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    One Way To Get Rid of Some TBR
    I am trading two books I have had forever and ever, well over a year but never read. So of course when I pulled them off the shelf I read them ;).

    Desperado by Sandra Hill
    I didn't realize this was a time travel book. Guess what, it is! What I thought was sort of nifty is both the h/h go back in time together. It isn't a bad book, it was amusing in parts and hawt in others but really silly in a Sandra Hill way.

    Which hey it is a SH book so, good show. I am not much for har har funny kind of books and really haven't found a Sandra Hill book I heart. So hopefully the next owner will love it so.

    A Promise of Love by Karen Ranney is the other book I read and it was really good. It is only the second book by KR I have read, I have another 3 or so tbr. She does know how to pull on the heart strings and man can she put her hero and heroine's through some tough shit.

    But she does it well and makes you care about the characters. If you run across a copy, it is worth the read.

    Now I am gonna see if I can get interested in The Challenge by Susan Kearney before it goes bye bye.
    1. I don't normally even buy time travels because I just don't like them. Usually. The ones I have enjoyed the most, though, are the ones where they travel in time together. Or are both time travelers. It seems to be an equalizing factor, I think.

      Naturally I'm have a difficult time coming up with examples off the top of my head. (G) Let me see, there was one by Stobie Piel . . . not THE BLUE-EYED BANDIT but the one that it was spun off of. And I think AFTER THE STORM by Susan Sizemore would also qualify.

      By Blogger Bev (BB), at 6/06/2005 04:51:00 PM  

    2. I didn't think I would like time travel either but I found I liked Sandra Hill's because all the brothers in the Viking series (the first ones I read by her) ended up traveling to the same time and meet up with each other. I don't think I would like them as much if they were alone.

      By Anonymous Jay, at 6/07/2005 10:30:00 AM  

    3. This is totally ot but I never did get that email invite from you. Shoot me a line at :)

      By Blogger Giselle, at 6/07/2005 01:19:00 PM  

    4. Yeah, I've never thought about it like that but I think the solitude aspect is a big drawback for me with regard to time travels. It would be interesting to see a comparitive list related to that.

      'Course someone else would have to make it because I probably have only about 10 TT in my entire collection. If I have that many. (G)

      By Blogger Bev (BB), at 6/07/2005 02:09:00 PM  

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