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    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather
    A Valentine Wedding by Jane Feather

    Even when I loathe you, I love you.

    Lady Emma Beaumont quote pretty much sums up the whole book. A book that honestly should be a wallbanger but does end up most charming.

    Lord Alasdair Chase and Emma were engaged to be married and she found out something awful, broke off the wedding the night before and left. When her brother, Ned, passes away he leaves Alasdair as the trustee of her fortune until she marries. If you ask me that was the best thing her brother could have done for her.

    It is a lil hard to believe she cut and ran so fast when she found out the big secret. I thought they were suppose to be such good 'friends', which is nice to see friends become lovers, that you would have thought she would at least talk to him first.

    But I was wrong about what the deep dark secret was, so what do I know ;). Alasdair really shot himself in the foot because he had always kept a large part of himself private - even from his good friends Ned and Emma. And I think, Emma really hoped their marriage would finally be the last piece to bring them closer.

    I really liked that they had been lovers before she broke the engagement, for one that rings true to me, and for another it didn't define her. Emma didn't spend pages and pages over omg what do I do now I am no longer a virgin woe is me. I also liked that Alasdair had taken other lovers after Emma had left. That rang true. She might be the only woman he had ever loved but she was gone, not to come back.

    As for Emma, she picked up her life and lived it. She came back to London, rich as sin, and figured money would make up for lack o' hymen. After one of the many times Alasdair pisses her off, Emma decides that by Valentines she will have a hubby and a lover. And off we go... the book is pretty hawt, fun and fast. And the banter is rather amusing.

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