HONOR'S SPLENDOUR by Julie Garwood
    KATHERINE by Anya Seton
    ALINOR by Roberta Gellis
    eh Flowers is so not my fave Kinsale. Need to make time for a Kinsale read soon! Haven't read this Garwood. Think I have it.

    20. Best All-Time Regency Romance:
    __1__THE RAKE AND THE REFORMER by Mary Jo Putney
    __2__FREDERICA by Georgette Heyer
    __3__THE TEMPORARY WIFE by Mary Balogh

    21 Best Romance Novel of All Time:
    __1__PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen
    __2__LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase
    __3__MORNING GLORY by LaVyrle Spencer
    FREDERICA by Georgette Heyer
    GREEN DARKNESS by Anya Seton
    This is such a bad catergory. Really who can say the BEST romance novel of all time? But ssssssssqqquuueeeeeeee Morning Glory, I really need to rebuy that book!

    22. Best All-Around Romance Author of All Time:
    __1__Nora Roberts
    __2__Georgette Heyer
    __3__Loretta Chase
    Jayne Ann Krentz
    LaVyrle Spencer
    Loretta Chase and Spencer yay! Others haven't read...

    23. Best All-Time Paranormal Romance Novel:
    __1__OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon
    __2__SON OF THE MORNING by Linda Howard
    __3__THE BRIDE FINDER by Susan Carroll
    LORD OF THE STORM by Justine Davis
    THE VAMPIRE VISCOUNT by Karen Harbaugh
    hmmmm they lost teh sex categories... go figure

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