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    You know what pisses me off the most about LKH
    I want to like any book people get pissy about because there is too much sex. So the fact that LKH adds hawt sex and kills the fucking series so annoys me.

    le sigh... but if nothing else bam makes me giggle

    But people really you have already put her on top 25 preordered book list at amazon for her book coming out in DECEMBER! Have you no shame?
    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      By Blogger Alyssa, at 6/30/2006 11:55:00 AM  

    2. I liked Kelley Armstrong's Bitten so much that I recommended it to a friend of mine. She listened to it on audio, and I asked her earlier this week if she liked it.

      Her reply: Yes, very much. And she was still in the mood for a good paranormal, so she was starting a new audiobook, this one by Laurel K. Hamilton.

      I've never read LKH, but I've heard plenty about her, and the large group of readers who hates the ardeur (or whatever it is) development. So all I said to my friend was that I hadn't read anything by Hamilton and I hope she liked the book.

      She came over to my desk a few days ago and said she hadn't been able to finish it. She asked if I knew anything about Hamilton's stuff, and I said not first hand. I asked if it was too much sex for her; she likes mysteries and doesn't read a lot of mainstream romance, although doesn't have a problem reading sex and has enjoyed most of the books I've recommended.

      Anyway, she said she did not like the ardeur stuff, and added something like, "I like a little plot with the sex." At which point a coworker comes racing over, says she heard we were talking about Hamilton, and proceeds to give her opinion, that the series took a downturn once the ardeur entered the scene.

      I thought it was very interesting to get opinions from people who aren't part of the online romance reading community.

      As for me, I saw an ad (maybe through Barnes & Noble or Borders?) about the latest book. There's apparently a pregnancy scare, with the character wondering which of six guys could be the father (if there is a baby). Now, I'm all for women taking charge of their sexuality, but the notion of having six partners in such a small window of time is a huge turnoff for me.

      I'm not going to try the series. If I liked the initial books, it sounds like I'd be setting myself up for disappointment later.

      By Blogger Alyssa, at 6/30/2006 11:59:00 AM  

    3. The amusing thing about LKH is that her Amazon ranking (when I checked) is THREE, yet there's a gajillion one star reviews. LOL.

      People complain, but they STILL buy her books in droves...and in hardback, no less! *g*

      By Blogger Anya Bast, at 6/30/2006 01:00:00 PM  

    4. It is a terrible, terrible sickness, the need to keep reading LKH's books even though they SUCK!! It's a weird compulsion. But as you can see from Bam's blog, plenty still suffer from it. I don't know how people spend the $$ though. I love reading the bad reviews. Love it.

      The thing that pisses me off about LKH, is not the number of sex scenes, it's the quality. I swear I have read love scenes that were like, chapters long, and afterwards I was like, what were they doing? I think they were dry humping? And who did she actually do it with? I just don't get the appeal.

      By Blogger Devon, at 6/30/2006 03:03:00 PM  

    5. I'm so sick of LKH. LOL Bam's review was great.
      I read all her books from the library. The thing that I'm mad about now? The waste of my time - getting involved in two crappy series...grrr.

      By Blogger Ames, at 6/30/2006 06:07:00 PM  

    6. I think LKH has that whole train wreck value going for her. People want to see how low she will go; how crazy things will get while I think others want to see if she'll get back on track and start writing the way she use to. Then, of course, there are those who are genuinely happy with the series so everyone just keeps buying. For me, Incubus Dreams was enough.

      By Blogger Dance Chica, at 7/01/2006 02:54:00 PM  

    7. It is amusing to talk to those non online people isn't it *g*

      I so wonder who is buying! And if they are buying for the lurve of the series or the lurve of the rubbernecking.

      I didn't make it to ID, I think I made it through NiC but I don't recall the end so it is possible I gave it away before finishing it. LOVE the title though *g*

      By Blogger sybil, at 7/02/2006 12:01:00 AM  

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