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    The More the Merrier

    On His Knees By Beth Williamson
    **January 2, 2007**

    Recently divorced, Renny Johnson is discovering how independent she can be. Her husband of ten years, Nicholas, left her with a broken heart and shattered self-esteem. When a would-be robber turns out to be Nicholas invading her new home, Renny takes the situation, and him, into her own hands. She’s going to teach him what it means to be a man… on his knees.

    Betrothed in the cradle, Princess Sorcha and Prince Rainger were destined to rule their countries together. Then revolution sent Sorcha to a remote Scottish convent—and Rainger into a dungeon so deep rumor claimed he was dead.

    Now danger threatens, and Sorcha must travel home with a simple fisherman as her companion—Prince Rainger in disguise. Changed by his imprisonment from a careless lad to a dangerous man, he's determined to win back his kingdom—and the woman he wants more than life itself. But can he protect a woman who believes every person she meets is her friend, every tavern is an opportunity to sing bawdy songs, and each turn in the road hides new adventure? To keep his princess safe, he must resort to his most treacherous weapon: seduction.

    Play with Me by Janice Maynard **Jan 2007**
    It begins with a toast among three beautiful best friends-Catherine, who's used to putting business before pleasure; Kallie, who's in need of a casual lover; and Gina, a former party girl who's given up on romance. Their pact is to make their naughtiest fantasies come true before their thirtieth birthdays.

    They have one year to make it happen-and no position is too compromising. All it's going to take is finding the right man, capturing the perfect moment, and stirring up enough courage to issue the most provocative invitation of the year. The race is on. Who's going to cross the line first?

    What's America's top female action star doing on a tropical island shrouded in secrecy? To Gina Bliss, competing in a survival-type reality show is a nice change from fending off on-screen villains. Until she meets real-life action hero Derek Marks. A survival specialist in a tight black T and sexy stubble, he's arousing every bad-boy fantasy she's ever had...and testing her survival skills to the max.

    Martial arts, jungle warfare - Derek's done it all. But his latest mission is more dangerous than a stick of dynamite. Try telling that to the sexy, adrenaline-pumped actress who's got his libido racing off the charts. As the heat rises between them and real-life violence erupts, suddenly Derek and Gina are on the run...and when they uncover a secret so explosive it could blow the lid of their so-called reality show, these two unlikely heroes are about to discover what surviving's really about....

    For the Love of a Pirate by Edith Layton
    He's searching for a proper bride . . .

    Constantine, Lord Wylde, is a gentleman beyond reproach. Now it's time for him to find a suitable gentlewoman to wed-;a well-bred, well-behaved lady, as proper as . . . well, Constantine himself. But his plans are shattered when a fierce, aging pirate invades his home with shocking news: Constantine is already engaged . . . to the brigand's lovely granddaughter, Lisabeth!

    But finds a perfect passion instead

    Wildly independent Lisabeth, however, has no desire for marriage-;certainly not to a straightlaced nobleman bound to her by some long-ago promise . . . even if she's tantalized by his manly form and the sensuality he can't quite disguise. Though shocked by the lady's improprieties, Constantine soon finds himself acting as lustily as any outlaw.

    But how does a staid gentleman win the heart of a bewitching pirate?
    The really interesting thing is I think this is a STAND ALONE.

    I like the ARC cover much better...
    In this passionate debut--the first in a stunning new series--Frank creates an alternate world where moonlight creates a forbidden passion too overwhelming to ignore.

    Since time began, there have been Nightwalkers. Love with humans is absolutely forbidden, and Jacob, the Enforcer, makes certain to uphold this ancient law. For 700 years he has resisted temptation--until tonight. Original.

    Sun Kissed by Catherine Anderson
    **January 2, 2007**
    When Samantha Harrigan attends the local rodeo, she doesn't expect to wind up in jail. But that's what happens when she tries to stop a drunkard from abusing his horse.

    Tucker Coulter, a handsome local veterinarian, comes to her defense, and both of them are arrested. The charges are dropped, but Sam's troubles have only started...

    Salvation, Texas by Anna Jeffrey **January 2, 2007**
    Ever since he lost Elena, everything in Rusty's life has gone wrong. Her wealthy, influential father drove him out of Salvation, away from everyone he'd ever loved. Now he's back, elected by the people to one of the most powerful positions in the county. He isn't about to let the woman who once cost him everything get under his skin again. Not when there's a cold-blooded killer on the loose. And not unless he can find a way to live with her father and her millions.

    Elena Ryder knew of no better man than Sheriff Rusty Joplin-despite the fact that years back, he let her controlling father run him out of town. Now, she trusts no one else to investigate her sister's tragic death. And she won't even consider resisting Rusty's rugged presence if she gets a second chance…

    Pleasure for Pleasure by Eloisa James
    Fueled by the knowledge that notoriety is better than failure, witty, unconventional Josie does what no proper young lady should—she challenges fate. She discards her corset and flirts outrageously. She attends the horse races and allows an arrogant rakehell to whisk her behind the stables for a surreptitious kiss . . . and is caught!

    She doesn't want to marry the young hellion—but who's to help? Her chaperone keeps disappearing for mysterious appointments; her guardian is on his wedding trip; and his friend the Earl of Mayne is too busy staring into the eyes of his exquisite French fiancée.

    Can a marriage forced by stuffy convention and unwilling desire become the match of the season?

    And I need:

    Natalie Lambert's life has changed in the space of weeks—and she has no idea why. Her parents were murdered, she has her first taste of sexual desire—and she feels out of control, afraid, desperate to understand her changing world. She flees to New Orleans, hoping to lure the murderer out of the dark and bring to an end the trail of dead loved ones.

    Instead, she's attacked by crazed birds, swarmed by locusts, and saved by a Cajun cop who awakens all her latent desires. When Rene Broussard rescues a virgin vampire, he ends up in her bed and becomes hers for life in one lusty bite. Rene awakens the vampire within Natalie, and she awakes the passion within him. Together, they fight the evil threatening to destroy The Born vampires while they discover a treasure of love they can share for all eternity.
    Excerpt here

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    1. I Loved Beth's ON HIS KNEES. A great story, with some hot hot sex. :)

      By Blogger Sasha White, at 12/17/2006 03:27:00 AM  

    2. J.Frank's "Jacob" was fun. Whetted the appetite for more in the Nightwalkers series. Not the quality of J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood novels, but better than some of the dreck out there. I predict you'll like it, but won't love it.

      Gwen in Texas

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/19/2006 05:41:00 PM  

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