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    Joan Lowery Nixon
    Anyone have any comments on her? My lil sis (she is 11) said she was interested in reading more of her books. She just finished The Weekend was Murder.

    As I try and buy her books for everything (Christmas, birthdays and such) I have picked up A Deadly Game of Magic to go along with her graduation gift for tomorrow. Yes she is graduating to middle school ;).

    They are both marked YA on Amazon. I have never heard of her. So I figured I would ask you guys. She any good? Have any recs? Do you think she is too much for an 11 year-old?

    And no I didn't go into Waldenbooks looking for One Night of Sin. But I did looks while I was there ;).

    oh and while on the subject... anyone read Katie Maxwell's Got Fangs? Would this be ok for 11 and are there books that come before it?
    1. I read Got Fangs. I think it might be age appropriate, but don't know. I think there should be a site somewhere that would say whether it is or not. Hmmm...I did like it, though.

      By Blogger Nicole, at 5/25/2005 08:22:00 PM  

    2. might be a bit much for an 11 year old. But then again I'm not really much for what age group reads what. I know her other books are geared towards teen, rather than younger.

      By Blogger Nicole, at 5/25/2005 08:26:00 PM  

    3. Is that second post regarding nixon?

      I might just buy Got Fangs and read it. And go from there ;) Of course she might be 20 by the time I get to read it.

      By Blogger sybil, at 5/25/2005 08:51:00 PM  

    4. I'm no help with JLN or GF. I see that the JLN stuff is at the library, though.


      By Blogger CW, at 5/25/2005 09:12:00 PM  

    5. No, it was for Got Fangs. Never read the Nixon stuff, at least I don't remember.

      By Blogger Nicole, at 5/26/2005 12:22:00 AM  

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