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    Devil Takes a Bride by Gaelen Foley
    Devil Takes a Bride

    In the quiet English countryside, far from the intrigues of London, Lizzie Carlisle slowly mends her broken heart, devoting herself to her new position as lady’s companion to the Dowager Viscountess Strathmore— until her peaceful life is turned upside down by a visit from “Devil” Strathmore, the old woman’s untamed nephew—a dangerously handsome man whose wicked reputation hides a tortured soul.

    Devlin Kimball, Lord Strathmore, has spent years adventuring on the high seas, struggling to make his peace with the tragedy that claimed the lives of his family. But now he has uncovered the dark truth behind the so-called accident and swears retribution. He has no intention of taking a bride—until his eccentric aunt’s will forces he and Lizzie together, and Devlin finds his path to vengeance blocked by the stubborn but oh-so-tempting Miss Carlisle. Her passionate nature rivals his own. But disillusioned once by love, Lizzie will accept nothing less than his true devotion. . . .

    I ended up rereading this book when I started Foley's new book One Night of Sin (more on that book later). I enjoyed it as much the second, or maybe third time as I did the first. This was the first book I read by this author and it was a book I picked up and put down about 6 or so different times before I figured it really wanted to come home with me.

    Devlin Kimball is tricked into coming home to visit his aunt, in a rather mean way by her 'lady's companion' Lizzie Carlisle. If you had, unlike me, read the series in order you would have known going in why Lizzie was licking her wounds in the country. But I didn't have any problems follow the story and learned along with Dev why Lizzie was hurting.

    Dowager Viscountess Strathmore trick is a well-used theme I have seen in many a romance novel but the ol ‘they have to get married because of the will’, works in an off the wall way.

    There are two side plots going on beside the romance of dev and lizzie. Devlin trying to make peace with his parents’ death and find out why they died. It involves the Horse and Chariot Club, which I *think* was real and should really read up on to see if that is so as often as it makes an appearance in romance novels. And you have the wrap up to Lizzie and Alex's relationship (hero in One Night of Sin).

    Some of the prose is purple, some of the antics are over the top and your bad guys are evol wick men, not to mention this is one of those series books that some of you guys hate. But I love it.

    I adore how Lizzie tries so hard to make it on her own and picks herself back up when something fucks up and tries something different. Although I might have screamed if the word bluestocking was used one more time. I love the dressing down she gives Alec and Dev after they cause her to lose her job.
    Don't you see, Alec? Don't you understand anything? I am so sick and tired of being a poor relation - of having to rely on the charity of my friends for my food and shelter! That's why I took this job, why I work so hard. You two don't know what it's like. You, Devlin, with your estate you never even visit and your fine town house - and you, Alec, with your tres fashionable rooms at the Albany and your innumerable family homes. All I ever wanted in life was a home and a place of my own, but I'm never going to have it. I'm, always going to be Lizzie the friend, Lizzie the glorified servant, Lizzie the caretaker. Well, I have news for you, boys," she wrenched out in sarcasm. "Sometimes I wouldn't mind someone taking care of me for a change!"

    LOVE that! It is so true and something you want to scream at many a romance hero. The whole idea that a 'gentleman' is called a gentleman because he didn't have to work is laughable. Rat bastards. Dev and Lizzle are perfect for each other. They fill a space that completes the other person, I love the time they get to spend together in Bath. Honest. They had each other at hello ;).

    The ending is a lil much. At that point dev should have been thinking a lil more about lizzie than the killing the baddies. But hey he didn't want lizzie! And you prolly know who Sorscha is why before 'the big surprise'. Again, didn't care. I just happy sighed, closed the book and put it back on the shelf.

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