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    Waldenbooks vs Walmart
    this time is it personal

    hee Why is it that Waldens says no we will not put out The Rogue by Celeste Bradley until 5/31 but Walmart has it out? I hope this is better than The Charmer, I just wasn't feeling the love for that book that I have for the other three liar books. But I did enjoy To Wed a Scandlous Spy, so good thoughts!


    Not that it matters since Walmart is cheaper and they also had One Night of Sin by Galen Foley (the author that will always make me think of beth while reading) and The Love Affair of an English Lord by Jillian Hunter.

    I had Confessions Of A Lingerie Addict by Jennifer Ashley in my hand but ouch. Someone needs to read this and tell me it gets better. Someone other than Harriet Klausner...

    so sssssssqqqqqqquuueeeeeeeee I have all three now!

    And Star Quaility on the way. Of course this does move Jamie down on the list to read for the weekend but I shall get to it as well. LONG WEEKEND!

    Oh I also picked up at the ubs:
    Her Heart's Desire by Rene J Garrod - maili rec'ed Her Heart's Embrace and well I am working my way toward finding it ;)
    Vanity by Jan Feather - need violet and that is that for the v's, no don't ask me how many I have read
    Wild Wind by Patricia Ryan - no clue why I bought this other than I had another title of hers on my list and had never heard of this one - go figure
    Stargazer by Colby Hodge - maili and kristiej jumped so I had to
    My Surrender by Connie Brockway - don't think I am gonna even like this but I have the other two with the second still tbr so I needed it.

    Anyway I think - THINK I am set for June. Well until the July books start popping up at walmart ;)

    I really wanted to talk about August Men since I finished the August Heat last night. I really need to finish Maili's email. And find some place for all these books. But I am gonna go read One Night of Sin.


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