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    They say it's your birthday
    well was anyway...

    Happy Belated Birthday! Samhain Publishing is over a year old and it seems just like yesterday... To celebrate go buy a book!

    “Devil's Kiss” by Brenda Williamson

    U.S. Marshal Jack McCay tracks outlaws for a profession and sweet-talks women out of their clothes for pleasure.

    When he begins to hunt a vicious killer, he meets one beautiful woman resistant to his charm.

    Tessa Jane Creager searches for her family’s murderer. The wanted poster says dead or alive—she’d prefer dead. While on the trail, she gains the unwanted help of a marshal-turned-bounty hunter intent on catching the killer and bedding her.

    In pursuit of the renegade, Jack and Tessa Jane have to deal with the harshness of the Wild West and with their shared desires. However, can a handsome man with secrets and a beautiful woman with a violent past overcome their stubborn ways to share everlasting love? Or will an outlaw destroy them by revealing all their secrets?
    “Project: Man” by Alexis Fleming

    So is he, or isn’t he? Gay, that is!

    Forced to take Federal Agent Nicholas Farley into her home while she translates a mysterious ancient Egyptian papyrus, Professor Emily Payne finds herself the centre of a federal government case, not to mention the unwitting target for a thief bent on stealing the papyrus.

    If that isn’t bad enough, she finds herself seriously lusting after the agent, a man she believes is gay, a man who seems to react as strongly to her as she does to him.

    There’s only one thing for a learned girl like Emily to do—start a new project, the aim to initiate Nicholas into the joys of loving a woman.

    Could there possible be a future for the crazy professor and the sexy, macho federal agent?
    Honestly they are both new and I have no clue if they are good or not. But Samhain is almost alway good. You can always buy it for me and I will read it for you and tell you if it is any good. Yeah I know... I am good people.

    Or try: The Bounty by Beth Williamson (western), Learning Charity by Summer Devon (historical), 72 Hours by Shannon Stacey (romantic suspense), Hunter's Pride by Shiloh Walker(paranormal), Colters' Woman by Maya Banks (Red Hot!), Betting Hearts by Dee Tenorio (Romantic Comedy), and/or Joker's Wild:Call Me by Lena Matthews (Contemporary).

    I have read and would recommend any of those. hmmm well I haven't read this version of Call Me by Lena Matthews. I do believe the author said it has been edited and expanded from its LSB vs. So read it and tell me if it is better *g*.

    Or if you would rather go print... Gypsy Heart by Sash White or Screwing with Perfect by Louisa Trent are great to add to your library.

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