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    books books books new and used books
    I used the xmas gift certs and came away with:
    Willing by Lucy Monroe
    Hot Spell by Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker and MELJEAN BROOK
    Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy (didn't know this was out yet)
    Her Sexiest Mistake by Jill Shalvis
    I almost bought:
    Summer Breeze by Catherine Anderson was in my hand but I just couldn't spend the 7.99 without getting a chance to read a chapter or reading a review or two

    LOL can you tell I hate tradesize books and read mostly histroicals ;)

    Used books purchased today:
    All I Want by Isabel Sharpe (BLAZE)
    Hot Spot by Debbi Rawlins (BLAZE)
    Give Me Fever by Karen Anders (BLAZE - another Red Letter Nights book... with one more to come)
    Red Hot Santa by Cherry Adair, Leanne Banks, Pamela Britton and Kelsey Roberts - I really don't read any of these authors but hey it was .98! Maybe I will fall in love with an author and really I need new authors. hee
    Christmas Gold by Cheryl St. John, Elizabeth Lane and Mary Burton
    Hey not bad for 5 bucks and some change! Really it annoys if you think that a week ago just the last two books would have cost me more than I spent on all five. Tis the season and all that...

    Speaking of
    New books that were under the tree:
    Dead to the World (needed the paperback)
    Perfect Waltz by Annie Gracie
    The Royal Pain by Maryjanice Davidson (anyone looking for it that valentine book is out at B&N)

    New books I bought right before xmas for me because I needed them:
    Sweet Water by Anna Jeffrey - hit or miss author with me but I liked two out of the last three and kept one

    Goes Down Easy by Alison Kent - made me bring out Red Letter Nights to read, which I bought a month early from the eHarlequin site

    Minute By Minute by Jo Leigh - This is a blog author. Meaning someone I liked due to her blog and started reading her because of it. Shows how blogs can be good things ;).

    Redemption by Carolyn Davidson - HH author I have found I love, although I like her older books more than the newer ones. But this book was a great read. Hope to blog about it... someday.

    Two Little Lies by Liz Carlyle

    Midnight Marriage by Victoria Bylin - the number of HH books I have bought in the last few months is scary.

    more used books bought in December because I am drawn to big signs that say SALE:
    The Redhead and the Preacher by Sandra Chastain - I read something by her a few months back I liked.

    Comanche Promise by Carol Finch

    Maggie's Beau (HH) by Carolyn Davidson

    Cally And The Sheriff & Heart and Home (Harlequin Historical) by Cassandra Austin aka James E. Austin - hee he is a boy one of the few male romance authors I have found I like.

    The Love Charm by Pamela Morsi - yo it was like .75! Of course the book I want is Courting Miss Hattie or something like that... which is in Trade size at B&N for 20! Hell even if I wasn't poor I wouldn't get that. And there is that I hate trade size books thing.

    Scandalous Miranda by Susan Sizemore

    The Skypirate by Justine Davis - nothing like finding a book you have had on your wish list forever in good shape for .50

    Come What May by Leslie Lafoy - not the one I wanted but I have been wanting to try some of her older stuff

    Sweet Thing by Alison Tyler - eh I understand it is erotica and not romantica but I want two people HEA at the end of the book for more than a page or two! I have Sticky Fingers by Tyler still, hope that one is better.

    The Tiger's Mistress by Andrea DaRif - I was beginning to think this wasn't really in print ;).

    There were also two EC's that were eh. I forget the names and they are already gone. Damn it to hell, this is why I end up rebuying books. hmmmm neither were authors I had heard of or read before... I will so have to figure out where I wrote them down. LOL or jay can just tell me the names when she opens the package ;).

    I think that is all for this month. It wouldn't be so bad if you didn't factor in I didn't buy any books for about two weeks. OH and in there somewhere I bought new
    The Lion's Daughter by Loretta Chase. Hey I was proud of me I had Almost a Lady by Jane Feather in my hand as well and only bought the one I knew I would read right away.

    Now of course I need to do a want list of books coming out ;). And since the new bookshelf is here now, I need to figure out how I want to sort my books and move them in. My lil sis was like, uh just take the ones in the piles against the wall in your bedroom. She so didn't understand that I had a thought process!
    1. Yay! HOT SPELL! I hope you like it -- I'm looking forward to getting a break and reading the Liz Carlyle, Anne Gracie (I liked the first book in this series, though I'd not read her before) and MJD's new Royal one.

      By Blogger meljean brook, at 1/02/2006 02:45:00 PM  

    2. I hadn't read Gracie either but did love the first one in the series.

      So is the next book done ;). When do we get an ARC. hee

      By Blogger sybil, at 1/02/2006 10:34:00 PM  

    3. Almost done -- I'm sending it to CW at the end of the week. *scared look* Then about two weeks of revisions.

      By Blogger meljean brook, at 1/02/2006 10:36:00 PM  

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